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Test answers for Microsoft Outlook 2010 Test 2020

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5 Answered Test Questions:

1. .pst files, also known as Personal Folders files, created by Microsoft Outlook 2010 CANNOT be used with Microsoft Outlook 97-2002.


• True

• False

2. Consider the statements given below regarding the Common Feed List in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Statement X: When you delete an RSS Feed from the Common Feeds List, the RSS folder & contents aren't removed from Outlook.
Statement Y: Common Feed Lists are used to share the same RSS Feed subscriptions between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook.

Which of the following is correct?


• Statement X is correct, while Statement Y is incorrect.

• Statement Y is correct, while Statement X is incorrect.

• Both statements are incorrect.

• Both statements are correct.

3. "You need to remove all RSS feeds, internet calendar and sharepoint subscriptions from Outlook. Which command line switch would you use?"


• /cleansharing

• /share feed://URL/filename

• /cleanclientrules

• /cleanviews

4. Which of the following tabs contains the command used to create a "New Search Folder" in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• File tab

• Home tab

• Folder tab

• View tab

5. "Customize the Ribbon" option allows you to create new tabs and new groups to speed up your task.


• True

• False

42 NOT Answered Yet Test Questions:

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6. Which of the following actions from the Delete group not only moves all the existing messages but also the future messages in the selected Conversations to the Deleted Items folder?


• Ignore

• Clean Up

• Delete

7. Which of the following parameters is used to group e-mail messages as Conversations in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• Subject

• Cc

• Sender

• Date

8. It is possible to defer the delivery of a mail by a certain number of minutes even after clicking the send button.


• True

• False

9. When does the green ball, marked as A in the image above, appear in Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• When the Quick Access Toolbar is placed below the Ribbon.

• When the Quick Access Toolbar is placed above the Ribbon.

• When a custom group or command is added to the Quick Access Toolbar but no icon was assigned to represent the group or command.

• When there is no default command on the Quick Access Toolbar.

10. You customized the navigation pane with a lot of folders and shortcuts but now you want to remove all of them. What command line switch would you use with outlook.exe to remove the folders you added?


• /profiles

• /resetfolders

• /resetnavpane

• /recycle

11. Which of the following is INCORRECT regarding setting of passwords in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• There is no logon password for the Outlook program itself. The password you set protects only your Outlook data file (.pst) that is used in Outlook.

• If you are running Outlook with a Microsoft Exchange account, your data for that account, including password access, is automatically managed by Microsoft Exchange.

• You can set a password for individual folders within the .pst.

• None of the above.

12. What will happen if the Junk E-mail filter of Microsoft Outlook 2010 does NOT consider a message to be spam but considers it to be phishing?


• It will shift the message to the Spam folder.

• It will disable all the links in the e-mail.

• It will disable the Reply and Reply All commands.

• It will delete the e-mail.

13. Which of the following steps should be followed to create a signature?


• Click the File tab->Select Options->Select Mail->Click Signatures.

• Click the File tab ->Select Account Settings->Select E-mail->Click Signatures.

• Click New E-mail to compose mail->Select Options->Select Permission->Click Sign Mail.

• Click the File tab->Select Options->Select Trust Center->Click Trust Center settings->Select E-mail security->Click Add digital signature.

14. Which level of junk e-mail protection available in Microsoft Outlook 2010 will you apply, if you want all such e-mails to be treated as junk whose senders are neither on your Safe Senders List nor on your Safe Recipients List?


• No Automatic Filtering

• Low

• High

• Safe Lists Only

15. In Microsoft Outlook 2010, archiving of emails in a particular folder can be performed by:


• accessing the Folder Properties of that folder.

• accessing the AutoArchive Settings button.

• acessing the CleanUp Folder button.

16. Refer to the given image.
When does an attachment appear in the body of the message?


• When the message format is set to Rich Text.

• When the message format is set to HTML.

• When the message format is set to Plain Text.

• All of the above.

17. Which standard form is used to record actions which relate to specific contacts and put the action in a Timeline view?


• Post

• Journal Entry

• Appointment

• Task Request

18. When you add holidays to outlook using File, Calendar, Add holidays command, you are adding holidays stored in which file?


• profilename.xml

• outlook.hol

• outlook.hks

• outlook_col.hkc

19. What are the benefits of digitally signing an e-mail in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• Digital signatures help authenticate the source of the messages.

• Both the sender and the receiver of a message can verify that the message has not been altered during transmission if the message is digitally signed.

• Digitally signed e-mails meet legal requirements for admissibility and authenticity.

• All of the above.

20. Which among the following command-line switches starts up Microsoft Outlook 2010 with the Reading Pane turned off?


• /noextensions

• /nocustomize

• /nopreview

• /profiles

21. In Microsoft Outlook 2010, there is a feature called Information Rights Management (IRM). What is the basic purpose of this feature?


• It is used to specify access permissions to email messages.

• It protects the privacy of the message by converting it from readable plaintext into scrambled ciphertext.

• It helps prevent message tampering in order to protect the authenticity of an email message.

• It is used to share business data between different users.

22. Which of the following actions CANNOT be performed by the user on the Business Contact Manager database?


• Update records

• Create new records

• Delete records permanently

• Move records to the Deleted Items folder

23. Refer to the image above and identify which Home tab group these commands belong to?


• Move

• Quick Steps

• Respond

• Tags

24. What do the big orange dots visible in the image above denote?


• The currently selected message.

• The most recent message in its own branch of Conversations, whether or not that branch is currently selected.

