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1. Cover letter example for Drupal software developer, update and migrate

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Web Development

My name Maria Rodriguez (UTC-7:00)

I can do this job for 10$ or for even free, because I am a professional, but I need a positive feedback on oDesk.

I am a professional system administrator in a hosting IT company. So my everyday duties setup servers, backup and move sites from testing environment to production, do upgrade for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Django, DotNetNuke, Magento and many others.

I have experience with AWS, Heroku, Rackspace, Azure, GAE and others.

I am not only know to migrate site, but also know how to troubleshoot it: how to check and fix DB integrity, source code permissions and restrictions.

So, any administrator can do this job, but I can do very professionally.

What me appealing? I am geek, I like to do such things. This is my first experience on oDesk, so this is why my price is so low.

I can send to you a short list of steps how to do this migration your-self  it is free, you do not need to hire me. I am looking for long-term cooperation.

Have a nice day, sir! 

2. Cover letter example for Website to accept orders

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Web Development

If you are looking for a cheap and reliable solution, which can be easy customizable and will not require a lot of support in future, I would recommend, based on my experience, to use Drupal CMS.

Advantages of this solution:
- wide used and great supported
- free
- there are tons of various plugins including ordering modules
- can be easy supported by wide range of developers with low rates
- has quite user-friendly admin interface for managing
- there are a lot of cheap hostings.

It is quite easy to build ordering system - it may take up to 2-3 days including setting up a staging server for your use. 

To make complete estimate and start this work please provide the following info:
- description of a general product from the inventory
- will you use categories
- do you need different roles to manage orders
- do you need real-time payment system or will you use off-line payments. If you are going to use online payments then please let me know how your customers prefer to pay, so I can choose an appropriate payment gateway
- can you please give me links on inventory management web services. I need to read their tech doc to integrate our platforms 
I can start this project in two days and work dedicated to complete it. I can support and assist you by this project when it completes.

Let me contact you to specify some points, which help me to provide accurate estimate and perfect solution for you.