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1. Cover letter example for AdWords expert

Sales & Marketing • SEM - Search Engine Marketing

I'm a search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) expert. 

I have handled AdWords campaign for a few clients with accompanying interesting results. 

I perfectly understand the dynamics of ecommerce sites as I have worked with a few. 

I will research and find the long tail keywords that our potential customers are searching for and optimize our campaigns for these keywords.

You will get a comprehensive report on everything I do and the right steps to take should you intend to run such campaigns yourself in the future. 

Again, campaign results will be tracked, properly documented and sent to you as a report on weekly basis so you'll be able to easily monitor their success. 

I promise that you will see beautifully encouraging results. 

I am a recommended team player and will blend easily with your team. 

I take effective communication as a very important aspect of my business, so expect that I'll respond to your queries speedily.

I'll definitely be glad to work with you on this project. 

I'm also available for a full time continuous work with you. Please do contact me.

Thank you.

2. Cover letter example for EN speaking internet specialist wanted

Sales & Marketing • SEM - Search Engine Marketing

I've been a very reliable virtual assistant for years and I'll be glad to offer my skills to your service. 

I feel I'll be a good choice for this position because I possess all the necessary skills you require for the job which include, from my strongest to weakest: Content writing, Ms. Office, blogging, WordPress, Research, Google Drive and basic link building. 

The additional skills I have that will be of benefit to your online business include graphics design, search engine optimization, interpersonal skills, customer service, etc. 

The general marketing duties you'll have for me such as blog posts, tagging images, blog commenting and writing posts are actually tasks I'm very familiar with and have done on regular basis.

I'm available to join your team on full time for as long as you'll require my services. 

I'll be very pleased to hear from you. 

I'm available to take any questions you may have concerning my services and availability. 

Simply let me know.

Thank you.

3. Cover letter example for SEO expert with online marketing/copywriting expertise

Sales & Marketing • SEM - Search Engine Marketing

I'm an expert Copywriter. 

I have worked with several companies who are now enjoying the benefits of highly compelling web content (you can find samples of my work here). 

I can easily do the same with your online platform and corporate website. 

I will write copies that are strategically targeted at students preparing for college; I will also find and use eye-catching images to compel them to take action on your pages. 

I have a sufficient understanding of search engine optimization and so the site content I'll be creating for you (text and image) will be highly search engine optimized to attract more organic visitors from Google and other search engines. 

I am very easy to work with and I consider instructions very important. 

All the clients I have worked with have had very good things to say about my professionalism.

I'm available to answer any questions you have for me.

I excitedly await your reply,

Thank you.