• The most recent message in the currently selected branch of Conversations.

• Currently selected branch of Conversations.

25. You are going on a vacation, but you want Microsoft Outlook 2010 to handle your emails in your absence. Your requirements are as follows:

1. Every email should be forwarded to your subordinate.
2. An automated reply (with predefined message) should be sent to the sender, and the corresponding email should be deleted from inbox.

Which feature of Microsoft Outlook will be used in order to perform these handling operations?


• Applying multiple actions, using Quick Steps.

• Applying multiple rules, using Manage Rules and Alerts.

• Assigning Categories to emails, using the Categorize button in the Home tab.

26. How do you repair a Microsoft Outlook 2010 .pst file if it gets damaged?


• By using the last backup .pst file.

• By scanning the .pst file with scanpst

• By re-logging into the mail account.

• The file cannot be repaired.

27. What type of data files can you import from other applications and programs for use in the Business Contact Manager for Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• .csv

• .mdb

• .pst

• .xml

28. Which of the following record types of Business Contact Manager for Microsoft Outlook 2010 allows you to plan and track communication activities to accomplish a business result, such as increasing market share, introducing a new product, or retaining customers?


• Opportunity

• Marketing Activity

• Business Project

• Business Contact

29. What is the purpose of time stamping a digital signature in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• It helps you mitigate integrity threats.

• It ensures that digital signatures remain valid and legally defensible even if the certificate that is used to sign the document expires.

• It enables you to specify cryptographic settings for encrypting documents.

• It is a security tool that enables users to designate safe documents.

30. Which of the following tag is not available in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• Unread/read

• Follow Up

• Categorize

• Show in Favorites

31. Suppose that you receive an e-mail from the address If the e-mail is signed by, then which of the following scenarios is correct?


• The e-mail is sent by

• The e-mail is sent by

• The e-mail is sent either by or .

• It is not possible for the two addresses to be different.

32. Which of the following are included in a digitally signed e-mail message?


• Certificate

• CAPTCHA image

• Public key

• Sender's full name

33. Which of the following parts does the Microsoft Outlook 2010 To-Do Bar consist of?


• Date Navigator

• Appointments

• Task List

• Contacts

34. Which of the following Microsoft Outlook file types is used when you have an Exchange account and you choose to work offline or you use default Cached Exchange Mode?


• .pst

• .ost

• Both a and b

35. For which of the following Business Contact Manager record types is it mandatory to be linked to an Account or Business Contact record?


• Marketing Activity

• Project Task

• Opportunity

• Business Project

36. When Microsoft Outlook is used, your email messages, calendar, tasks and other items are saved on a mail server, on your computer, or both. The Outlook items that are saved on your computer are kept in an Outlook Data File (.pst and .ost). Consider the below-given statements regarding Outlook Data Files.

Statement X: Outlook Data Files (.pst) are used for POP3 and IMAP accounts and local files.
Statement Y: Outlook Data Files (.ost) are used for a Microsoft Exchange account cached mode or and when required to work offline.

Which of the following options is correct?


• Statement X is correct, while Statement Y is incorrect.

• Statement Y is correct, while Statement X is incorrect.

• Both Statements X and Y are incorrect.

• Both Statements X and Y are correct.

37. Which of the following is/are the way(s) to add RSS feeds to Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• By adding the RSS feed URL.

• By importing the RSS feeds from RSS OPML file.

• Both a and b.

• Neither a nor b.

38. Which advanced option of the Current View allows you to preview the first three lines of an unread e-mail message?


• AutoPreview

• Multiline layout

• Both a and b

• None of the above

39. Suppose there are some files in a folder named 'demo', which were archived to a file named demo.pst. Now you want to restore this archive to a folder named 'demo1'. Which option in the File tab will you use for this purpose, in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• Info

• Open

• Options

• None of these

40. Which view displays contact picture?


• Card

• Phone

• Business Card

• List

41. Which of the following is an incorrect way of adding a command to the Quick Access Toolbar?


• Drag and drop the shortcut of the command from the Ribbon.

• Right click on the ribbon-> Customize the Quick Access Toolbar-> Add Command.

• Click the File tab-> Click Options-> Click Quick Access Toolbar-> Click Add Command.

• Right click the command to be added-> Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

42. In Microsoft Outlook 2010, the Outlook Social Connector performs various functionalities for the logged in user. Identify those functionalities from among the following options.


• Presenting the contact information of the logged in user.

• Listing the comment posts or messages from social networks.

• Listing past and future meetings or appointments.

• Auto archiving of a particular folder.

43. Which of the following types of tabs is displayed in the tab row when an object, such as an image, is selected or highlighted in the application workspace, in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• Standard ribbon tabs

• Modal tabs

• Contextual tabs

44. Which of the following methods will you use to insert a hyperlink in a message in Microsoft Outlook 2010, if the format of the mail is set to Rich Text?


• Type the hyperlink in the body of the message.

• Drag a hyperlink into the body of the message.

• Click on the Insert tab -> Go to the Links group -> Add Hyperlink.

• Any of the above methods can be used.

45. How can you remove duplicate emails present in a particular folder?


• By using the Clean Up Folder option.

• By repeatedly using the Send/Receive mails option.

• By applying filtration of the email according to groups, in a particular folder.

• By sorting the emails received in a particular folder.

46. Which of the following delegate permission levels allows you to change and delete the items that the manager created?


• Author

• Editor

• Reviewer

47. Which of the following formats can you use to export data from the Business Contact Manager for use in other applications?


• .bcm

• .bcmx

• .csv

• All of the above