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Test answers for Marketing Methods and Techniques Test 2020

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2 Answered Test Questions:

1. How did the term Marketing come into existence?


• It evolved from the term Marketio used in Italy

• It is a haphazard term created in the 1800s

• It evolved from the original meaning, going to the market to sell products

• None of the above

2. How does Process impact a customer?


• It assures a quality product is sold

• It influences the color offerings of the product

• It determines how long it takes to ship a product

• It impacts overall customer satisfaction

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3. Which of the following is involved in the Publicity aspect of Promotion?


• Determining what product mix to offer to the customers

• Creating advertisements for different markets

• Managing the public perception of the product

• Setting sales goals for each product line

4. How does a successful advertisement help the sales team?


• It eliminates their jobs

• It reduces their burden as the customers are already inclined to purchase

• It shows the customers the sales team is effective

• It reduces the amount of paper work they have to do

5. Which of the following would Pricing include beyond the price for the product?


• How the client receives the product

• Shipping options if purchased online

• Discounts available to the client

• Colors the product is available in

6. Which of the following companies would be considered a trail blazer in Personalization?


• Procter & Gamble

• Ford Auto Corporation

• Dell Computers

• Canon Cameras

7. What time frame does marketing focus on?


• The past only

• The past as well as the current month

• The Past, Present and Future

• Current as well as future needs of the customers

8. Which of the four Ps would 'Solution' from SIVA be associated with?


• Price

• Place

• Product

• Promotion

9. What is meant by Process?


• The process of ordering online

• The designing of the product

• How a product or service is delivered to a customer

• How a product is manufactured

10. Why would Product Focus Marketing almost not be considered marketing at all?


• It is not as expensive as traditional marketing

• Companies do not devote enough time to it

• There is no head count involved

• It does not look to the market to assess the customers' needs; instead, it pushes new products to the market

11. Which of the following would the scope of Product include?


• How the product is delivered to a customer

• The packaging of the product

• Warranties and support services

• The bill of materials for the product

12. What supplementary areas of study play into marketing?


• Accounting and Finance

• Psychology and Sociology

• Geography

• Computer Science

13. How might a company overcome the hurdle of demonstrating their services?


• Write stronger language in the advertising campaign

• Have clients sign a promise agreement

• Provide demonstrations, customer testimonials, and case studies

• Tell potential clients to take their word for it

14. What would be the most important skill required of the people who interact with the customers?


• Being well trained and motivated

• Having a general idea of the product and how it works

• Having interest in the product

• Being energetic and enthusiastic

15. Which of the following does Marketing Communication cover in general?


• How advertisements should be worded

• Where the company will market

• What type of branding the company wants to accomplish

• Breaking down the strategies for marketing messages into specific categories

16. Why is it wrong to imitate the product of a company that has successfully launched a new product and created a market for it?


• Only the company that enters the market first will reap profits

• Imitating their product will saturate the market and the imitator will not have enough market share to thrive on

• Imitators have to pay higher taxes

• The marketing budget is wasted

17. Why would People be an important aspect in the customers' eyes?


• The people are the customers

• The people handle the product and manufacture it; so it should be of good quality

• The people who designed the product should make something the customer wants

• The people who represent the company are inseparable from the entire service or product

18. What method/s is/are used to determine customers' needs?


• Examining sales history

• Speculation based on prior market research of other products

• Looking to competitors

• Market research

19. What is meant by the "end user"?


• The marketing manager who decides what ad campaigns to pursue

• The final consumer who purchases the product or service for their use

• The marketing staff where the marketing process begins

• The competitors who are in the same market space

20. What do the four Ps reflect?


• The steps required by law regarding marketing

• The marketing equivalent of GAAP in accounting

• The actions a company can take to motivate consumers to buy

• The four sections of a marketing department

21. What is meant by "branding"?


• Creating a certain image for a product

• Physically marking each product with the company logo

• Determining the customers' needs

• Setting the price for a product

22. What is meant by Personal Selling?


• Creating advertisements for the television

• A salesman approaching potential customers

• Creating banner ads for online sites

• Emailing customers coupons

23. What is meant by SIVA?


• The governing body over Marketing

• Solution, Information, Value, Access

• Sales, Information, Vehicle, Attributes

• Sales, Information, Value, Access

24. What are some of the steps in an advertising campaign?


• Designing, Budgeting, Determining the point of sale

• Assembly, Painting, Distribution

• Market research, Budgeting, Choice of the media, Designing, Testing results

• Financing, Operations, Accounting, Marketing

25. What is another term for Peer-to-Peer?


• Social Computing

• Internet Marketing

• Blanket Advertising

• Selling

26. What does Predictive Modeling accomplish in the marketing mix?


• It is subjective and allows for creativity in marketing

• It replaces market research

• It uses algorithms to solve marketing problems

• It leaves marketing to the discretion of the management

27. What is another term for "Placement"?


• Accounting

• Publicity

• Distribution

• Branding

28. What does 'Solution' look to accomplish?


• Solves the problem of how much to spend on marketing

• Solves the logistics problems on delivery to the customer

• Anticipates how the customer will respond to pricing changes

• Ensures the appropriateness of the product or service to the customer's problem

