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1. Cover letter example for Wanted experienced public relations professional

Sales & Marketing • Public Relations

I can help get the word out there about your new beauty and skin care brand. 

I am an experienced PR professional. 

In the course of my work, I've established relationships with individuals within fashion and beauty media houses. 

Talking to them and getting them to spread the word about your new brand will not be a tall task.

I can also come up with a media list and send friendly personal messages to them or place calls through to get them to talk about the new brand. 

Besides contacting media outlets, I can also utilize other PR strategies for getting the word out such as social media - images will work pretty well for this. 

I'll be very excited to learn more about your organization and this project. 

If I'm offered the job, I am ready to hit the ground right away and help you even exceed your expectations.

Thank you.

2. Cover letter example for Public Relations for Film and Director

Sales & Marketing • Public Relations

Public Relations that produces results is what I do and I am confident I'll make a good addition to you team. 

I have proven strategies to promote movies, which I have used in some of my past works. 

I'm ready to apply these strategies to make your new Christian movie a success. 

We can promote Night of Prayer using every channel possible - we can write a press release; shoot and advertise a short video about it on YouTube; social media; encourage word of mouth; etc. and then in return, we can promote the new movie at the event. 

One good way we can get the best from the event is talking about the new movie and collecting emails of individuals who'd like to receive updates and learn about the release of the movie. 

This can be an invaluable asset. 

I'm available to put heads together with your PR team to come up with the best strategy to pursue. 

I have beautiful ideas already that can set us on the right path. 

I'll appreciate the opportunity to discuss more on this with you, and I can promise you hardwork, creativity and commitment if I'm giving the opportunity to work with your team on this task. 

Thank you.

3. Cover letter example for Need a PR list made for our campaign

Sales & Marketing • Public Relations

I'll get you a list of 250 medium-size tech, music and design outlets that'll be interested in learning about your product and talking about your Kickstarter campaign. 

I will not just get contact information alone, I can dig for the right persons to talk to. 

I may not do this for everyone on the list within the time frame you have stipulated, but I'll get for a sizeable number. 

In particular, based on their previous posts, I'll target outlets and authors who will most likely be interested in such an interesting gadget as Astro and in spreading the word about it.

Give me this job and I'll put in my best; I'll go the extra mile to get you your list.  

Thank you.