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1. Cover letter example for Create network diagram

IT & Networking • Network & System Administration

I would like to do this job for you, but can you please provide answers on my questions:

- do you want to draw some most common / standard network as used for small companies with 5-10 employees: internet, phones, TV, PCs? If no - please clarify: devices which you are going to use, working places, what Unifi services will be used;
- do you have any design requirements for the MS Visio diagram? If YES - please provide them

- as I know Unifi offers Internet access, VoIP and IPTV. So, please let me know which one do you want to be displayed in the diagram?

I think that you more need a person who can competently draw the diagram rather than except in networking. If I am right - I would glad to help you, because I have some experience in networking and also do some work to prepare stats reports and diagram using PPT, Visio and Word and Excel. 

I agree with your price and I am willing to work with you until you are completely satisfied the results.

Best wishes, Rasin

2. Cover letter example for Design beautiful financial management program

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Web & Mobile Design

I specialize in Interaction Design for web and mobile applications. 

My main skills include developing interactive concepts, developing persona's, conducting task analysis, wireframing, planning and execution of usability tests. 

I can effectively maintain contact with both you and your design team in order to work on your wishes while balancing budget and technical constraints. 

My design style is clean, fresh, professional, and a little bit quirky. 

I am an expert in Photoshop and Illustrator, having over 10 years of experience in each, and I am also able to code in HTML and CSS. 

I love working in both design agencies and in-house, and also working for various clients like you as a freelancer and brilliant results follow every time.

My basic skills are in the following:
* Adobe Photoshop * OmniGraffle  * Adobe Illustrator  * Sublime Text  * Adobe InDesign  * HTML / CSS * Adobe Flash  * WordPress  * Axure RP 7  * WACOM tablet.

If you hire me I will help you develop intuitive, usable, and engaging interactions and visual designs for your mobile and provide strategic thinking and leadership. 

I collaborate well with cross-functional teams throughout design process. 

I can do the same for you by participating in the development process of your mobile from definition, through design, build, test, release, and maintenance.

I am an expert in Photoshop, InvisionApp, UXPin and other relevant design tools. 

You will definitely want to hire me if you need a professional touch on your job.

I await your response in minutes.