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Test answers for Networking Server 2003 Test 2020

(16 / 34) Last updated: February 11
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16 Answered Test Questions:

1. How could RAID 5 take preference over other RAID Levels?


• Better read performance over mirrored

• One parity block per stripe

• Minimum 2 disks are required

• Can be implemented in Windows XP

• It can be hardware-or software based

2. A user is unable to encrypt a file. What are the possibilities that the file is not encrypting?


• Compressed file

• Read-only file

• System file

• .dat file

• Corrupted file

3. Give reasons why the junior administrator should choose between either FTP or WebDAV.


• FTP is reliable than WebDAV

• FTP requires some additional ports to be opened on firewall

• FTP does not support file locking mechanism

• FTP is more secure

• WebDAV uses HTTP port 80

4. How should the new administrator, who is unaware about shadow copies, be told about the benefits of shadow copies?


• Recovery if files are overwritten accidentally

• Recovery if files are accidentally deleted

• Recovery if partition is deleted accidentally

• Recovery if unsigned driver is detected

5. How can an administrator view and kill the running processes of a remote computer from command prompt?


• Tasklist /s \\computername

• List /m \\computername

• Kill /pid pidnumber /s \\computername

• Taskkill /pid pidnumber /s \\computername

6. Administrator is worried about protecting his web server access. Which option should he suggest between https or VPN?


• Https communication between cannot be monitored

• Vpn is a stand-alone protocol

• Ip sec services must be used to connect to the vpn

• Implementing VPN is expensive than https

• Virus can be restricted by using https

7. A user is unable to connect to telnet server and gets an "Access is denied" message. How should the user be allowed to connect to telnet server ?


• The user needs administrative rights

• Telnet service is disable

• NTLM is required to connect to telnet server

• Make him a member of TelnetClients Group

8. How should the administrator secure the network after installing SNMP on his nework, so that security is not compromised with?


• Digital certificates

• ip sec

• Firewall


9. A user in the network complains that when he tests the connectivity by using the ping command, he gets the message "Negotiating IP Security". Which of the following is preventing the user from accessing the network?


• Digital certificates

• Default gateway

• NetBIOS name

• ip sec

10. How should the administrator track all performance related to server and notify when threshold limit reaches its peak?


• Use trace logs in performance monitor to track performance

• Use alerts in performance monitor to send message to administrator

• Use and configure network monitor to send notification to administrator

• Use counter logs to send notification

11. A new web site is hosted in a company running on Windows Server 2003. Various others web sites are also the part of IIS. It is to be ensured that web sites do not use much of the bandwidth and performance should not be sacrificed. Which component should be used to allow the administrator to use bandwidth as required?


• QoS

• Network Load Balancing

• Clustering

• Offline files

12. How can the administrator change the Backup logging path?


• It can never be changed

• Configure roaming profile for logging

• Select the properties tab of backup and browse to the new location

• It will be automatically changed at every backup

13. A user in the network is constantly getting a warning message, while accessing resources from server 2003, that the connection has exceeded. How can he overcome this error message?


• Increase the quota limit

• Add more servers

• Add licenses from control panel

• Assign full control permissions

14. A heavily used file server's volume is used as storage area for shadow copies. Users complain of slow server access. Server performance was checked and high I/O load was found. How should this problem be solved?


• Implement RAID

• Shadow copies required 2-GB of free space

• Select a separate volume on another disk as storage area

• Uninstall heavy software and applications from server

15. Which wins mode allows clients to check only wins server for resolving netbios address without broadcasting?


• P-node

• M-node

• B-node

• H-node

16. A network consists of single Windows Server 2003 server and 500 XP clients. SUS server has been installed to download security patches and install on client computers automatically. Client computers are unable to receive these updates, but other group policies are applied. What should the network administrator do?


• Install latest Service pack on XP

• Approve the security updates from SUS administration window

• Rejoin the client in domain

• Create an OU and assign the updates to this OU

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17. The network for consists of a mail server (server1) and a dns server (server2). Users in the network are unable to send e-mails. Emails to other domains are working. How will the network administrator ensure that mails to are delieved?


• Configure MX record in server2 for server1

• Restart SMTP services

• Release some free space from server1

• Restart exchange services

18. Which aspects of kerberos configuration can be controlled from security settings?


• Kerberos's ticket lifetime can be changed

• Default kerberos policy can be changed

• Kerberos can be configured to authenticate win 98 clients

• User logon restrictions

19. The user encounters a problem in downloading his roaming profile from server. What may be the problems?


• Write permissions denied

• Wrong UNC path entered

• One roaming profile can be created at one time

• The user must be the member of administrators group

20. Which method can be considered the most secure from a malicious person so that he cannot access to the user account even if the password is known to him?


• Digital certificates

• Smart cards

• ipsec

• Kerberos

21. The Administrator is unable to view the ADSI edit snap-in in mmc. Identify the cause.


• Active directory support tools are not installed

• Schema can only be edited from the group policies

• Ntdsutil can be used to edit the schema

• Schema can never be modified

22. Which three, among the following services can be managed by the SNMP?







23. Which is the best way of monitoring the number of hits to one's site in Windows Server 2003?


• Event viewer

• Network monitor

• W3C extended log file format

• Performance monitor

24. Which two, among the following, are the limitations of Back-up Utility?


• DVD and CD formats are not supported

• Backup schedule cannot be scheduled for incremental backup

• Backup doesnot support tape drive connected to a remote server

• Junctions points cannot be restored

25. The administrator scheduled a volume for shadow copies. Later on, that volume was deleted accidentally. When the administrator checks the event viewer, errors called "Event ID:7001"are generated. How can he solve this problem?