29. What are the objectives of a successful advertising campaign?


• To introduce new age products to the market

• To spend more than the competitors on marketing

• To eliminate marketing head count

• To maintain demand for the current products and introduce new products to the market

30. What are the traditional four Ps of marketing?


• Pricing, People, Performance, Promotion

• Promotion, People, Pricing, Performance

• Product, Pricing, Promotion, Placement

• Product, Promotion, People, Performance

31. Which of the following would be considered the result of Product Focus Marketing?


• Nintendo Wii video game system

• Dell laptop

• Campbell's Soup

• Candle Manufacturing

32. What is meant by Peer-to-Peer in the marketing sense?


• Allowing a customer to interact with other customer via forums and communities

• Selling directly to customers door to door

• Creating blanket ads for the television

• Offering coupons

33. What is the purpose of marketing?


• To gain customer trust in a company

• To create and deliver value to customers

• To learn more about the customer and what their needs are

• All of the above

34. Which of the following does 'Access' in the SIVA model apply to customers?


• How the company gains access to the materials used in manufacturing

• How the customers access the company's website

• How the customers can get the solution and how they take delivery

• How the customers can order

35. How does Product Focus Marketing differ from Customer Focus Marketing?


• PFM will always cost more to perform

• PFM does not usually result in as many sales

• PFM relies on changing pricing to gauge demand

• PFM looks to create a market whereas CFM responds to the existing market

36. Which of the following is a demerit of Product Focus Marketing?


• It costs too much

• It relies on past successes

• It is taxed at a higher rate

• A company takes a big risk in creating products that the market may not adapt to

37. What are the overall areas covered by Marketing Communication?


• Distribution

• Order Fulfillment and Process Management

• Advertising, Personal Sales, Sales Promotion, Marketing Public Relations

• Pricing and Branding

38. Which of the following is an example of Placement?


• A new ad campaign

• Allocating $10,000 to marketing

• The point of sale

• Increasing the marketing staff

39. What are the four new Ps?


• Pricing, Promotion, Placement, Product

• Product, Peer-to-Peer, Potential Clients, Pricing

• Promotion, Personalization, Participation, Product

• Personalization, Participation, Peer-to-Peer, Predictive Modeling

40. Who has control over a company's Advertising?


• The company has complete control over what goes into an ad

• The company has limited control over the ads

• The customer and the company share it

• The customer has complete control over a company's advertisements

41. Why is marketing considered a progressive activity?


• It has adapted over time to current trends and culture

• It has set rules that are followed and can not be broken

• It is a relatively new function of companies

• It focuses on creating new age products and surprising customers

42. What is determined through marketing research?


• The price competitors charge for the product

• The customers' wants and needs

• Ideas on products that the customers have no idea about

• Specific sales figures

43. How does a Sales Promotion Campaign impact a customer's desire to buy?


• It appeals to their desire for a deal and increases the speed at which they buy

• It creates the apprehension the product will cost more later

• It does not have any impact

• It is just another form of advertising and has no impact on buying

44. What is covered by Participation?


• Customer surveys

• Progressively marketing new products to untested markets

• Allowing the customers to be actively involved in shaping a company and its image

• Selling to new markets

45. What does Peer-to-Peer look to replace?


• Active Customers with those who are more Passive

• Buyers

• Passive Customer Bases with Active Customer Bases

• Low Income Purchasers

46. What is meant by Customer Focus Marketing?


• Selling only to past customers

• Creating email campaigns for past customers

• Focusing on customers and their relatives

• Listening to the customers and tailoring the products and services to their demand

