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1. Cover letter example for Lead Generation

Sales & Marketing • Lead Generation

Two years ago, I started working in a company that sells clothes for men. I got great experience in two-step-selling. 

In many cases we use the Internet for the following:
- send mailcasts via MailChimp with discounts and sales
- using surveys with funny prizes
- we created and support blog and promotion sites -  because it was easy to move them into top of SE
- we use social networks - but if to be honest then social networks does not work well anymore
- we use forums, review and comparison sites to generate leads
- we have Youtube/Vimeo channel with our products
- we create a simple mobile app to browse/check our products

This is a constant work to update all resources, generate new ideas, and implement them. 

Each product is unique of course, so it may require some time adopting ad/promo texts for it.

Let me know more about your product, it helps me this think out what strategy is the best and provide my vision. 
I would glad to help you.

Best wishes, Soiree

2. Cover letter example for Social Media Pro

Sales & Marketing • SMM - Social Media Marketing
Hello, sir

Let me please know the goal of such sharing. If the goal is a lead generation then I can suggest using additional methods like: posts on forums, comments on thematic sites, running top rated promotional sites and sending mailcasts/surveys.

Anyway, I often do a job of creating thousands G+, Tw and FB accounts and post content, images and relink them to increase backlinks and get new customers.

I am very technical person, so I know how to accomplish such task quickly and with high quality. For example, for creating accounts I use special script, which automates this process.

In addition, I know great tools, which rewrite content to build many unique articles from one.  

I am ready to start as soon as you tell.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

I am responsible, energetic and accurate. I always listen to people very carefully and do what they request to do.

My rate is very low for now $5/hr, because I just begin on this site.

Thank you for offer, sir. 

Best regards, Michael

3. Cover letter example for Create customer list

Sales & Marketing • Email & Marketing Automation

I already prepared such list for different clients and it includes over 1200 verified contacts. I spent 2 weeks to search, verify and clean it up.

The budget you specified for this job is too small, and I can sell you only 100 contacts. 

If you wish then the whole list will cost - $50. It is in times less than price of other companies in the Internet  

I also have list of IT companies for other countries.

Thank you for spending time to read my offer.

Best wishes, Ibrahim

4. Cover letter example for New Assistant Needed - Simple Weekly Tasks Need to Be Done

Customer Service • Customer Service

I am passionate web designer and my works there are on monster templates.

I am working along right now, but also dream to run own business. I have a ton of ideas how to do most affectively way:
- there are different categories of users, so web studio must adopt for most of them and it is simple achievable;
- designed special questionnaires, which helps to get preliminary info about a work
- do not restrict users only 3 templates/mockups, I work until they finally love the result. Such approach allows me to sift out valuable clients who really love and those who are not adequate
- do estimates very quickly during an hour, so clients do not wait weeks the price
- do UX and UI for those who have ideas, but do not know what is the best approach
- establish good rapport with my clients, always online, quick answer, polite 
- provide clickable mockups for large projects with complicated navigation - Axure and Balsamiq are best one

More ideas and details can be discussed by skype.

I am so excited to work together if this is the long-term project.

I would recommend to discuss my rate by Skype, because I do not want this becomes a hindrance for getting this job.

Thank you so much, waiting hearing from you!!!

Sincere, Jeong from Anguilla

5. Cover letter example for Order Fulfiller and Email Customer Support Needed

Customer Service • Other - Customer Service

My name is Jack from Belize

I have been successfully working last 2 years with such software for shipping like GroovePacker, NetSuite, BusinessVision and cargonet. 

I have many positive e-mails from our customers from the previous job. 

I do my job very seriously, do not do tasks simultaneously and always concentrate on one task only.  I am attentive to details that helped my employer saved money when I found inaccuracy in sales order and delivery order.

I am definitely can be available from 9 to 5PST, sir.

My previous job was related to find vendors and establish rapport with them. I wrote many polite and detailed e-mails to vendors and customers. I know how to accomplish this task professionally.

In addition, I would add, that in such kind of job, instant answers on all e-mails/messages are very important and I confirm that I do this.

My regular rate for such jobs is $8/hr, but it is negotiable if you need my service for a long term. I can guarantee high quality of my work.

It was please for me to offer my candidacy for this job.

Looking forward to hearing from you, sir. 

