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Test answers for SAP Netweaver Skills Test 2020

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1. What are different status a profile can have in SAP System.


• Active or inactive and maintained

• Active or inactive

• Maintained or left to standard

• Active or inactive and left to standard

2. Which blocked qRFC queues should be monitored in an XI/PI system?


• SMQ1

• SMQ2


• All of the above

3. Which SAP Standard User is used to communicate between UME and ABAP User Management?


• Administrator

• J2ee_admin


• SAP*

4. Which parameter sets the storage location for TemSe (TEMporary SEquential Database) objects in the spool system?


• rspo/store_location

• rspo/location_store

• rsts/filename

• rsts/files/root/L

5. In which scenario can SAP Web Dispatcher be used?


• SAP Web AS ABAP only

• SAP Web AS JAVA only


• All of the above

6. Which of the following is the correct sequence of starting the SAP Web AS ABAP +Java?


• SCS Instance -> Central Instance -> Database Instance

• Central Instance -> Database Instance -> SCS Instance

• Database Instance -> SCS Instance -> Central Instance

• Database Instance -> Central Instance -> SCS Instance

7. While configuring the SSO between ECC and EP, which program is used to maintain or check the setting for the Integration into Portal?






8. Given that modification adjustments for the ABAP Dictionary are being performed using transaction SPDD during a SAP system upgrade, which of the following statements are correct?


• The objects which may need to be adjusted in SPDD are domains, data elements, and table definitions. The modification adjustment is performed during the upgrade.

• Modification adjustments for ABAP Dictionary are performed after the upgrade.

• Customer-developed reports in the customer name range are adjusted during the upgrade.

• Modification adjustments with transaction SPDD are performed during the upgrade to avoid data loss when customers have changed the standard ABAP dictionary objects.

9. What is an RFC used for?


• For extension of asynchronous RFC.

• For parallel processing.

• For communication between systems.

• For secure communication between systems.

10. You can change the UME properties using which of the following SAP Standard Tools?


• Visual Administrator

• UME Console

• Config Tool

• All of the above

11. If a user is already logged on to a logon group using logon load balancing, how are dialog work processes assigned to this user. Which of the following is correct?


• The user always remains assigned to the same dialog work process.

• Different dialog work processes of the same Instance of the SAP system will work sequentially for the user.

• Different dialog work processes of different Instances will work for this user depending on the load of the servers.

• It is not possible to logon to a server group using "group logon".

12. Which CCMS agent is used to configure in SAP NetWeaver Web AS ABAP+JAVA?


• Sapccmsr

• Sapccm4x


• All of the above

13. It is now peak production hours, the production system is hanging due to archive directory/filesystem being 100% full. There is a DDS4 autoloader connected directly to the database server dedicated for archive log backups. The compressed transfer rate is 19.8 GB/hr. The normal archive log backup option used is CDS. For every hour of unavailability of the production system, the company loses close to a million dollars. Which option will you take?


• Run archive log backup with CDS immediately.

• Move out a few GBS of all latest archive logs to another directory and initiate an archive log backup immediately.

• Move out a few GBS of all oldest archive logs to another directory and initiate an archive log backup immediately.

• Delete all archive logs older than 24 hours.

• All of the above

14. Which services can you use to change the severity of log files?


• Log Configurator service

• Integrated Log Viewer

• Standalone Log Viewer

• Monitoring service

15. Which users CANNOT make adjustments to the repository during an upgrade?



• SAP*

• J2EE_Admin

• All of the above

16. Which transaction code is used to stop/re-start a Java Instance via SAP GUI?





• All of the above

17. For Integrated Planning, which of the following JCO destinations must be defined in the Web Dynpro Content Administrator of the J2EE Engine?






18. What prerequisite must be met before applying the Support Package on the System?


• No need to configure TMS/CTS.

• No aborted Support Package in the System.

• The newest SPAM/SAINT update is required.

