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1. Cover letter example for Project Manager

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Product Management
Hello sir

Thank you for providing such opportunity to help your team.

I have more than 10 years experience as software developer (PHP, .Net, DB designing), team building and leading, project managing.

I started my own team 6 year ago from 1 person me and now this team includes ~50 high qualified employees with very friendly bonds.

3-4 team members is a very good number to work effectively without any bureaucracy.

The biggest problem of small teams is that one person may do the same time N projects as a developer, PM and QA simultaneously. It always leads to mess.

I am sure that my experience can be beneficial for your team.

Small advice:
- separate duties: developers must do only development staff, QA - only test app, PM - only do management.
- use Trello instead of Asana - it is free and easy. I think it is even more useful to use simple Google Doc
- do not try organize everything
- all team members must have good relationships, no slaves and gods

I think that applying some improvements will take minimum time if your team wishes the same as you.

My rate as PM is 50$/h and I can do all stuff related organizing your work for free, because if you and your team trust me then this process will be easy and take less time, otherwise I cannot help.

Let have a free phone/Skype conversation and then decide about this job.

Have a nice day!!!

2. Cover letter example for Project Manager with Technical Writing Skills for Software Development

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Product Management
Nice to meet you sir

I am Maria Garcia from Mexico (UTC - 7).

I have been working 2 years as senior software developer and database developer. Last year I managed web portal for chain of Mexico restaurants. So I know from scratch how to start, develop, manage and lunch any project.

Last 6 months I have adopted agile and MFS methodology documents for the current company. I know how to organize working process, to detailed project functions and manage development team.

I use FogBugz, Trello and Google docs for bug tracking, project management and ideas sharing tools.

I have a great experience in ErWin - database modeling tool and by demand I can provide screens of my DB schemas.

If you were going to hire me, I would start from clarifying my duties and project details. Base on my experience I can share ideas how to make work on this project efficiently.

Even if I do not have yet feedback on oDesk I can prove my quality work just working first trial week for 25$/hr. After trial period I would like to get 35$/hr.

Best regards, Maria!

3. Cover letter example for Product Management

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Product Management

My name is Petr fom Moskov

I am 15 years in IT: began as a software developer (PHP, Delphi, ASPX) and QA than became a senior developer, team lead and finally - project manager.

I am not just familiar with things you mentioned in your offer, but I 10 years managed our remote teams in China, Russia, Canada and small team from India.

During last 7 years, as a project manager, I communicate with clients, write functional specifications (using best UX practice), make prototypes using Axure and Visio and discuss tech implementation with our development staff.

I setup QA and development process using 3 types of working environments: development, testing and training. 

I perfectly know all development stages and rebuilt PMBook and MFS methodology under needs on our company.

I taught our tech writes how to create user guides easy and attractive for end users.

I launched many different project from small web sites to desktop ERP systems.

I can easy communicate and understand needs of people from all IT spheres, because have such background.

My experience helps me to organize work efficient and smoothly. I am not afraid of emergencies and overtimes.

I am looking for long-term projects because like to concentrate all effort on one company projects only. 

My rate is 45$/hr which can be slightly negotiated, because do not have feedback yet, but it is because I do not take all projects which are offered on oDesk. 

I am always glad to answer your questions and provide more details by Skype about completed projects and clients.

Thank you and have a  nice day!!!

4. Cover letter example for Technical Director / Web Developer for Internet Marketing Firm

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Product Management

My name is David (UTC+3)

I am looking for long-term projects, please see my CV below. My rate is $50/hr, but I can do even more than regular PM including prototyping, design DB models, design program architecture, develop critical algorithms, setup QA and development processes, hire peoples, couch PM and developers staff.

Let me know please if you have any questions. Right now I am looking for new opportunities.

Experienced Project Manager:
- 12+ years project management (including: Custom Software Development,  Database Design (RDBMS, BigTable), Project Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Implementations, System Migrations, Requirements Definition & Analysis, Project Scheduling, Team Building & Mentoring, Project Budgeting & Cost Controls, Testing/QA/Rollout/Support);
- Qualified expert in PMBOK, MSF, Agile and waterfall methodologies. The best practice were placed into our own methodology developed over last 10 years;
- 18+ years in IT (strong additional knowledge which helps me to be on the same side with a project team: designing UI, testing, prototyping and writing manuals, networking and hardware).

