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Test answers for ooVoo Web API Test 2020

(1 / 18) Last updated: February 28
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1 Answered Test Questions:

1. Which Url is used to get videoCalls web service?





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2. Which properties are required for room creation?


• roomID

• instanceKey

• displayName

• useActiveXorApplet

3. Which languages are supported for the text that are included in the room?


• English="en"

• Arabic="ar"

• Italian="it"

• Chinese="ch"

4. How do you force the web browser to load the Java Applet instead of the ActiveX control?


• set property useActiveXorApplet= "applet"

• Java Applet is used by default

• set property useApplet= "yes"

5. Which method raises an event after execution?


• minimizeVideoWindow()

• enableSpeakers()

• endCall()

6. Which method is used to enable speaker volume bar?


• enableSpeakersBar()

• enableSpeakers()

• enableSpeakersVolume()

7. What is the maximum number of participants that can be managed by videoCalls web service?


• 3

• 5

• 6

• 10

8. Which web service is used to get the call participants list?


• participantsArray

• participantList

• videoCalls

9. Which method is used to return the room name?


• getProperty('displayName')

• getDisplayName()

• getRoomName()

10. What is "gender" property used for?


• to manage access for participants by gender

• to get higher revenues from advertisements

• for statistics

11. How do you increase the volume of a call to max value?


• use method setSpeakersVolume(100)

• use method setMicVolume(100)

• it is impossible to increase the volume using Web API methods

12. How do you get name of a participant who has left web room?


• use event onParticipantLeft(string id)

• use property participantLeft of room object

• use property participantHistory of room object

13. How often is the information about active video calls is updated?


• 1 minute

• 30 seconds

• 30 minutes

• information is updated in real time

14. Which methods can be executed to change settings for a specific participant?


• enableCamera

• muteMic

• setMicVolume

• minimizeVideoWindow

• restoreVideoWindow

15. How do you get the details of new participant?


• use property participantJoined of room object

• use property participantHistory of room object

• use event onParticipantJoined

16. Which method is used to end a call?


• finishCall()

• endCall()

• stop()

17. Which value format is used to set color properties?


• rgb(255,180,0)

• #ff6600

• orange

18. How do you catch an event?


• set callback function as property for creation object (rcp.onCallEnded="OnCallEndedFunc")

• set event listener based on <script> tag (<script type="text/javascript" for="ooVooWebApi" event=" onCallEnded(duration)">)

• use property onCallEnded of room object

19. Which attributes can be set for participants in the videoCalls web service?


• age

• displayName

• gender

• id

• name

• status

• type