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Test answers for ProtoShare Skills Test 2020

(48) Last updated: January 27
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1. How do you unlock components in a Wireframe if they are locked?


• Once they are locked, they cannot be unlocked.

• Select the italicized component in the Component Listing and click the Unlock icon in the menu bar.

• Select the component and press Shift+L.

• Components can be unlocked in interactive mode.

2. Which of the following functions is not available under the Share tab?


• Inviting new members

• Editing members' roles

• Sending an e-mail to project members

• Removing members

3. What is the purpose of the button marked A in the given diagram?


• It is used to display the list of all topics.

• It is used to add one or more topics.

• It is used to enable one-click topic creation.

• It is used to hide or show all topics.

4. Which of the following is not a component property?


• Visibility

• Fill Color

• Notes

• Priority

5. Does ProtoShare allow you to upload a company logo?


• Yes

• No

6. What is the purpose of the Markup section of a component?


• To define the visibility level of the component

• To group the components to make a carousel

• To define the component id and class

7. Which of the following cannot be exported as a Word document?


• Site Map


• Style Sheet

• Comps

• Wireframe

8. Page designs can be made reusable by using ________________.


• Modals

• comps

• Templates

• Assets

9. In which library are PDF and SWF files stored?


• Clipping

• Exporter

• Styles

• Assets

10. How can the font size of a page name be changed?


• Select the page name and define the height in the Properties tab.

• The page name component has a default class so it cannot be changed.

• Define a new class name or Id in the Markup section of the Properties tab.

• Edit the default class name from the Styles tab.

11. What is the purpose of the Annotations tab in the Prototype screen?


• It is used to specify important information about Wireframes and Comps

• It is used to create user roles for the projects

• It is used to upload Comps

• It is used to edit Wireframes

12. How do you disable flyout and drop down navigation?


• Set visible sub-levels to 0

• Change starting page

• Lock the navigation component

• Drop downs and flyouts cannot be disabled

13. A Company Manager cannot create a _______________ role when inviting a new user.


• Billing Manager

• Project Manger

• Developers

• Reviewers

14. Which tab in the Prototype screen is used to define the page title, meta description, and meta keywords?


• Designs tab

• Documentation tab

• Discussion tab

• SEO tab

• Annotations tab

15. The List Style property belongs to the _______________ component.


• Text Area

• Jump Menu

• Box

• Navigation

16. Where do you create a printed document of your ProtoShare project information?


• Editor

• Site map

• Library

• Export tab

17. State whether the following statement is true or false:

Topics and annotations can be added to uploaded design comps.


• True

• False

18. Which feature is not supported in project management with ProtoShare?


• Create multiple projects

• Merge projects

• Duplicate projects

• Archive projects

19. Which of the following user roles is not supported by ProtoShare?


• Billing Manager

• Company Manager

• Developer

• Quality Analyst

• Reviewer

20. Which of the following is the required work flow scenario in ProtoShare?


• Create a project -> Invite stakeholders -> Create and edit pages -> Review prototypes -> Export documentation

• Invite stakeholders -> Create a project -> Create documentation -> Create and edit pages -> Export specification

• Create documentation -> Invite stakeholders -> Create a project -> Create and edit pages -> Review prototypes

• There is no required work flow scenario

21. How can all discussion topics related to a ProtoShare project be reviewed at the same time?


• By using the Export tab, checking topics and comment discussion, exporting a Word document, and then downloading

• By using the Ctrl key to select all discussion topics and then selecting Open

• Discussion topics cannot be reviewed all at the same time.

