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1. Cover letter example for Wordpress SEO and marketing expert

Writing • Article & Blog Writing

I would like to accomplish this job, because:
- I like doing such kind of job: research, blogs, SEO. I did it for many years for different companies serving people in such fields as banking, insurance, health, sport, cars 
- I know how to optimize images and how to cut it to leave only important entertainment part if the image is too big
- I am expert in wordpress and love it so much. There are no things which I cannot do in this CMS. I can adjust existing plugins and write small new one
- I like to move site rating up using white SEO methods. I have experience using most popular and effective tools of getting key words/phrases
- Yoast - is best one in SEO, great choice, sir. I would recommend you to check the current version which do you use now and update it as soon as possible. Some previous version had security vulnerabilities

My rate is $10/hr and I would love to do this job. This type of work is what I have been successfully doing for many clients who became my constant clients. 

Do not hesitate if you have any questions.

Regards, Simon

2. Cover letter example for Writer for computer hardware article

Writing • Other � Writing

I am guru in hardware, because sell it every day and every day I explain customer advantages and disadvantages of particular device.

Some customers ask me to setup purchased things in their offices or upgrade/replace old models.

Unfortunately, I am not a poem writer, I cannot write detective stories, but I know how to help people to buy things.

I know which device is appropriate for what type of people. For instance, I would never suggest trackball for gamers and mouse for graphic designers. Why? Because I know pros and cons and specifics of their 'jobs'.

I have own e-shop and daily use the Internet to post interesting publications and reviews. 

I do not afraid to use existing content and professionally rewrite it based on my experience.

I have from 5h to 10h daily and my rate for such type of job is $7/hr.

If you want to check my knowledge in this field, please send a hardware example to describe - I will do it with no charge.

Thank you sir, for opportunity.

Best wishes, Simon.

3. Cover letter example for Internet Content Creator

Writing • Web Content

It's Michele. I am passionate articles writer and do many outside activities like, swimming, hiking, climbing, jumping, camping and so on.

My permanent clients often ask me to write something about my journeys and trips.

I lead blogs about sports and health eating.
My small stories full of jokes and useful facts: how to produce fire on desert island, how to make picture of rare animal, how climb on a big tree, how ride a horse and so on.

In additional, I can produce video with high quality.

I confident with many CMS and office applications. I know to create attractive photo gallery, how add attractive titles and headers, I know what people who likes outdoor activities like.

I am looking for long-term job, because I like to be fully involved into writing.

Next two weeks I will be available only 10hr/w and then if you hire me - I can work 40h/w.

My rate is pretty cool for such type of work - $8/hr or $4/article.

Let me know if you are interested in my service. I can send demo article to you on any topic you choose to prove my words. It will be free of charge.

Looking forward, thank you so much!!!

4. Cover letter example for Curriculum

Writing • Academic Writing & Research
Hello dear friend

My name is David, and I am a professional teacher in school. 

My subjects are math, computers and EN language.

Every year, before pupils go to school, I learn best practice and update my curriculums. 

I am very good with computers, can type 40 words per minute, record voice, make PPT/Prezi and video presentations, sort out materials and write them down in a logical sequence.

I proud of my work because my students like my classes, which are full of interesting facts and not boring at all.

I already learn much about different subjects/curriculum in the Internet, so I think it will be interesting for you to see my work.

I am open-minded, well organized and attentive to details. I 100% understand the importance of materials assurance. 

I can give a fixed cost if you provide to me such details as subject(s), design requirements, output format, age requirement, audience requirements, sex requirements and timeline requirements.

Right now I can spend 20hr/week, but from Sept to May - only 10hr/week.

So, if you give this work now then I can do much more than if later.

Thank you and have a flawless day!!!

5. Cover letter example for Proofreading of a recommendation letter

Writing • Editing & Proofreading
Hi, it is Maria 

I am working in a firm that does translation of legal documents, also we are preparing business plans and other materials, which can help our clients to run or lead their business.

I can not only check grammar of your letter, but also adjust style and make it more presentable and professional.

I work quickly and efficient, so you get great results.

I am always online and can provide modified letter within 24h after you give me yours.

Have a nice day!!!

6. Cover letter example for ClearWorld Installation Manual

Writing • Technical Writing
Dear employer

I am working a tech writer more than 5 years in IT company. My duties are to learn our products and write accurate and easy to use user guides.

