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Test answers for Networking XP Test 2020

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1 Answered Test Questions:

1. The administrator of XYZ company finds that one of the users in his network is trying to upload some unwanted material. He needs to prevent that user from uploading that immediately without effecting the work of other users who are accessing shared folders from the server. How should he disconnect that user without wasting time?


• Disconnect user from computer management

• Change the share folder permissions

• Shutdown the server

• Unplugged the network cable from server

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2. Which command is used to encrypt or decrypt files?


• cipher

• compact

• encrypt

• netsh

• ssh

3. Multiple display is configured for User A but one user application failed to display on the secondary display. Troubleshoot.


• Check if VGA driver is installed

• Check if application works on primary display

• Check if the problem is only with secondary display

• Check if Boot.ini file is properly edited

4. How should the default Microsoft Error reporting feature in Windows XP be disabled?


• My computer--properties--Advanced--Error reporting

• Control Panel--user accounts--disable error reporting

• Control panel�Task Bar and Start Menu�Disable Error reporting

• My computer properties�system restore�Disable Error reporting

5. Which method would be used to repair the following error - "NTLDR is missing"?


• Safe mode

• Directory service restore method

• Recovery console

• Reinstall operating system

6. A user in the network is unable to open Internet Explorer in Windows XP. There is suspicion about some corrupted system files. The user's computer needs to be repaired with minimum effort. Which command should be run to check the system file status?


• sfc

• sigverif

• nslookup

• netsh

7. How should the recovery console from a system be uninstalled?


• Run winnt32 /cmdcons /uninstall

• Delete hidden cmdcons from system drive and edit boot.ini file

• Recovery console once installed can never be uninstalled

• Run format command on that drive where recovery console is installed

8. Which of the following protocols is used in class D?





• IP

9. Which additional features are available in NTFS as compared to FAT?


• Disk quotas

• Encryption

• Folder level permission

• Offline files

• Ownership

10. If a user gets "Destination Host Unreachable" error, what is the root cause of message?




• Default Gateway

• Hop Count

11. Which of the following commands is used to check the port status?


• nbtstat

• nslookup

• netstat

• pathping

12. By which of the following components can replication traffic be controlled and managed?


• Organizational Units

• Sites

• Distribution Groups

• Trees

13. What does <junction> represent when dir command is run on c: drive?
11/14/2005    12:35 pm    <junction>   abc


• Shared folder

• Damaged folder

• Folders without any permission

• Mounted drive

14. What is the binary form of


• 11001011.00111011.11110000.10101010

• 10010110.11010010.01100011.00000101

• 10010111.11010011.01101111.11111000

• 10001111.01111100.01110100.11100011

15. Which of the following items can be recovered if user account is deleted in Windows XP?


• Desktop items

• e-mail messages

• Internet favorite

• My document folders

• Rights and permissions

16. Which of the following commands would be used to open registry?


• regedit

• regedt32

• regedt16

• regedit32

• registryedit

17. A test folder consists of unattend.txt and i386 folder on drive C. Which command should be used for unattended installation on server1 if distribution share folder name is test located at server1?


• c:>test>i386>winnt32 /unattend:c:\test\unattend.txt /s:c:\test i386

• c:>test>i386>winnt /unattend:c:\test\unattend.txt /s:c:\test i386

• c:>test>i386>winnt32 /u:c:\test\unattend.txt /s:c:\test i386

• c:>test>i386>winnt32 /unattend:c:\test\unattend.txt /source:c:\test i386

18. When Administrator tries to open a folder created in the desktop, he gets an error message " Access is denied". How can the administrator access that folder?


