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1. Cover letter example for Magento Product Management

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Product Management

I am working in IT company who develops/hosts and maintains wide variety of e-commerce solutions for US businesses.

My role is manage product catalogs for these web sites. 

Usually I get products descriptions in variety of formats including: Excel, CSV, Access, PDF, Jpg, plain text and others. I convert this data into format, which is suitable for their CMS and upload it: somethings manually, sometimes automatically.

Magento is most popular solution in our company so I have been working with it more than 3 years.

I like Magento functionality. I feel that I know almost everything its management interface.

Why I think I fit for this job:
- I perfectly know Magento functionality
- I know how prepare data for importing
- I can work with different types of data
- I can process product images so they display perfectly on site
- in 1-2 weeks I can work on your project full-time. Now I am available 20hr only

I feel exited to hear from you. 

When you can call me to check my experience?

Have a nice day, sir