For these time I learn what information is important, how this information should be written, when pictures should be added, how add notes/directions on pictures to clarify the process, how to create contents, how logically write down the whole installation process, how help users quickly install what they want.

Some manuals are short because of the simplicity of product it-self, some - detailed and full of pictures, footnotes and indexes.

I know how to design the manual, I am not a designer, but I have great sense of style and my manuals/user guides always look professionally.

Let me know if you are going to produce a printing copy, in this case I need to know format, printing company requirements and prepare all pictures at least 300dpi.

I would like to estimate this job using fixed cost, so I need your answers on the questions above.

Feel free to contact me.

Have a great day!!! 

7. Cover letter example for Writing Resume

Writing • Resumes & Cover Letters

If you want a really working resume then:
- it must be written by specialist in your field. I can write resume for all IT specialties from QA to Project Manager, because have had such experience;
- you need to provide details about your background
- you need to provide what is your new desired position
- we need to have a short call, so I can ask some important questions which increase interest to you like a specialist
- it is better to have your photo if you age is below 35

I do not write abstract CV, I always write concrete for concrete person.

My rate is very high because I do this job very professionally, but because I am new on oDesk then I can do this with no charge just for positive feedback.

I would glad to help you sir. 

If we can discuss my questions today then tomorrow I will provide you ready CV.

Looking forward!

8. Cover letter example for IT consulting proposal writer

Writing • Grant Writing
Dear employer

I have been doing such job for the last 5 years in the UK IT company. 

Every year UK government adds new projects on auction for bidding. The company, where I work now, have successfully won health and energy save projects. 

In addition, I was a member of a commission, which selects winners, so I know what criteria is important and how to present information.  

I know structure of proposals and how logically describe all aspects.

Moreover, I am a technical guy, so it is easy for me to understand clients requirements and write a technical response.

I can do proposals (in any format, as rule - PDF), presentation for proposals (PPT or Prezi), record video presentations.

I like to do everything logically, accurate and in time.

I can work independently, it means that if you provide me all details then my job will be - prepare proposal, confirm it with you and send to the auction.  

If I take a job, I always complete it, no doubt.

Thank you for opportunity!

Regards, Fluorite from Spain

9. Cover letter example for Translate Cell phone User Manual from French to English

Translation • Technical Translation
Hi, it is Adelina

I was born in England, so my native language is EN and last 10 years I have been working in FR IT company like a tech writer.

My company develops soft for mobile phones and standalone PC, so I know most of last popular cell models.

I often read different reviews on EN and FR sites, because it relates to my job, and laughing how people translated some technical terms or features. More interesting how end users dare to buy such things.

If you hire me, you will be 100% confident that EN copy correspond FR translation and vice versa.

My rate is $15/hr, but I would estimate small 3-5 pages brochure on $60. We can negotiate the cost, because I am new on Upwork, but anyway you will get high quality result.

Thank you have a nice day, sir!!!

10. Cover letter example for Internet Privacy Writer

Writing • Article & Blog Writing

I've always been interested in international policies, especially as it relates to internet freedom, privacy, surveillance, etc. 

I can definitely research and write on these topics with regards to every country's opinion and position on them. 

Articles will be written with useful references and will be around 2000 words. I'm sure I'll enjoy working on this project.

Even though I have not written any articles particularly relating to internet privacy, internet freedom and so on, I have written quite a few well-researched articles which you can take a look at here:  or 

I'll be available for any form of further communication and guideline through these channels: skype, handout, e-mail.

What country would you like me to begin with?

Adres Kurs

11. Cover letter example for Blog writer/Website content writer for Advertising and Marketing Agencies

Writing • Article & Blog Writing

Articles for SEO and content marketing are my favorite, especially content marketing. 

We can actually combine SEO and content marketing in your articles. I'll simply introduce your main keywords and related words, in the right places (not necessarily stuffing the blog post with these) and then I can write useful tips relating to advertising and marketing, targeting your typical audience while subtly throwing in calls to action that will link to your major services.

Does that sound like what you're looking for?

I have written quite a number of content marketing, SEO blog posts and they can be found here: 

It is absolutely fine to connect with Hootsuite to send out posts to social media platforms as soon as they are published. 

I'll be really excited to work with you on this project. I'm also available to work on a long term.

