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1. Cover letter example for Collect Data From Suppliers Websites - Data Scraping - Web Scraping � Excel

Admin Support • Data Entry

I am willing to do this job.

I did such job crawling popular e-commerce shops sites for getting web pages and parsing their content into word, excel, access and text files.

I have a set of great tools, which can automatically scan pages, parse any content on a web page, clean up database.

I crawled sites with more 10 mln pages.

I am very good with Excel and can remove duplicates, processes addresses, split addresses on parts, prepare for printing, export into different format for accounting and sending systems, automate much of such work.

I am sure that I am not only can help you, but can change speed and amount of data, which you can process.

Waiting to hearing from you, sir.

Regards, Wei

2. Cover letter example for Find email, job title and phone number

Admin Support • Web Research

It is Gemmy and this job is very interesting for me. 

Please note that search results may not be accurate, because if a person cannot be identified by e-mail (most personal e-mails are hidden on web sites) then search results may return different jobs/companies for one person in the Internet.

Week ago I did similar job and I wrote small script which returns first 10 pages from Google, Yahoo and Bing which includes searched phrase. Then another small script extracts prev and next sentences for searched phrases. So, less than in 5 minutes I can have a clear picture about searched info.

Hope my experience help you, if you think so, please contact me.

It would be nice to accomplish this task.

Best regards, sir.

3. Cover letter example for Macro needed

Admin Support • Other - Admin Support
Dear friend

I can help you with macro for MS Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint and other office applications. 

In addition, I can write macros to automate some operation system routines for Windows and Unix.

Short background, what macros I wrote:
- all possible operations with text and binary files
- processing any text information, formatting, parsing, transforming
- creating forms, reports, queries, adding controls 

I can easy understand all clients and their needs. Based on my expertise I can suggest effectively and universal solution.

If you choose me to do this job you will feel confident that you request is done with high quality and exact as you expected.

I am very polite and benevolent, so you get please communicating with me.

I agree on your conditions.

Let me know if you choose me for this job.

Best wishes,  Jamilya

4. Cover letter example for Excel Question

Admin Support • Other - Admin Support

I can write macro, which will do such operation as you described. 

I will incorporate macro into you document, so it will work automatically. This allows you easy modify mastersheet and these changes will be immediately displayed on the corresponding 12 sheets.

I need to see an example of you mastersheet to clarify some technical moments, but in general the task is clear and I would like to do it for you.

I agree on you payment conditions and if you assign it to me, I would accomplish it during a day.

My name is Quang, it was nice to answer your offer!

5. Cover letter example for Basic Database Setup

IT & Networking • Database Administration
Hello sir

I read your requirements; unfortunately, there is no yet fully functional/free and easy online DB.

I  can suggest the following options:
1) use MS Access as DB and create simple forms which allow you add/modify and filter data without knowing SQL queries

2) use MS Excel as DB and create simple forms which allow you add/modify and filter data without/with direct modifying excel sheets. These excel files can be automatically synchronized with GoogleDrive and you can access your data via the Internet - but you cannot do the back synchronization if data is modified via GoogleDrive

3) use Google Excel - this is just excel sheet in the Internet, it is useful if you phone DB is small

4) find any simple and free desktop app to manage your contacts and calls. There are tons of such app

5) search something similar for mobile devices - hope they are, but need to investigate.

Of course, I can work with TeamViewer, RemoteAdmin, RemoteDesktop and other solution to access remote PCs.

My rate is $12/hr. I think such work may take from 2h till 16h (if need to develop forms in MS Access/Excel). 

I am very polite, always answer the questions and can work in your timezone if we need do discuss the tasks.

I would glad if I can help you.

Regards, Maiden

6. Cover letter example for Contact Data Clean up

Data Science & Analytics • Other - Data Science & Analytics

I can do job with high quality. Let me please know format of these files and in what output format do you wish to receive the results.

I know programming very well and can do this quickly and professionally. I suppose to use MS Excel or MS Access so when I finish this job you get clean up files and scripts which you can use to accomplish this job your-self in case if you will have new files.

Usually ma rate is bigger than the cost of this task, but I want to complete this job just in case to get a great feedback, because I am sure I do this job perfectly.

Please contact me. My name is Huzaifa

Would glad to help you!