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Test answers for Windows Networking Infrastructure Test 2020

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4 Answered Test Questions:

1. Administrator has installed and configured DHCP server in windows 2003 .He wants to check which processing mode the client sends their MAC address to the DHCP server.Which part of mode should be checked from Network Monitor?






2. A DHCP server is installed on Windows server 2003 server with a scope from to A client is reserved with address of Later on, a new DHCP server is configured with the same scope.The user whose address was reserved complains that he is unable to receive the same address from DHCP server. What should the network administrator do so that the reserved client gets the same address?


• Restart the DHCP server

• Run ipconfig/release command

• Create superscope on each DHCP server

• Create same reservation on second DHCP server

3. Allen is the network administrator of his company. His network consists of Windows Server 2003. Network clients are using Windows XP and 200 professional computers for connecting the server. IPsec is deployed for a secure network. One of the managers uses VPN over dial-up from his home for connecting the company server. Later on, it is discovered that communication from dial-up is not secured. Identify the causes.


• Ipsec doesnot support dynamic addressing

• IPsec cannot be used with VPN

• Third part VPN clients might disable the IPsec

• Use PPTP protocol for secure communication

4. A network consists of one DHCP server running on Windows server 2003 server and client on Windows 2000 and later versions.Which of the following packets will be sent by the DHCP clients for confirming conflict detection?


• Gratuitous ARP

• Proxy ARP

• Reverse ARP

• Inverse ARP

45 NOT Answered Yet Test Questions:

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5. Which command can be used to repopulate the Active Directory DNS entries?


• netsh

• netdiag

• netstat

• nslookup

6. Which of the following IP class ranges is used for multicasting?


• A

• B

• C

• D

• E

7. Which of the following is equivalent to the ipconfig/flushdns?


• Scavenge stale resource records

• Arp -a

• Clear cache

• Reload

8. Which DNS file points to the well known Top-Level Domains (Root Zones)?


• hosts.txt

• lmhosts.sam

• cache.dns

• dnsapi.dll

9. How can the administrator forcibly release and renew the client entries on WINS server?


• nbtstat -RR

• nbtstat -an

• nbtstat -RS

• nbtstat - AS

10. Which of the following commands can be used by the administrator in Windows Server 2003 to check the IPsec configurations and rules?


• netsh ipsec static

• netsh ipsec dynamic

• netsh dump

• None of the above

11. Which of the following protocol can be used over VPN with IPsec for secure communication in Windows Server 2003?



• L2TP




12. RRAS server has been configured in Windows Server 2003. MS-CHAP v2 has been configured for encryption. The remote clients consists of Win 98 and XP systems. Win XP clients report no problem in connections. But Win 98 are unable to connect to server over dial-up. Identify the cause of the


• Win 98 clients can use MS-CHAP v2 only over VPN connections

• Enable LCP in the properties of RRAS server

• Install DHCP Relay Agent

• Use Enterprise Certificates for authenticating remote clients

13. What should be done to resolve name resolution traffic for NAT environment without installing DNS server in NAT server in windows server 2003?


• Use preferred DNS server address for resolution

• Configure DNS proxy on NAT server

• Create Primary DNS zone

• Filter Firewall to allow access to port 53

14. Which of the following routing protocols support authentication?



• RIP v2




15. Which of the following component/protocol is required for relaying broadcast traffic of DHCP client for DHCP server across another network?


• BootP

• DHCP Relay Agent

• WINS Proxy Agent


16. The order in which WINS P-node works is:


• Cache, wins server, broadcast, lmhosts

• Cache, broadcast, lmhosts

• Cache, wins server, lmhosts

• None of the above

17. Which ns lookup switch will be used to check the MX resource record information from the command prompt?


• Set all

• Set root=name

• Domain=name

• Set type=MX

18. Where can the Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol(PEAP) be used in Windows Server 2003 under Remote access?


• Smart cards

• Digital certificates

• Wireless devices

• Ipsec

19. The network adminmistrator installed and configured one SUS server on Windows Server 2003 for updating 200 Windows XP clients. After some time, users are unable to connect to SUS server. What should he do to allow them to connect to SUS server for downloading latest updates?


