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Test answers for Knowledge of Microsoft Office Skills Test 2020

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74 Answered Test Questions:

1. Which of the following axis settings are available for the appearance of data bars for negative values in Microsoft Excel 2010?


• Automatic

• Cell midpoint

• Cell right

• Cell left

2. Which of the following is true regarding Microsoft Excel 2010 Web App?


• It is possible to work with sparklines and slicers on an Excel Web Access page after publishing an Excel workbook to a SharePoint library.

• It is possible to view a workbook, as well as comments contained in it, in the browser view in Excel Web Access.

• Changing data types is allowed while using the edit capability of a published workbook in Excel Web Access.

• A shared workbook can be loaded in the browser.

3. Which of the following statements regarding images in Microsoft Excel 2010 are true?


• Microsoft Excel 2010 validates images which are in the form of external and active content.

• Microsoft Excel 2010 provides for changing the sharpness and contrast of images but not changing their transparency.

• Microsoft Excel 2010 supports 3D rotation of images.

4. In the given screenshot, the letter X is pointing to an area between the first Row header, and the first Column header. What will happen when this particular area is selected?


• It will select the whole sheet, having the same effect as that of Ctrl+A.

• It will close and save this particular worksheet of the workbook.

• Nothing will happen.

• It will hide this particular worksheet.

5. Which of the following types of worksheets will not load in Microsoft Excel Services?


• Worksheets with ActiveX controls

• Worksheets with tables

• Worksheets with hyperlinks

• Worksheets with Organization Charts and Diagrams

• All of the above

6. Why would you use content controls in a document?


• To get information from another source and have it appear at a specific place in a document.For example, the customer data automatically appears when you create a new invoice.

• To create a document and restrict what people can do with it. For example, you create a document that contains legal language, and you want to ensure people don't accidentally change or delete any of its text.

• To create structured regions of a document that people fill out. For example, the cover page of the proposal can't be changed except by filling out the title and author.

• All of the above

• None of the above

7. Which of the following actions CANNOT be performed by the user on the Business Contact Manager database?


• Update records

• Create new records

• Delete records permanently

• Move records to the Deleted Items folder

8. If a table cell is vertically split into two separate cells using the Draw Table option, any existing text in the cell will be split up and text will appear in both of the two newly created cells .


• True

• False

9. You are editing a shape using the Drawing Tools. Which among the following Shape Fill options in the Shape Styles group gives you control over the transparency for a shape?


• Fill color, More Fill Colors

• Background Color

• Texture

• Pattern

10. You have just created a new document based on the normal template and have created a custom style. You now want to make that custom style easily available in all future documents. In order to do this, you need to select:


• "Add to Quick Style List" in the Styles pane.

• "New documents based on this template" under modify style option.

• Copy the style to each document manually each time you want to use it.

11. Which of the following delegate permission levels allows you to change and delete the items that the manager created?


• Author

• Editor

• Reviewer

12. What is one way to ensure that the sound icon doesn't show in the presentation?


• By choosing Hide During Show from the Audio Tools Playback tab of the Ribbon

• By applying a transparent picture fill effect to the sound icon on the slide

• By clicking the Sound Options Dialog Launcher on the Ribbon and checking Hide audio icon during slide show

• All of the above

13. Which of the following is INCORRECT regarding setting of passwords in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• There is no logon password for the Outlook program itself. The password you set protects only your Outlook data file (.pst) that is used in Outlook.

• If you are running Outlook with a Microsoft Exchange account, your data for that account, including password access, is automatically managed by Microsoft Exchange.

• You can set a password for individual folders within the .pst.

• None of the above

14. Slicers are filtering components which are used to filter the data in a PivotTable report or CUBE functions. Which of the following data sources is/are supported by Slicers in Microsoft Excel 2010?