Excellent communicator:
- Built and manage development teams in Canada, China and India (project managers, developers, designers, QA, tech writers and network adminstrators);
- Strong leadership skills include ability to lead and motivate co-workers (during financial crises people continue working because of trust built);
- Confident decision-making (every project requires to fulfill gaps between clients' desire and developers undestanding);

Creative problem-solving and solution-oriented work style:
- Implemented 3 shifts or working around the clock working schedule for most critical clients/projects: CBS, TVOne, Discovery;
- Implemented issues escalation process solved 95% of all problems internally;
- Developed Standard Operation Procedures  to regulate processes and relationships across all offices;
- Designed and expand management, development and QA processes;

Reliable and responsible self-organized:
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team;
- My past experience helps to organize work efficient and smoothly. I am not afraid of emergencies and overtimes;
- 10 years in one company (many interesting things were did from scratch, I'm very proud of our achievements);

Best wishes!

5. Cover letter example for Project Manager of Squarespace web site

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Product Management

My name is Michael.

For the last 10 years I launched more than 500 different web sites for such brands as Microsoft, TVOne, Sniders, Discovery, Hitachi, Sony.

It was web sites from small one-page only to e-commerce solutions.

I worked with almost all popular CMS and web site builders like: DotNetNuke, Wordpress, Drupal, Weebly, Jimdo, Squarespace, Wix, Joomla, Blogger.

My web sites were integrated with such payment, shipping and social networking systems like: Moneris,, Paypal, Paymenttech, UPS, USPS, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo.

Every project which I did I follow the rules:
- describe project functionality, prepare UX and UI mockups for designer
- clarify all questions about creative and behavior
- make a functional specification which is clear for all involved people from QA till client
- keep client updated about project status. I used such tools like Trello, Fogbugz, Jira, Bugzilla
- always be in touch with development team to help them make tech decisions and control timelines. Hold short meeting every day;
- periodically show intermediated tested results to client. I use testing, training and production environment for continuous development process 
- deploy project on the production
- backup policy
- work on client's feedback and support web site.

I have great technical background in programming, databases, user experience and user interfaces. Such background allows me easy communicate with all project team.

I understand how all details important for a web site. On my previous work, our testing process included checking creative pixel by pixel to meet client requirements.

I am open-minded, easy communicator, can work in different timezones, always polite and do things in time.

If you wish I can provide fixed cost if you give more details. My rate is $20/h. 

In case to help you to hire me I can do quick user experience mockups just to show my understanding and high quality of the work. It will be free.

Thank you for opportunity.

6. Cover letter example for Motivated and detailed oriented person to monitor various projects

Admin Support • Project Management
Dear employer

My name is Oviler from Australia

I am a project manager in IT sphere more than 10 years. 

I started as a programmer and grown up to manager, so I have great technical background and I know how to communicate with all team members from developers to client. 

During all my working experience company's executives rely on me to find, recommend and hire talented developers, QA, html coders and other IT specialists. I have many good friends in different IT spheres.

I found that the best way to motivate a team is to establish friendly relationships and became an example for others.

People often come to me for many tech solutions and advice. 

I modified Scram and PMBook methodology for a company, which is specialized in developing e-commerce web sites.

2 years I integrated 3 working shifts for a development company that successfully works for such brands Microsoft, Apple, Discovery.

I can do everything you mentioned in your offer and even more, because if you want to be a great project manager you must have high personality qualities, be professional in your sphere and supply great results.

I cannot include whole things, which I experienced into this small cover letter, but I can guarantee that you will get great results and pleasure working with me.

Usually my rate is $45/hr, but when I start new project the rate is $35/hr for the first month, because I feel that I need to show to new employer what I am worth first.

It was pleasure to read your offer and introduce my-self. Let me know if you have any questions, I am always open for new cooperation.

Best wishes, sir!

7. Cover letter example for Accounting assistance through Quickbooks

Accounting & Consulting • Accounting
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing in response to your job offer.

I am working as an accountant assistance for last 1 year and in spite of my small experience I have good achievements like:
 - setting up, managing and assisting with Quickbooks for my colleges;
- finding and fixing discrepancies and mistakes when they occurred in calculations and final reports;
- initiated and coordinated some improvements in accounting procedures

The following my qualities help me to archive great results and quickly cope with new tasks:
- ability to learn quickly
- ability to work in a team and along
- hardworking and attentive to details

Please consider my application. My rate is small, but it does not mean that I cannot do quality work: $3/hr.  I can start immediately.

Please let me know if you need more details. 