Would you like me to start right away? Please contact me, I'm available. 

Best wishes,
Michael Hoursit 

12. Cover letter example for Write 5000 words article

Writing • Article & Blog Writing
Hello sir!

Short stories are my delight. I'm comfortable working on realistic fiction, tragicomedy and drama. If you send me some of your ideas and tell me what genre you prefer, I can whip up fantastic short stories of at least 5,000 words. 

I am a native English speaker from Tasmania and I have worked on a handful of short stories. Please find examples attached.

I'll be very excited to work with you on your many ideas. 

Which idea would you like me to start with?

Please contact me on: Skype, handout or e-mail

Israel Cadoshev

13. Cover letter example for Amazing Fiction Romance Writer for Series

Writing • Creative Writing
Romance series is my thing. I enjoy creating fictional romantic characters and roping their lives around major and minor conflicts that lead the reader, in suspense, to a satisfactory, yet hard to believe climax.

I see you want 3 x 10,000-word romance fiction books written as a series. I'm available and will be glad to start work on the first one as soon as you'd want me to.

I'm also available for more long-term projects and yes, English is my primary language. 

I have written a few romantic novels in the past for which I received handsome recommendations. You can find some of my writing samples attached.

Question: Do you have any plot in mind which you'd like me to follow, or any more details you'd like me to include in the stories? How soon do you need the first one?


14. Cover letter example for Romance Story Writers Wanted

Writing • Creative Writing

I can be the writer you are looking for to create absolutely believable, enchanting and nicely engrossing romance fictions. I am a master at description and dialogue. I have a vivid imagination and I know how to give life to a story and carry my readers along from word one to the very last, especially with romantic fictions. 

I am very comfortable working on adventure romance, chick-lit, category romance, erotica, fantasy and the likes and I can write these stories from the third person point of view.

I have written a few romance fictions. Attached are some excerpts. 

I'll be very glad to work with you on this project and I'm available for future works. 

I write very well in English as English is my first language.

If there's a plot you have in mind, I'd love to review it. When would you like me to start on the first story?

15. Cover letter example for Fun, Flexible Writing Position!

Writing • Creative Writing

I'm fascinated by pop culture and entertainment. I follow a lot of entertainment shows and blogs; I will be glad to contribute creative, enticing content for BrainFall Media. 

I can easily write blog posts about pop culture, entertainment quizzes and current events in the entertainment world that will easily appeal to millennials. 

I'm thinking that the quizzes will be a very good way to pull in a richer audience from social media platforms. 

My writing is good; I've received a number of positive reviews to that effect (please find attached a sample of my work). I pay attention to details and ensure that my work is properly proof-read before it is sent off. I take pride in turning over well crafted, error-free content. 

I'm very open to feedback on my works as I'm always ready to improve and serve my clients better.

Yes, I can complete two assignments every week. I'm also available for long term projects. 
When might you like me to send in my first post on current events?

Isaak Lynch

16. Cover letter example for Need rewriter for 8-10 articles

Writing • Copywriting

It is John from UK.

I see that you want 10 quality articles about dehumidifiers rewritten. Please hire me and I can find articles concerning 'how dehumidifiers work', 'a buying guide for dehumidifiers', 'what dehumidifiers are and what they are used for', 'the best dehumidifier to buy', etc. I'll rewrite these articles to suit your own needs.

I will manually write 100% unique articles for you and will proof read to make sure there are no spelling errors before delivering.

I know how to arrange articles to make them appealing to readers. I'll choose interesting headings and subheadings, bullet points, bold and italics texts where necessary.

My paragraphs will also be short (between 2 and 4 sentences) to make the articles easy to read.

I'll be very happy to work with you, please contact me.

Thank you,

17. Cover letter example for Copywriting / translation (Chinese to English)

Writing • Copywriting

Chinese is my language and I can understand and speak English very well too. I write content for websites and blogs and I want to write your vision and mission statement, brand story, brand message, brand promise and value and tone of voice guidelines. 

I can take instructions that will help me create the content in Chinese and later translate to English. 

I am familiar with Chinese Restaurants, so I believe writing content for you will not be difficult. 

I have some of my writing samples in English here: 

I will be very happy if you contact me to work on this job.

Thank you very much as I await your response,

Cheun Waiham

18. Cover letter example for Sales email

Writing • Copywriting
Hi Kevin,

I read this job ad all the way through. 