• Office Database connections

• Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Queries

• Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Cube Files

15. With which chart type(s) is the "Depth Gridlines" option available?


• Bubble chart

• Line chart

• True 3D chart

• All of the above

16. Which of the following tag is not available in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• Unread/read

• Follow Up

• Categorize

• Show in Favorites

17. By default, when you paste a chart from Excel into PowerPoint 2007, is it linked or embedded?


• It is linked

• It is embedded

18. Below are two statements regarding Breaks in Microsoft Word 2010.

Statement X: Text Wrapping Page Break separates text around objects on web pages, such as caption text from body text.
Statement Y: Continuous Section Break inserts a section break and starts the new section on the next page.

Which of the following options is correct?


• Statement X is correct. Statement Y is incorrect.

• Statement X is incorrect. Statement Y is correct.

• Both Statements X and Y are correct.

• Both Statements X and Y are incorrect.

19. Which of the following is not a category of transition?


• Subtle

• Exciting

• Dynamic Content

• Emphasis

20. Dave receives a file named Theme1.thmx from his boss. Opening the file opens a blank PowerPoint document. On clarifying from his boss, he learns that the .thmx file contains a particular theme which needs to be applied to the annual report on which Dave is working. How can Dave achieve this?


• By pasting all the text of the report in thePowerPoint file which opens on double clicking the .thmx file and then saving it as a Word document.

• By opening the .thmx file with Microsoft Word 2010 and pasting the complete report text into it.

• Dave's Boss is wrong. No such arrangement is possible in Microsoft Word 2010.

• By opening the Word file containing the report, and importing the theme from the .thmx file by using the "Browse for themes" option on the Page Layout tab.

21. How can you remove duplicate emails present in a particular folder?


• By using the Clean Up Folder option.

• By repeatedly using the Send/Receive mails option.

• By applying filtration of the email according to groups, in a particular folder.

• By sorting the emails received in a particular folder.

22. How do you turn off the controls that show in the lower left corner of the screen during a slide show?


• Right-click the controls in the slide show and choose Don't Show

• Choose the menu Tools -> Options and uncheck Show Popup Toolbar on the View tab

• Choose the menu File -> Options -> Advanced and select Show Popup Toolbar

• Press F1 during the slide show

23. You are a financial consultant to multiple clients and you made an investment model for them. Now you want to find out how investment rates change under different market conditions. Which of the following Microsoft Excel 2010 What-if analysis tools will you use to study such conditions?


• Scenarios

• Data tables

• Goal Seek

24. In Microsoft Excel 2010, The LOOKUP function returns a value either from a one-row or one-column range or from an array. Which of the following statements are true regarding the LOOKUP function in Microsoft Excel 2010?


• lookup_value is an optional argument of the LOOKUP function in Microsoft Excel 2010 when the vector form is used.

• The values in the array used by the LOOKUP function in Microsoft Excel 2010 must be in the ascending order.

• If the array used by the LOOKUP function in Microsoft Excel 2010 contains more columns than rows, then LOOKUP searches for the value of lookup_value in the first column.

• If the array used by the LOOKUP function in Microsoft Excel 2010 contains more rows than columns, then LOOKUP searches for the value of lookup_value in the first column.

25. The image given above is that of the Recording toolbar, which appears when you Rehearse Timings. What does the part of the toolbar marked 'A' in the image refer to?


• It displays the slide time.

• It displays the total presentation time.

• It displays the time taken by the first slide.

• None of the above

26. In the given screenshot, there are red triangles in the upper-right corner of each cell under the column titled 'Registrations'. What do these signify?


• The red triangles represent the comment associated.

• The red triangles signify an associated data validation control.

• The red triangles represent the tracking of the cell.

• The red triangles signify that the cell is a hidden cell.

27. When using the booklet-printing feature, the term "gutter" refers to the space between page content and the fold in the middle of the paper where you would normally bind pages together.


• True

• False

28. Which of the following are included in a digitally signed e-mail message?


• Certificate

• CAPTCHA image

• Public key

• Sender's full name

29. Which of the following actions from the Delete group not only moves all the existing messages but also the future messages in the selected Conversations to the Deleted Items folder?


