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Test answers for Call Center Skills Test 2020

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64 Answered Test Questions:

1. Choose the correct spelling of the word from the options below.


• Pronounciation

• Pronuciation

• Pronuncitation

• Pronunciation

2. A solid cube is painted green on two adjacent sides and black on the sides opposite to the green sides and yellow on the remaining sides. The cube is then cut into 64 small cubes of equal size. How many cubes have three sides painted?


• 2

• 4

• 6

• 8

3. Jack and Harry share 102 marbles so that Harry has 5 times more marbles than Jack has. How many marbles does Harry have?


• 75 marbles

• 80 marbles

• 67 marbles

• 90 marbles

• 85 marbles

4. What does the 'drop rate' on calls refer to?


• The number of calls that falls below a certain level over a given period of time.

• The number of calls to the helpdesk that are wrong numbers.

• The number of calls made rather than received by the helpdesk.

• The number of calls cut off between the caller and the helpdesk, often accidentally by the helpdesk system.

• None of the above

5. Which of the following words cannot be formed by using the letters used in "POSTENTATION" ?






6. A few days back, when Pete had fever, he was taken to his uncle's clinic, which is 6 Kilometers east of his house, but his uncle was not available. So, he was taken to a hospital 12 Kilometers west of his house. The doctor prescribed him a medicine. The chemist shop was 1 Kilometer west of the hospital. The minimum distance which he had to cover to come back to his home from the chemist shop was:


• 7 Kilometers

• 9 Kilometers

• 11 Kilometers

• 13 Kilometers

7. During the course of your work, you answer a telephone call from an angry customer who has a lot to say. How should you deal with the situation?


• Simply say "Sorry, I have said whatever I could" and hang up.

• Raise your voice and try to reason with the customer.

• Ask your co-worker to handle the call.

• Ask the customer to call again after some time, and be prepared with your answers the next time he or she calls.

• Patiently listen until the customer has made his or her complaint, and then begin to reason with him/her.

8. Why is it always good to particularize your intention behind the call?


• It makes the communication clear, and is polite too. You cannot assume the receiver understands why you are calling them and what you expect of them.

• It isn't, and can be pedantic. It is better to assume that the listener has some degree of intelligence.

• Let the caller make assumptions; otherwise it would be rude to specify details.

• It shows them you are the boss.

9. Choose the correct option from the following:


• He sometimes acts a bit crazy, and his behavior in the class is often scandalous.

• He sometimes acts a bit crazy, his behavior in the class is often scandalous.

• He sometimes acts a bit crazy his behavior, in the class is often scandalous.

• He sometimes acts a bit crazy his behavior, in the class, is often scandalous.

10. Having learned a significant amount of helpdesk terminology, which of the following do you see as essentially the role of the helpdesk operator?


• Solving problems and seeking customer satisfaction.

• Getting the salaries of all who work at the helpdesk increased.

• Slightly intimidating callers so that they seek their own solutions to problems.

• Deciding when and when not to help the callers, as due to necessary priorities, some callers cannot be helped at all.

11. Which protocol (communication standard) does the World Wide Web use?






12. Which information is not necessary for you to leave on your personal voicemail message?


• Your name

• The reason why you are away from the phone

• Your Social Security Number

• Your number

• All of the above

13. What is the correct way to address someone online, if you are unsure of how he or she would like to be addressed?


• Use their first name, it is always the friendliest option.

• Use their last name, such as Mr. Jones or Ms. Jones.

• Use their full name, with their first name in parentheses afterwards.

• Use Dear X to demonstrate your uncertainty, and they will probably correct you.

14. What type of software would you use to represent financial data in a tabular format?



• DTP (desktop publishing) software

• Spreadsheet software

• Windows Explorer

• Notepad

15. I am 4 times the age of my younger brother who is only three years old. After 10 years what will my age be?


• 52

• 42

• 32

• 22

• Cannot be determined

16. What is Average Wait Time in an outbound telecalling process?


• The time taken to make a sale

• The time taken by a telecalling executive to log into the computer

• The time between two outbound calls

• None of the above

17. While commencing a sales campaign, you have been asked to talk only about the USP of the product you are promoting through tele-calling. What will you tell the prospective clients?