• Restart www publishing services

• Re-install SUS server

• SUS server have no latest updates

• Restart IIS services

20. Which of the following security templates can be used for restoring default settings in Windows Server 2003?


• compatws.inf

• rootsec.inf

• notssid.inf

• security.inf

21. John is the network administrator and his network consists of two Windows Server 2003 servers named server1 and server2. NAT is configured on server1 for securing the network and providing network access to clients. DHCP server is installed and configured on server2. A new subnet has been added to the network which will be assigned the addresses from server1 located on a different subnet. DHCP Relay agent has been configured on server1. Users complain that when they request the address from DHCP server, it fails and they get an error message that DHCP server is unreachable. John checked both the servers and found no error related to misconfiguration. Identify the problem.


• Configure gateway address on clients on different subnet

• Routing protocols need to be configured on server1

• DHCP server cannot be configured on server running NAT

• PPP has not been enabled on server1

22. Harry is the network administrator of his company having Windows 2003 domain controller under the domain of his company. His network consists of 100 Windows 2000 professional and 200 Windows 98 clients. His company policy states that all systems be upgraded to Windows XP. How will he check that after upgradation, all systems are with the same security settings?


• Use the Setup security.inf templates on all Windows XP clients

• Use hisecws.inf templates on all Windows XP clients

• Run RSOP tool on all client systems

• Run gpresult command on each system

23. Which of the following is the limitation of NAT over ICS?


• NAT cannot be configured over dial-up connections

• NAT cannot filter inbound and outbound traffic

• NAT answers incoming calls after only two rings

• NAT faces duplicate IP addresses problems

24. Which two, among the following Operating Systems support NTLMv2?


• Windows for workgroup

• Windows 98

• Windows NT Service Pack 4 or later

• Windows 2000

25. Which of the following commands can be used to check the integrity of corrupted security database in Windows Server 2003?


• bootcfg

• evntcmd

• esentutl

• edbutil

26. One SUS server is configured in Windows Server 2003 for updating Win XP clients. All clients are configured for Automatic Updates. All users are able to connect to and download updates from SUS server. But one automatic update client is unable to download update from SUS server. What should be done to update that client without wasting any time?


• Enter registry path of server in SUS client

• Restart www publishing services

• Restart IIS server

• Refresh the policies by running gpudate command

27. The network administrator installed Windows Server 2003 and Enterprise Certificate on the same server, for his network clients running on Windows XP. He enabled the autoenrollment feature so that clients did not need to enter for requesting a new certificate. A lot of error messages were displayed in Event Viewer regarding failure of autoenrollment of the clients. Identify the error.


• The RPC server was not available on the CA

• The certificate services were not running on the server

• Run the gpupdate command on the CA

• Restart the netlogon service on the CA

28. Sammy the network administrator, installs a Windows Server 2003 as WINS server in his HQ. As his network expands, various branch offices are opened at different locations. HQ and Branches are connected through slow WAN links. Clients at branch generates a lot of lookup traffic for HQ. How should he minimize the lookup traffic between client and server?


• Configure WINS forward lookups between client and server

• Configure Pull replication between WINS servers

• Configure the alternate DNS server address in clients

• Reduce the extinction time interval

29. A network consists of one Windows Server 2003 running Enterprise Certificate Server. When a user requests for a new certificate, the request is processed. If, later on, the administrator checks the Event Viewer and views a lot of Certificate errors related to Time and Date and when he opened the Certificate manager he found the Certificate Server down. When he tried to restart, there was the same time and date problem. What does this mean and how can it be corrected?


• All certificates had expired

• Certificate server was reinstalled

• Server date and time had been changed

• The proper date and time should be set and certificate services restarted

30. Which of the following addresses fall under private range?







31. The network consists of one Windows Server 2003, 500 Win XP and 1000 Windows 2000 client systems and all are running on workgroup. The administrator has created an IP sec policy on all client computers with Kerberos rule specified for authentication. Later on, users report that they can ping each other by the IP address but are unable to access resources on the server. What may be the possible cause of the problem?


• Install latest service pack on each client computer

• Use default Client Only policy for network security

• Enable automatic key generation for encryption algorithms

• Kerberos cannot be used as authentication mechanism in workgroup

32. The network administrator installed an Enterprise Certificate server on Windows Server 2003. His network consists of clients on Windows 2000 and XP. They are configured with roaming profiles and each day the seat of every user changes. The administrator installs and configures an Exchange Server on Windows Server 2003 for Internal communication. The next day users complain that they are unable to open encrypted messages. Identify the problem.