• Ignore

• Clean Up

• Delete

30. Which of the following methods will you use to insert a hyperlink in a message in Microsoft Outlook 2010, if the format of the mail is set to Rich Text?


• Type the hyperlink in the body of the message.

• Drag a hyperlink into the body of the message.

• Click on the Insert tab-> Go to the Links group-> Add Hyperlink.

• Any of the above methods can be used.

31. If you were writing a book and wanted each chapter to start on the right page, which Section Break would you use to begin each chapter?


• Even Page

• Odd Page

• Continuous

32. Which standard form is used to record actions which relate to specific contacts and put the action in a Timeline view?


• Post

• Journal Entry

• Appointment

• Task Request

33. Which of the following areas in the Microsoft Excel 2010 PivotTable Field List, calculates the aggregates of columns?


• Report Filter

• Row Labels

• Values

34. If I do not want the contents of one of my fields to automatically update, I would have to do which of the following?


• Lock the field.

• Protect the field.

• Make the field hidden.

• Turn field shading off.

35. Consider the following scenario:

A table cell contains text. You place your cursor in that cell and split it into two columns. The resultant text will:


• be spread across both cells.

• be deleted.

• remain intact in the first cell and the second cell will be empty.

36. How will you read comments that reviewers have added to your presentation?


• On the View tab, in the Show/Hide group, click on Show Comments.

• On the Review tab, in the Comments group, click on Show Markup.

• Both a and b

• None of the above

37. Which of the following animation Effect Options will you choose when you want the SmartArt diagram to animate piece by piece?


• One by one

• As one object

• Dim after animation

• By 1st Level Paragraphs

38. What is one thing the Compress Pictures feature does?


• Changes all pictures from color to black and white

• Decreases the contrast of all pictures in the presentation

• Permanently deletes cropped areas of pictures

• Condenses the pictures to one area of the slide

39. Which of the following is NOT an option when inserting a Cross-reference?


• Numbered item

• SmartArt

• Heading

• Equation

• Table

40. Refer to the image above and identify which Home tab group these commands belong to?


• Move

• Quick Steps

• Respond

• Tags

41. What is the purpose of time stamping a digital signature in Microsoft Excel 2010?


• It helps you mitigate integrity threats.

• It ensures that digital signatures remain valid and legally defensible even if the certificate that is used to sign the document expires.

• It enables you to specify cryptographic settings for encrypting documents.

• It is a security tool that enables users to designate safe documents.

42. In MS Excel when your cursor is in the last cell of a table, what does Tab key do?


• Adds a row at the bottom of the table

• Adds a row at the top of the table

• Adds a column to the right of the current cell

• Places your cursor on the next object on the slide

43. Suppose you want to use the Translate command to work with the text. Where can you locate it on the Ribbon?


• In the Insert tab

• In the Design tab

• In the View tab

• In the Review tab

44. Which of the following types of tabs is displayed in the tab row when an object, such as an image, is selected or highlighted in the application workspace, in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• Standard ribbon tabs

• Modal tabs

• Contextual tabs

45. Which of the following statements is not true regarding offline cube files in Microsoft Excel 2010?


• An offline cube file stores data in the form of an OLAP cube.

• The file format for an offline cube file is .ocf.

• An offline cube file allows you to work with PivotTable and PivotChart reports even when the server is unavailable.

46. To insert a new citation to a specific book in a Microsoft Word 2010 document, you should select:


• References" > "Style".

• References" >"Insert Citation" >"Add New Source.

• References" >"Insert Citation" >"Add New Placeholder.

• None of the above

47. You customized the navigation pane with a lot of folders and shortcuts but now you want to remove all of them. What command line switch would you use with outlook.exe to remove the folders you added?


• /profiles

• /resetfolders

• /resetnavpane

• /recycle

48. How would you write on the slides during a slide show?


• In the Slide Sorter view, right-click on the slide that you want to write on, point to Pen Options, and then click on a pen. Drag it to write.