6. Cover letter example for Customer Service responding to messages online and arranging appointments

Customer Service • Other - Customer Service
Hello sir, 

I am willing to accomplish this job.

I have good writing English, I know e-mail etiquette, I am always polite and accurate in details.

My previous job related to arrange meetings for a charity community: contact with people, writing e-mails, answering phone calls, meet with local authority.

I am very friendly and people notice that it is easy to communicate with me. I can easy understand the problem or situation I find or suggest a solution.

I am not a professional yet, but I am a quick leaner. This is why my rate is quite low - $5/hr.

Let me know sir, in what sphere your business works and what software do you use to manage appointments. 

Base on my experience I can recommend free software Google Calendar and Trello.

I can work with no charge first week, so you have chance to evaluate my quality.

Thank you, sir!

7. Cover letter example for Add bookmarks for web pages

Data Science & Analytics • Other - Data Science & Analytics
Hello, my name is Jane from Philippines. 

If to be honest I do not good understand what bookmarking sites should I use (I think you mean social web sites like facebook and so on), but if you give me some instructions or examples I can definitely do best job for you.

I am new here and my rate is pretty low, but I can do all tasks very carefully by paying attention to all details.

I think this is very beneficial for you to hire me, because even if my current rate is low, BUT my intension and wiliness are super high. I am ready to work harder to reach maximum results the same as reach super specialists.

You can hire and test me even if this first job will be free for me.

Thank you for opportunity

8. Cover letter example for Are You a Telemarketing Wizard

Sales & Marketing • Marketing Strategy
I see that you want a good telemarketer to contact potential buyers and sometimes search for more potential buyers in Indonesia.

This task is one I can carry out with different marketing tools. I have worked on similar projects in the past and so I have a CRM software installed on my computer. With the CRM tool, I was able to properly co-ordinate, monitor and record call outcomes and follow up accordingly.

I knew exactly when to follow up and prepared my pitch properly before I placed calls through. I did not only rely on calls, I equally used emails to communicate with prospects as well.

I also have a basic training in customer relationship, so I understand the minds of buyers. I know how to interface with buyers according to different occasions. 

In my former assignment, I didn't have to search for clients but I learnt how to conduct such searches on the internet to find out what businesses were interested in our business.

I'm Indonesian, I speak Indonesian and English, and I have a good knowledge of my region - this will be an advantage for this task, I believe.

I use Microsoft Office very well, especially Excel. I'm a team player; I work very well with instructions. 

Please hire me for this job; I promise to give my best. My rate is 15.33/hr but I am open for negotiations. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

9. Cover letter example for Aggressive Appointment Setter

Sales & Marketing • Marketing Strategy
Hello sir,

I will be happy to work with you to secure in-person meetings with decision makers. 

For three years in my former full time job with a consulting firm, I worked on receiving inbound calls and making outbound calls to existing and prospective clients.

I went through a lot of trainings to prepare me for this role, such as preparing and understanding call scripts, analyzing and understanding the condition of the prospect from the tone in their voices, understanding when exactly to close a sale, and so on. 

I know the techniques; I know how to be polite but insistent and I get results. 'No' does not really stop me, instead I acknowledge that as not being in a good mood to talk. I simply politely and smilingly ask to call you again at another time. 

Please hire me and I promise to get you at least 5 people who have strong appetite for your services to meet with every week. I'm new to Freelancing, but not new to this kind of tasks, so I'm willing to offer my services for 18.99/hr. 

Let's make it happen. I'll be happy to read from you soon.

Thank you.

10. Cover letter example for Simple Telemarketing job

Sales & Marketing • Marketing Strategy
Dear friend, 

Cold calling and follow up calls are basically what I've done for the past two years. 

This task will be excellent if we use a mass mailing software that tells us who and who opened our emails. That way I can proceed to immediately call those who opened our email while the idea is still fresh in their minds. 

Those who didn't immediately open the mail will be sent the mail again, maybe with a different heading. I will have a list of the prospects I have called and their responses. A comprehensive report will be made available to you so you know who should get the report immediately and who needs to be followed up one more time. 

If we're not using this kind of email software, I know of a plugin that can achieve this with Gmail and will be happy to recommend. 

I work very well with call scripts. I internalize my scripts and speak to prospects from the heart to get the best results.

I work absolutely well in a team and will be excited to work with you on this project. My hourly rate is very friendly; it's just $9.99/hr.