• Create a new folder with the same name

• Move the folder to NTFS volume

• Assign himself the Full control permission on security Tab of the folder

• Remove any deny permissions on the folder to administrator

19. What are the physical components of Active Directory?


• Domain

• Organizational Units

• Domain Controllers

• Trees

• Childs

• Sites

20. How can you troubleshoot 'stop memory errors' and the drivers causing the errors?


• Small memory dump

• Kernel memory dump

• Complete memory dump

• Small dump directory

21. What is the maximum character length of user name in Windows XP?


• 14 character

• 16 character

• 20 character

• 24 character

22. Which protocol is used by Global catalog for searching objects in Domain?



• IP sec




23. Why is a user not able to access the sharing and security permissions tab on folder?


• He is not permitted to do so

• Simple file sharing is enabled

• User is trying to create folder on FAT

• He should be added to administrator group

24. What does Author Mode mean in MMC (Microsoft Management Console)?


• Multiple windows

• Add/Remove snap-ins

• No access to open new windows

• New Task pad views

• No New Task Pad Views

25. Which feature is used at the folder level, so that any temporary copy of an encrypted file is also encrypted?




• Recovery agent

• All of the above

26. What is the private IP range of Class-B?


• -

• -

• -

• -

27. How can the priority of the processes be set?


• Performance Monitor

• Network Monitor

• Local Security Policy

• Task Manager

28. Where should the complete IRQ list in Windows XP be checked?


• Computer management >> Device manager >> View resource by type

• Control panel >> Power option >> Advanced IRQ

• Device manager >> Select the device resources

• IRQ can only be checked from BIOS

29. Which of the following protocols are used in authenticating RRAS users?


• MD5


• MS-CHAP v2




30. Which of the following protocols are used to establish a remote Desktop Connection?




• IP



31. Which protocol/method is used to encrypt data over the network?



• Kerberos


• None of the above

32. What does "Principle of Least Privilege" mean?


• Never allow any permissions to user on shared folder

• Always grant the Read permissions to Everyone

• Use deny instead of allow permissions

• Assign most restrictive permissions on resources

33. When can password reset disk be used?


• To delete all user passwords

• To set all user passwords at once

• To change old password without knowing the old password

• To create a new password list

34. Which of the following are the differences between NT DNS and 2000 DNS?


• Win 2000 supports Active-Directory Integrated Zone

• IXFR is the feature of Win NT DNS

• Secure Dynamic zones can be configured in Win 2000 DNS

• Zone transfer can be restricted to only Authorized DNS Server in Win 2000

35. A user in a company left the job. The administrator wants to decrypt all data because of loss of owner private key. Who can recover the decrypted data?


• Members of power group

• Recovery agent

• Data can't be recovered once private key is lost

• It can be recovered by create a new user account with the same name

36. A user in a network reports that someone in the network is sending him unwanted messages. How will the system administrator find out about the machine from where messages are generated?


• Event Viewer

• Message.log file from System Root

• Performance Monitor

• System Information

37. Choose the 24 bit format of IP Address in Decimal form.






38. What does the term 'member server' mean?


• Client running on workgroup

• Server joined in forest as ADC

• Server that is a member of a Domain, but not configured as a DC

• Print server configured on any Child Domain Controllers

39. Which tool  is used for installing Win XP Professional onto multiple computers by using disk cloning?


• Riprep.exe

• Setupmgr.exe

• Sysprep.exe


40. Which three additional features, among the following, are available in Windows XP Professional editions compared to the home edition?



• Remote desktop

• Compression


• Convert utility

• Print permissions

41. When the administrator tries to convert basic disk to dynamic disk from computer management, he finds no options for conversion. Identify the reason.


• There is no unformatted free space available

• No NTFS partition exists on Basic Disk

• The disk is in a portable computer

• The disk is a removable disk

42. Internet Connection Firewall ( ICF) should be replaced with which of the following firewalls after installing Windows XP SP 2?��



• Proxy server

• Windows firewall


43. A basic disk has Windows 2000 professional installed on NTFS. When administrator converts it to dynamic disk and tries to install windows XP professional, installation fails. Identify the cause.


• XP can't be installed on dynamic disk

• Both operating systems can't be installed on the same drive

• There can be only one NTFS partition in disk

• Fresh installation is not possible in dynamic disk

44. A user is trying to shutdown another system by using Shutdown command from XP. An error message is displayed " Access is denied". Troubleshoot this error message.


• User is not authenticated

• Invalid syntax is used

• Destination computer is not reachable

• User is restricted from using shutdown command

45. User A in a network required the permissions to change the system time in Windows XP as workgroup. How should he be granted the above permissions without affecting others?


• Use Power User Group

• Use Administrators Group

• Grant him the right to change the system time

• Grant him to change the system permission from Date and Time Properties

46. What do administrative shared folder names always end with?


• $

• #

• @

• %

47. Why does the administrator fail to rename the drive letter of the system partition in Basic Disk?


• Drive letters once formatted can never be renamed

• Drive letters can only be modified in dynamic disks

• System/boot partition drive letters cannot be modified

• Drive letters need to be formatted in NTFS

48. What could be done to improve the performance of Windows XP Professional in one's computer?


• Reduce the size of Page file

• Run Disk De-fragmentation

• Increase the size of Page file

• Set the Adjust For Best Performance option

49. Which of the following utilities are used to improve disk performance?


• Disk clean-up

• Disk de-fragmentation

• Check disk

• Increasing the size of page file

• All of the above

50. Which among the following are true regarding dynamic disks?


• There can be any number of logical drives in the dynamic disk

• There can be only one extended partition in dynamic disk

• Dynamic disk can't be reverted back to basic disk

• 1 MB of free disk space is required for conversion

• Dynamic disk is implemented for RAID support