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Test answers for Press Releases 2020

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95 Answered Test Questions:

1. What is the purpose of an SEO press release?


• To drive online traffic to another location such as a website, registration page or a blog post.

• To get likes on Facebook

• To get retweets on twitter

2. What should be included at the end of the press release?


• Company information

• Contact details

• Date

• Author's name

3. The body of a press release traditionally ends with:


• A long dotted line.

• Three X's.

• A short dotted line.

• Three "#" symbols.

4. What is an example of a Media Alert?


• A warning about the weather.

• An event, such as a press conference.

• A deadline for reporters to send in their articles.

5. What is a news embargo?


• A request by a source that the information or news provided by that source not be published until a certain date.

• Access to exclusive information.

• Refusing to work with a journalist

• A penalty for printing bad news about a company.

6. Press releases are most commonly written in "AP style." "AP" here stands for:


• Associated Press.

• Accounts Payable.

• Advanced Placement.

• Advanced Publication.

7. What are the 3 core components of a press release?


• Headline, website links, twitter feed

• Headline, Body, Contact Information

• Headline, sales pitch, call to action

• Headline, Facebook page, email address

8. When using quotations in a press release, they should be:


• From the CEO.

• From as many people in the company as you can get on the record.

• From the most relevantly authoritative person in the company.

• From the head of Marketing.

9. What might be included in a social media news release?


• A plea to like the post on Facebook.

• A favorite Pinterest pin

• Images, audio and video as well as links to relevant websites and coverage of resulting online conversations.

• "Please retweet this"

10. What is the best way to distribute a press release?


• To all contacts in email list

• To a highly targeted group of journalists with interest in subject matter.

• Via facsimile

11. Which of these are common reasons press releases fail in social media?


• They don’t have a specific audience in mind, and are written broadly and presented blandly

• They are full of marketing-speak that fosters mistrust in the eyes of the audience

• All of these

• They have the wrong singular focus, which is on the company issuing the release

12. How do you measure the effectiveness of a press release?


• How many of your friends like your Facebook page.

• By how many words it has.

• Reads Click-through Conversions Online pickups Press coverage

• By having it written by a really famous author.

13. Before sending a press release to a new media outlet, you must always:


• Examine the media outlet's material to be sure your press release is relevant.

• Buy a subscription to their publication.

• Buy advertising in their publication.

• Send a note to the outlet letting them know a press release is coming their way.

14. A press release headline should:


• Engage the reader and encourage them to read further.

• Include contact information.

• Use the longest words of the article.

• Include all the information a reporter needs to write the story.

15. How to deliver bad news in a press release?


• Blame other people for what happened.

• Make everything sound really good.

• Simply stating the facts without embellishment.

• Cover up the really bad news.

16. A press release can be effective when sent to:


• Social networks.

• All of the above.

• Print and television media.

• Bloggers.

17. What should the audience know in the first paragraph?


• Who, What, When, Where, Why

• Expenses

• Quotes

• Company details

18. In an emailed press release, the subject line should contain:


• The words "BREAKING NEWS" in all caps.

• The name of the press release author.

• The subject line should be left blank.

• The press release headline.

19. What is a common mistake when submitting a press release?


• All of these

• Submitting material with a release date too far in advance

• Making your press release too long

• Not including your phone number

20. What contact information should you include in a press release?


• Contact name, twitter handle, home address

• Contact name, email address and telephone number

• Google maps, email address, fax number.

• website, phone number

21. How many pages long should a press release be?


• 4

• 3

• 1

• 5

22. What is the main purpose of a press release?


• To let people know who you are

• To announce something noteworthy

• To network with other people

• To make money

23. Why should you include a quote in a press release?


• You can make them rhyme and people will remember.

• They make the release look cool.

• They give authority, credibility, and make it easier to read.

24. A paragraph near the end of a corporate press release with more general information about a company is important because:


• The media outlet might not be familiar with the company.

• Company information might provide better context for a reporter.

• (All of these choices are correct)

• The information might be referred to in a future story unrelated to your press release.

25. You should write the press release as:


• Stories

• Prediction

• News

• Historic event

26. For an SEO press release, what are deep links?


• Links to outer space

• Links to specific pages in your website, rather than just linking to the homepage.

• Links that give you a higher Klout score

• Links to past issues of a magazine you want to be in

27. What does ### signal in a press release?


• The beginning of the press release

• The end of the press release

28. What are the five (5) W's of a press release?


• Which, Where, Why Now, What Next, How

• Who, What, When, Where, Why

• Who, When, Why, How, Whatever

29. Which of the following is NOT one of the "5 Ws"?


• Who.

• Why.

• Where.

• Wire.

30. When writing a press release, what is a hook?


• The opening of a story that "hooks" the reader's attention so that he or she will keep on reading.

• A question that confuses the readers.

• The call to action to get more sales

• Something you use to catch fish.

31. What are crisis communications?


• Delivering facts and information after an emergency has occurred.