Please hire me and I can start on your project right away. 

Thank you, Peter

11. Cover letter example for AdWords expert

Sales & Marketing • SEM - Search Engine Marketing

I'm a search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) expert. 

I have handled AdWords campaign for a few clients with accompanying interesting results. 

I perfectly understand the dynamics of ecommerce sites as I have worked with a few. 

I will research and find the long tail keywords that our potential customers are searching for and optimize our campaigns for these keywords.

You will get a comprehensive report on everything I do and the right steps to take should you intend to run such campaigns yourself in the future. 

Again, campaign results will be tracked, properly documented and sent to you as a report on weekly basis so you'll be able to easily monitor their success. 

I promise that you will see beautifully encouraging results. 

I am a recommended team player and will blend easily with your team. 

I take effective communication as a very important aspect of my business, so expect that I'll respond to your queries speedily.

I'll definitely be glad to work with you on this project. 

I'm also available for a full time continuous work with you. Please do contact me.

Thank you.

12. Cover letter example for EN speaking internet specialist wanted

Sales & Marketing • SEM - Search Engine Marketing

I've been a very reliable virtual assistant for years and I'll be glad to offer my skills to your service. 

I feel I'll be a good choice for this position because I possess all the necessary skills you require for the job which include, from my strongest to weakest: Content writing, Ms. Office, blogging, WordPress, Research, Google Drive and basic link building. 

The additional skills I have that will be of benefit to your online business include graphics design, search engine optimization, interpersonal skills, customer service, etc. 

The general marketing duties you'll have for me such as blog posts, tagging images, blog commenting and writing posts are actually tasks I'm very familiar with and have done on regular basis.

I'm available to join your team on full time for as long as you'll require my services. 

I'll be very pleased to hear from you. 

I'm available to take any questions you may have concerning my services and availability. 

Simply let me know.

Thank you.

13. Cover letter example for SEO expert with online marketing/copywriting expertise

Sales & Marketing • SEM - Search Engine Marketing

I'm an expert Copywriter. 

I have worked with several companies who are now enjoying the benefits of highly compelling web content (you can find samples of my work here). 

I can easily do the same with your online platform and corporate website. 

I will write copies that are strategically targeted at students preparing for college; I will also find and use eye-catching images to compel them to take action on your pages. 

I have a sufficient understanding of search engine optimization and so the site content I'll be creating for you (text and image) will be highly search engine optimized to attract more organic visitors from Google and other search engines. 

I am very easy to work with and I consider instructions very important. 

All the clients I have worked with have had very good things to say about my professionalism.

I'm available to answer any questions you have for me.

I excitedly await your reply,

Thank you.

14. Cover letter example for Create spreadsheet of blogs in Europe

Sales & Marketing • Market & Customer Research

I use research a lot in my work. 

I know how to score the web for required information. 

I know tricks to apply to Google Search so it gives me exactly what I'm looking for without the usual distractions.

I see that you require a list of blogs in Europe who are in the health and wellness niche. 

I can get you a list of between 400 and 500 of such blogs. 

I will not just send you a list of redundant and inactive blogs, I'll click through to make sure they're blogs being regularly updated and, in most cases, being run by authors who interact with their audience. 

This should make it easier for you to reach out to them and get a quick response. This list will be sent to you in Excel. 

Please hire me and I promise to give you the best health and wellness blogs in Europe to reach out to. 

My rate is not high; it's $8/hr.

I'm available anytime for an interview. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

15. Cover letter example for Need a research of projects near the water

Sales & Marketing • Market & Customer Research

I have excellent research skills. 

I dig as far as I need to, to get what information I seek. 

Sometimes I reach out to site authors to get more reliable information. 

As long as it is on the internet, I'll find it. 

I can help compile a list of industrial projects currently under construction and near bodies of water all over the world. 

I will create an Excel sheet with the different headings you have provided and supply relevant information. 

I enjoy research work; I promise to give you the best experience on this task. 

I am equally very much available for future work on similar projects. 

My rate is $7.5/hour; it's subject to negotiation though. 

I'll be extremely happy to read from you soon. 

I'm available to answer any question you may have for me. 


16. Cover letter example for Market Research/Investigation

Sales & Marketing • Market & Customer Research

I'm also fascinated by this site model; my curiosity and the need to do a wonderful job for you will motivate me on this task. 

