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1. Cover letter example for Senior VB.NET Developer

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Other - Software Development
Hello sir/madam

Let me introduce my-self on this position. 

The list of knowledge you listed in the offer means that candidate must work with different applications and be patient to extend and fix existing software. 

The wide experience from manufacturing to programming means that you need universal person who can deal with different type of issues and situations.

I am sure that I am the best one, because I have an experience working in a small company where we had lack of employees and each must do different jobs approximately the same type as you described. 

I got perfect skills how to communicate with clients getting exact steps to reproduce the problem, do coding and testing, making business analyses and design app architecture.
Working in rush I can smoothly organize my work and deliver successful results within timelines.

I do not have desire to work in a single long-term project, I know that I do the best with different type of projects even if they go simultaneously.

Everybody who worked with me can tell you that I am very well organized, professional developer and patient communicator. 

I know all technologies you listed and even more. Everything which will be new for me I can easily learn without tracking this as paid time.

You can try me in during trial week to prove my works.

I am open to answer any questions and would glad this cooperation.

My rate is pretty good for such type of work: $12/hr. Of course, it can be negotiated, because I need more details about this job and can decrease it.

Have a nice day sir,
Sincere, Milan

2. Cover letter example for .NET Expert Team Required

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Other - Software Development

My name is Philip

The requirements you provided are exactly what I am using all days every day, I would even add some last technology available in the most recent releases of VS to build cross-platform applications.

Right now, I am working in a small team and my duties include design/architecture/business analyses and coding of most critical app algorithms. 

I like programming and feel that there is nothing I can do. It is pleasure for me to use all my knowledge and learn more in programming field. 

I have experience from developing small web sites to big enterprise ERP solutions.

My favorite language is C#, but I also use VB.Net and C++ for critical algorithms.

I worked with almost all DBMS from MySQL to Oracle, from single server DB to cloud and distributed customized shards.

If this is project real requires so many skills, let me join it and lead it to success.

My regular rate is $32/h and I will be available in a month. If you think that the rate is too high, let me know and to discuss it -  I am sure that I can explain why or find a compromise.

Looking forward to hear from you, sir.

Have a nice day!

3. Cover letter example for Write VBA macros for sending personalized email with attachment

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Scripts & Utilities
I am a VBA developer since 2012 with experience in writing macros for MS Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word. 

Also, I develop application on C# and VB.Net, which will be useful for this task.

Do you need: 1) a macros, which generates e-mails and saves them into local folder as files OR 2) a macros, which generates and sends e-mails?

If you choose #2 then you need provide SMTP setting for sending e-mails. If you are going to use google, yahoo or Microsoft email servers then you need to know that they have restrictions for sending batch of e-mails. I would recommend you buying a simple web hosting and use its SMTP for sending - I can assist.

Please notice that depending on e-mail subject, body and attachment your e-mails can go into spam folder. I can assist to validate and adjust their content. I know many white tricks how deliver e-mail to recipients avoiding spam filters such as: include text version, use return-path, use oh behalf, sending to different addresses in one batch, exclude spam words, incorporate images, generate HTML content properly displayed in most popular e-mail clients and so on. 

I can perfectly complete this task. Do not warry if you are not too technical, I can call you and clarify all things.

After completing this project with me you will fill more confident doing further similar projects with other freelancers.