Thanking you for your time and looking forward to hear from you.

Adjim Muharest

8. Cover letter example for Need an accountant

Accounting & Consulting • Accounting
Dear Sir

I would glad to offer my help for this job.

I am successfully working as an accountant last 6 years. During this period I have been done the following tasks:
- Accomplished classified transactions related to stock shares and foreign bond trading;
- Managing over 700 accounts receivable and payable;
- Working with such accounting software as QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks and small one - Xero;
- Trained and supervised staff working with general ledger;
- Control and assist staff to solve difficult situations and discrepancy;
- accomplished many improvements in terms of technologies, communications and supplying services to our clients. 

I am very attentive to details, have good references from my supervisor, very good communicator and problem solver.

Thank you for your attention to my application. If you have any questions, I would glad to answer.

My hourly rate is $10/hr, but in case if you wish I can estimate the amount of work you need and provide fixed cost.

Regards, Michael Adict

9. Cover letter example for Create spreadsheet of blogs in Europe

Sales & Marketing • Market & Customer Research

I use research a lot in my work. 

I know how to score the web for required information. 

I know tricks to apply to Google Search so it gives me exactly what I'm looking for without the usual distractions.

I see that you require a list of blogs in Europe who are in the health and wellness niche. 

I can get you a list of between 400 and 500 of such blogs. 

I will not just send you a list of redundant and inactive blogs, I'll click through to make sure they're blogs being regularly updated and, in most cases, being run by authors who interact with their audience. 

This should make it easier for you to reach out to them and get a quick response. This list will be sent to you in Excel. 

Please hire me and I promise to give you the best health and wellness blogs in Europe to reach out to. 

My rate is not high; it's $8/hr.

I'm available anytime for an interview. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

10. Cover letter example for Need a research of projects near the water

Sales & Marketing • Market & Customer Research

I have excellent research skills. 

I dig as far as I need to, to get what information I seek. 

Sometimes I reach out to site authors to get more reliable information. 

As long as it is on the internet, I'll find it. 

I can help compile a list of industrial projects currently under construction and near bodies of water all over the world. 

I will create an Excel sheet with the different headings you have provided and supply relevant information. 

I enjoy research work; I promise to give you the best experience on this task. 

I am equally very much available for future work on similar projects. 

My rate is $7.5/hour; it's subject to negotiation though. 

I'll be extremely happy to read from you soon. 

I'm available to answer any question you may have for me. 


11. Cover letter example for Market Research/Investigation

Sales & Marketing • Market & Customer Research

I'm also fascinated by this site model; my curiosity and the need to do a wonderful job for you will motivate me on this task. 

I'm very good at seeking information on the internet and excited about learning new things.

Please hire me and I'll go extra length to find the information you need on this young Chinese company. 

I can search through the web for information on their end to end operations. 

I won't stop at that, I can visit student forums where there are talks, reviews or recommendations of their site and try to harvest information either by participating or sending private messages to participants. 

I'll be very glad to work with you on this project and I promise to give you the very best information you seek in a timely manner.

I follow instructions to the letter and possess excellent communication skills. 

My rates are very affordable.

I'll be extremely pleased to hear from you soon so we can get started.

Thank you.

12. Cover letter example for Accountant

Accounting & Consulting • Other - Accounting & Consulting
Dear Malib,

My name is Steve, I held a Financial Accounting position in a business and management consulting firm for 5 years. 

My duties included, but were not limited to: 
- preparing monthly statements from collected data; 
- preparing quarterly and annual statements; 
- summarizing information, trends and data; 
- providing financial advice by applying financial principles to operational issues, preparing special reports and recommendations, responding to financial inquiries from clients and management team members; 
- analyzing, summarizing and interpreting financial data. 

I'm a meticulous and diligent accountant with good interpersonal, analytical, research, communication and business knowledge skills. 

I'll be glad to contribute my skills to the smooth running and growth of your organization. 

I have attached my bio and resume which contain my contact information. 

I expect a monthly salary of $800 (this is however subject to negotiation). 

I'm available for an interview anytime. 

I'll be glad if you consider me for this position; I'll give my very best. 

I would like to know what the expected working hours per week is.

Thank you.

13. Cover letter example for Business plan specialist

Accounting & Consulting • Other - Accounting & Consulting

I will love to be hired to help write you a cutting edge business plan. 

I'm a business consultant and I've worked with very many startups in many industries, including interior designers. 

