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I need my WordPress website fixed by someone with troubleshooting skills. The site has a customized woocommerce plugin that is used for ecommerce.

The database is not showing previous order data (or even the option to view it) in admin panel. 

Example of Cover Letter Answer for WooCommerce website

Dear friend

This is very common question for WooCommerce. If you have your own developers you can ask them to check: 1) DB integrity; 2) Data in the table which is used by class create_order() inside library class-wc-checkout.php.

I can help you to find and fix this issue quickly or do not take money at all.

I suppose that I know where is a problem, so the fixed cost will be $10.

Please feel free to contact me If you decide to do this your forces. I like when I can help people and looking for long-term cooperation company.

I am living in GMT+3 time zone and I always quickly answer on all oDesk messages.

Thank you for your time sir.

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Thomas July 27, 2015
thanka a lot, finally I got my first job!
Administrator July 28, 2015