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1. Cover letter example for Gathering highest quality songs for a workout playlist

Admin Support • Personal / Virtual Assistant

Let me do it for you, because I know tricks how to download, convert and save music in high quality from almost all web sites that allow you to listen to music, but do not allow downloading it.

I even know how to extract and save music in great quality from youtube videos. 

For me there are no restrictions getting songs, if they are in the Internet.

I agree with your price conditions for this work. 

I like music and have numerous songs, which may be interesting for you.

I would glad if I can help you.

Regards, Iosif

2. Cover letter example for Helping manage my personal life

Admin Support • Personal / Virtual Assistant
Hello sir

My name is Angela and I would glad to help you. 

I am from the Philippines. Let me please introduce my-self:
- I am naturally happy
- I have good characteristics and personality: patient, composed, generous, caring and supportive
- I am family oriented
- I am faithful and loyal
- I am smart and well educated

Last 2 years I have been doing the similar job for people who cannot care about your-self. All my clients are my best friends now. They always glad to see and talk with me by Skype or phone.

They can give recommendations if you wish.

I like to help people and it is pleasure for me.

Do not worry about timeone, I can adjust my time as you wish and do your entire requests in time.

Thank you for this opportunity, sir. 

Best wishes, Angela.

3. Cover letter example for Post articles and do other various VA activities

Admin Support • Personal / Virtual Assistant

I am glad to introduce my-self:
- I am very social involved person; I have many accounts in almost all social networks.
- I have own 9 blogs about travel, food, different games and other activities
- I work with such blogger systems: wordpress, drupal, blogger,  tumblr, medium, Svbtle, LiveJornal
- I am very active, polite and enthusiastic.

I am student, and have much free time in terms of doing such job. Most of the time I am online, so can instantly answer your questions and do requests.

Such work requires to be well-organized person who can manage different things, accurate enter and keep information, track all actions, keep accounts in secret, provide updates about completed and planning tasks.

I would very glad you if give me a chance to show the best I can do for your organization.

I agree with your payment conditions and can work all days every day.

Thank you very much sir for the opportunity.

Sincere, Aarav from India

4. Cover letter example for Virtual Assistant / Data Entry / Sales

Admin Support • Personal / Virtual Assistant
Dear employer

My name is Yosef

For the last 4 years I have been working on a factory with the same duties as you described: 
- preparing RFQ and sending them to suppliers by e-mails
- reminding suppliers to reply on not answer RFQ yet
- update pricing and items based on RFQ. We use BusinessVision, Excel and Access
- generate quotes based on FRQ;
- create purchase orders to keep ordered items existing 
- do forecast and order items in advance for most popular of them, so always can deliver products in time 
- keep all data accurate and safety
- periodically backup all data and preparing reports to my manager

I sure that my experience can be beneficial for your company.

I made many improvements in the working process working in the previous company, which can be useful for your company too. 
I am not a hopper, and like to work in one company as long as possible. I like to know all details about my jobs and do the best to establish good rapport with my colleges. 

I am very carefully make a decision to choose a new company, so I will have some questions if you decide to hire me.

I am definitely OK to work in timezone which you prefer. 

It would be pleasure for me to contact you, sir.

Best wishes.