• Sharing your personal problems in a blog

• Criticizing your competitors.

32. What is the goal of media relations?


• To get on the cover of lots of magazines.

• To maximize positive coverage in the mass media without paying for it directly through advertising.

• To make friends with journalists.

• To make sure the press never writes bad stories about you.

33. What is a wire service?


• A news agency that supplies syndicated news by wire to newspapers, radio, and television stations.

• A secret spy organization

• A service for taxi cabs.

• A way to listen in on other peoples conversation.

34. A press release's "angle" is defined as:


• A charitable organization that supports your press release.

• The cost of running a press release.

• A second release which has information to correct an earlier release.

• A way of looking at your information that reporters and readers may find interesting.

35. Colored text is appropriate in a press release if:


• The colors used are red or blue.

• The colors used are primary colors.

• The colors used are only red.

• Colored text is never appropriate in a press release.

36. It is a best practice to include which of the following in a press release?


• A quote

• A statistic or supporting information

• An image

• All of these

37. What does ' ### ' mean?


• Not relevant to press releases

• Signal the beginning of the press release

• To indicate a statement that hasn't been backed up

• Signal the end of the press release

38. What are 3 types of press releases?


• Traffic report, earnings report, weather report

• Weather warning, travel advisory, party invitation.

• Terror alert, gardening tips,

• General News Release, Launch Release, & Event Release

39. What is a crisis in public relations terms?


• When really bad things happen to good people.

• When there is a crime committed.

• Any event that draws intense, negative media coverage and interferes with normal business activity

• When you have a nervous breakdown.

40. A media outlet's editorial calendar tells you:


• Important holidays within the industry.

• How many days it takes to create and print a magazine.

• How many pages each upcoming edition will be.

• When upcoming editions might be focusing on particular topics.

41. What is a "VNR"?


• Video note release

• Video news release

• Voice news release

• Voice note release

42. What is an "EPK"?


• Electronic Press Kit

• Entertainment Press Kit

• Electronic Promotions Kit

• Entertainment Promotions Kit

43. Where should you place the instructions "For Immediate Release"?


• At the very end

• At the very top

• After your Headline

• You shouldn't include that in a press release

44. Adding search engine optimization keywords to your news release will:


• Make your press release more appropriate for online news sources.

• Make your press release sound more official.

• Increase the likelihood of your release being printed by newspapers.

• Increase the likelihood of your release being found on search engines.

45. What's an example of "burying the lead"?


• Saving the most compelling part of the announcement for later in the release

• Saving the spokesperson quote until midway or later in the release

46. A corporate press release should include the contact information of:


• The top 5 earners in the company.

• There is no reason to include contact information.

• A single person in the PR department with good knowledge of the subject.

• The company's CEO.

47. A well-written press release forms the basis for:


• A special advertising section.

• A news story.

• An editorial or commentary.

• A TV or web commercial.

48. Pre-packaged promotional material is often called a:


• Promo Package

• Merch

• Wok Box

• Media kit or Press Kit

49. What are 3 types of press releases?


• Sales letters, brochures, blog posts

• New Product, Grand Opening, Charity Drive

• Staff changes, product recall, weather report

• Decorating tips, weather alert, healthy recipes

50. True or False? You do not need to request permission for quotes and contact details.


• False

• True

51. What is the fastest way to disseminate information during times of crisis?


• By calling people.

• Through a well-written press release

• By texting.

• By advertising on television.

52. Abbreviations in press releases should be spelled out:


• Every time they are used.

• Only if they are difficult to spell.

• The first time they are used.

• Only if they are obscure.

53. What is the release time?


• When you wrote the press release

• When things are about to happen.

• The date and time after which a press release may be released.

• The best time to issue a press release.

54. A boilerplate should include what information?


• Contact information including website

• All of the above

• Key facts about the company

• Location of company

55. A press release's supporting resource package might include:


• Several press releases about the same subject.

• Web- and print-ready digital images or video.

• Proposals for additional stories.

• Information about your press release writing history.

56. What is "###"?


• The number of paragraphs used in the press release

• A signal of the end of the press release

• The page counter

• A signal of the edition of the press release

57. When two or more entities are partnering on an event, it's better to:


• Alternate every other day sending press releases from each entity.

• Make all press releases longer.

• Send a single press release from both entities.

• Have each entity craft and send its own press release.

58. Where are the most important sections to place keywords?


• Header and footer

• Boilerplate

• Header, subheader and first paragraph

• Header and boilerplate

59. For press releases, what is a pickup?


• A kind of truck.

• Something you say to a cute girl at a bar.

• When a journalist wants an exclusive story.

• A story, article or blog post that has passed an editorial filter.

60. If no release date is given, what should you write?





• Nothing

61. If your company is publicly traded which of these should you include in the press release?


• The exchange

• The International Securities Identifier Number

• The stock symbol

• All of these

62. What is the correct goal of crisis communications?


• To do damage control.

