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1. Cover letter example for Accounting assistance through Quickbooks

Accounting & Consulting • Accounting
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing in response to your job offer.

I am working as an accountant assistance for last 1 year and in spite of my small experience I have good achievements like:
 - setting up, managing and assisting with Quickbooks for my colleges;
- finding and fixing discrepancies and mistakes when they occurred in calculations and final reports;
- initiated and coordinated some improvements in accounting procedures

The following my qualities help me to archive great results and quickly cope with new tasks:
- ability to learn quickly
- ability to work in a team and along
- hardworking and attentive to details

Please consider my application. My rate is small, but it does not mean that I cannot do quality work: $3/hr.  I can start immediately.

Please let me know if you need more details. 

Thanking you for your time and looking forward to hear from you.

Adjim Muharest

2. Cover letter example for Need an accountant

Accounting & Consulting • Accounting
Dear Sir

I would glad to offer my help for this job.

I am successfully working as an accountant last 6 years. During this period I have been done the following tasks:
- Accomplished classified transactions related to stock shares and foreign bond trading;
- Managing over 700 accounts receivable and payable;
- Working with such accounting software as QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks and small one - Xero;
- Trained and supervised staff working with general ledger;
- Control and assist staff to solve difficult situations and discrepancy;
- accomplished many improvements in terms of technologies, communications and supplying services to our clients. 

I am very attentive to details, have good references from my supervisor, very good communicator and problem solver.

Thank you for your attention to my application. If you have any questions, I would glad to answer.

My hourly rate is $10/hr, but in case if you wish I can estimate the amount of work you need and provide fixed cost.

Regards, Michael Adict

3. Cover letter example for Accountant

Accounting & Consulting • Other - Accounting & Consulting
Dear Malib,

My name is Steve, I held a Financial Accounting position in a business and management consulting firm for 5 years. 

My duties included, but were not limited to: 
- preparing monthly statements from collected data; 
- preparing quarterly and annual statements; 
- summarizing information, trends and data; 
- providing financial advice by applying financial principles to operational issues, preparing special reports and recommendations, responding to financial inquiries from clients and management team members; 
- analyzing, summarizing and interpreting financial data. 

I'm a meticulous and diligent accountant with good interpersonal, analytical, research, communication and business knowledge skills. 

I'll be glad to contribute my skills to the smooth running and growth of your organization. 

I have attached my bio and resume which contain my contact information. 

I expect a monthly salary of $800 (this is however subject to negotiation). 

I'm available for an interview anytime. 

I'll be glad if you consider me for this position; I'll give my very best. 

I would like to know what the expected working hours per week is.

Thank you.

4. Cover letter example for Business plan specialist

Accounting & Consulting • Other - Accounting & Consulting

I will love to be hired to help write you a cutting edge business plan. 

I'm a business consultant and I've worked with very many startups in many industries, including interior designers. 

With my experience, it becomes easy to gather market research information relevant to your niche and location. 

I will provide a market research that will give you a clear advantage over your competitors. 

I will also provide necessary and relevant financial data that will position you on the right track. 

I will not just produce text and figures on paper, I'll give you a roadmap to follow - a document you can consult at any stage of your business development. 

I'll also be available during the business writing process to provide business consultation services if needed. 

I'm a very free person to work with. 

You can ask me any questions. 

I take my work very seriously and I do my best to always leave a mark of excellence on every project I handle. 

I'm certain this will yield an excellent outcome as well.

Please share more of your ideas with me and I'll be glad to help produce a business plan you'll be extremely happy with. 

I'm available for further talk anytime. 

I'm eager to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

5. Cover letter example for Need US Accountant

Accounting & Consulting • Other - Accounting & Consulting

I am an accountant with a business office in Southern California. 

I have experience in Financial Accounting, Tax, Audits and Cost Accounting. 

Even though I basically provide audit functions for most of my clients, I also hold consultation sessions with businesses. 

I enjoy consultation since it gives me the opportunity to help out with practical advice and recommendations that will help businesses avoid financial pitfalls.

I'll be glad to work with you regarding your accounting and tax matters. 

I can dedicate 2 to 3 hours to answering your accounting related questions. 

I promise practical and useful answers and case studies that will help you make quality decisions. 

I'm also available for long term work.

When will be a good time to meet to learn more about your business and decide on what time will be best for the consultation? 

Once the time and other details are settled, I'm available to begin consultation immediately. 

I have attached my contact information and resume for your perusal. 

Do get in touch again as I'd love so much to take this conversation further.