• How the competition is gearing up to counter the huge popularity of the product.

• The most valuable unique advantage of the product.

• All the best features of the product.

• The shooting sales of the product.

18. What does 'HTH' mean in an email or on a message board?


• Happy today happy

• Hope this helps

• Help the human

• Happy to help

• b and d

19. What is the extension of a file developed in Notepad?


• .EXE

• .DOC

• .TXT



20. Fill in the blank with the correct option.

A cup full of stagnant water may _____ millions of micro-organisms.


• contains

• be contain

• contain

• have been containing

21. What does the term 'upselling' mean in an outbound scenario?


• Trying to sell add-on products post the sale of a primary product

• Increasing the sale of a primary product

• An upward trend in sales

• There is no such term

22. Which of the following are significant skills to look for when hiring helpdesk staff?


• Whether they can make tea or coffee for the other staff.

• How well traveled they are in the world.

• How polite and helpful they can be on the telephone.

• Previous helpdesk experience, with references, in the same industry.

• c and d

23. What is the missing number in the following series?

12, 144, 16, ?, 18, 324


• 256

• 216

• 238

• 234

24. Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct spelling of the missing word.

The church members accused the cult of _______________ practices.


• sacreligious

• sacrelegious

• sacrilegious

• sacrilgious

25. Which of the following skill sets are essential in telesales to improve conversation rates?


• Questioning/Probing

• Listening

• Use of silence

• All of the above

26. Which of the following is the best advice when writing a business e-mail?


• To use varied italics, colors and special fonts because people like to see them.

• To keep the information relatively short, precise and always polite, with simple questions relating to what you expect to happen.

• To make detailed demands in long paragraphs, with the implication of wrongdoing on the part of the receiver.

• To panic, but then recover, and decide to send the message by regular mail, as this is definitely more secure.

27. Which of the following monitor the service level performance in terms of caller information?


• Number of calls received.

• Number of calls transferred.

• Number of calls dropped.

• Number of calls held waiting for given periods of time.

• All of the above

28. Which of the following sentences are appropriate when you are asking for somebody on the phone?


• Yo, Mr. Jones

• Hello, could you please connect me to Mr. Jones?

• Get me Mr. Jones, please

• Good morning, I was wondering if I could speak to Mr. Jones?

• b and d

29. What does it mean to 'respect somebody else's bandwidth'?


• To measure the width of the desktop PC in comparison to a laptop of the same brand.

• To open doors for them to fit through, a reference specifically to the real rather than the virtual world.

• To be conscious of how much storage space you are controlling in any given communication, since everyone has only limited space.

• To allow them two communications for every single communication of your own.

• None of the above

30. Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct spelling of the missing word.

Peter always makes such a _____________ of himself!


• nuisance

• nuisents

• newsanse

• nuisince

31. Which things should you keep in mind while making a call?


• Not to have a blunt or unfriendly tone.

• Being attentive to the customer's needs.

• Whether you are using your own full name or first name, whichever seems more polite in the circumstances.

• Whether you are using the customer's full name (unless you have been permitted by him to use his first name).

• All of the above

32. Which of the following is important when handling a business client with whom you might have a long-term relationship?


• Make sure all the client's needs are satisfied, i.e. ensure that you follow up on their concerns and actually get back to them.

• See that their first concern is met, and then let the call end.

• Ask if you can call them back if you are busy.

• Compliment them on their choice of business partner, rather than deal with their concerns.

33. How often is it sensible to use 'reply all' when replying to an e-mail?


• As often as possible, the more people know the information, the better.

• Always, as e-mails should have at least two recipients at all times.

