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Test answers for Knowledge of VirtueMart Test 2020

(30) Last updated: January 27
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1. Which of the following tax models are available in VirtueMart?


• Ship To Address-based Tax Calculation

• Store Address-based Tax Calculation

• Store Owner based Tax Calculation when Customer comes from an EU Country

2. What is the maximum number of units you can enter in the "Units in a Package" textbox while adding new products in VirtueMart?


• 1024

• 65535

• 10000

• 1000

3. Joomla! Extensions installer can be used to update VirtueMart with a VirtueMart patch.




4. Which of the following payment gateways are predefined in VirtueMart?


• PayPal

• PaymentExpress

• 2Checkout

• WorldPay

5. Which of the following VirtueMart module zip containers is used to install VirtueMart components?





• None of the above

6. Which of the following are valid VirtueMart modules?


• mod_virtuemart_login

• mod_virtuemart_manufacturers

• mod_virtuemart_search

• All of the above

7. Which of the following are true in order to run VirtueMart 1.1.6?


• PHP safe mode should be on.

• The MySql user that you use to access the production database must have rights to create temporary tables.

• In order to access the VirtueMart frontend, the browser must be JavaScript enabled.

• Browser should be capable of accepting cookies and cookies and must be enabled.

8. Which of the following is correct if the reorder icons marked as A are used in the VirtueMart Module list?


• This will reorder the frontend VirtueMart module listing.

• This will reorder the admin section VirtueMart module listing.

• This will reorder the shopping cart payment steps.

• None of the above.

9. Which of the following flypage template files is used to show the product details page by default?


• flypage-ask.tpl

• flypage.tpl

• flypage_images.tpl

• flypage_new.tpl

10. Which of the following is required when creating a new Manufacturer using VirtueMart?


• Manufacturer Name

• Manufacturer Category

• Email


11. Which of the following Joomla versions are compatible with VirtueMart 1.1.6 release?


• Joomla 1.5.x

• Joomla 1.6.x

• Joomla 1.0.x

12. While uploading product images, what happens if the following product images container folder does NOT exist?



• VirtueMart displays a message to create the folder.

• VirtueMart displays an error message.

• VirtueMart creates the product folder.

• None of the above.

13. Which of the following VirtueMart Modules uses the secureurl by default?


• shipping

• account

• admin

• checkout

14. Multi-vendor setup is available with VirtueMart 1.1.6 version.


• True

• False

15. Which of the following VirtueMart registration types does NOT ask for username and password but generates them automatically and sends them to the email address provided during VirtueMart registration?


• Optional Account Creation

• Normal Account Creation

• Silent Account Creation

• No Account Creation

16. Which of the following is required product information which should be provided before saving a product in VirtueMart?



• Product Price


• Name

17. Which of the following encryption functions is recommended by VirtueMart?




• None of the above

18. In order to sell downloadable goods, which of the following is the correct DOWNLOADROOT path?




• /var/www/sitename/downloads/

• /var/www/sitename/downloads

19. Which of the following page values can be used while creating a Joomla Menu Item of VirtueMart type?


• shop.browse

• account.index

• shop.cart

• All of the above

20. Which of the following flexible tax modes is NOT available in VirtueMart?


• Zone based Tax Calculation

• Store Owner based Tax Calculation

• EU Mode

• Asia Pacific Mode

21. If you move your VirtueMart from one URL to another, which of the following VirtueMart component files needs to be updated with the new URL?


• install.virtuemart.php

• install.copy.php

• virtuemart.cfg.php

• virtuemart.xml

22. Which of the following Product List Styles are available under VirtueMart theme settings?


• Product Listing with a table (default)

• Flat Product List (fixed to 1 product per row, using a table)

• Product List (no table, div-based)

• All of the above

23. While creating a category in VirtueMart, what will happen if you choose browse_5 from the Category Browse Page dropdown?


• The Category will work only for IE version 5.

• It will show five categories on the home page.

• It will show 5 products per row for a specific category.

• It will show 5 products for a specific category.

24. When creating a new store in VirtueMart 1.6, which form field is required?


• Store name

• Store company name


• phone

25. Which of following is the correct syntax if you want to add the "Add to Cart" button to your new Joomla flypage design?


• <?php echo $addtocart; ?>

• <?php echo $vcom_addtocart; ?>

• <?php echo $virtueaddtocart; ?>

• None of the above

26. Which of the following open source CMS provide(s) a runtime environment to run VirtueMart?


• Joomla

• WordPress

• Mambo

• Drupal

27. Which of the following is INCORRECT in case your VirtueMart shop is made offline using "Shop is offline?" option?


• Shopping categories will get displayed in public frontend.

• Administrator can see the products in public frontend.

• Shopping subcategories will get displayed in public frontend.

• You CANNOT make VirtuMart shop offline.

28. Which of the following statements is correct if you select Check Stock in VirtueMart Global Configuration?


• This will not allow the user to add more items to the cart than are available in stock.

• This will allow the user to add more items to the cart than are available in stock.

• None of the above

29. Which of the following can be used before removing a Manufacturer from VirtueMart?


• Delete all the products from the associated manufacturer

• Re-association of all the products to another manufacturer

• Both a and b

• Only a

• Only b

30. Which of the following VirtueMart Template files found at "ROOT\components\com_virtuemart\themes\default\templates\product_details\includes\" location are used to remove quantity arrow buttons from VirtueMart browse and flypage?


• quantity_box_general.tpl.php

• quantity_box_radio.tpl.php

• addtocart_drop.tpl.php