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1. Cover letter example for Making 10 videos with Camtasia

Design & Creative • Video Production
Hello sir, my name is David

I like to record and produce videos. I have my own channel where I regularly post new games recoding.

I do my videos using Adobe Premier CS6, Camtasia 8 and Movie Maker.

I am very attentive to details, and quality of my work does not depend on price, which is paid. 

I know how to put all things like video, music and images together, add get beautiful results.

Do not worry, I can show you interim results so you can easy add changes on all stages. I am free to add any corrections, which you want.

If you wish, I can share some advice how to combine your materials in a video to get better results.

I am agree with your price and would be glad to get this project.

Thank you and have a nice day!!!

2. Cover letter example for 15 Minutes Video Compilation

Design & Creative • Video Production
Hello, nice to meet your sir.

You can see how appealing looks these videos, which I did for my YouTube channel:

I know how reasonable to use effects and get nice results. 

If you give me part of your materials I can quickly create a rough video compilation, so will make the decision to hire me based on the results instead of my flattering :)

I am enjoy doing videos and all my clients were completely satisfied how I communicate and do their job.

I am ready to accomplish this job quickly with the result, which appeals you.

Thanks a lot!!!

3. Cover letter example for Youtube editing

Design & Creative • Audio Production
Hi, my name is Jansen from Poland

I know how to do this with high quality. This process includes the following, which I know how to accomplish with the best approach:
- export Youtube video, if you do not have sources file. 
- sort out all voices. I use Adobe Premier CS6 - most powerful application for video editing and production
- gently remove all talking. I can remove talking even if they overlap songs 
- produce recording with the same quality as the original was. If you wish I can try to improve the quality of voices, but cannot do it for video

The completed file + source will be available on my FTP, because dropbox has restrictions in 2Gb for files, but the source will take more

I am mostly free now and can do it very quickly.

I answer very quickly on all questions on oDesk, so no delays or troubles with communications.

Nice day, sir!!! 

4. Cover letter example for Sound designer for app

Design & Creative • Audio Production

I have 6+ years of experience in the media production field. 

I consider myself a multimedia specialist focusing on media production that ranges from Production, Post-Production, Video Editing, Audio editing and Voiceover Production and Photography. 

I'm able to cover a wide-range of video and audio production services to suit any need, be it sound for games or apps as well as animation videos.

I am quite willing to help you with the necessary sound needs for your app. 

I am an expert in Avid Pro Tools, Bleton Live, Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering, GIMP, Adobe Premiere and a lot more.

I have full suite of equipment and software to bring your next project to life. 

I pride myself on giving 110% to any project. 

From the moment you contact me, I promise to only offer my best work. 

I am flexible with my working hours and often work late into the night. 

I look forward to hearing from you and any exciting project ideas you have.