• Only if the information is really relevant to everyone on the list; otherwise, it is advisable to use 'reply all' to the minimum.

• You should use 'reply all' about twice as often as you use simply 'reply'.

• None of the above

34. Fill in the blank with the correct option.

Usually, cartoon strips _____ in the "Leisure" section of this newspaper.


• appear

• appears

• were appearing

• did appear

35. You should smile when you're on the phone. Which of the following effects can it have?


• It is an urban myth and has no real effect ??? the person cannot see you.

• It passes into your tone of voice and can make the call more appealing.

• The caller can detect your grin, but not always positively.

• The receiver may decide to plug in a webcam as a result of detecting your smile telepathically.

• None of the above

36. Who should control the flow of conversation in a successful telesales pitch?


• The customer

• The teleselling agent

• The script

• Both a and b

37. Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct spelling of the missing word.

Many would-be travelers were _____________ by the price of gas last summer.


• flabergasted

• flabberghasted

• flabbergasted

• flabbergashted

38. If you have multiple windows open at the same time, which key combination allows you to switch between windows.


• Press Ctrl and V.

• Press Alt and Tab.

• Press Ctrl and K.

• Press Alt and Pause.

39. Which of the following are considered skillful techniques for someone learning how to use a complicated telephone system?


• Learning all the numbers from 0-9, and their various combinations for use when dialing.

• Knowing when to cut someone off, transfer them, drop the call, or otherwise pretend there is interference on the line.

• Using a switchboard, keeping people on hold, transferring calls, recording calls, and generally dealing with multiple callers.

• a and b

• All of the above

40. If the 10th of January of a Leap year falls on Saturday, the 11th of March of the same year will fall on a:


• Monday

• Wednesday

• Thursday

• Saturday

41. Identify the misspelled word in the list below.


• Rhythmical

• Reminiscence

• Rheumatism

• Resevoir

42. Why is it sometimes important not to leave out the message thread, i.e. the reference to the previous messages in the e-mail chain?


• To be polite. People always expect to see the thread.

• To help the receiver comprehend the latest message better, and show the history of the messages that led up to this point in the exchange.

• Because it looks like an oversight. The thread should always be there.

• None of the above

43. Fill in the blank with the correct option.

Guitars, drums, and flutes _____ musical instruments.


• are examples in

• are examples to

• are examples of

• is examples of

44. A $50 product is being sold at a discount of $20 in a clearance sale. What is the percentage of discount?


• 5%

• 20%

• 25%

• 40%

• None of the above

45. Identify the misspelled word in the list below.


• Parallel

• Prevalent

• Prejudice

• Perserverance

46. Which of the following is considered polite if you have an interruption while speaking to a caller?


• Excuse me for a moment, please, I will be back in a matter of seconds. Is that okay?

• Wait for five minutes, will you.

• Got to go ??? I'll call you back later.

• Wait there, I'll back.

47. What is an IVR?


• Instant Voice Recorder

• Interactive Voice Response

• International Voice Recorder

• International Voice Rights

48. What does 'receiving a buying signal' from a prospective client mean?


• Resetting all computers due to an incredibly large order coming through.

• A formal agreement by the client to buy the product. This agreement can be through phone, e-mail or fax.

• A request by the client to the Company to contact him about a particular product or service.

• A comment from the client that indicates that he is considering, to whatever extent, buying your product.

49. The number which is one fourth of the one third of the quarter of 288 is:


• 18

• 6

• 12

• 3

50. Which of the following are good initial responses to the customer who is calling because they 'can't log-in'?


• Advising the caller to log-in using a different computer even if he or she has to change location.

• Referring them to your boss after asking a few preliminary questions.

• Asking the caller to check the basics i.e. whether the password is correct, the caps lock key isn't on and the network cable isn't unplugged.

• Asking the caller for his or her log-in id and password, and insisting on the information if he or she is reluctant to give them.

