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Test answers for Digital Imaging Test 2020

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4 Answered Test Questions:

1. A compandor is a


• comparator-expander

• compressor-expander

• comparator-modulator

• compressor-demodulator

2. A CRO screen has 10 divisions on the horizontal line. If a voltage signal 5sin(314t + 45) is examined with a line base setting of 5 ms/divisions, the number of cycles in the signal displayed on the screen will be_______.


• 0.5

• 2.5

• 5

• 10

3. A certain oscilloscope with a 4cm by 4cm screen has its sweep output fed to its input. If the x and y sensitivities are the same, the oscillosope will display a_______.


• triangular wave

• diagonal line

• sine wave

• circle

4. Which type of vision is provided by the rods in the human eye?


• Isotopic vision

• Orthographic vision

• Scotopic vision

• Isotropic vision

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5. In the image representation , a picture-element is also called  a _____.


• bit

• pixel

• dit

• point

6. In which of the following image segmentation techniques are quad- trees used?


• Feature extraction

• Segmentation

• Classification

• None of the above

7. Which of the following is a linear filtering method?


• Wiener filter

• FIR filter

• Kalman filter

• All of the above

8. Which of the following is an image data compression technique?


• Pixel coding

• Predictive coding

• Transform coding

• All of the above

9. Which of the following is an application of the digital image processing?


• Geographical mapping

• Prediction of agricultural crops

• Weather forecasting

• All of the above

10. Inter-frame coding technique exploits the ______ between successive frames.


• gaps

• redundancy

• time

• space

11. Which of the following types of photoreceptors does the retina of the human eye contain?


• rods and cones

• cones and lens

• rods and lens

• lens and eyelid

12. In which of the following processes is the binary ladder used?


• Analog to digital conversion

• Digital to analog conversion

• Analog to analog conversion

• Digital to digital conversion

13. To read the RMS value of which of the following waveforms are true RMS reading voltmeters used?


• Only the sinusoidal waveform

• Only the non-sinusoidal waveform

• Both a and b

• Only the square waveform

14. White Block Skipping (WBS) is a method used for_______.


• image filtering

• image compression

• image sampling

• image perception

15. What is the range of wavelength of the light in the visible region?


• 150nm to 250nm

• 380nm to 750nm

• 350mm to780 mm

• 350um to 780um

16. Which of the following statements represents the Bloch's law?


• Light flashes of different duration but equal energy are indistinguishable.

• When a slowly flashing light is observed, the individual flashes are distinguishable.

• The eye is more sensitive to the flickering of high spatial frequencies than low spatial frequencies

• All of the above

17. On how many input samples does the zero memory quantizer operate at a time?


• One input sample

• Zero input sample

• Two input samples

• Four input samples

18. The Wiener filter can be implemented in the frequency domain via_______.


• fast binary transform

• slow binary transform

• fast unitary transform

• slow unitary transform

19. For which of the following image data compression techniques is PCM used as a method?


• Predictive coding

• Transform coding

• Pixel coding

• Color image coding

20. For which of following techniques is vector quantization used as a method?


• Image perception

• Image segmentation

• Image compression

• Image sampling

21. The term digital image generally refers to the processing of a _____.


• two-dimensional picture

• three-dimensional picture

• one-dimensional picture

• All of the above

22. Under which of the following conditions is the phenomenon called contouring used?


• If the number of quantization levels is more than that required in gray scale quantization.

• If the number of quantization levels is less than that required in grey scale quantization.

• When there is not a single level of quantization in gray scale quantization.

• All of the above

23. Which of the following filters is used for image restoration?


• Matched filter

• Dumb filter

• Weiner filter

• Band stop filter

24. Which of the following effects shows that brightness is not a monotonic function of luminance?


• Background law

• Dark shadow effect

• Mach band effect

• Power band effect

25. In the structural patterns of the surfaces of which object is texture observed?


• Wood

• Cloth

• Grain

• All of the above

26. Which of the following is an image restoration model?


• Noise model

• Sampled observation model

• Iimage formation model

• All of the above

27. Which of the following is an advantage of the vacuum tube voltmeter over the transistorized voltmeter (TVM)?


• The VTVM requires warm-up time

• The VTVM has high input impedance

• The power consumption of the VTVM is more in comparison with the TVM

• The VTVM cannot be operated on a low voltage source

28. Which of the following can be termed a two- tone image?


• Line drawings

• Letters

• Newsprints

• All of the above

29. Which of the following statement is not true?


• Any color can be matched by mixing at the most three colored lights.

• The luminance of a color mixture is equal to the sum of the luminance of its components.

• The human eye can resolve the components of a color mixture.

• A color match at one luminance level holds over a wide range of luminances.

