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Test answers for Windows Networking Design Infrastructure Test 2020

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12 Answered Test Questions:

1. A server cluster was implemented and configured in Windows server 2003. Another Windows 2003 server has been configured as software router that connects an inside network with an outside network. After configuring cluster in Windows server 2003, remote clients complain that they were unable to ping to cluster's server address. How can the outside network be allowed to be able to use ping to access the cluster's address without exposing the network security?


• Allow ICMP traffic to pass by Firewall

• Enable Proxy ARP support in router

• Enter a static ARP entry

• Enable RIP instead of static entry

2. A Windows 2003 server based VPN server is implemented in a company. User faces problem when connecting to VPN server that they are unable to make connection to VPN server and that attempt is failed. Correct user name and password is entered but still connection refused by the VPN server. What can be the cause of such a problem?


• User account may be locked due to remote access account lockout

• WAN Miniport(PPTP) and WAN Miniport(L2TP)may be disabled in RRAS

• DHCP relay agent is not configured on VPN server

• Remote Win XP clients are configured Automatic VPN type option, which causes the attempt to fail

• None of the above

3. How will the administrator of a company secure the DNS zones in Windows server 2003?


• Enable round robin

• Configure secure dynamic updates

• Restrict zone transfer to specified addresses

• Use BIND secondaries

4. Harry is a network administrator for a company. He has configured shadow copies feature in Windows 2003 server because network users often delete or modify the contents of company's sensitive data. A user complained that when he tries to restore an old version, new version gets deleted. How will Harry guide the user so that current version should not be replaced?


• Shadow is not recommended in this scenario

• Use copy to copy the previous version to a different location

• Restore the current version from the latest backup

• Run system restore to restore latest version

5. A network consists of domain controllers running on 2000 and 2003. What will happen if one user is logged in two different machines and password is changed in one of them?


• Account will be locked out in second machine due to authentication failure

• Multiple logins are restricted in domain controllers

• Password will be automatically verified by the second machine

• Password cannot be changed in multiple logins

6. How can the administrator improve shadow copies performance?


• Shadow copies should always be stored on separate disk

• Default shadow copies location is recommended

• It must be on a different partition on same disk

• Run disk de-fragmentation for improving performance

7. How many bits would be used as a network ID after subnetting in the class-B address of:


• 0

• 8

• 24

• 22

8. A VPN server was configured on Windows server 2003 for a company users so that they can connect and access resources over a secure channel. But when client tried to connect the VPN server, they are unable to establish Tunnel. What must be verified on clients that failed in establishing a Tunnel?


• RADIUS proxy

• Winsock Proxy

• NAT editor

• IGMP proxy

9. A network consists of mixed client environment of UNIX and earlier-version microsoft clients. DNS service is installed and configured on Windows 2003. Which of the following resource records will permit UNIX clients to locate their WINS clients by extending their DNS name?


• wins-r

• A record

• src record

• wins-p

10. How many hosts can be configured in class-c private ip range?


• 255

• 254

• 65535

• 65530

11. How can the administrator in windows server 2003 temporarily check the DNS performance and the packets sent and received by DNS server without affecting overall server performance and consuming disk space?


• Enable event logging in DNS

• Enable debug logging in DNS

• Enable audit system events policies

• Use Network Monitor

12. An administrator faced the problem with IPSec when implemented with NAT in Windows server 2003. What may have caused this problem?


• IPSec



• Certificates

40 NOT Answered Yet Test Questions:

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13. Remote users connecting to the Windows 2003 VPN server face problem of VPN profile taking much time to download thereby causing delay in login. What may be the cause of the problem?


• Incorrect username and password

• Certificates are invalid

• Media used for connecting VPN server is busy

• Create a new dial-up connection at client computers

14. Which command-line utility can be used to restore the default domain and domain controller group policy to their original state?


• dcgpofix

• gpupdate

• secedit

• adprep

• csvde

15. Which protocol is required to be enabled on router, when using NLB in either multicast or unicast mode?


• Proxy ARP

• Inverse ARP

• Reverse ARP


16. Which of the following network troubleshooting command computes result based on the packets returned from each hop?


• tracert

• pathping

• ping

• netstat

17. Which of the following are connection-oriented protocols?






18. Which service uses DNS for registering domain controllers in DNS domain namespace?


• Net Logon

• Kerberos Distribution center


• Distributed Transaction coordinator

19. Which information structure does the OSI model follow?


• Data

• Segment

• Frame

• Packet

20. Which of the following security tool should be used to secure communication between an Exchange 2003 front-end server and a back-end server?


• IPSec


• SSl

• Basic authentication

21. Which of the following protocols are supported by IP Multicasting?




• MOSPF(Multicast Extension to OSPF)

• PIM (Protocol-Independent Multicast)


• All of the above

22. Users in Windows 2003 server environment face problem in receiving mails from outside, but do not encounter a problem in sending. Which command based utility can be used to verify whether it is a DNS problem or not?


• dnscmd.exe

• dnslint.exe

• ipconfig/displaydns

• nslookup

• None of the above

23. Which of the following are types of fiber-optic media?


• Multimode

• Single mode

• Dual mode

• Thread mode

24. The shadow copies feature is enabled on windows server 2003 for providing access to users to restore previous version files. When the users restore, they are unable to write anything in previous version files. Identify the problem.


• Previous versions are read-only

• Write access denied on files

• File may be corrupted

• File may be created on FAT

25. Which applications are supported under TCP protocols?







26. Which of the following statements hold true regarding Multicasting and Unicasting routing?


• Multicast traffic is sent to an ambiguous group destination

• Unicast forwarding table summarized group addresses

• Unicast routing table summarized globally unique destinations

• Unicast routing protocol update IP multicast forwarding table

27. Which is the default protocol to be used if any of the system in Windows XP or server 2003 does not support Kerberos v5?