• Use Search tab with an asterisk in the keyword field

22. Which of the following tabs contains topic pins for reviewing pages?


• Annotations tab

• Discussion tab

• Site Map tab

• Design tab

23. Which of the following is not a valid Comp file format?






24. What does the rubber band feature allow you to do in the editor?


• Select multiple components in the layout editor and manipulate them at the same time

• Fix the components' position and size and prevent them from being selected

• Duplicate components to build Wireframes when using multiple components of the same type

• Rearrange the positions of Wireframes components by aligning them horizontally or vertically

25. Which of the following sequences is used to create a page for a project using ProtoShare?


• Prototype screen -> Site Map tab -> Click new button -> Give page name and select template

• Prototype screen -> Click new button -> Site Map tab -> Give page name

• Prototype screen -> Share tab -> Click new button -> Give page name and select template

• Prototype screen -> Click new button -> Share tab -> Give page name

26. How do you prevent Reviewers from seeing each others comments and receiving email notifications?


• Set the user role to Reviewer

• Enable Private Review mode in the Accounts setting

• Hide the project to which a particular member belongs

• Uncheck the Send E-mail checkbox in user's My Profile

27. Which of the following components is not provided in the Wireframe editor component listing?


• Flash Movie

• Carousel


• Image

28. Which of the following project fields are editable from the Project Details tab?


• Project Title

• Description

• Members

• Pages

• All of the above

29. How would you simulate rich internet functionality such as pop ups, carousels, and tab panels?


• Apply states to hide and show components.

• Paste custom HTML into the editor.

• Use javascript container.

• Rich internet functionality cannot be simulated in ProtoShare.

30. A/An _______________ component can be used to create a table in the wireframe.


• Rich Text

• Text Area

• Container

• IFrame

31. What is the significance of the component property named "...only when"?


• It is used to specify one or more states that will exist when the component is clicked.

• It is used to specify one or more states that determine the conditions under which the component is locked.

• It is used to specify if the component is visible or hidden.

• No such property exists.

32. Which of the following users is restricted to the collaboration-related features of ProtoShare?


• Reviewer

• Company Manager

• Developer

• Project Manager

33. Which of the following actions is not possible when wireframing with ProtoShare?


• Dragging and dropping components

• Generating navigation based on the site map

• Adding RSS feeds

• Creating CSS

• Publishing the web pages

34. State whether the following statement is true or false:

It is possible to assign a topic to a user.


• True

• False

35. Which of the following statements is false with respect to Clippings?


• Clippings are a collection of one or more components.

• Changes to a clipping cascade to all related pages that use the clipping.

• Clippings are used to build designs for any page, template, or project.

• A Clipping can be saved to a library.

36. The Prototype screen can be used to __________________.


• create and configure the pages

• upload comps

• navigate wireframes

• apply templates

• all of the above

37. Which of the following are features of ProtoShare?


• Real-Time Collaboration

• Simple software installation

• Drag-and-Drop Wireframing

• Interactive tree-view site map

38. What is the default order of components when multiple components are added to a Wireframe?


• The earliest added component is displayed at the top.

• The most recently added component is displayed at the top.

• The most recently added component is displayed at the bottom.

• No such default order exists.

39. How many Reviewer invitations can be sent in ProtoShare?


• 5

• 10

• As per ProtoShare Signup and Pricing plan

• As many as required

40. All components in ProtoShare have some common action states. Which of the following is not a valid action state for ProtoShare components?


• On Hover

• On Click

• On Load

• On Double-click

41. Which of the following keyboard shortcuts are used to create a new page in the site map?


• Ctrl + n

• n

• Ctrl + t

• Shift + n

42. Is it possible to import a template from another project into the current project in ProtoShare?


• Yes

• No

43. What should you set the Visibility to if you want to exclude a page from view without deleting it?


• Visible

• Hidden from navigation

• Hidden from site

44. In which section will you find a components opacity property?


• Visibility

• Markup

• Style

• Appearance

45. How can a ProtoShare project be deactivated and members restricted from viewing or editing it?


• By hiding the project

• By deleting the project

• By duplicating the project

• By archiving the project

46. In the given diagram, which tab is used to manage templates, clippings, and assets?


• Prototype

• Editor

• Library

• Styles

• Export

47. What is the purpose of the black area in the given image?


• It shows the list of edited pages.

• It shows the page that is currently activated.

• It shows the main page of the current project.

• It shows the uploaded Comps.

48. What is a difference between clippings and templates


• Changes made to templates automatically cascade to other pages that use that template.

• Clippings cannot be shared across projects.

• Templates can be stored in a library

• Templates can only be created from the library