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Job description

As B2B marketing company, we help our customers to enter new market. We do market research, product consulting, trading and business meeting with public enterprise. Your job will be contacting to potential buyers. For our clients we normally search potential buyers from online, and it is your job to contact with them. Sometime you might need to be asked to search more buyers based on your knowledge of your country/region.

This time we are looking for telemarketer who is staying in Indonesia and who can speak Indonesian language.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Are You a Telemarketing Wizard

I see that you want a good telemarketer to contact potential buyers and sometimes search for more potential buyers in Indonesia.

This task is one I can carry out with different marketing tools. I have worked on similar projects in the past and so I have a CRM software installed on my computer. With the CRM tool, I was able to properly co-ordinate, monitor and record call outcomes and follow up accordingly.

I knew exactly when to follow up and prepared my pitch properly before I placed calls through. I did not only rely on calls, I equally used emails to communicate with prospects as well.

I also have a basic training in customer relationship, so I understand the minds of buyers. I know how to interface with buyers according to different occasions. 

In my former assignment, I didn't have to search for clients but I learnt how to conduct such searches on the internet to find out what businesses were interested in our business.

I'm Indonesian, I speak Indonesian and English, and I have a good knowledge of my region - this will be an advantage for this task, I believe.

I use Microsoft Office very well, especially Excel. I'm a team player; I work very well with instructions. 

Please hire me for this job; I promise to give my best. My rate is 15.33/hr but I am open for negotiations. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

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