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1. Cover letter example for Create Access database, deploy on Sharepoint

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Hi, my name is Gine

In general this process goes always smoothly. I did it several times for different companies. Here are steps and questions:
- create DB in new MS Access. What is the old version and what is the new MS Access version, which you are using? 
- importing step must be simple if the previous export process was done automatically from Access to Excel;
- create Office 365 account if you do not have it
- check web compatibility (with Sharepoint). Usually possible issues related to improper field names. Can be easy fixed;
- publish DB on web;
- check it. If DB has many things then it is better to check them together

It is all.

This job can be done during a week if there are no unexpected issues with data and compatibility. 

We can discuss my rate or fixed cost. The rate can be $15/hr and I am flexibale on it. Fixed rough cost is approximately $300.

Let me know if you have questions. I would glad to work with you on this task.

Thank you for opportunity and looking forward to hear from you, sir

Sincere, Vadim