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1. Cover letter example for Voice Talent Needed to Instruct a Course Powerpoint

Design & Creative • Voice Talent

I am Marco from UK. 

I sing sons in bars and restaurants. Records attached.

Many times, I was invited into IT sphere to voice different characters in short introductions, games and short movies.

I got great experience to work with IT specialists following their instructions to gain the best results. I learnt best practice how to do this kind job professionally.

In addition, I know how to process voice records to minimize output file size and do not lost quality.

I think these qualities help me to accomplish this job perfectly.

To add voice to 2hr recording will cost $40. Let me know if you have any questions - I am always pleased to talk with people.

Have a nice day, sir

2. Cover letter example for customer service - Japanese/English Speaking

Translation • General Translation

I am Yuto from Japan.

Here is a sphere where I am a professional. My native language is Japanese. Last 5 years I worked in Japanese college like EN teacher. 

Our college has special program to exchange students with USA universities, so my role is to support all correspondence with our foreigner colleges.

In addition, I am involved into a long-term process of upgrading our tech base. New equipment is coming from USA, so all communications with buyers are my responsibility too.

By demand, I can provide reference letter from my principal who appreciates and rates me very much.

I am very attentive to details as all Japanese, which is important, especially in email communications where any mistakes lead to serious problems.

I think my advantage is that I know how to translate difficult Japanese phrases, which have many meanings on English correctly and vice versa.  

My rate is $12/hr and I can work all 7 days by 4hr per day mostly in the evening. I like long-term cooperation, because it helps me deeply understand sphere and to be maximum useful for employer. 

Thank you!!!

3. Cover letter example for Translate Cell phone User Manual from French to English

Translation • Technical Translation
Hi, it is Adelina

I was born in England, so my native language is EN and last 10 years I have been working in FR IT company like a tech writer.

My company develops soft for mobile phones and standalone PC, so I know most of last popular cell models.

I often read different reviews on EN and FR sites, because it relates to my job, and laughing how people translated some technical terms or features. More interesting how end users dare to buy such things.

If you hire me, you will be 100% confident that EN copy correspond FR translation and vice versa.

My rate is $15/hr, but I would estimate small 3-5 pages brochure on $60. We can negotiate the cost, because I am new on Upwork, but anyway you will get high quality result.

Thank you have a nice day, sir!!!

4. Cover letter example for Dutch to French, regarding a treatment

Translation • Medical Translation

My name is Daan. I am from Denmark, but now I work as intern in French clinic.

Our clinic orders/buys much different medicine from England, USA and Canada. My division is responsible for adopting treatment description to French; I was involved into translation from EN to French.

It should not say how important correct / precise translation. I am not a professional translator, but I am working in medicine sphere and know almost all special terms/phases/drugs, which these translators may not know.  

You can rely on me.

If this is a small text, I can do such translation right away as you contact me. It will cost $10.

Thank you!

5. Cover letter example for Russian to Japanese translation of legal contract

Translation • Legal Translation
Hello sir

I am Nikita from Moskov (Russia).

Last 10 years I worked in an agency, which helps people run business in Japan, China and Russia. Thanks to us, over 1000 new companies launched. 

My role was to prepare legal documents and supply them into all departments of Japan, China and Russia. So, I know not only how to translate, but how prepare these documents too.

I do not want to give you the cheapest rate, because this work is crucial important for successful start and if you hire less specialist in this sphere it may cost you business. 

My price is $600 and I can start this immediately if you wish. Plus, give you some free advice about specifics in Japan.

Let me know your decision.

 Bets regards, Nikita