• Need to lock all users except DDIC.

19. Which RFC connections are used to establish a connection between Integration Server and System Landscape directory?





• All of the above

20. Which file of SAP gateway is used to control start-startup and registration of external RFC to secure the RFC connection?


• Info_sec

• Secinfo

• Infosec

• All of the above

21. What could be the possible causes of a transport request taking a long time to import in QAS system?


• No Background work processes are free.

• RDDIMPDP job is not running.

• No space is available in /usr/sap/transv.

• System hangs due to entries in TRBAT and TRJOB tables.

22. Which user is used for communication between the SAPCCMSR agent and the central monitoring system? Note that this user is a communication user with very specific authorizations.


• SAP*



• J2ee_admin

23. SAP Web AS JAVA system is restarting after 30 minutes again and again. What could the problem be?


• Heap memory is not set correctly.

• Temporary license is expired.

• Permanent license has been not applied.

• Java Virtual machine crashed due to high load.

24. Instance SAP Management Console has 3 Dialog iInstances (Application Server) - D01, D02 and D03. One of the Instances - D01 shows Yellow color status while others are green. What does the Yellow color status for the system D01 means?


• There is no problem.

• Database is not working.

• Some processes of D01 are not working.

• Instance D01 is stopped.

25. What are the Contents of the System Landscape Directory?


• Component Repository (CR)

• Landscape Data (LD)

• Name Reservation Data (NR)

• Integration Repository (IR)

26. Local work process memory is used for:


• ABAP Load

• Local roll area

• Local paging area

• None of the above

27. By which Transaction code can you execute RTCCTOOL & RSECNOTE in the SAP system?


• SE38

• ST13

• SA38

• SE35

28. Which of the following reports is used to display a list of all Instance-specific parameters and system-wide parameters?





• A and B are correct

29. A Development System has 3 clients. Customer demands an additional client which would contain Transactional Data, User Master Record and Master Data for the production client, given that there's no transactional data available in the development system for Unit Level testing. What would be the best approach to create a new client?


• Used Quality system of testing

• Perform client copy using SAP_ALL profile

• Refresh DEV system with PRD

• Both a and b are correct

30. Which files are required to update JDI Software component?



• SAPDEVINF<##>_<xx>.SCA

• SAPBUILDT<##>_<xx>.SCA

• None of the above

31. Which of the following statements concerning the Change and Transport System are true?


• The import is started automatically in the database of the target system as soon as the transport request is released in the source system.

• Newly created (and empty) transport requests always have one or more tasks.

• The transport directory is given by the parameter DIR_TRANS.

• All customizing requires a Customizing transport request.

32. In which sequence are the system parameters read from the specified locations by the system?


• Instance profile > Default profile > Kernel

• start.ini > Kernel > Default profile > Instance profile

• Kernel > Default profile > Instance profile

• Kernel > start.ini > Default profile > Instance profile

33. You need to connect one system with RFC to another System having three clients. Which of the following is true if all clients of the called system are to be connected to all clients of the calling system?


• Three RFCs will have to be made from the calling system to the three clients of the called system.

• There is no action required at the called system.

• Three RFCs will have to be made from all clients of the calling system.

• Only one RFC is required from the calling system to called system.

34. Through which functional module can we switch the operation mode?






35. What is the sequence in which a SAP system reads a profile during startup?


• Instance profile -> Default Profile -> Start Profile

• Instance profile -> Start Profile -> Default Profile

• Default Profile -> Instance Profile

• Start Profile -> Default Profile -> Instance Profile

36. In Web Dynpro, Navigation Modeler allows to change which of the following entities.


• View Sets and Views

• Inbound and outbound plugs

• Navigation links

• None of the above

37. Which of the following statements about connecting SAP systems to the System Landscape Directory (SLD) are correct?


• A Transaction RZ70 is used to connect SAP systems based on AS ABAP to the SLD.

