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Test answers for Solaris 10 U4 Test 2020

(60) Last updated: January 27
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1. Which command is used to import a new xml service description?


• service import file.xml

• svcimport file.xml

• svccfg import file.xml

• smfimport file.xml

• smfconfig import file.xml

2. What is the NFS version by default in Solaris 10 U3?


• 1

• 2

• 3

• 4

• None of the above

3. You have a fully installed system. What is the procedure to reinstall the initial system configuration?


• It cannot be done

• sys-unconfig then boot the system

• Start a new installation and use the preserve data option

• It can only be done while booting from the network

• None of the above

4. Which of the following statements is/are true?


• A zone can have its own IP address

• A zone cannot access raw devices

• A zone is protected against all external attacks. Therefore, all login services must be started within the zone

• A zone may use ZFS

• Each zone must have its own disk

5. You are on a x2100 running Solaris 10. Which commands will tell you how many free RAM slots your machine has?


• vmstat

• top

• prtdiag

• memstat

• None of the above

6. What is the correct way to boot from the CDROM drive while installing Solaris on an x86 platform?


• Set the boot priority to CD and put the CD in before booting normally

• Boot on the network, then type the "load cd" command

• Solaris on x86 requires a special boot CD called "the fire CD"

• Solaris on x86 platform cannot boot from the CD

7. On choosing the core software group package cluster during the time of installation, what, out of the following list, will not be installed?


• ssh

• SMF (svc* commands)

• gcc

• sh

• None of the above will be installed

8. When creating a raidz pool, the space required by parity is not subtracted from the available space. Instead, it is added to the usage.


• True

• False

9. What is the command to change the maximum shared memory allowed to a user?


• shmadm <username> limit <newsize>

• projmod -s -K "project.max-shm-memory=(privileged,<newsize>,deny)" 'user.<username>'

• rlimit shm <username> <newsize>

• projadm -s -K 'user.<username>' "project.max-shm-memory=(privileged,<newsize>,deny)"

• None of the above

10. What will the following command do?
zpool create raid c1t0d0


• Create a ZFS pool named c1t0d0 in raid mode

• Create a ZFS pool named raid and attach the disk c1t0d0 to it

• Create a ZFS pool named c1t0d0 and mount it on /raid

• This command is invalid

11. Which of the following commands is not an SMF related command?


• svccfg

• svcservice

• inetadm

• svcprop

12. What is lofs?


• A network driver

• A loopback file system

• Local file security

• Local fault service

• None of the above

13. What is the default runlevel for multiuser usage?


• S

• 1

• 2

• 3

• 5

14. What is true regarding sparse zones?


• They cannot be patched

• They share the global zone operating system

• They have its own routing table

• They cannot be shutdown

• All the above are false

15. While installing a database server, the following command was issued.

projadd -U oracle -K \
project.max-shm-ids=(priv,100,deny)" oraproj

What does this command do?


• It sets the maximum shared memory available by the user oracle to 4GB

• It denies 4GB of system memory to the user oracle

• It sets the maximum number of semaphore to 100

• It sets the maximum shared memory available by the user oracle to 100MB

• None of the above

16. What are projects in Solaris?


• A synonym for zone

• A facility to control resource usages

• A new facility to control internet traffic

• A collection of the dynamic libraries in Solaris

• None of the above

17. How do you start a fully configured zone?


• zoneboot -z <zonename>

• zoneadm -z <zonename> boot

• zoneadm -z <zonename> start

• /etc/init.d/zones start <zonename>

• svcadm enable zone:<zonename>

18. What is a ZFS volume?


• A storage pool

• A dataset that represents a block device

• A special ZFS file system that uses a boot volume

• The name of the physical representation of a ZFS pool

• None of the above

19. How do you mount an ISO image?


• Solaris cannot mount ISO images

• lofiadm -a <path to iso> mount -F hsfs <path to created device> <mount point>

• isoattach <path to iso>

• mount -F iso <path to iso> <mount point>

• cdattach -F iso <path to iso> <mount point>

20. What is the executable format used by Solaris 10 on SPARC platform?



• Mach-O

• Portable Executable (PE)


• SE (SPARC Executable)

21. What is the command to load every driver  in the  system  and  attach  it to  all possible device instances, and then create relevant /dev entries?


• createdev

• devfsadm

• makedev

• makealldev

• None of the above

22. How can you limit the amount of CPU available to a zone?


• By using FSS

• By using the project framework to configure the zone.cpu-shares parameter

• By using the nice command

• By using crontab

• None of the above

23. Solaris had a critical security breach in the telnet service implementation which allowed an unauthorized user to log on to the host. Which of the following can reduce the risk of exploitation when such vulnerabilities are discovered?


• Patching the host on a daily basis

• Disabling unused services

• Forwarding only used ports

• Moving authentication to LDAP

• None of the above

24. Which command will you use if you need to share /data as read only using NFS?


• nfs_share -o readOnly /data

• nfsd -o ro /data

• share -o ro /data

• shareadm add readonly /data

• None of the above

25. You have the following scripts:

If you enter runlevel 6 from level 3 by using "init 6", which of those scripts will be called first?


• K10inittest3

• K100inittest3

• None are called

26. How can you verify that all data in a ZFS pool can be read?


• zpool check poolname

• zpool scrub poolname

• zpool repair poolname

• zpool readall poolname

• None of the above

27. How do you specify a swap partition when you are creating a custom disk layout?


• It is not possible

• Set the mount point to /swap

• Set the mount point to swap

• Set a size of -1

28. How do you start the NFS daemon?


• shareadm start

• nfsd

• svcadm enable network/nfs/server

• /etc/init.d/NFS start

• None of the above

29. State whether True or False.

Editing /etc/system does not work since the projects facility has been added.