• To sell more products.

• To build positive public opinion and support while maintaining the reputation of the organization.

• To sugar coat the truth.

63. What is a 'boilerplate'?


• Contact information

• The topic of the news

• Short background of the individual, group or company

• The headline

64. A newspaper is guaranteed to run a press release if:


• The facts of the release are accurate.

• The "news factor" of the release is engaging.

• There is no guarantee a paper will run a press release.

• The subject of the release is a friend of the editor.

65. Press releases should NEVER include:


• Photographs.

• All of the above are appropriate for a press release.

• Printed text.

• Electronic text.

66. A press release is "embargoed" if:


• The press release is missing important information.

• The press release writer wants the information held until a specific date.

• The press release writer wants to send additional information later.

• The press release is ready for immediate publication.

67. What would be a typical press release length?


• No more than 2 paragraphs

• 1 paragraph

• 4 to 5 paragraphs

• 4 to 5 pages

68. If a reporter re-writes your press release and prints it, that means:


• You have a cause of action for a lawsuit.

• Your press release has been successful.

• You will get your name listed in the byline.

• Your press release has been unsuccessful.

69. The first paragraph should start with?


• Contact details

• Boilerplate

• Physical location and date

• Weather forecast

70. At a newspaper, you should send every press release to:


• The sales department.

• The most relevant reporter based on the subject.

• The managing editor.

• The business editor.

71. What does "-more-" indicate?


• That there is more than one page

• A hyperlink for more information

• That there is more than one location

72. In an online press release, where do you want to link the first instance of the brand and/or product name?


• It is not recommended to include links in online press releases

• To the home page

• To the website's blog

• To the website's "contact us" page

73. A news release should generally be ___ pages in length.


• 2

• 1/2

• 3

• 1

• As many as you need to get the article dones

74. The same release can be re-sent to the same media outlet unsolicited:


• If two weeks have gone by and the outlet hasn't covered the story.

• The same release should never be re-sent to the same outlet.

• If you want to be certain they read it.

• If two days have gone by and the outlet hasn't covered the story.

75. Where should you include the company logo in a press release?


• It's best not to include images in press releases

• At the top

• In the 'media kit' section

• In the boilerplate

76. A good press release differs from a sales letter most in that:


• A press release is practically identical to a sales letter.

• A press release never includes pictures or video.

• A press release is not intended to help market a product or service.

• A press release presents facts without hyperbole.

77. Unembargoed information in a press release is considered public:


• As soon as a newspaper prints it.

• As soon as you approve the final article to be printed.

• As soon as it is sent.

• As soon as the reporter confirms facts with you.

78. Where should the first quote appear?


• After all the key facts and figures

• In the boilerplate

• Grouped with at least three others

• At the end

• Within the first 200 words

79. What is NOT a standard method of releasing a press release?


• All of these are not standard methods

• Print

• Radio stations

• Word of mouth

80. Press releases that do not include a contact telephone number:


• Are fine if the story is really interesting.

• Are preferred by magazines and other print publications.

• Are rarely used to create a story.

• Are fine if you include direct quotations.

81. Where should the boilerplate go?


• Right after the first paragraph

• Right before the last paragraph in the press release

• First paragraph of the press release

• Last paragraph of the press release

82. What should a press release contain?


• Questions

• Short sentences

• Links to media coverage

• Attachments for reporters

83. True or False? You should not add more than one link to your press release.


• True

• False

84. What is the release date?


• The date the company wants lots of orders.

• The date the release was written

• The date the release was sent.

• The date the company would like the reporters to begin publishing the information.

85. Good news releases are written in the:


• Stream-of-consciousness style.

• Pyramid style.

• Inverted pyramid style.

• Narrative style.

86. What is a "Close"?


• The closing sentence

• The symbols that indicate the end of the press release

• The contact details

• The closing paragraph

87. For an online press release, what is a conversion?


• When someone likes your Facebook page.

• When you get someone to change religions.

• When someone clicks on links to your web site.

• When someone completes a contact form, makes a purchase or downloads a media kit

88. True or False? You should always repeat your message at the end of the press release.


• False

• True

89. True or False? The heading of the press release should be in uppercase.


• False

• True

90. Which of these are free PR services?


• Businesswire

• PR Web

• Online PR News

• PRNewswire

91. What should be the only statement in uppercase letters in the press release?


• Author's name

• Location

• Heading

• Date of when you would like the press release to go public

92. The headline should be at what length?


• No less than 5 words

• No more than 20 words

• Varies

• No more than 5 words

• No more than 15 words

93. Press releases should be typed:


• Single spaced

• 1.5 spaced

• Double spaced

• At least spaced

94. True or False? Anything sent to a reporter is a form of press release


• True

• False

95. How many words should you have in the title of an online press release?


• No more than 22 words.

• As many as you need to get your point across

• There are no titles in online pres releases.

• No more than 10 words.