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Test answers for Knowledge of ISO9001 Test 2020

(72) Last updated: January 27
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1. Whose satisfaction is necessarily to be monitored and measured?


• Employees

• Customer

• Owners

• Producers

2. ISO9001 aims to enhance the satisfaction of :


• Employees

• Stake holders

• Customers

• Employers

• Management

3. Out of the given quality management principles, which one emphasizes on understanding & meeting requirements, and also obtaining effective results?


• customer focus

• process approach

• system approach to management

• continual improvement

4. Special Instructions:The following question may have more than one correct answer options
According to ISO9001, Monitoring and Measurement is required for:


• Delivery

• Process

• Product

• None of the above

5. ___________ is the technical committee of Environmental Management Systems.


• ISO/TC 207

• ISO/TC 206

• ISO/TC 205

• ISO/TC 204

6. In case any element cannot be applied to an ISO system due to the nature of an organization, it can be considered for exclusion as per:


• Clause 8

• Clause 6

• Clause 7

• Clause 9

7. Special Instructions:The following question may have more than one correct answer options

Documented procedure for control of records must define controls for their:


• identification

• storage and protection

• retention and retrieval

• none of the above

8. Special Instructions:The following question may have more than one correct answer options

ISO9001 certified organization is permitted to use an approved logo of the certifying body on its following items:


• Stationery

• Product

• Advertising Material

• Anywhere

9. ISO9001 can be applied to any organization irrespective of its size, structure and nature of the product.


• True

• False

10. ________ is required to analyze and compare the adequacy of the system resources in order to improve and achieve product quality.


• quality audit

• quality assurance

• quality conformance

• quality evaluation

11. Out of the given quality management principles, which one emphasizes on understanding & meeting current and future needs of the customers?


• Customer focus

• Process approach

• System approach to management

• Continual improvement

12. The work that the organization goes through to develop, manufacture, and deliver the finished goods or services is called


• manufacturing

• product validation

• product planning and control

• product realization

13. An activity of using resources to transform inputs into outputs is called:


• Method

• Process

• Procedure

• System

14. According to ISO9001 specifications, the product status needs to be identified:


• only before dispatching to the customer

• suitably throughout production process

• only while planning the production process

• only while determining the cost of the product

15. According to ISO specifications, customer property, if any, either used for production or incorporation


• need not be identified

• can not be used for production

• must be identified prior to use

• should not be used for more than one year

16. Monitoring and measurement equipment must be calibrated or validated


• during production process

• as and when required

• before using the equipment

• only before ISO audit

17. Which ISO standard sets guidelines for auditing Quality Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems?


• ISO 9000:2005

• ISO 19011:2002

• ISO 14001:9000

• ISO 14001:9001

18. In PDCA cycle P stands for Plan, D stands for Do, A stands for Act. What does C stand for?


• Control

• Co-ordinate

• Check

• Create

19. Appropriate records of education, training, skills and experience of the employees of the organization should be maintained by:


• quality assurance department

• external quality auditors

• accounts department

• personnel department

20. During an audit, which step is used to check if a product meets the initial product specification requirements?


• product verification

• product validation

• product specification

• product application

21. ISO9001 promotes adoption of the following approach while developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System


• Element based

• Dictatorial

• Process based

• Manager based

22. Guidelines for 'performance improvement' based upon the quality management principles are included in:


• ISO 9000

• ISO 9001

• ISO 9004

• ISO 14001

23. What needs to be planned and developed for product provision or provision of service, as required by ISO9001?


• Customer's Reception

• Communication process

• Manufacturing Processes

• quality management system

24. The organization actually responsible for Design and Development of product can claim exclusion of Clause 7.3 of the standard ISO9001.


• True

• False

25. The ISO members who have one vote each, irrespective to the strength of the economy are grouped as:


• full members

• correspondent members

• subscriber members

• partial members

26. Internal audits need to be conducted:


• At any time

• As and when convenient

• At planned interval

• Never

27. According to ISO9001 standards, ensuring consumer focus throughout the organization is the responsibility of:


• Top management

• Quality assurance manager

• Production manager

• ISO Auditor

28. According to ISO9001, top management does not include:



• President

• Chairman

• ISO auditor

29. The number of Quality Management System principles on which ISO9001 is based is:


• Twelve

• Eight

• Ten

• Four

30. Which of the following clause makes it mandatory to maintain the Records of Preventive Actions taken?


• Clause 8.4

• Clause 8.5.3

• Clause 7.5.3

• Clause 7.3.7

31. __________ is required for periodically keeping the system revitalized.


• registration audit

• internal audit

• pre-assessment or system audit

• surveillance audit

32. Necessary competence of the personnel working in the organization which has implemented ISO9001 is determined by:


• Production manager

• Personnel manager

• Quality Auditor

• Quality Assurance manager

33. In a four tier pyramid concept of documentation for ISO9001:2008 guidelines, what is included in the tier three documents?


• Quality manual, policies, objectives, organization, interaction of processes

• Work instructions, reference documents/charts and instructional computer screens

• Process documents, standard operating procedures, quality plans

• Forms, specification sheets, templates, drawings, data sheets, blueprints

34. ____________ is the written authorization for using materials that do not confirm to the quality requirements.