• On the Slide Show tab, in the Set Up group, select a pen and then drag it to write.

• In the Slide Show view, right-click on the slide that you want to write on, point to Pointer Options, and then click on a pen or a highlighter option. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to write.

• All of the above

49. Which of the following record types of Business Contact Manager for Microsoft Outlook 2010 allows you to plan and track communication activities to accomplish a business result, such as increasing market share, introducing a new product, or retaining customers?


• Opportunity

• Marketing Activity

• Business Project

• Business Contact

50. The default chart colors are determined by what?


• Slide Design Effects

• Slide Background Graphics

• Slide Fill Shading

• Slide Color Scheme

51. How would you assign a macro to a graphic?


• On the Developer tab, in the Code group, click on Macros.

• On the View tab, click on Macros and then click on Assign Macro on the shortcut menu. In the Macro name box, click on the macro that you want to assign.

• On a worksheet, right-click on the graphic, then click on Assign Macro on the shortcut menu. In the Macro name box, click on the macro that you want to assign.

• You can use any of the above three techniques.

• You cannot assign a macro to a graphic.

52. What will happen if the Junk E-mail filter of Microsoft Outlook 2010 does NOT consider a message to be spam but considers it to be phishing?


• It will shift the message to the Spam folder.

• It will disable all the links in the e-mail.

• It will disable the Reply and Reply All commands.

• It will delete the e-mail.

53. In MS 2010 PowerPoint, how would you crop a picture to an exact set of dimensions?


• Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Size group, click Dialog Box Launcher, then Crop. Enter the size numbers in the Width, Height, Left and Top boxes.

• Select the picture and right click on it. Select Size and Position from the list and then enter the size numbers in the Width, Height, Left and Top boxes.

• Both a and b

• None of the above

54. What are the benefits of digitally signing an e-mail in Microsoft Excel 2010?


• Digital signatures help authenticate the source of the messages.

• Both the sender and the receiver of a message can verify that the message has not been altered during transmission, if the message is digitally signed.

• Digitally signed e-mails meet legal requirements for admissibility and authenticity.

• All of the above.

55. Which of the following describes the outcome of double-clicking on a pivot report value of a PivotTable in Microsoft Excel 2010?


• Excel displays data corresponding to the pivot report value on the same sheet.

• Excel creates a new sheet with data corresponding to the pivot report value.

• Excel creates a new workbook with data corresponding to the pivot report value.

56. Suppose you have created a report in Excel named 'report.xlsx'. Now you want your team members should be able to see the report remotely on a web browser, and edit the report, as desired. Also it is required that the previous versions of the report are maintained to protect against any loss of data. Which of the following options is the most suitable one to deploy this report?


• Share 'report.xlsx' by saving it to SkyDrive.

• Share 'report.xlsx' by saving it to a SharePoint site.

• Share 'report.xlsx' by sending it through email.

57. How would you add a logo to all the slides in a presentation?


• In the Normal editing View, paste the logo onto every slide in the presentation.

• In the Slide Master View, add the logo to the slide master and the title slide layout.

• In the Slide Master View, add the logo to the blank slide layout.

• None of the above

58. In Microsoft Word 2010, "Keep lines together" paragraph formatting:


• works well for paragraphs within a table if "Allow row to break across pages" is also selected.

• automatically enables the text rows to break across pages.

• does not work for paragraphs within a table if "Allow row to break across pages" is also selected.

• always works for paragraphs within a table.

59. Which of the following defines the correct purpose of using a poster frame image?


• To add still image introduction to the video

• To add visual effect to the narration

• To insert a picture on any part of the screen

• To create or edit a presentation based on a set of pictures

60. You want to add an image as the first character in your paragraph. Which type of text wrapping treats your graphic as if it were a character?


• Through

• Square

• In Front of Text

• In Line with Text

61. Which among the following settings is the default macro security setting?


• Disable all macros without notification.

• Disable all macros except digitally signed macros.

• Disable all macros with notification.

• Enable all macros.