• True

• False

30. What is the way to determine the service instances which depend on a specified service?


• svcs -D FMRI

• svcs -d FMRI

• svcadm -D FMRI

• svcadm -d FMRI

• None of the above

31. You want to have a command such as 'everyday at 5h00' executed at a regular interval. What is the correct configuration command to do this?


• crontab

• at

• batch

• repeat

• None of the above

32. What is a rootkit?


• All the shell built-in commands

• A program or a combination of several programs designed to get root access without authorization

• All commands in /usr/sbin

• Root Only commands

• Commands which are setuid

33. What is RBAC?


• root base access control

• role based access control

• random block access control

• random block attribute character

• None of the above

34. You have four disks. You want to create a mirrored ZFS pool on them in a 2x2 configuration (if you have 4 10G disks, you will end with 20G replicated storage).

What is the correct command to do this?


• zppol create tank 2x2mirror c1d0 c2d0 c3d0 c4d0

• zpool create tank mirror c1d0 c2d0 mirror c3d0 c4d0

• zpool create tank mirror c1d0 c2d0 c3d0 c4d0

• zpool create tank mirror c1d0 c2d0 stripon c3d0 c4d0

• zpool create tank mirror mirror c1d0 c2d0 c3d0 c4d0

35. Which commands allow you to change the current runlevel?


• runlevel

• init

• shutdown

• reboot

• None of the above

36. You have a directory with the following files in it:

8ab     98db    9db     a1b     ab1     ab3     ab37    ab38    b2a     c8b     d4b     dfs87

You want to delete all the files with a 3 character name.

Which of the following commands will do it?


• ls -3 | xargs rm

• rm -3 *

• ls -1 |grep '^...$' |xargs rm

• ls -1 | rm -3

• None of the above

37. On a production system, it is often safer to disable unused network services (e.g. telnet). You have used "svcadm disable" to disable all the services you did not need. Now, you want to have the same service configuration on another machine. What is the preferred way to do it?


• By copying the shell history file and reissuing all the past commands

• By using svccfg export and svccfg import

• By using svccfg extract and svccfg apply

• By copying the /var/svc directory

• None of the above

38. How will you determine the disk usage for all mounted disks?


• disks --usage

• format -u

• df -h

• du -ks

• None of the above

39. Which of the following runlevels enters the firmware on a SPARC platform?


• S

• s

• 0

• 1

• 5

• 6

• Q

40. You want to use md5 as a hash algorithm for passwords while using a file back-end instead of the default UNIX algorithm. How will you do that?


• By passing -a md5 to the passwd command

• By editing /etc/security/policy.conf

• By editing /etc/shadow

• MD5 can only be used with LDAP authentication back-end

• None of the above

41. Which architectures are supported by Solaris 10?



• x86

• x64

• alpha

• ppc

42. State whether True or False.

The Solaris 10 kernel is limited to 64GB of memory on SPARC.


• True

• False

43. How do you create a zone?


• By using zoneadm create command

• By using zonecfg create command

• By editing /etc/zones

• By using the OpenBoot create-zone command at the ok prompt

• None of the above

44. How do you enable the resource pools feature?


• zoneadm start resource pools

• pooladm -e

• svcadm enable rpools

• poolcfg start

• None of the above

45. What is the command to list all NFS shares?


• sharelist

• share --list

• share

• dfslist

• None of the above

46. What command will you use to know all NFS operation count?


• share stats

• nfsstat

• nfsd stats

• nstats

• None of the above

47. Which algorithm is used to hash the root password after a fresh install?


• MD5


• 3DES

• The root password is in plain text after a fresh installation, and it can be found in /etc/shadow



48. A service crashed and went into the maintenance state. After you repaired the problem, you wanted to notify SMF about this. What command will you use?


• svcadm restart FMRI

• svcadm clear FMRI

• svcs repaired FMRI

• svccfg reload FMRI

• None of the above

49. What is the correct command to boot a SPARC system from the network when you are at the OpenBoot ok prompt?


• boot from network

• net boot

• boot net

• boot -net

• None of the above

50. What is SMF?


• A replacement to the /etc/ configuration directory

• A file system

• A self-healing, service management facility

• A database server

• None of the above

51. In which file is NFS shares configuration stored?


• /etc/nfs/share.cfs

• /etc/nfs/nfstab

• /etc/dfs/dfstab

• /var/nfs/nfstab

• None of the above

52. What is true regarding projects?


• A project needs a reboot to be activated

• Projects can only limit the amount of shared memory per process

• A zone cannot have any associated project

• A process (task) can be executed directly in a specific project

• None of the above is true

53. ZFS pools can only be managed by root.


• True

• False

54. Which command shuts down the system without calling /etc/rc.*/* stop scripts?


• shutdown -y -g0 -is

• halt

• stop

• syshalt

• None of the above

55. You want to add an entry to the system log manually. What is the preferred way to do it?


• Edit /var/log/syslog directly

• Using the logger command

• Using the dmesg command

• Using the syslog command

• None of the above

56. Which of the following commands will remove a non-empty directory and everything inside it?


• rmdir <dirname>

• remove <dirname>

• rm <dirname>

• rm -fr <dirname>

• None of the above

57. Since which major update of Solaris 10, you may, at the installation time, deactivate all services except ssh?


• U1

• U2

• U3

• Only in OpenSolaris

• Only in SolarisExpress

58. What is the command to list all processes?


• processes -a

• proclist -all

• list processes all

• ps -ef

• None of the above

59. What is the command used to partition a disk with UFS?


• diskutil -p

• fdisk

• format

• ufsadm --partition

• newfs

• None of the above

60. Which of the following scheduling classes does not exist in Solaris 10?


• fixed-priority

• system

• immediate

• real-time

• fair-share scheduler