• Certificates are expired and need to be renewed

• Re-install the certificate on each client

• Private key is missing onto multiple machines

• Re-install the certificate server

33. Which type of network should the WINS proxies be installed on?


• b-node

• p-node

• h-node

• m-node

34. Routing and remote access server is configured on Windows Server 2003. The network consists of many subnets and each uses different routing protocols. Which route would the router use if the routing table consists of entries from different routing protocols?


• Route with higher preference level is added to the routing table

• Static entry will take priority over RIP

• Route with lower preference is always added to the routing table

• Each entry will be used and load-balanced

35. Which of the following are the benefits of static routes over dynamic routing?


• Static routes are recommended for large networks

• Static routes are less resource-intensive than dynamic routing protocols

• Static routes supports unnumbered connections

• Static routes are fault tolerant

36. Which of the following command can be used to display the local NETBIOS Table?


• netstat

• nbtstat

• nslookup

• dcdiag

• movetree

37. The users of Harry's company connect to his network from their homes using dial-up connection to the RRAS server running on Windows Server 2003. Users have no problem with the connection. Later on, he enabled callback for home users. After callback is enabled, users report that they are unable to maintain the RRAS connections. How should he allow the users to be able to maintain this connection using Callback?


• Enter the static route entry in the properties tab of user's properties

• Use MS-CHAP v2 protocol

• Configure BAP protocol in the default policy

• Enable Line control protocol in RRAS server

38. Which of the following statements regarding routing protocols are correct?


• RIP maximum hop count support is 15

• RIP v1 supports VLSM

• OSPF is the link state routing protocol

• RIP v2 supports unicasting

39. An organization has been assigned the subnet and uses subnet mask. How many addresses are available for host addresses?


• 8190

• 7500

• 4096

• 4094

40. Jane is the network administrator for her company. Her network consists of one Windows Server 2003 hosting her domain, and clients on Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 service pack 3. Security Templates (hisec.inf) have been configured for securing network. Later on, Windows NT users complain that they are unable to login to server. But other users have no problem in logging and accessing resources. What should she do?


• Install Windows NT Service Pack 4 or later

• Use rootsec.inf templates

• Create a security group for WinNT and grant the required permissions

• Create a security group for WinNT, add it into an OU and assign the secure templates on that OU

41. Which of the following utility should be used so that roaming users can read their digital and secured mails from any location?


• Enable autoenrollment

• Use smart cards

• Reduce the certificate renewal period

• Install subordinate CAs

42. Which packet is forwarded by DHCP Relay Agent to DHCP Server on behalf of DHCP Clients?


• Broadcast

• Multicast

• Unicast

• Multihomed

43. An SUS server in Windows Server 2003 is installed. Clients running Win XP has been configured for automatic Updates. All client computers are the members of an OU named sales. GPO is applied to that OU for automatic client updation through SUS server. Which command line utility can be used to check if clients have been getting correct SUS configurations and GPO deployed?


• gpupdate

• gpresult

• gpedit

• netsh

44. What does /29 represent?






45. Which of the following protocols are part of Internet Layer in TCP/IP Model?








46. The network administrator for company is running Active Directory in Windows Server 2003. Users in the network save their confidential data on a server named server1. He wants the communication between client and server to be secure and the data saved on server1 should be encrypted. What action should he take?


• Install Enterprise Certificates and set clients for autoenrollment

• Use EFS for encrypting data on server1

• Assign the Secure Server policy on server1 and Client Only policy on clients.

• Run the netsh ipsec dynamic command on server1

47. What is true regarding the character underscore( _ ) in DNS zone naming convention?


• Domain name can contain an underscore

• It is the reserved character for active directory

• Special approval is needed for using underscore

• Underscore can never be used anywhere

48. Which of the following protocols are considered as Mutual Authentication Protocols?







49. Which of the following log file is created on SUS client hard disk for keeping track of Windows Update?


• %windir%\Windows Update.log

• %windir%\system32\Logfiles\W3svc1\Wutrack.bin

• %windir%\AutoUpdate\Windows Update.log

• %windir%\Windows\Windows Update.log