• The Visual Administrator (SLD Data Supplier Service) is used to connect SAP systems based on AS Java to the SLD.

• Only transaction RZ70 is used to connect SAP systems based on AS ABAP + Java to the SLD. You do not require the Visual Administrator for this connection.

• If you import a Support Package (SP) into a SAP system connected to the SLD, you must manually trigger another data transfer to the SLD.

38. The SAP software component designed for registering the software components of your whole system landscape is known as _____________.


• SAP NetWeaver Administrator

• System Landscape Directory

• System Landscape Registry

• System Landscape

39. Which of the following requirements must be met to perform a modification in a SAP system?


• Developer must be registered as developer in the SAP Service Marketplace.

• All modifications must be registered in the SAP Service Marketplace.

• The developer for whom the developer key is requested must have attended the course BC400.

• Transaction SE06 must be set globally to "modifiable" in the SAP.

40. What are the benefits of configuring trusted relationship between SAP Systems?


• Single Sign-On is possible beyond system boundaries.

• No password is transmitted over the Network.

• Timeout mechanism protects against replay attack.

• User- specific logon data is not checked in the trusting system.

• None of the above

41. What are the functions of the Visual administrator in SAP web?


• Administrating and changing the properties either specific or common for each service or manager configuring the global properties.

• Obtaining general information about a service, manager, interface, or library.

• Changing/checking the value of heap memory of java processes (dispatcher/server).

• Logging on to J2EE engine via the Visual Administrator.

42. Which of the following are characteristics of Upgrade Strategy Downtime-Minimized?


• Production operation stops before import of substitution set into shadow tables or at the latest, before shadow Instance is started for first time

• Activation and distribution during production operation.

• Modification adjustment of the ABAP Dictionary objects during production operation.


43. Which steps are required (among others) to establish periodic data exchanges between the System Landscape Directory and the SAP Solution Manager system?


• The JCo RFC Provider service must be configured correctly in the SLD.

• A user who has administration authorization in the SLD must be defined in the SAP Solution Manager system.

• Transaction SMSY_SETUP must be used to schedule the LANDSCAPE_FETCH job periodically in the SAP Solution Manager system.

• An RFC destination (type T) for the SLD must be established in the SAP Solution Manager system.

44. SAP Logon Ticket used for authentication should contain:


• User ID

• User ID & Password

• ID of the Issuing System

• Digital signature of the issuing System

• All of the above

45. Which two RFC connections are tested when you run SLDCHECK Transaction Code?




• Integration_Directory_HMI


46. Before which phase of the Support Package Implementation can you reset the queue if import aborts or fails?






47. While applying the Support Patch, it throws the error "CANNOT_CREATE_COFILE". What is the solution to this problem?


• Delete the concerned file from the co-file directory and create the co-file manually.

• Upgrade the Kernel and restart the Support Patch activity.

• Delete the concerned file from the data and co-file directory and restart the Support Patch activity.

• Upgrade the SPAM and SAINT patch level.

48. SAP system is not coming up and it is showing an error "MsSClientHandle: no server provides service ENQ (4), requested from DEVSAPECC _DEV_01" in dev_ms file. Choose the correct reason of error?


• Message server port is occupied by any other process.

• SAP Central Instance is running.

• Dispatcher is not able to connect Message server.

• Database service is not running and SAP is not able to connect the Database.