I'm very good at seeking information on the internet and excited about learning new things.

Please hire me and I'll go extra length to find the information you need on this young Chinese company. 

I can search through the web for information on their end to end operations. 

I won't stop at that, I can visit student forums where there are talks, reviews or recommendations of their site and try to harvest information either by participating or sending private messages to participants. 

I'll be very glad to work with you on this project and I promise to give you the very best information you seek in a timely manner.

I follow instructions to the letter and possess excellent communication skills. 

My rates are very affordable.

I'll be extremely pleased to hear from you soon so we can get started.

Thank you.

17. Cover letter example for Order Assistance

Customer Service • Other - Customer Service
Dear Fiona,

I've been an assistant (accomplishing different tasks) to most business people online for about 3 years now. 

I recently completed a task where I was paid to purchase products off of the Amazon site and leave positive reviews. 

I have accomplished jobs similar to yours to the satisfaction of my employers; I can do yours as well.

I'm confident you'll be happy with the results at the end of the day.

I have a one-year Amazon Prime membership account. 

Besides completing tasks for people on Amazon, I'm a heavy shopper on the platform. 

Going about your task will not be difficult for me since I'm already familiar with how things are done on Amazon. 

I'll be very glad to speak further with you concerning more details about this project. 

It will be my pleasure to work with you and I promise you'll get the best of services from me. 

I'm available any time for further talk. 

Thank  you.

18. Cover letter example for Fulfill 40 orders

Customer Service • Other - Customer Service

As an assistant, I've had to carry out jobs of varying kinds including making purchases online, even offline; leaving reviews, comments, etc. 

I've had a wonderful experience doing this, my employers too. 

I'm very confident that I can fulfill 50 orders for you, for any products of your choice, within 24 hours from any ecommerce site you choose. 

I'm very easy to work with. 

I follow instructions to the last word and I'm sure that the training videos you have made to train me for this task will be of great help, and instructions on them will be followed strictly. 

If I'm given this job, I promise a timely completion of all your 50 orders. 

I also promise a stress free experience with me and all round satisfaction. 

I await your message.

Thank you.

19. Cover letter example for Customer Service Representative

Customer Service • Other - Customer Service

I'll be very pleased to work with you as a Customer Service Rep. 

I have 2 years of experience working as a customer support agent for a local fabric producing firm and I've worked online in the same capacity for over 5 years now. 

I enjoy interacting with customers and helping them find exactly what they're looking for. 

I'm also experienced with helping customers troubleshoot should they have difficulties using clients' websites and applications. 

I understand that customers are indeed very important to businesses and I treat any customer who comes through on the phone that way. 

Over the years, I have interacted with customers on the phone, email and live chat. 

I'm positive that my experience with supporting customers will make me really useful for your service. 

Besides my experience with customers, I'm an excellent communicator, a hard worker and a go-getter. 

Irrespective of what medium I communicate with customers through, I can make a large percentage of them commit to a sale. 

This is something I love and enjoy doing. 

I'll be so glad if you give me the opportunity to show you exactly how I can be useful to your organization. 

I promise the best support for your customers if I'm given this job. 

I look forward to reading from you soon.

Thank you.

20. Cover letter example for Need Talented Person for Tech Support

Customer Service • Technical Support

I am an amazing customer support person; I bring an amazing skill set to my job. 

I am driven by the knowledge that customers are the most important in any organization and the need to help them fulfill their needs with smiles. 

I find interacting with customers really enjoyable.

I understand that customer support is a huge focus for you. 

I'll be pleased to go to work with that at the back of my mind. 

I have handled the following roles excellently in the past: responding to emails and support tickets, attending to phone calls, responding to queries on social media, live chatting and providing technical assistance to customers. 

I am passionate and self-driven; I can get the work going with little or no supervision. 

I'll be prepared to give our customers a fantastic experience each time they get in touch with us. 

It will excite me to learn more about your organization and to contribute my effort to making your customers the happiest in your industry. 

If you give me this job, I'm available to start off immediately and I promise that you'll begin to receive continuous positive reviews from our customers in no time. 

Thank you.

21. Cover letter example for Internet and Phone Technical Support Representative

Customer Service • Technical Support

I've worked as a virtual call center agent, handling enquiries and concerns from customers. 

I have excellent communication skills, a good sense of time, and can work under pressure. 

