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1. Cover letter example for QA expert to work directly with developers

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • QA & Testing

My name is Mary. Please see how I can help you:
- I am very friendly and have great communication skills (I worked along, with developers, with UX engineers, within QA teams). I know how to establish contact with different people and work with them without conflicts.

- I am very polite and always constructive. I know how to describe bugs, so the team members can easy reproduce it.

- I am always online, so no problem with timezone with your developers, I can contact them when it is more comfortable for them

- I can do installation testing (I did it for mobile and desktop app), smoke and sanity (if you familiar with such type), acceptance, functional, black, white, loading (using JMeter) and even unit test (on PHP only)

- I am not only can do testing, but also I can check usability and WGAC;

- I have enough time (I am post-graduated student) to work on your project without interruptions on different tasks 

- I would suggest to use Google doc for tracking, if you do not use any other BugTracking systems yet. I know how to organize the working /testing process more effectively. I also used: Jira, Trello (not good for testing), Bugzilla, Fogbugz (the best one - but not free) and Basecamp (more for project management) 

My rate is pretty small - $9/hr, so I hope that my candidature fits your needs :)

It was nice to contact you. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

2. Cover letter example for Tester with Raspberry Pi 1 or 2

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • QA & Testing
Hello team

I am Robert from Spain (utc+1).

I did testing different programs, which works with such devices like: security and fire alert system, monitoring stations, SMS and e-mail stations, video motion cameras and so on. However, I have not have experience with such device yet and I am so excited to be part of your team - because possibility of this device are unlimited.

I remember time when we launched very important project and no one could catch a phantom bug. I advised to do loading test and check if this bug is a reason of overloading some variables. Using JMeter I emulated 1mln operations and yes, finally my supposition helped to run project in time.

I very good with people, software and hardware. I understand what it means launching project in time. 

I can work overtime and do not need to be reminded about responsibility and attention to details.

I can adjust my working time under your team. I need approximately 2 weeks to complete the current project and can work 40h/w on yours.

I like to work within one team. I am not hopper. My preference is long term-cooperation, because this helps to learn all company products and people which plays important role in successful understanding and cooperation.

I said nothing about the experience, because I can test everything and even if I faced with something new then it takes less time to learn it.

My rate $18/h that is quite high for oDesk, but I can guarantee that you will enjoy working with me. 

Have a nice day and thank you for opportunity to introduce my-self!

3. Cover letter example for QA/Tester - jMeter expert

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • QA & Testing

I am an expert in Jmeter, but unfortunately cannot understand how it is possible to estimate work without knowing application functionality.

But if to generalize, then the loading testing process looks like this:
- specify what pages/functionality are critical and vulnerable for high loading. As rule these are most visited pages and payment/shipping/processing pages
- specify what is min/average and maximum amount of visitors/requests
- specify what steps should be passed to reach the page under loading - for example, the tested page is a page which opens with GET/POST parameters like 'all=yes';
- specify if testing must be done under particular user profile and with/without cookies
- write scenarios and test them - to be sure that they work properly
- run test in working mode for min/average and maximum values, gradually analyzing the results.
- correct scripts if need and check test again.
- use any scheduler to run test periodically for testing or production environment.
- control results and provide them to a development team

Complete the steps above for each project.

Very rough estimate for applying the steps above for standard e-commerce web will take ~  10-16h +/-30%. If you hire me to do this, so my hourly rate is $13/hr.

If you going to start this next 1-2 weeks then I will be available ~10h/week, later depends on other offers which I consider right now.

Have a good day, sir!

Best regards, Peter

4. Cover letter example for Technical Support Agent

Customer Service • Technical Support

I am glad to offer my service to you.

I am an expert of using iOS and Android devices and different application on them. For the last 5 I got experience with many mobile operation system versions, upgrades, installations and hot fixes.

All my colleges and fellows always contact me if they have any troubles with their devices. 

I am a quick problem solver, because can identify and find solution for many known and unknown difficulties which people experience with mobile devices every day.

I can easy contact people and many of them became my friends. 

I am a post-graduate student of technical University. My specialty is telecommunication systems, so I learned much about hardware in IT sphere.

Several years ago, I tried to write a small app for iOS using Objective-C, but realized that I more like to deal with hardware and software rather than coding them.

Let me know sir, if you consider me as a candidate. I am always answer quickly and detailed.

My name is Ernst, I can work your time zone. My rate is $12/hr. Let me do quick test for you to prove my words.

Thank you for offer!

5. Cover letter example for Testing Apple Watch

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • QA & Testing
Hello sir,

I am so excited to get this job, because 2 months ago I did testing of custom app: Alarm and Timer.

I found that traditional standard methods of testing do not work well, because of specifics the device.

I had very good 'teachers' from my previous projects who discovered me some testing nuances of these devices. This device is still rough in terms of API and SDK.

My rate is 9$/hr and I can start this job tomorrow. 

If this is an urgent project I can work weekends and as much time as need to launch your product on time.

I already have Apply Watch, so you do not need to supply one to me.

Let me know when to start this job. I would be glad if you choose me.

Looking forward, sir

6. Cover letter example for Perform A/B Testing

Data Science & Analytics • A/B Testing

A/B testing is very interesting sphere. It requires from candidate knowledge in UI and UX. 

I have been working more than 3 years with such tools as Google Content Experiments, Usabilityhub, Hotjar and Convert. I prefer Google (because it is free) and Convert (because it easy to design variations). Other resources use external people to analyze a website - that something is not actual.

What is a goal of A/B testing for you? Testing process/scenarios depends on your answer.

I did A/B testing for companies who wanted such things as:
- lead people on their purchase pages 
- increase average time user stay on a website
- improve navigation and usability for schoolchild
- usability for games

Let me know when I can review your sites and prepare more questions and scenarios.

My rate is $18/hr and I can start this job (if you hire me) in 4 days.

I would glad to work with your company, sir

Thank you! 

7. Cover letter example for Automation testing

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • QA & Testing

I am extremely experienced senior automation tests developer.

I really enjoy automating process and great help, which it gives, allowing our company weekly deploy stable releases.

I am not only writing scripts. Also, I like teach other QAs and even developers how to write impeccable code and do unit testing. I am glad if can share my expertise or be valuable for project.

My experience includes:
- Testing automated frameworks (Selenium, CodedUI, Splinter)
- Scripting & testing utilities (PhantomJS, CasperJS, Capybara, VS)
- Methods (Data Driven, Dynamic, Smoke, Loading, Unit, Regression)

I guarantee
- quick work around
- full and detailed reports
- scripts and complete documentation/comments for automated running
- free consultations and supporting
- work tightly with development team 

My current rate is $12/hr and I can work 20hr per week first month. 

Grey Afruide

8. Cover letter example for Test mobile app for Android and iOS

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • QA & Testing

I have been a member of a team performing testing procedures on software applications and ensuring that all errors are identified and corrected before release to clients. 

I possess an excellent problem solving and analytical skills and experience of test plans, strategy and procedures throughout the life cycle of a project from specification reviews through to user acceptance.

I have performed various tests on games in Android and IOS by  developing test plans and strategies and examining all aspects of the programme from a clients or end-user's perspective and finally finding and eliminating bugs and any other problems. 

I can replicate the same for you.

My level of skill puts me as the best fit for this job. 

I have worked with many software and game developers. 

I understand quite well the importance of team work in developing and sustaining functional mobile apps and software.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.