49. What components can be installed on the SAP Web as ABAP + Java?


• Business Intelligence

• People Integration

• ERP Central Component

• Knowledge Warehouse

50. The logging and tracing infrastructure for SAP Web AS Java consists of ________


• SAP Logging API

• Log Configurator Service and Log Viewer

• Log Controller

• Log Manager

51. Which of the following is a Component of SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI).


• Component Build Service and Design Time Repository

• Change Management Service

• SAP System Landscape Directory

• All of the above

• None of the above

52. What are the sources of User Persistence Store in UME in Enterprise Portal?


• SAP Systems

• Database

• Portal Content Directory

• None of the above

53. What is the default value of the parameter "rstr/max_filesize_MB" SAP Enterprise Core Component 5.0 (SAP ECC)?


• 10 MB

• 15 MB

• 16 MB

• 20 MB

54. What functions are available in SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA)?


• Start and stop of SAP Instance

• Java System Report

• Logs and Traces

• Availability Monitoring and Central report

• All of the above

55. Which parameter specifies the maximum size of a security audit file?


• Rsau/max_diskspace

• Rsau_max_diskspace_perfile

• Rsau/max_diskspace/per_file

• Rsau_max_diskspace/per_file

56. Where is CSMCONF file stored at OS level (UNIX)?


• /usr/sap/<SAPSID/<SID_INSTANCE/sapccmsr

• /usr/sap/ccms/<SID_INSTANCE/sapccmsr

• /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/ ccms/<SID_INSTANCE/sapccmsr

• /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/sapccmsr

57. HTTP service is not running on Integration Server. This can cause connection problems, which in turn can cause the notification of the cache on the Integration Server to fail or messages which not arrive in the Integration Engine. Which are the services we need to check in the SICF transaction code related to XI?


• Cache_ssl

• Adapter _plain

• Cache_gui

• Engine

58. What UME Installation Options can you select during the installation of SAP Web Application Server AS Java?


• Use Java System Database

• Use ABAP System for User Only

• Use ABAP System for Users and Groups

• None of the above

59. Which statements concerning the transport of non-ABAP objects with the help of the ABAP Change and Transport System (CTS) are correct?


• You must use Customizing requests to transport non-ABAP objects.

• You must use Workbench requests to transport non-ABAP objects.

• Transport requests for non-ABAP objects can be created using the CTS_BROWSER Web Dynpro application.

• Transport requests for non-ABAP objects can be created using transaction SE09 on the transport domain controller.

60. How can you activate all ICF services for the PI systems?


• Execute RSXMB_ACTIVATE_ICF_SERVICES report via Transaction SE38

• Activate Services one by one Via Transaction SICF

• Execute RSXMB_ACTIVATE_ICF_SERVICES function Module via Transaction SE37

• All of the above

61. Which of the following activities can be performed by using user management administration console in SAP User Management Engine (UME)?


• Administration of Users, Roles and Groups.

• Manual Replication.

• Export/import of Users, Roles and Groups.

• Assignment public-key certificate to a User.

• None of the above

62. What are the different tools that are provided by the SAP to monitor and administer Java Instance processes from the OS level (UNIX Platform)?


• Visual administrator

• Config tool

• JCMON tool

• SAP Management Console (SAP MMC)

• Telnet Administration Tool

63. Which are the different Solution Manager Scenarios?


• Solution Monitoring

• Change Management System

• Transport Management system

• Service Desk System

64. Which of the following should be monitored for Database performance?


• Data Buffer Quality

• Cost-based optimizer statistics

• Lock entry

• None of the above

65. Which tools are available for user administration under Java?


• UME console

• Config tool

• Visual Administrator

• Transaction SU01D

66. What are the different levels of protection for communication connection secured with SNC?


• Authentication only

• Integrity protection

• Confidentiality protection

• Integration protection

67. What tool is provided by SAP for monitoring the SAP Web AS Java and Java applications?



• SAP Configtool

• GRMG (Generic Request and Message Generator)

• SAP Visual Administrator

68. In case of an error or issue while starting a Java Instance, which of the following log files or trace files can be used to find out the exact cause of the problem?


• dev_jcontrol

• dev_wp0

• dev _dispatcher and dev_server<n>

• jvm_server<n>.out and jvm_dispatcher.out

• All of the above

69. What kind of data can be retrieved from SLD?


• Installed Software Components, release and patch levels

• Server roles

• System Name and Number

• Database of the system