With my experience, it becomes easy to gather market research information relevant to your niche and location. 

I will provide a market research that will give you a clear advantage over your competitors. 

I will also provide necessary and relevant financial data that will position you on the right track. 

I will not just produce text and figures on paper, I'll give you a roadmap to follow - a document you can consult at any stage of your business development. 

I'll also be available during the business writing process to provide business consultation services if needed. 

I'm a very free person to work with. 

You can ask me any questions. 

I take my work very seriously and I do my best to always leave a mark of excellence on every project I handle. 

I'm certain this will yield an excellent outcome as well.

Please share more of your ideas with me and I'll be glad to help produce a business plan you'll be extremely happy with. 

I'm available for further talk anytime. 

I'm eager to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

14. Cover letter example for Need US Accountant

Accounting & Consulting • Other - Accounting & Consulting

I am an accountant with a business office in Southern California. 

I have experience in Financial Accounting, Tax, Audits and Cost Accounting. 

Even though I basically provide audit functions for most of my clients, I also hold consultation sessions with businesses. 

I enjoy consultation since it gives me the opportunity to help out with practical advice and recommendations that will help businesses avoid financial pitfalls.

I'll be glad to work with you regarding your accounting and tax matters. 

I can dedicate 2 to 3 hours to answering your accounting related questions. 

I promise practical and useful answers and case studies that will help you make quality decisions. 

I'm also available for long term work.

When will be a good time to meet to learn more about your business and decide on what time will be best for the consultation? 

Once the time and other details are settled, I'm available to begin consultation immediately. 

I have attached my contact information and resume for your perusal. 

Do get in touch again as I'd love so much to take this conversation further. 


15. Cover letter example for Help capture leads

Accounting & Consulting • Management Consulting
Dear Mike,
It will be a pleasure to work with you, first to capture leads for your membership site, and then to kick off properly when we have enough leads. 

What is the site about?

I have been a business and management consultant for more than 7 years. 

Amongst many businesses online today, membership sites interest me the most because of the potentials they possess and the realness of working with real people all over the world, providing them with helpful resources that'll make them better.

Let's do this together. 

I believe in the power of email marketing and have got a lot of experience in lead generation and email writing for the best conversions. 

So, I can be available 3 hours every week to listen and talk with you about the best next step actions, from experience of course; If there are strategic tasks you'd want me to carry out for you, I'm open to discuss that as well.

I'm excited about this and will love to hear more from you. 

I'm available to start immediately if you are. 

Do send me a message and let's take it from there. 

You can begin by asking any questions you may have for me. 

I'll be available to answer. 


16. Cover letter example for Business Coaching/Mentoring

Accounting & Consulting • Management Consulting

I can provide you with effective coaching materials and resources needed for top notch business coaching. 

I've used these materials myself, with modifications every now and then, for 15 years and they've always proved to be highly effective.

I have materials on Industrial Relations, business management for small businesses, accounting and book keeping, marketing and sales, social media, human resource management, planning and budgeting, etc. 

I also have resources for class exercises that have always worked to get the class focused on the training. 

I'm happy to pass these materials and resources to you and also provide advice on how to build a solid business/mentoring coaching department. 

I have a coaching style that is basically practical and interactive; I'm certain you'll find this out in our advisory sessions. 

Skype works for me. 

I believe it's more effective than most other means of online consulting. 

Let me know if a fee of $17/hr works for you. 

I'll be waiting eagerly to read from you again as I'm very interested to begin work with you immediately. 

I'm certain you'll find my materials and coaching methods the best. 

Please go ahead and set up an interview. 


17. Cover letter example for Consultant and Coach for web hosting business

Accounting & Consulting • Management Consulting

I can be that consultant you need to bounce ideas off of. 

I like the ideas you have expressed already in your brief and I believe we will work well together as a team. 

I'm very passionate about business and technology in business. 

I built my own business and consulting firm 3 years after working for a similar company. 

I have run it with a wonderful team ever since. The journey has been exciting. 

Over the years, I have been a strong advocate for driving business with technology. 

My team has built and deployed software that helps small and medium scale businesses co-ordinate their CRM efforts.

I'm focusing more on consulting and coaching now and I'd love to work with you. 

Helping businesses find their right footing is what keeps me going; I'm a positivist and you will enjoy my communication skills. 

When would you like our first session to be? 

I look forward to hearing from you so we can start the brainstorming and coaching session. 

I'm open to any questions you may have.

Warm regards.