I can work with you to create 5 emails for a prelaunch of your self-improvement product.

I've leant a lot about emails and how they are very powerful tools for conversion. I have also written emails that converted very well, using certain email formulas that have been proven to always work.

I'll like to write your emails, especially since it concerns a self-improvement product. We can easily highlight the benefits of this product, which are a major aspect of sales emails (that is, benefits).

You can find samples of marketing emails I have written in the past - attached. 

Yes, I can get your emails ready within 24 hours but it will cost you on 30% more.

Please let me know when you'd want me to start with the first email.


Indisan Dargan

19. Cover letter example for Rewrite existing blog post

Writing • Article & Blog Writing

I'll be very glad to work with you on this project. 

Creating appropriate content for small businesses is an aspect of writing I specialize in; besides, I derive satisfaction in creating content that can in one way or another help a low-budget business achieve its goals. 

Apart from writing as a freelancer, I also run a local book store. 

So I understand the operations and needs of small scale businesses. 

This understanding translates in my writing.

As a freelance writer for three and a half years now, I have come to appreciate the place of research in writing. I give some time to researching the basic elements of a topic before putting down a word. 

I also understand the importance of providing outbound links to sources of my major statistics.

I am confident that if hired, I can easily take your written posts and re-write them in an irresistible conversational tone, while making sure the content is 100% original and highly engaging. 

I am also available to write new posts from scratch. 

I look forward to reading from you again.

Thank you.

20. Cover letter example for English Article Writing

Writing • Article & Blog Writing

I can write a clear, easy-to-read summary of each of your articles. 

I am an expert writer. 

I will manually go through each of your articles, bringing out the major points, and then using these points to write a 600-word article for each, that will capture the whole essence of the original articles. 

I'm a disciplined writer' I pay attention to details and I write with my readers in mind. 

It is my promise that the summaries I'll write for you will capture the most relevant details within their longer versions. 

They will flow properly from one paragraph to another and be very easy to read. 

My rate is $5 per summary, but for the bulk purchase, I'm willing to offer a discount. I'm available and open to further discussions. 

Many thanks.

21. Cover letter example for Article Writer for100 Articles

Writing • Article & Blog Writing

We can certainly work together on this. 

I have a strong research skill. 

I can find a lot of the relevant information you need in any topic and use such information to craft awesome articles. 

I also have good experience in the area of writing SEO articles. 

So you can be guaranteed that the keywords you'll provide will be used appropriately, in a way that will be pleasing to search engines and relevant to human users. 

Overall, I'll produce original, resourceful, engaging articles of 800 words at least. 

I'm available for bulk projects and continued work. 

We can get started already if you send me the first few topics and keywords. 

Thank you.

22. Cover letter example for Letter and flyer Proof Reading

Writing • Editing & Proofreading

I have experience with proofreading, copyediting, general writing and translation. 

I'll take your sales flyer and diligently take out the grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors to make it shine. 

As a proofreader and a teacher of the English language, I pay special attention to the little errors that escape most users of the language. 

You can be assured that you'll get the best out of this project if you hire me. 

Another reason you should hire me to work with you on this is, for some time now I've been a part of a team that sells health and fitness products online. 

My major task on the team is to write, format and deploy sales emails.

Through our various campaigns, we've been able to record a 19% conversion rate. 

What I offer is a full package, you will not only get someone to edit your copy, you'll also get someone to make your copy compelling enough to convert. 

I'll eagerly await your reply to this as I'm available to kick-start right away. 


23. Cover letter example for Proof Reader Expert For Book

Writing • Editing & Proofreading

I know how important it is to have a second pair of eyes take a look at one's creative work of writing and help fish out those tiny errors one may have missed out. 

I am a self-published author myself, but I major in copyediting and proofreading. 

Let's work together on this. 

I have edited not less than 23 novels and 12 non-fiction books. 

Some of these books are best sellers already on Amazon. 

I have the permission to include 2 of the non-fiction books (2 Minute Fat Loss Guide and Meditation Hour) in my portfolio. 

Please feel free to take a look. 

I can deliver again the same level of quality proofreading and copyediting for your work if you hire me. 

I will not only point out the faulty words and punctuations, I'll proffer better ways of putting some of the words together for maximum impact. 