I understand that a support representative should expect various demands from customers, and so I'm prepared to work under conditions where there might be too many customers or issues to attend to. 

I'm Filipino. I can adapt very easily to changes in working conditions. 

I am diligent with my work and do my best to offer the best of services. 

I have been a call agent to organizations in many industries. 

Each of my employers has had something good to say about me (you can see this in my reviews). 

This must be because I'm a good listener, an excellent communicator, and I give myself to following instructions diligently.

You will certainly be impressed by my level of dedication, hard work and diligence if you give me the opportunity to work with you. 

I'm available to start right away. 

I await your response.

Thank you.

22. Cover letter example for Expert for Telephone Technical Support

Customer Service • Technical Support
I have the experience, knowledge and personality to provide telephone technical support for your organization's customers. 

I have 5 years cognate experience in customer support. 

In this time, I've handled projects ranging from client relationship and technical support over the phone, Skype, live chat, one-on-one, etc. 

Also, I have vast experience with windows operating system, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, SharePoint, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad. 

I'm a very fast learner and can easily pick up knowledge in other required systems and software. 

I pay sufficient attention to details; I'm responsive, and really understanding of customer demands. 

I also possess great interpersonal and communication skills. 

If I'm given this job, your customers will be my priority. 

I promise thorough and effective support for your customers. 

I'll be available to work flexible schedules in order to ensure that the customer is satisfied with our services at all times. 

I'll be available anytime to learn more about your operations and to start off. 

I'll be happy to hear from you again as technical support is one thing I enjoy doing - I love being of help.

Thank you.

23. Cover letter example for Help capture leads

Accounting & Consulting • Management Consulting
Dear Mike,
It will be a pleasure to work with you, first to capture leads for your membership site, and then to kick off properly when we have enough leads. 

What is the site about?

I have been a business and management consultant for more than 7 years. 

Amongst many businesses online today, membership sites interest me the most because of the potentials they possess and the realness of working with real people all over the world, providing them with helpful resources that'll make them better.

Let's do this together. 

I believe in the power of email marketing and have got a lot of experience in lead generation and email writing for the best conversions. 

So, I can be available 3 hours every week to listen and talk with you about the best next step actions, from experience of course; If there are strategic tasks you'd want me to carry out for you, I'm open to discuss that as well.

I'm excited about this and will love to hear more from you. 

I'm available to start immediately if you are. 

Do send me a message and let's take it from there. 

You can begin by asking any questions you may have for me. 

I'll be available to answer. 


24. Cover letter example for Business Coaching/Mentoring

Accounting & Consulting • Management Consulting

I can provide you with effective coaching materials and resources needed for top notch business coaching. 

I've used these materials myself, with modifications every now and then, for 15 years and they've always proved to be highly effective.

I have materials on Industrial Relations, business management for small businesses, accounting and book keeping, marketing and sales, social media, human resource management, planning and budgeting, etc. 

I also have resources for class exercises that have always worked to get the class focused on the training. 

I'm happy to pass these materials and resources to you and also provide advice on how to build a solid business/mentoring coaching department. 

I have a coaching style that is basically practical and interactive; I'm certain you'll find this out in our advisory sessions. 

Skype works for me. 

I believe it's more effective than most other means of online consulting. 

Let me know if a fee of $17/hr works for you. 

I'll be waiting eagerly to read from you again as I'm very interested to begin work with you immediately. 

I'm certain you'll find my materials and coaching methods the best. 

Please go ahead and set up an interview. 


25. Cover letter example for Consultant and Coach for web hosting business

Accounting & Consulting • Management Consulting

I can be that consultant you need to bounce ideas off of. 

I like the ideas you have expressed already in your brief and I believe we will work well together as a team. 

I'm very passionate about business and technology in business. 

I built my own business and consulting firm 3 years after working for a similar company. 

I have run it with a wonderful team ever since. The journey has been exciting. 

Over the years, I have been a strong advocate for driving business with technology. 

My team has built and deployed software that helps small and medium scale businesses co-ordinate their CRM efforts.

I'm focusing more on consulting and coaching now and I'd love to work with you. 

Helping businesses find their right footing is what keeps me going; I'm a positivist and you will enjoy my communication skills. 

When would you like our first session to be? 

I look forward to hearing from you so we can start the brainstorming and coaching session. 

I'm open to any questions you may have.

Warm regards.