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1. Cover letter example for 5-7 min Prezi presentation

Design & Creative • Presentations

I am Steve form Netherlands

Here is my portfolio on oDesk. These works done in PowerPoint, Prezi and Google Slides.

Most of works done for web sites and businesses, but I am a computer gamer and know what appeals gamers and how to present a new game.

What is important in such type of work: 
- find most interesting moments of your game, if you give me a link I definitely find them
- think out scenario, I can provide up to 3 possible scenarios for discussion
- add creativity, you can see that I am not a robot which does the same presentation for everybody
- animate this stuff.

I like that you choose Prezi as a tool for making presentations, I like it very much, because it gives freedom in terms of animations.

I am creative, reasonable and very responsible. 

I do not afraid of adding changes into scenarios on all stages and always open for comments, I am sure you will love my work. 

I have many ideas and cannot wait to begin. 

I agree with your prices. Thank you!!!

2. Cover letter example for Converting PPT to Prezi

Design & Creative • Presentations

I read your offer and must add that you need not only expert in Prezi, but this candidate should be creative and know how to produce quality video.

I have great experience to work with Prezi, PowerPoint and Keynote, but had only one big project to convert PPT slides to Prezi - more than 300 pages.

Such type of work requires much attention to details, because moving process is almost manual.  

Also, if you use special events (clicks, triggers) in PPT then they also must be translate into appropriate events in Prezi using its events model which is different from PowerPoint. 

I have creative skills to add music, logos and other items, which enhance this presentation. If you would like I even can do significant changes to improve appealing of your presentation.

If to talk about video: the best option is to apply all changes in PPT and then convert it to video, it gives the best quality and control. However, if it is not a solution then Prezi also can be converted into video using some tricks.

Let me do this job, I am very friendly, open for feedback/changes during a process and do all job accurate and according clients instructions. 

It is not a routine job for me, I like to do all things with some creativity.

I am sure that we enjoy working together.

My rate is $10/hr and if you wish, I can estimate and provide fixed cost.

Thank you sir!!!

3. Cover letter example for Converting website into presentation

Design & Creative • Presentations

I can do this presentation during 1-2 days including your feedback and changes. 

I would recommend to use Prezi for this job because:
- your presentation will be online and you can send a link to everybody
- Prezi is very powerful almost as PowerPoint and it is popular
- you can modify and print it as PDF whenever you want. You even can share permissions to someone else to modify it online
- it is easy to add very nice animation which is super attractive

I have good sense on style and can adjust presentation to your requirements such as: colors, fonts, animation and music. On the current place of work, I always work close with designer to fit clients' expectations.

I like to do presentations and work perfectly with PowerPoint (I even wrote a small game using PPT), Prezi (which I recommend) and MS Visio.

I have great experience with Adobe Photoshop which is defiantly required here to process images before using them in the presentation. 

Most of time I am online in Skype, so I can communicate with you quickly and effectively. I will not go to sleep until getting all details and clarification to start doing urgent tasks. You can rely on me.

I am considering your price as reasonable, and would be glad if you hire me to accomplish it.

It was nice to meet you sir.

 Regards, Sam

4. Cover letter example for Campaign Powerpoint

Design & Creative • Presentations

I can do this job within a day or two including time for getting/applying your feedback.

I am not a person who did presentations, but I am specialist in graphic design and printing. 

Please see my portfolio with many works for business identities: files, bsiness cards, logos, brochures, buckets and billboard posters.

I always get the great results and work until client is 100% satisfied. 

I work all days every day, so I can get and start doing your job as soon as you hire me.

I am agree with job price and would like to show you the quality, which I can do.

Thank you for opportunity and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Hope to hear you soon.

Have a nice day!

5. Cover letter example for ERPNext - Ongoing Modification

IT & Networking • ERP / CRM Software

My name is Milay.

I have been developing some plugins for ERPNext and Sales Force. One of them was a social subscription form and another - extended reporting module.

I know well all ERPNetx features and can confident do any modifications or fixed.

I do programming on Python and Java almost 3 years. All my tasks/projects were done in time. I always keep updated my colleges and clients about the status.

During writing plugins I mentioned before I learn more about ERPNext back-end and front-end, so I know how to do changes effectively and compliant with new updates.

I do not afraid to work with legacy code, I very glad when I can improve some aspects.

I do my job very attentively to details and client requirements.

If there are some moments which will require to learn something unknown for me in this system I will do it without  charging you.

My rate is $25/h and I am available 100h per month.

I would glad to discuss some technical questions about this project by Skype.

Thank you for opportunity, sir.

Best wishes, Milay (UTC+3)

6. Cover letter example for Microsoft Dynamics: Implement, Design and create workflows

IT & Networking • ERP / CRM Software

I have been working with Microsoft Dynamics since 2011 as a developer. 

During this period I implemented the following things:
- new workflow for client leads. Extra categories and sub-categories were added to support current company infrastructure;
- most of the new forms have autocomplete features;
- algorithms to generate unique quote, FRP and proposal numbers; 
- sending automated notification according business rules such as timelines, missing required docs, reminders to contact client and so on;
- simple interface to manage e-mail notification templates;
- customized stats reposts.

In addition, I was involved into distribution of this customized MS Dynamics to client servers.

Unfortunately, I do not have experience with SharePoint yet and E-signature, but I am sure that I learn this quickly after getting details how do you want to use it with Dynamics and what E-signature API you would like to use.

I am professional developer and my rate is $25/hr. I can answer all your questions.

I can consult and help to make right decision by implementing Dynamics because I have valuable experience with it.

I am very responsible, always explain, and clarify the things, which I am going to implemented, especially in projects that are not too clear in terms of making best decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics is a big system with its own system architecture, which I already know very well.

Looking forward to hear from you sir.

Best wishes, Maxim