• production permit

• deviation permit

• concession waiver

• quality spiral

35. Special Instructions:The following question may have more than one correct answer options
Quality Objectives should be:


• Intangible

• Imaginary

• Measurable

• Consistent with Quality Policy

36. Resource management includes:


• a process of determining whether resources are sufficient to meet customer requirements

• evaluating the competence of personnel

• implementing a process for identifying training requirements

• identifying what is needed to maintain the requisite infrastructure

37. Records provide evidence of conformity to requirements and effective operation of Quality Management System


• True

• False

38. Special Instructions:The following question may have more than one correct answer options

Following are the current editions of the family of ISO9000 standards:


• ISO9000:2005

• ISO9000:2000

• ISO9001:2000

• ISO9001:2008

• ISO9004:2002

• ISO9004:2008

• ISO19011:2002

39. Product realization does not include:


• determination of requirements related to the product

• customer communication

• design and development planning

• monitoring and measurement of processes

40. ISO9001 does not recommend application of PDCA Methodology to all determined processes.


• True

• False

41. Follow-up audit, after Internal Audit observation of non-conformity


• is not required

• is performed every six months

• is required to verify the effectiveness of the corrective action

42. Under which clause of ISO9001, it is mandatory to identify Customer property?


• Clause 7.2

• Clause 8.2.2

• Clause 7.5.4

• Clause 7.6

43. The purpose of conducting Management Review is to


• ensure effectiveness of the Quality Management System

• conduct external audits

• fix responsibility for non-conformities

• increase the production trends

44. Which clause of ISO9001:2008 requires the statement of Quality Policy in the Quality Management System?


• Clause 4.2

• Clause 5.3

• Clause 6.2

• Clause 7.1

45. All ISO 9001:2000 certifications need to be revised to ISO 9001:2008 certifications by the end of:


• 2009

• 2010

• 2011

• 2012

46. The Technical Committee which considers, drafts and finalizes the International Quality Management System, ISO9001, is :


• ISO/TC186

• ISO/TC176

• ISO/TC167

• ISO/TC168

47. _________ is applied to corrective and preventive actions to prevent a problem from re-occuring.


• Dynamic Analysis

• Finite element analysis

• Analysis of Variance

• Root Cause Analysis

48. What needs to be ensured prior to their communication to the supplier.


• Price

• Packing

• Adequacy of purchase requirements

• Transportation

49. Which clause of  ISO 9001:2008 refers to the working conditions and is used to ensure that the product manufacturing requirements are being met?


• clause 6.4

• clause 7.2.1

• clause 6.3

• clause 6.2.1

50. A non-conforming product


• can be accepted without alteration

• should not be documented

• can be reworked to meet the specifications

• must be sold as scrap

51. Special Instructions:The following question may have more than one correct answer options
The role of top management, as required by ISO9001 is to provide leadership and take actions which create an environment where:


• People are fully involved

• Quality Management System can operate effectively,

• Stake holders enjoy the benefits,

52. What clause of ISO9001:2008 makes it mandatory to maintain the records of Management Review


• Clause 5.4

• Clause 5.6

• Clause 7.5

• Clause 5.2

53. The existing ISO 9001:2000 certification will stand invalid


• 1 year after publication of ISO9001:2008

• 2 years after publication of ISO9001:2008

• 6 months after publication of ISO9001:2008

• 3 years after publication of ISO9001:2008

54. The operational technique or activity required to fulfill quality requirements is:


• Quality assurance

• Quality control

• Quality surveillance

• Quality rating

55. The external auditor must review the management review documentation


• every alternate audit

• during every audit

• every 6 months

• whenever requested by the management

56. Which clause of ISO9001 makes it mandatory to have Documented Procedure for Document Control?


• Clause 6.2.2

• Clause 4.2.3

• Clause 4.2.4

• Clause 5.4.1

57. Documented procedure needs to be established for conducting Internal Audits:


• True

• False

58. Which clause of ISO9001:2008 specifies the requirement for a Quality Policy?


• Quality management system 4.2

• Management responsibility 5.3

• Resource management 6.2

• Product realization 7.1

59. Responsibility and Authority of various functionaries in the organization need not be defined and communicated within the organization.


• True

• False

60. The ISO9000 family of standards has been published by:


• International Standards Organization

• International Statistical Institute

• International Organization for Standardization

61. Which concept makes PDCA cycle a key element of ISO9001:2008?


• Productive process flow

• Shewhart cycle

• Continual improvement

• Customer satisfaction

62. Guidelines for performance improvement of the Quality Management System are provided in which standard:


• ISO9000

• ISO9001

• ISO9004

• ISO14001

63. All purchased products could be verified by:


• Incoming inspection

• Review and verification of supplier's Test Certificate

• Inspection at supplier's premises

• Any one or more of the above

64. ISO 9001:2000 requirements for the purchasing process do not specify:


• the purchasing information that should be provided so that suppliers clearly understand their customers' needs

• the ways in which supplied products can be verified

• the goods and services to be purchased by the customer

• the adequacy of purchase requirements, prior to their communication to the supplier

65. Quality Manual need not be documented for the Quality Management System of an organization:


• True

• False

66. According to one of the principles of Quality Management System, Continual Improvement should be a permanent objective of the organization.


• True

• False

67. Which clause of ISO9001 requires that a documented procedure be established for conducting Internal Audits:


• Clause 6.2.2

• Clause 7.2.2

• Clause 8.2.2

• Clause 5.2.2

68. ISO9001 Quality Management System specifies the creation of a documented statement of the organization's:


• Concerns

• Quality Policy

• Cultural practices

• Intentions

69. The ISO9001 standard requires that a Management Representative should be:


• An external person

• A member of the management of the organization

• Consultant

• Visitor to the organization

70. How many mandatory documented procedures are required by ISO9001 Quality Management System?


• 4

• 6

• 8

• 10

71. Special Instructions:The following question may have more than one correct answer options
The top management of the organization must ensure that:


• Quality Policy is stated

• Quality Objectives are defined and established

• Effective Quality Management System is established, implemented and maintained

• None of the above

72. Personnel working in the organization which has implemented ISO9001 Quality Management System, need to


• have received ISO training certification

• be competent on the basis of education, training, skills, experience

• have a minimum of 5 years of experience

• have a minimum of post graduate qualification


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