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Test answers for Health Club Management Certification 2020

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2 Answered Test Questions:

1. A value club might be a welcome improvement to your suburban neighborhood, but a value club's members can be _______.


• Demanding

• Dirty

• Cheap

• Already in shape

2. Your club should always have a sitting area, even if it's just a small one inside the doors?


• True

• False

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3. Which methods of payment should you not accept?


• Cash

• Automatic debit

• Checks

• Credit card payments

4. What is one good source for less expensive equipment?


• Resale shops

• Places like Craigslist

• "Trials" from manufacturers

• All of the above

5. When you discipline an employee, you should always talk privately. Why?


• If you don't, they can sue you

• You don't want other employees to know how you handle discipline

• You don't want to embarrass them

• It's against labor laws not to

6. Your front desk should be prepared to back you up on what?


• Sales and promotion

• Fixing equipment

• Scheduling employees

• Handling trainer schedules

7. How can you encourage people to use automatic debit to pay for their monthly membership?


• Offer a discount

• Offer a free month per year

• Make other forms of payment difficult

• Charge a fee for other forms of payment

8. When should a potential member fill out their fitness profile?


• After they have taken a tour of the club

• Before they have taken a tour of the club

• When they sign up for a club membership

• When they have their first trainer workout

9. When trying to set a price point for memberships, you should overestimate your expenses by how much?


• 20%

• 35%

• 50%

• 100%

10. What unlikely question is fine to ask a potential health club employee?


• Where did you last work?

• Why do you want to work here?

• What did you have for breakfast?

• What is your experience and training?

11. Which of these is not considered a "complimentary business" to your health club?


• Smoothie shop

• Sandwich shop

• Coffee shop

• Golf shop

12. Having a website is a good idea, but not really necessary.


• True

• False

13. What can you do to ensure your gym stays clean?


• Spend 5 minutes cleaning equipment each hour

• Hire a high-quality cleaning crew

• Tell gym members to clean the equipment after they use it

• Have your staffers spend about an hour at the end of each day cleaning the gym

14. Which of these is not considered a quality essential to lead?


• Confidence

• Ability to inspire

• Friendly demeanor

• Ability to direct people

15. If your gym is located in a suburban area, you will be most busy when?


• Lunchtime

• Mornings and weekends

• Evening

• All day

16. What should always be included in a customer file?


• A complete medical history

• Before pictures

• The member's goal list

• Medical and liability releases

17. What should your front desk workers always do?


• Engage in casual chit chat with members

• Say "hello" to members as they arrive

• Use the member's name and greet them as they arrive and leave the club

• Clean the equipment after each use

18. Managing people is the same as leading them.


• True

• False

19. As a club manager, you should stay in constant contact with what?


• Trainers

• Your members

• Front desk

• All of the above

20. Which of these is NOT a factor in setting your membership prices?


• The skill of your staff and trainers

• What gyms across the country are charging

• Your geographic location

• Your operating costs

21. What percentage of Americans use credit cards?


• 40%

• 50%

• 60%

• More than 80%

22. About what percentage of people in any given community will join a health club.


• 10%

• 15%

• 20%

• 45%

23. In the fictional gym, "Energy", why does Jeff have one of his trainers work a split shift?


• It works with her schedule

• She requested it

• It flows with the busy times in the gym

• He didn't want two trainers at work at the same time

24. What objection by a potential member is the easiest for you to deal with?


• Not enough money

• Want to think about it first

• Need to ask husband/wife

• Not enough time

25. Which of these can be the most beneficial to you as a club manager, but the most difficult to run?


• Tanning salon

• Juice bar

• Childcare

• Climbing wall

26. What one specific benefit should you always offer your employees?


• Health care

• Childcare

• Free membership

• Paid vacation (even for part-time employees)

27. You should never assume that members of current clubs will switch clubs and join yours, even if yours is a better deal and  a better gym.


• True

• False

28. What should your Club design focus on?


• Something that people don't really want to do

• Something that people desperately want to do

• Make people spend money on products and additional services

• Make people join your gym

29. Any employee who works for a gym should be physically fit.


• True

• False

30. Why do you ask potential members to fill out a fitness profile?


• To determine their level of fitness before they begin working out

• To determine what they want and need out of your club

• To get their contact information so you can reach them later

• To determine if they are seriously interested in joining your club

31. If you are an introvert, operating a health club might not be the best job for you.


• True

• False

32. As far as you are concerned, the best type of memberships are paid:


• Monthly

• Annually

• Weekly

• Whenever, as long as they are paid

33. How can you acquire equipment for your new club?


• Purchase equipment

• Lease equipment

• Purchase used equipment

• All of the above

34. When you give a potential member a tour, what kinds of words should you use?


• Any words that sell, sell, sell

• Positive, uplifting words

• Words that apply to things they are looking for in a gym

• Words relevant to their age and vernacular

35. You should only keep your club open for as many hour as you, personally, can work.


• True

• False

36. You should always strive to get as much free and low-cost advertising as possible, rather than pay for expensive ads.


• True

• False

37. You should buy a domain name even if it will be awhile before you build your website.


• True

• False

38. It really doesn't matter if you keep customer files on the computer or in paper form, as long as the system works for you and your employees.


• True

• False

39. How should you advertise your gym?


• Hope for word of mouth

• Radio ads

• Newspaper ads

• As many free and low-cost promotions as possible

40. If someone says they can't afford a gym membership, what should your response be?


• Offer to cut them a deal on the initiation fee

• Leave them alone; you don't want to force someone into a financial arrangement they can't afford

• Offer to reduce their monthly payment

• Tell them their health is the best investment they can make

41. When you consider like clubs and their prices for memberships and their services, you should look in a variety of locales for comparisons.


• True

• False

42. If you were to follow the suggested list for equipment in the course, how much would you spend each month on the equipment leases?


• $1,000

• $150

• $2,000

• $10,000

43. What one inexpensive component can dramatically change the look of your club?


• Paint

• Cleanser

• New equipment

• Lighting

44. Which of these is not recommended as essential for your gym?


• Stereo system

• Cash register

• Many mirrors

• Televisions

45. What one component can do more to improve the overall look of your club than any other?


• Design

• Color

• Expensive equipment

• Clean atmosphere

46. Which of these is not a leadership quality?


• Ability to direct

• Being open minded

• Positive attitude

• Confidence

47. You should be careful when looking for employees where?


• In the local classified ads

• Within the ranks of friends

• Within the ranks of current fitness members

• With an ad posted on a bulletin board

48. What is one of the main disadvantages to not keeping a trainer on staff (but choosing to use the contractor status instead)?


• They might also work elsewhere

• You can't advertise "x trainers on staff!"

• You can't offer benefits

• The trainer might leave and go somewhere else

49. One major disadvantage of a volume club is _______.


• The need to keep longer hours

• Wear and tear on the equipment

• Your profit is lower

• People prefer value clubs

50. A medium-sized new club should have how many elliptical machines?


• 1

• 2

• 4

• None