30. To which of the following types does Weiner filtering belong?


• Non-linear filters

• Linear filters

• Non-recursive filter

• Inverse filters

31. Contrast stretching is an_______.


• image restoration technique

• image enhancement technique

• image analysis technique

• image segmentation technique

32. Which type of target is there in the vidicon tube?


• Photoconductive

• Photo emissive

• Photosensitive

• All the above

33. Which of the following expressions can define the Q -factor of a coil?


• C/R

• R/C

• L/R

• R/L

34. In the intermediate region of illumination,both rods and cones are active and provide _____.


• photopic vision

• isotopic vision

• photographic vision

• mesopic vision

35. If two sinusoidal voltage signals, between 0 and 90 degree out of phase and of equal amplitude and equal frequencies: in a CRO are applied to the horizontal and vertical deflection plates, what shape will appear on the screen?


• A straight line with 45 degree angle with +ve x-axis

• An ellipse

• A square

• A straight line with 135 degree angle with +ve x-axis

36. Which of the following techniques does Kalman filtering employs?


• Least square filtering

• Fourier domain filtering

• Recursive filtering

• Interpolation filtering

37. Two objects with different surroundings can have identical _______ but different ________.


• luminance, brightness

• brightness, luminance

• hue, brightness

• brightness, hue

38. Which of the following is a moment based feature of an image?


• Centre of mass

• Orientation

• Bounding rectangle

• All of the above

39. Which of the following is an image segmentation technique?


• Template matching

• Texture matching

• Boundary detection

• All of the above

40. Which of the following techniques is used in analog to digital (ADc)conversion?


• Ramp conversion

• Dual slope conversion

• Successive- approximation conversion

• All of the above

41. Which of the following is not an image filtering method?


• Speckle noise reduction

• Maximum entropy

• Bosch Method

• Bayesian method

42. The phenomenon in which overlapping of frequency spectrum takes place in sampling is called _______.


• Nyquist rate

• Aliasing

• Quantization

• Digitization

43. Which of the following methods is used to analyse the structure of patterns in image analysis?


• Medial axis transform

• Skeleton algorithms

• Thinning algorithm

• All of the above

44. Which of the following steps follows sampling in image digitization?


• Modulation

• Filtering

• Quantization

• Demodulation

45. Which of the following filters can effectively remove the aliasing effect?


• High pass filter

• Low pass filter

• Band pass filter

• Band stop filter

46. Of which of the following types is the general response of image detectors and recorders?


• Non-linear

• Linear

• Exponential

• None of the above

47. Which of the following is an image analysis technique?


• Feature extraction

• Segmentation

• Classification

• All of the above

48. About which of the following domains does image transform during image analysis provide information?


• Frequency domain

• Time domain

• Both frequency and time domain

49. Which of the following is not a method of predictive coding?


• Delta modulation

• Zonal coding

• Adaptive coding

• Interframe techniques

50. Which of the following is a type of digital voltmeters?


• Ramp type

• Dual slope integrating type

• Integrating type

• All of the above

51. Which of the following techniques belongs to inter-frame coding?


• Frame repetition

• Resolution exchange

• Conditional replenishment

• All of the above

52. Which of the following is a method to reduce speckle noise?


• Homomorphic filtering

• Entropy filtering

• Update filtering

• Steady-state filtering

53. Which of the following statements is true of quantizer mapping?


• For a given quantizer output, the input value cannot be determined uniquely.

• For a given quantizer output, the input value can be determined uniquely.

• Quantizer mapping is reversible.

• There is no distortion in quantization.

54. Which of the following noises is produced when monochromatic radiation is scattered from a surface and when roughness is of the order of a wavelength?


• Shot noise

• Speckle noise

• Thermal noise

• Humm noise

55. Which type of scanning is done by the Charge Coupled Devices (CCD)camera?


• Scan out

• Scan in

• Self scanning

• All the above

56. Which of the following is not a geometric feature of an image?


• Perimeter

• Area

• Centre of mass

• Corners

57. In image enhancement, which of the following function is performed on the image?


• Certain image features are accentuated for subsequent analysis

• Known degradations are removed from the image

• Quantitative measurements of the image are taken

• All of the above

58. Which part of the human eye acts as an aperture?


• Retina

• Cones

• Pupil

• Rods

59. Which of the following is a color coordinating system used for TV. Receivers?


• N.T.S.C



• All of the above

60. Edge detection in image analysis is used to_______.


• identify the object

• count the object

• find out the color of the object

• find out the number of edges in an object

61. Which of the following is not a model of image representation?


• Perception model

• Local model

• Memory model

• Global model

62. Which of the following are the perceptual attributes of color?


• luminance, hue and saturation

• brightness, hue and saturation.

• color, brightness and saturation

• contrast, hue and saturation

63. Which of the following statement is true?


• A band limited image can be space limited also

• A space limited image can be band limited also

• A band limited image cannot be space limited

• None of the above

64. By which of the following types of light is an object scanned in the scan-in method?


• Infrared light

• Thin-collimated light

• Incandescent light

• LED light

65. What would be the bandwidth requirement if we convert an analog video signal into a digital one?


• Larger bandwidth will be required for the digital signal

• Shorter bandwidth will be required for the digital signal

• The bandwidth requirement would be the same

• It will depend upon the sampling rate