47. Which of the following does the Product portion of the marketing mix encompass?


• How the product is delivered to the customers

• The pricing of the product

• What ad campaigns are the best to be used

• Specifications of the actual product

48. How does Personal Selling differ from Advertising?


• It is more progressive than advertising

• It allows for a direct, tailored message to be given to the potential client

• It is cheaper

• There is no real difference

49. Which of the following does 'Value' in the SIVA model focus on?


• Whether the customer knows other alternatives

• Whether the customer responds to spending more on marketing

• Whether the customer knows the costs and benefits of the company's products

• Whether the customer values the color options

50. Which of the following would Promotion include?


• Advertising

• Setting price levels

• Determining customer wants

• Allocating marketing salaries

51. Why is it important that companies pursue Product Focus Marketing even if it is risky?


• Because it is required by law

• Because it diversifies their marketing efforts

• Because it is entrepreneurial and helps push the development of new products

• Because other companies do not do it

52. How is marketing defined in general?


• Maintaining accounting records

• Creating advertisements for television

• Promotion of products and services, advertising, and branding

• Development of products according to customer needs

53. What is meant by Product Focus Marketing?


• Focusing on the customers and their wants

• Focusing on selling the previous year's products

• Trying to develop a market for a product

• Diversifying the product mix

54. What would a breakthrough product which ends up being a failure be a child of?



• Four Ps

• Market Research

• Accounting Error

55. Which of the following would be included in the marketing process?


• Order Fulfillment

• Improving product features

• Improving efficiency in the warehouse

• Distribution

56. Which of the following options would a company heavily involved in Research & Development most likely follow?


• Product Focus Marketing

• Customer Focus Marketing

• Advertising

• Direct Sales

57. What is meant by Intangible in relation to marketing?


• The patents the client owns

• The physical evidence of goods as a sample

• Something a customer can not see, such as a service.

• An asset that will depreciate in value, such as a car

58. What is the rationale for Product Focus Marketing?


• Customers come first

• Customers will buy whatever a company gives them as options

• Customers may not know what they want, so it is up to the company to create products they would want

• It costs less than Customer Focus Marketing

59. Which of the following is the most important aspect of Product Focus Marketing?


• It costs as little as possible

• It is multi-tiered and has growth ability

• It relies on the customers and their feedback

• It replaces traditional advertising

60. What does SIVA essentially accomplish?


• It takes the four Ps of marketing and reorients them to focus more on the customer

• It regulates the world of marketing

• It is a throwback to the marketing techniques of old days

• It helps sales people sell more

61. Which of the following does Pricing involve?


• Determining how to get the product to the customer

• Setting a price which will create the maximum demand for the product

• Setting a bill of materials for the product

• Determining the end users preferred purchase place

62. How would Advertising be categorized?


• Directly targeting specific crowds

• An ineffective method of marketing

• The same as mail marketing

• Aiming at mass markets

63. What is another term for the four Ps?


• Marketing Mix

• Marketing Management

• Marketing Pros and Cons

• Marketing Requirements

64. Why would a company engage in Personal Selling?


• It is cheaper than other methods

• It allows sales people to push the product on potential customers who do not really need it

• It diversifies their marketing mix

• It allows a face to face method of introducing potential clients to the company's products

65. What is an example of Personalization?


• Customizing the product for the users through the use of the internet

• Offering three color variations instead of two

• Setting different pricing levels based on the end users' ability to pay

• Offering only one product in one color

66. Which of the following does Placement involve?


• How the company is perceived in the market

• How the product gets to the customer

• How the marketing budget is allocated

• How the company logo is placed on the packaging

67. Which of the following are the aspects of the Extended Marketing Mix?


• Product, Placement, Pricing, Procurement

• People, Performance, Pricing, Process

• Process, Pricing, Placement, Procurement

• People, Process, Physical Evidence

68. What would a company hope a potential customer would do after seeing an advertisement for a new product?


• Perform some action related to purchasing the product

• Remember to tell their friends

• Sell their current solution and buy the new one

• Do nothing

69. What is meant by the 'People' aspect of Extended Marketing?


• The actual customers

• The people who design the product being sold

• The manufacturing staff who physically touch the product

• The people who come in contact with the customer, having an impact on overall satisfaction

70. How does the SIVA model differ from the four Ps model?


• It focuses on pricing

• It gains more loyal customers

• It focuses on the company and budget cuts

• It focuses heavily on the customers and how they view the transaction

71. What is accomplished by successfully using communication in marketing?


• It helps create the company image

• It turns strangers into customers

• It uses the marketing budget effectively

• It turns away customers the company does not want

72. What is the nature of marketing?


• A creative industry which uses several methods of delivery

• A clear cut, black and white industry with set methods

• A science involving the use of math

• A loosely based industry with no real solid methods

73. Would Pricing always be a monetary amount?


• No, it is almost never monetary

• No, it is what is exchanged for the product and could include time, energy, attention

• Yes, but only when looking at the near term

• Yes, it is always monetary

74. How is Advertising different from Personal Sales?


• It costs more

• It is much more effective

• They are pretty much the same

• It is considered pervasive and impersonal