I'm ready and available to talk business and to start off on your project immediately. 

Do contact me. 

Looking forward to reading from you soon,

24. Cover letter example for Writer for E-Books

Writing • Creative Writing

I am a full time writer and I major in business writing. 

I'm a weekly contributor to 2 major financial blogs, where I write about entrepreneurship and online presence. 

Besides writing blog posts, I've written a few business related ebooks for clients and I've also published some myself. 

I can provide a link to one of my books (which is not doing badly in terms of sales). 

I see the topics you're interested in. 

They're actually topics I've written something around in the past. 

I can comfortable handle "Top Business Ideas for under $100 and the steps to start a business."

Around last year, I wrote a blog post on "30 low-budget businesses you can start now." 

Given some more research, I can produce a 25 page long ebook on any of your given topics.

You don't have to worry, the content of your ebook will be definitely original, engaging and packed with actionable points. 

And of course, it will be written with college students and recent college graduates in mind. 

I have all it takes to bring your books to life. Hire me and I assure you you'll be glad you did. 

Many thanks,

25. Cover letter example for Email series Copywriter

Writing • Copywriting
I'm an experienced copywriter. 

I create content for the sole purpose of influencing readers to make up their minds about purchasing a service or product. 

Even though conversion is the main purpose behind most of my writing, I do not leave out useful and quality content to go along with the call to actions. 

In the past years, I've worked with a small business consulting firm. 

I've also gathered experience in the area of social media advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, business consulting, content creation and building sales funnels. 

In my most recent job with a client I was responsible for creating online campaigns and writing sales emails. 

We felt really satisfied with the results from both endeavors. 

I have attached one of the email series I created for this client for your perusal. 

Creating engaging emails, using formulas I developed over the years has become a thing of joy for me. 

I'm the best you can work with on this project - I possess very good communication skills - written and spoken; I write engaging, sales-oriented copies; 

I'm hardworking and always meet deadlines; I'm a team player and can easily blend into your company schedules. 

I do not fail. 

Hire me and our first few projects will testify to that. 

Thank you,

26. Cover letter example for Need Cover letter help

Writing • Resumes & Cover Letters

I'm a writer; I specialize in writing resumes and cover letters. 

I have written a few freelancer profiles and LinkedIn profiles. 

I can work with you to create an amazing profile that will easily highlight your strengths, skills and previous projects, which will shoot you to the top of the list of freelancers. 

I have attached 2 profiles out of the numerous freelancer profiles I have written. 

You can see my style of writing and how I bring skills and achievements to life. 

I can do the same with your profile. 

I can also write you a base cover letter to accompany your profile. 

You can find attached a sample of a cover letter I wrote recently as well. 

I know what a prospective client looks for in cover letters and so I do my best to include these elements early on. 

Your profile and cover letter will be written to appeal to clients looking to hire freelancers of your skills and experience. 

You will definitely attract more clients and win more projects. 

I'm available now.

27. Cover letter example for Cover Letter Writer for Client Search

Writing • Resumes & Cover Letters

I'll be glad and available to work with you on this task, and on a long term basis. 

I can score the Craiglist site in search of jobs that match your profile and correspond with the posters to procure jobs for you. 

I believe I can be of great help as I also have been in the business of virtual assistant for only a few months now. 

I believe working with you will help me put my skills into good use and help me gather more experience from someone who's already experienced in the area of data entry and virtual assistant. 

I have strong writing skills and my English is fluent. 

I have good knowledge of crafting winning emails, properly collating and representing information. 

I'll ensure that each application I write for you is personalized to the poster and to the job - no templates. 

One question, do I have to check the jobs with you before sending in an application or do I just find anything relevant to your skills and apply?

I'll be very happy to read from you again.

Thank you so much, 

28. Cover letter example for Update my resume, minor changes

Writing • Resumes & Cover Letters

I can handle this task easily and get you your updated resume in no time. 

I possess the Adobe Acrobat DC software which makes it really easy for me to go into any PDF file to edit the texts and other contents. 

Simply send me the changes you wish to make and the PDF resume and consider the work done. 

Let me know if you need the file improved in any other way besides the two tiny changes. 

I'll charge only $5 for this job and you can definitely contact me again anytime in the future if you need PDF or Microsoft Office related works done. 

I'm available if you wish to ask one or two questions.