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Test answers for Knowledge of Google Webmaster Central Test 2020

(39) Last updated: March 25
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39 Answered Test Questions:

1. If you verify your site for Google Webmaster Tools at, you can not see errors with URLs for ______.






2. Which of the following should be used to permanently remove the cached version of your page from Google search results?


• no follow tag.

• meta noarchive tag.

• meta archive tag.

3. Increasing the Googlebot crawl rate for your website ______


• will increase the number of Googlebot requests per second.

• has no effect on how often Googlebot crawls your site.

• will reduce the number of Googlebot requests per second.

• is not possible.

4. The following question is based on the above diagram.

Clicking on the test python online link will ______.


• take you to the top search queries page.

• a Google search page showing search results for the query test python online.

• show the position in search results for the query test python online.

• show you the percentage of search queries contributed by the query.

5. If you want your users to visit instead of, you should ______


• use the URL removal tool.

• use Webmaster Tools to set your preferred domain.

• display a message on about the new address.

6. Removing using the URL removal tool will also remove from Google's index.


• Yes

• No

7. Specialized Google Sitemap formats:


• are not specific to Google and can be used by other search engines as well.

• are specific to Google and are not used by other search engines.

• are specific to Google and Yahoo.

8. Webmaster Tools does not show:


• who is linking to your website and how.

• which pages on your website get the most links.

• which keyword searches drive the most traffic to your website.

• which webpages of your site are generating the least revenue.

9. If the Webmaster Tools data shows missing Titles in the pages of your website, ______.


• no action is required on your part.

• the missing titles must be replaced as soon as possible.

• you must submit a new sitemap at the earliest convenience.

• you must submit a new robots.txt file for the pages with the missing page titles.

10. The crawl errors shown in Google webmaster tools do not include:


• not followed

• not found

• restricted by robots.txt

• images without alt text

11. Which of the following stats about Googlebot crawl activity are not shown in Google webmaster tools?


• Pages crawled per day

• Kilobytes downloaded per day

• Time spent downloading a page

• Custom reports

12. Files in the URLs that are protected by authentication:


• can not be retrieved by Google.

• can be retrieved by Google but can not be cached by it.

• can be indexed by Google.

13. Registering the misspellings of a well known website as a domain for your website ______.


• is acceptable

• is considered a misleading practice

14. If you submit a News sitemap for your website, Google News will:


• use normal crawl methods to search and index your news site.

• blacklist your website.

• give preference to your website in search results.

15. In case you feel the expected keywords are missing from the Google webmasters keywords page, you should:


• contact your website hosting service.

• change the meta content of your pages.

• intensify the Google AdWords campaigns for the keywords.

• review the Crawl Errors page for your site and take corrective action, if required.

16. A Sitemap file can contain no more than ______.


• 5,000 URLs.

• 5,000 characters.

• 50,000 URLs.

• 50,000 characters.

17. Enabling your web server to support the "If-Modified-Since" HTTP header:


• is not possible.

• reduces the crawl rate of your site by Googlebot.

• enhances the performance of your web server.

• allows your web server to tell Google whether your content has changed since it last crawled your site.

18. If you set the Geographic target of your website as Canada,


• Google will consider your website better optimized to search results when users choose show pages from Canada while using Google search.

• Google will consider your website better optimized to search results in default web search.

• Google will consider your website better optimized to search results for paid search results.

• Google will consider your website better optimized for image search results.

19. Choose the incorrect statement.


• Content Analysis helps to identify potential issues with the content on your site.

• The robots.txt analyzer tool helps you to make sure you are not accidentally blocking Googlebot from crawling your site.

• You must place your Video Sitemap at a publicly accessible URL.

• It is not possible to remove the pages of your website from Google's search results.

20. The above graphic shows:


• the information about user search queries that have returned pages from your site

• the images from your site not crawled by Google

• the issues encountered by Google while crawling your site

21. You can report about a website to Google which indulges in buying or selling "paid links" through Webmaster Tools.


• True

• False

22. The first page you see on logging into Google Webmaster tools is______.


• Dashboard

• Overview

• Tools

• Statistics

23. A custom crawl rate set for Google Webmaster Tools is valid for ______.


• 90 days

• 30 days

• 180 days

• 7 days

24. State whether true or false:

The data displayed in Google Webmaster Tools may be different from the data shown by other tools such as Google Analytics.


• True

• False

25. Google recommends adding _______ version of your website to Google Webmaster Tools.


• any one

• every

• only the web

• only the mobile

26. The above error message can be customized by:


• creating a new 404 page and redirecting your custom 404 page to it.

• modifying the sitemap.

• saving a new robots.txt file.

• customizing and adding a 404 widget to your custom 404 page.

27. What is the maximum number of links that should be displayed on a single page according to Google Webmaster guidelines?


• Fewer than 75

• Fewer than 100

• Fewer than 500

• There is no such limit.

28. If you specify your preferred domain as and Google finds a link to your site that is formatted as, it will be followed as ______.






29. Google Webmaster Tools does not______.


• show which keyword searches drive the most traffic to your website

• allow the submission of a Sitemap

• show funnel visualization

• provide the robots.txt analyzer tool

30. The appearance of which of the following in Google Webmaster Tools could be a sign that your site has been hacked?


• Unexpected Googlebot activity

• Unexpected keywords like "Viagra" in the keywords page

• Unexpected change in the Google crawl rate

• Unexpected pages linking to your website in sitelinks

31. Specialized Google Sitemap formats do not include:


• Video Sitemaps

• Mobile Sitemaps

• News Sitemaps

• Apps Sitemaps

• Geo Sitemaps

32. Moving the slider of the Set Custom crawl rate to a faster pace______


• is recommended only if you are experiencing traffic problems with your server.

• is not possible.

• may increase the Googlebot traffic on your server.

• may reduce the freshness and number of the crawled pages.

33. Google determines the "recommended crawl rate" based on ______.


• the number of pages in your site

• the page rank of your site's homepage

• the number of links pointing to your website

• the popularity of your website

34. Webmaster Tools helps you see your site:


• the way search engines see it.

• the way Google sees it.

• the way internet users see it.

• the way your Ad viewers see it.

35. Google Webmaster Tools does not:


• help you to see your site the way Google does.

• show which pages on your site get the most links.

• show the number of unique page views during a given time period.

• show who is linking to your site and how.

36. Google Webmaster Tools does not help you to see ______.


• when Googlebot last visited your site

• the URLs which Google could not crawl

• how your site is indexed by Google

• your site's popularity stats

37. To help Google determine how your site appears in Google's country-specific search results, you should ______.


• set a preferred domain

• define a geographical target

• define crawl rate

• change image search settings

38. While submitting a Sitemap, if you specify your site location as, your URL list:


• should contain the URLs that begin with

• should not contain the URLs that begin with

• should not contain the URLs that begin with

39. Setting a geographic target through Google Webmaster Tools:


• will improve your site's ranking in default search results.

• will not improve your site's appearance in search results specific for the same geographic area.

• will improve your site's appearance in search results specific for the same geographical area.