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Pretty straight forward - looking for a coder who can write code so that when someone buys my ebook on clickbank their email is added to a campaign in my Get Response account.

This task can lead to more work with me. Respond only if you're an A player, super responsible, and excellent at communicating.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for putting Clickbank Customer Emails on my Get Response List


I checked - both Clickbank and GetResponse provide methods to get customer data and add contacts into the list.

I did enough similar tasks to accomplish this one quickly and professionally. The systems with which I integrates were Clicksure (similar to Clickbank), Click2Sell, Mailchimb and Aweber. 

My previous clients wanted more complicated integration which maybe interesting for you too:
- send them SMS notification when new customer purchased a product
- moving all customer details into the Aweber lists
- automatically send notification into the shipping company to deliver a product

I use PHP and MySQL for such tasks. Do you have own hosting where I can put a small application, which will do the task you required? If NO - not a problem, I can host it for you.

I 100% understand what you need and can help not only implement your idea but suggest some extensions which may help your business.

Please feel free to contact me.

My rate is $22/hr and I estimate this task on ~10hr.  

Thank you sir and have a nice day.

Sincere, Trisha

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Young August 2, 2015
go ahead and add more. I want to see examples for very limited jobs
Administrator August 3, 2015
OK, what is your field?