• LAN Manager

• kerberos 4


28. Which of the followings certificate types can be used for auto-enrollment?


• Enterprise root CA

• Enterprise subordinate CA

• Stand-alone root CA

• Stand-alone subordinate CA

29. Which of the following multicast address is used by the ALLSPF routers to send its routing table information to other OSPF routers?






30. Which of the following statements are true regarding BootP and DHCP?


• DHCP is intended to configure diskless workstations

• Dynamic BootP has a default 30-day expiration

• BootP clients contacts TFTP servers to transfer boor image

• DHCP supports client configuration parameters called vendor extension

31. Which of the following may be the possibilities, if the administrator discovers that cluster service fails to initialize quorum resources in Windows Server 2003?


• Cables are not properly connected

• Physical disks does not spin after getting power

• Implemented RAID is corrupted

• Drive unable to read the storage bus

32. Which tool should be used to compare the current security configuration with an existing template?


• RSoP

• secedit


• gpresult

• dcgpofix

33. Tom is the network administrator for a company. His network consists of front-end exchange server 2003 such as Outlook Web Access and back-end servers. He is worried that some malicious users might try to capture user's password information. Which of the following protocol provides secure communication?



• POP3



34. Which FSMO role is responsible for synchronizing clock between domain controllers?


• Domain naming master

• PDC emulator master

• Infrastructure role

• RID role

35. Sanjay is a network administrator for a company. He is using LMHOSTS file in each windows XP client computer for resolving NETBIOS name. When modifying the file in one of the client computer successfully, he went go the command prompt and entered "nbtstat -c" command but noticed outdated records. What should he do to refresh LMHOSTS file?


• arp -a

• nbtstat - R

• restart the WINS server

• nbtstat -r

36. Which of the following protocols support mutual authentication in remote access server?







37. Jo is the network administrator for a company. Her network consists of one Windows 2003 server and 100 Windows XP clients out of which 10 use portable computers from remote access. DHCP server is installed and configured to provide addresses to both of the clients. But due to shortage of address, some clients are unable to obtain address from DHCP server. Her company policies states to have a shorter lease time duration for remote access clients and default lease duration for local network.
Which of the DHCP server options must she configure?


• vendor class

• user class

• superscope

• multicast scope

38. John is working as a network engineer in an ISP. His company's growth required a large setup in different locations that need multiple networks and implementing various networks thereon. He has estimated the network size of 500 subnets. Which routing protocol is recommended for such a scenario?





• Static routes


39. Kate is the network administrator for a company. She is planning to use address scheme for her network that consists of 1000 clients. Which of the following subnet mask should she use so that addresses should not go waste?






40. Which of the following statements are true regarding shadow copies ?


• File permissions do not change after restoration

• Destination directory permissions will be the default when copying a previous version file

• Restoring individual files puts heavy load on server instead of large files

• Users need administrative privileges for restoring to a previous version

41. Which of the following is the feature of TCP/IP where large packets can be sent without waiting for positive acknowledgment?


• Windows size

• Roundtrip time(RTT)

• ICMP router discovery

• Selective acknowledgements

42. Which of the following network devices generates more broadcast domains?


• Hubs

• Switches

• Routers

• All of the above

43. Which rule should be created in Windows server 2003 to prevent the virus or Trojan horse to be able to run in a network?


• Certificate rule

• Hash rule

• Internet zone rule

• Path rule

44. There is only one DHCP server in a network running on windows server 2003. A scope of has been configured to assign addresses to clients. But when the DHCP server was authorized, it failed with the error message "A constraint violation has occured". What may be the cause of the problem?


• Address range not in the same network as the address of DHCP server

• DHCP server address conflicting with others

• DHCP server FQDN conflicting with other DHCP server

• FQDN of the DHCP server exceeding 64 character

45. Which of the following statements are true regarding Certificate Manager(certmgr)?


• Enterprise certificates can only be requested with the same key from Certmgr

• We can only move an object within certificate stores in certificates

• Object in Certmgr can be moved to Windows Explorer

• Server 2003 doesnot support certmgr.msc utility

46. What is recommended for resolving name-to-address mapping in a computer that does not support NetBIOS name registration with windows server 2003 WINS Server?


• Dynamic registration

• Command-line tools

• Static entries

• Hosts files

47. Which command line utility comes up with Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit to write down the new signature in new hard disk after a failed hard disk is replaced?


• dh.exe

• diskraid.exe

• confdisk.exe

• diskuse.exe

48. Which of the following protocols run in the layer 3 of TCP/IP model?






• IP

49. Which of the following are security recommendations for WINS in Windows server 2003 that is connected with external network?


• Burst handling should always be disabled

• Use network monitor for any suspected network attack

• Use performance monitor to check netbios queries resolved

• WINS logging must always be enabled

• Always change the default WINS database and log files location

50. What does the term "attenuation" mean in networking?


• Signal weakened as it travel along a medium

• Monitoring bandwidth using network monitoring tools

• The difference between the highest and lowest frequencies in a given range

• Network medium in which the signals are confined to a restricted place

51. Which of the following statements hold true regarding PPTP-based VPN connections?


• It provides data confidentiality

• It does not require a certificate infrastructure

• It provides data integrity

• Windows server supports PPTP connections only by default

52. Some of the VPN client computers are unable to connect with VPN server configured on windows server 2003. It is suspected that client computers are not updated with most recent hotfixes. Which command should be run on clients to check details of all Hotfixes status?


• run 'logman query ' command

• run 'ver ' command

• run 'systeminfo'command

• run 'wmic qfe' command