62. What does the Compare tool do?


• Compares changes in two presentations

• Compares one image to another to indicate differences

• Compares file size

• Compares presentations for backward compatibility

63. Which among the following chart types do not have axes?


• Bar charts

• XY (Scatter) charts

• Doughnut charts

• Area charts

64. Format Painter will not normally work with pictures in which the text wrapping is set to:


• Square

• Behind Text

• In Front of Text

• In Line with Text

65. Which level of junk e-mail protection available in Microsoft Outlook 2010 will you apply, if you want all such e-mails to be treated as junk whose senders are neither on your Safe Senders List nor on your Safe Recipients List?


• No Automatic Filtering

• Low

• High

• Safe Lists Only

66. Which picture format maintains transparency in MS 2010 Powerpoint?


• .png

• .gif

• .jpg

• .wmf

67. How do you insert a new slide master into a presentation?


• In Master View, click the Insert Layout button

• In Master View, click the Insert Slide Master button

• In Slide Sorter View, click the Insert Slide Design button

• In Normal editing View, click the Insert Slide Design button

68. In the Customize Ribbon dialog, choosing Reset All Customizations does what?


• It restores the Ribbon to the default settings.

• It restores the Quick Access Toolbar to the default settings.

• It restores both the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar to the default settings.

69. How many items can be maintained on the clipboard at one time?


• One

• Up to 24

• Unlimited

• Up to 100

70. You added a custom tab in the Microsoft Excel Ribbon and exported this Ribbon Toolbar customization into a file named 'custom.exportedUI'. After a few days, you import this Ribbon Toolbar customization file back to Microsoft Excel 2010. What will happen to the prior Ribbon Toolbar customizations made during this period?


• All prior customizations will be retained.

• All prior customizations will be merged.

• All prior customizations will be lost.

71. How do you repair a Microsoft Outlook 2010 .pst file if it gets damaged?


• By using the last backup .pst file.

• By scanning the .pst file with scanpst

• By re-logging into the mail account.

• The file cannot be repaired.

72. Suppose there are some files in a folder named 'demo', which were archived to a file named demo.pst. Now you want to restore this archive to a folder named 'demo1'. Which option in the File tab will you use for this purpose, in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


• Info

• Open

• Options

• None of these

73. Josh is to create a technical write-up comprising short paragraphs with double line spacing. Each paragraph is to be separated from the other by a single line space. He writes a paragraph, selects the text, points to Line Spacing on the paragraph toolbar and sets it to 2.0. He gets the paragraph double spaced. The moment he clicks enter to start a new paragraph, it automatically gets double spaced. How can Josh achieve paragraphs separated by single line spaces from each other within the document?


• He sets the Line Spacing on the formatting toolbar to 1.0.

• He selects the double-spaced paragraphs and clicks on Paragraph.Then under Indents and Spacing, he sets the Spacing "Before" and "After" options to zero.

• He uses the Shift and Enter keys at the same time to create a new paragraph.

• He selects the double-spaced paragraphs and clicks on Paragraph. Then under Indents and Spacing, he sets the Spacing "Before" and "After" options to Auto.

74. In the given screenshot, the contents of the 'Name of User' column have been oriented at an angle. How is this done?


• By using the 'Orientation' button in the alignment group of the 'Home' tab.

• By using the 'Format Cells' in the context menu.

• By using the 'Orientation' button on the 'Page Layout' tab.

• By using the 'WordArt' button on the 'Insert' tab.

3 NOT Answered Yet Test Questions:

(hold on, will be updated soon)
75. What view must be used when inserting a subdocument?


• Print Layout

• Web Layout

• Outline

• Full Screen Reading

76. Which among the following command-line switches starts up Microsoft Outlook 2010 with the Reading Pane turned off?


• /noextensions

• /nocustomize

• /nopreview

• /profiles

77. For which of the following Business Contact Manager record types is it mandatory to be linked to an Account or Business Contact record?


• Marketing Activity

• Project Task

• Opportunity

• Business Project