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1. Cover letter example for Ruby software developer

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Web Development
Dear employer

When I read this job I feel very excited to be a part of your team/project and share my great experience in software development.

I worked as singular developer/qa/pm in one person and like a team member with in big projects with 25 developers.

I know thorough how to start, develop and launch web sites, desktop and mobile application.

Everything you mentioned above I have been using more than 5 years:
- I designed and developed DB using MSSQL, Postgre, MySQL, Oracle  more than 100 referenced tables per DB;
- Ruby, PHP and C# - these last used languages in e-Commerce and collaborative web sites and desktop apps;
- I like your choose of Heroku. Also I worked with Google and Microsoft Azure;
- I work on MAC and have experience to setup RedHat and Ubuntu for Apache and TomCat hosting web sites.

At the beginning, I would recommend to create a simple functional spec with quick UX mockups and then design DB model (ErWin is best tool to do this). Then we can make a list of short phases and timelines. Project documentation can be shared via web Git.

As you work remotely, so the best option is to use Google Doc for simple QA tracking and Trello for tasks management. If you have a budget I would recommend to use Fogbugz. I do such way many years with different teams and know how to organize all of this.

I worked remotely as a developer and PM, so know how to do this effectively. As PM I always have updated spec, list of tasks and last QA reports  so when I make a call I know what should be discussed and what is the priority #1.

As you need to launch this project in a short period, I can work more than 40hr/w. I confirm that if you hire me I can launch this project in time and with high quality. I never give up and do the best.

My rate is $65/h, which is more that you expected, but I am looking for long-term cooperation and can decrease it to $45/h for the first phase  so you can evaluate my work and do not lost in money.

I so like this project that can do short UX mockups for free during next 2 days if you contact me.

Waiting hearing from you.

It was nice to apply for this job, sir.

Sincere, James Johnson (German, UTC+3)