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Test answers for Knowledge of ColdFusion 9 Skills Test 2020

(1 / 37) Last updated: January 5
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1 Answered Test Questions:

1. Which of the following values of the action attribute of the cffile tag have been added in ColdFusion 9?


• readBinary

• uploadAll

• write

• rename

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2. Which of the following attributes are optional in cfstoredproc ColdFusion tag?


• dataSource

• password

• procedure

• result

3. Which of the following is the correct cfinsert syntax?


• <cfinsert dataSource = "cfdocexamples" tableName = "COMMENTS" formFields = "Email,FromUser,Subject,MessText,Posted">

• <cfinsert dataSource = "cfdocexamples" formFields = "Email,FromUser,Subject,MessText,Posted">

• <cfinsert tableName = "COMMENTS" formFields = "Email,FromUser,Subject,MessText,Posted">

• <cfinsert dataSource = "cfdocexamples" tableName = "COMMENTS" >

4. Which of the following functions is used to process the XML test that includes <?xml ?> directives?


• XmlParse

• StructUpdate

• StructClear

• XmlElemNew

5. Which of the following are required attributes of the cffile tag?


• action

• attributes

• output

• addNewLine

6. In cftry block, which of the following is an optional tag and always executes, whether or not there is a file upload exception?


• cffinally

• cfcatch

7. After OEM upgrade, which of the following versions of applications is still NOT supported by ColdFusion 9?


• Microsoft .NET Framework 4

• Hibernate 3.5.2

• DataDirect Connect for JDBC 4.1

• MySQL 5.5.3

8. Which of the following tags is used to catch and process exceptions in ColdFusion application pages?


• cfcache

• cfcatch

• cfcase

• cfbreak

9. Which of the following is NOT correct about ColdFusion 9?


• ColdFusion 9 has a new caching function cacheGetSession.

• IIS 7 configuration for ColdFusion has no dependency on IIS 6 Metabase compatibility.

• ColdFusion 9 does not support storing of data in Amazon S3.

10. Which of the following DOM level core specifications does ColdFusion 9 conform to?


• DOM Level 1

• DOM Level 2

• DOM Level 3

11. Which of the following is correct in the context of ColdFusion Components (CFCs)?


• CFCs have multiple entry points.

• CFCs don't have a validation process for parameters that are passed.

• CFCs are objects.

• CFCs cannot be accessed by web services.

12. While working on a ColdFusion application, which of the following tags will you use to embed Java applets in a cfform tag?


• cfapplication

• cfapplet

• cfassociate

• cfargument

13. Which of the following are correct syntax for inserting comments in a ColdFusion 9 application?


• <!--- Comment goes here. --->

• <!-- Comment goes here. -->

• <cfset MyVar = var1 <!--- & var2 --->>

• <cfset MyVar = var1 <!-- & var2 -->>

14. Which of the following is a valid syntax for caching a user-defined function in ColdFusion's Application scope?


• <cffunction name="application.hoo">..</cffunction>

• <cffunction name="hoo">..</cffunction><cfset application.hoo = variables.hoo>

• <cffunction name="hoo" scope="application">..</cffunction>

• <cfscript>function { .. }</cfscript>

15. In the following cfapplet syntax, which attribute holds the name of the registered applet?
<cfapplet appletsource = "" name = "">


• appletsource

• name

• param_n

• notSupported

16. Which of the following statements about the cfqueryparam ColdFusion tag are true?


• It allows the use of SQL bind parameters which improves performance.

• It ensures that variable data matches the specified SQL type.

• It does not allow long text fields to be updated from a SQL statement.

• It escapes string variables in single-quotation marks.

17. Which of the following are reserved words in ColdFusion 9 and should NOT be used for ColdFusion variables, user-defined function names, or custom tag names?


• Any name starting with cf

• ColdFusion Operators


• CGI variable names

• None of the above should be used.

18. Which of the following is the correct syntax for using a SQL reserved word as a column name in a query?


• SELECT [Reserved word] FROM mytable

• SELECT #[Reserved word]# FROM mytable

• SELECT 'Reserved word' FROM mytable

• SELECT <Reserved word> FROM mytable

19. Which of the following cffile tag mode attribute value will set permission of read/write (rw) to a file for UNIX ?


• 666

• 777

• 644

20. Which of the following ColdFusion 9 tags do NOT allow custom attributes and do NOT return any value?


• cfabort

• cfcomponent

• cfthrow

• cfloop

21. Which of the following array functions always return(s) False?


• IsArray(elemPath.elemName)

• ArrayClear(elemPath.elemName)

• ArrayIsEmpty(elemPath.elemName)

• ArrayLen(elemPath.elemName)

22. In which of the following ways can you instantiate CFCs and invoke CFC methods?


• cfinvoke tag


• Form control

• Web services

23. Which of the following statements holds true if you import CFCs in the Application.cfm page?


• The CFC is not imported on other pages of the application.

• The CFC is available to the default application page only.

• The CFC is available to all the application pages.

24. Which of the following ColdFusion conversion functions validates XML against a DTD?


• xmlParse()

• xmlTransform()

• xmlNew()

• isXMLDoc()

25. Which of the following is the correct way to define a component method parameter named temp?


• <cfcomponent> <cffunction name="ctof" output="false"> <cfargument name="temp" required="yes" type="numeric"> </cffunction> </cfcomponent>

• <cfcomponent> <cfargument name="temp" required="yes" type="numeric"> <cffunction name="ctof" output="false"> </cffunction> </cfcomponent>

• <cfcomponent name="temp" > <cffunction name="ctof" output="false"> </cffunction> </cfcomponent>

26. Which of the following are valid values of action attributes in the cftransaction tag?


• begin

• setsavepoint

• rollback

• savepoint

27. Which of the following tags can be used to create a CFC?


• cfcomponent

• cfargument

• cffunction

• cfapplication

28. If ColdFusion mappings and custom tag roots can exist within the web root, then from which of the following locations can the CFC be accessed?



• Form

• Web services

• Flash Remoting

29. Which of the following is INCORRECT with regard to referring to the contents of an XML object?


• By default, ColdFusion ignores element name case.

• If the XML object is case sensitive, use dot notation to refer to an element or attribute name.

• You cannot use DOM methods in place of structure entry names.

30. Which of the following operators returns True if the value on the left is greater than the value on the right?


• EQ

• LT

• GE

• GT

31. Which of the following tags specifies the name of the file to be included in your ColdFusion page?


• cfset

• cfinclude

• cfparam

• cfloop

32. Which of the following are valid values of the action attributes of the cfftp tag for performing file and directory operations?


• removeDir

• listDir

• rename

• All of the above

33. Which of the following is a required attribute in the cfquery tag?


• name

• dataSource

• username

• password

34. For which of the following tags does the cfprocparam define its parameters?


• cfquery

• cfstoredproc

• cfprocresult

35. Which of the following properties must be set in the Application.cfc file in order to utilize the ORM features of ColdFusion9?


• useorm = true

• ormenabled = true

• ormdisabled = false

• persistent = true

36. What will be the name of the CFC if the component file name is myFirstComponent.cfc?


• myfirstcomponent

• MyFirstComponent

• myFirstComponent

• Firstcomponent

37. Which of the following functions can be used to perform a RegEx operation in a ColdFusion application?


• reFind()

• reReplace()

• retest()

• rematch()

38. Which of the following should NOT be used as a form field name in ColdFusion 9?


• _integer

• _default

• _eurodate

• _import