51. What is the term used for the incoming calls that are logged but not yet resolved?


• Unresolved calls

• Only logged calls

• Open calls

• Process calls

• Pipeline calls

52. Which of the following is true regarding deleted files in Windows?


• Once the files have been deleted, there is no way available for recovering them.

• The last 100 files that have been deleted can be recovered.

• The deleted files are sent to a Recycle Bin.

• The deleted files can be recovered as long as the computer has not been switched off.

53. Which of the following is the best explanation of 'netiquette'?


• Electronic netball practice.

• 'Internet etiquette' or even 'ethics on the net,' the correct way to interact in an online setting.

• Networking expertise, especially when off-line.

• Online chat-rooms for sophisticated Mac and PC users.

54. Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct spelling of the missing word.

Be sure to leave your travel __________ with the secretary so he'll know how to reach you while you're away.


• itenreray

• itinerary

• iteneray

• itinirary

55. Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct spelling of the missing word.

The annual _____________ was ruined when a family of bears stole all the hotdogs.


• barbecue

• barbequeue

• barbycue

• barbcue

56. Which of the following is the best course to adopt after you have sent  a message that you didn't intend to send, or sent to the wrong recipient?


• Make a request for the e-mail to be recalled or sent back to you.

• Race over to the recipient's computer, especially if he or she lives or works locally, and delete the message manually.

• Send a follow-on message explaining that the previous message was a mistake, with a brief apology and explanation that the message can be ignored.

• Jump up and down in frustration and tear your hair.

• All of the above

57. Choose the correct option for the underlined words.

Tom had a passion for toys; robots, airplanes, toy cars and guns.


• toys. Robots

• toys-robots

• toys: robots

• toys: robots,

58. Which of the following is right about time delays between e-mail exchanges?


• Try and reply within 24-48 hours, but allow at least the same amount of time, if not longer, before sending a follow-on e-mail.

• Always reply within 24 hours, and expect the same from others.

• Wait for 36 hours before replying to any e-mail, but send a follow-on e-mail within 24 hours if you don't hear anything.

• Always allow a month for a reply, and reply to the e-mails received within three weeks.

59. To be effective, a sales presentation should have:


• a good tone

• a crisp pace

• interactivity

• smooth transitions

60. What is a good way to begin a business call to a person whom you do not know, and who is not expecting the call?


• Just begin talking business, he or she will realize soon enough.

• Interweave what you are talking about with who you are, and the message will be crystal clear.

• Spend five minutes introducing yourself before getting to the point ??? it will save time later.

• Give a simple introduction of yourself followed by a sentence or two. It not only shows good phone etiquette but also allows the receiver to set the forthcoming information in context.

61. Which of the following does the call cycle time include?


• Closing the call, and call logging.

• Break times, lunch and when the office is closed.

• Diagnosing the problem, and providing a solution to the problem.

• a and c

• a and b

62. What should you do if you do not want to type your name at the end of every email you send?


• Only sign emails which you send to business associates.

• Do not sign at all as people know who the email is from, courtesy your return email address.

• Include the 'from' information in the subject line so you can save the time of 'signing' the email.

• Create a signature that will get automatically attached to every email you send.

63. While making an outbound call, if you, as a telemarketing executive(TME), are not able to get the target customer, and the call is picked by a member of his/her family, what will be your next step?


• To force the listener to listen to your pitch

• To try and know more about the financial background of the target customer

• To politely inquire about the best time when the target customer would be available

• Simply to bang the phone

64. Consider the following statements:

P,Q,R are intelligent
P,S,T are hardworking
S,R,T are honest
P,Q,T are ambitious

Who among them is neither hardworking nor ambitious?


• P

• Q

• R

• T

1 NOT Answered Yet Test Questions:

(hold on, will be updated soon)
65. Which of the following are service performance metrics of service level agreement?


• Time taken in order to finish a certain task

• Average time taken to recover from the outage of service

• percentage of calls abondonded

• Average time taken to answer a call

• All of the above