• Backup the volume before deleting

• Delete the scheduled task before deleting the volume

• Volume contained bad sectors

• Deleted folder was system volume

26. Which of the following are the benefits of using IPSec policy in networks?


• Authentication

• Encryption

• Data integrity

• Anti-virus

• Firewall

• Anti-scanner

27. Which are the ways through which web sites can be secured using in-built web site features  of Windows Server 2003?


• ip based restrictions

• Deny read permissions on web site home directory

• Digital certificates

• .NET passport authentication

• Local security authority

28. Which among the following can be the form of realm names?


• It can be a suffix

• It can be a prefix

• It can be a FQDN

• It can be the UPN

29. What does volume shadow copy mean in Windows Server 2003?


• A shadow copy will be created for backup data

• Allows backup of open and locked files

• Data will be compressed on the backup media

• Backup on the mounted drives

30. Which is the best utility to check the detail information of file system?


• msinfo

• fsutil

• diskpart

• dcdiag

31. Which utility should be used to manage and view telnet sessions in Windows Server 2003?


• tlntadmn

• telnet

• teladmin

• Telnet server administration

32. When connecting to a telnet server running Windows Server 2003, telnet clients are unable to connect to mapped network drives. How will they connect to these drives?


• Mapped drives are not supported in telnet

• Use 'net use' command for mapping network drives

• NTLM authentication failure

• Users are not permitted to access mapped drives

33. When the network administrator left the company, the junior administrator changed some default domain policies. When he came again the next day, he found users complaining about login and running some programs. How will the old network administrator check which policies have been changed by the junior administrator?


• Security configuration and analysis

• msinfo

• ntdsutil

• Security templates

• WMI control

34. Which statements, among the following, are correct regarding shadow copies?


• It is the replacement of regular back-up

• There is a limit of 64 shadow copies per volume

• Shadow copies are read-only

• It can only be enabled on a per-volume basis

• It is more specific to shared folders

35. A user on network tries to connect to telnet server running on Windows Server 2003 from a workgroup computer. He gets an error message stating NTLM authentication only and fails to connect with telnet server. Identify the causes of the problem.


• Client does not support NTLM authentication

• Telnet cannot be connected from workgroup

• Wrong password is entered

• Telnet not enabled on server

• Server requires NTLM authentication

36. Shadow copy schedule has been configured after every half an hour during business hours. The user complains about loss of older version copies. How can shadow copies on the network be implemented so that user can recover older version files at any time of the day?


• Schedule back-up at regular intervals

• Deny write permissions on folders to be deleted

• Shadow copy should not taken too rapidly

• Implement RAID

37. Sam's network consists of Windows XP client computers and it is configured to use subnet. ICS is enabled to provide internet access to users. But when users use the internet, they complain that they are unable to access the resources of other users. Identify the cause.


• Internet connection firewall is enabled on client computers

• LAN gets disturbed when using ICS

• Latest XP service pack is missing

• Default gateway is missing

38. Which of the following IIS components could be missing when the user gets an error message 404 in Windows Server 2003?



• nntp

• smtp

• Frontpage server extensions

• WebDev

39. The user in a company gets an error message when downloading mails from Mail Server " An attempt to allocate memory failed. The system is out of memory " How could this be corrected?


• Increase RAM

• Upgrade processor

• Release some free space from hard disk

• Incorrect IP configurations

40. Which of the following improvements have been provided in Windows Server 2003 in comparison to Windows 2000?


• VPN with PPTP and L2TP

• PKI and certificate services

• Smart card access through Terminal services

• Improved subordinate certification authority

41. Which backup types clear archive attributes?


• copy

• normal

• full

• incremental

• differential

42. The user encounters a problem in downloading his roaming profile from server. Identify the problems.


• Write permissions denied

• Wrong UNC path entered

• One roaming profile can be created at one time

• Share folder should be created on NTFS

43. The network administrator of the company created various web sites in Windows Server 2003 but all were stopped. He tries to restart the web sites, IIS and also the web server. But each web site displayed the status stopped. Which of the following are the possible causes for the above problem?


• Each site is running with same port number and same address

• No host header is defined

• No default page is set

• Location to web site home directory is incorrect

• The administrator is not permitted to restart the web sites

44. The administrator wants to deploy a software through Windows installer. What should he do if he wants the installer to use control panel for installing the software?


• Assign

• Publish

• Advanced assign or publish

• Mapping

45. Which of the following statements are true regarding HTTPS?


• A dedicated IP address is required

• Multiple https sites can be run on single ip number

• Https slows down the performance

• A dedicated VPN connection is required for accessing https

46. Which authentication type should be used for interactive logon in smart cards?




• Kerberos V 5


• MD5

47. The administrator creates a web server and configures it to run on a virtual address. The web site is created on the correct address and the location of the web directory is entered. But when users try to open the web page using virtual address, they get an error message "The page cannot be displayed". How could this be corrected?


• Grant full control permission to users on web site

• Web site path directory is entered incorrectly

• Default page is not set

• ip address conflict

48. What does the startup type 'Boot' of non-plug and play drivers, mean?


• Device will start after the boot devices start

• Devices will start when needed for a specific event

• Device will start before any other device start

• Device will start after the boot and system devices start

49. Which of the following configurations use NTLM  as the authentication mechanism?


• Windows XP professional client authenticating to a Windows NT 4.0 domain controller

• Windows 4.0 domain authenticating to a Windows 2000 domain

• Windows 2000 domain authenticating to a Windows 3.51 domain

• Windows XP clients authenticating to Windows 4.0 domain controller

50. Which RIS utility is used for creating RIS bootable floppies?


• riprep

• sysprep

• rbfg

• sfc