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Test answers for Copywriting 2020

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48 Answered Test Questions:

1. A brief selection of copy that is deliberately designed to stand apart from the main body of text and draw attention to an important point or feature is a:


• Funnel

• Popup ad

• Callout

• PPC ad

2. The continuation of a story from one page to another is called a:


• Jump

• Bookmark

• Foldline

• Lead

3. With regard to length, copywriting should be:


• As absolutely short as possible

• As long or as short as it needs to be depending on what the situation calls for

• Always more than three paragraphs

• No longer than three paragraphs

4. True or False? It doesn't matter what goes in an email subject line, as long as it gets the reader to open the email.


• False

• True

5. Which of the following is most closely tied to a company's overall brand?


• Sentence structure

• Spelling

• Grammar

• Punctuation

• Tone

6. A copywriter would be most likely to write content for which of the following?


• Personality quiz

• Sales brochure

• Newspaper Op Ed column

• Fiction novel

7. Copywriting for SEO involves using several:


• buzzwords

• hype words

• catchy words

• keywords

• rare words

8. True or false? Proof that is emotionally appealing is more likely to be accepted and believed.


• False

• True

9. Which statement best describes a successful copywriter?


• Successful copywriters come from all walks of life

• Only published authors can succeed

• Successful copywriters must have a college degree in journalism

• You can only get hired as a copywriter if you are also an artist or photographer

10. Copywriters who write for websites should:


• Know basic programming languages

• Have a degree in Computer Science

• Be knowledgeable about search engine optimization

• Be proficient with Photoshop

11. "What's In It For Me" is the number one question going through your customers head?


• True

• False

12. The words people use when using search engines to find the solution you offer are called:


• Keytags

• Copywords

• Keywords

• Drivenwords

13. The term that refers to the level of knowledge and understanding a prospect has for the benefits or the existence of the product is called:


• Awareness

• Longing

• Feeling

• Emotion

14. The ________ is considered the most important element in most advertisements.


• last sentence

• bullet list

• last 20%

• headline

15. The process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine???s natural or un-paid (organic) search results is:






16. As part of a collaborative team, a copywriter might work with:


• Client

• Marketing team

• All of the above

• Art director

17. What does AIDA stand for?


• Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

• Attract, Intense, Dreamy, Advertise

• Attract, Instigate, Drop, Allow

• Attack, Interest, Distract, Action

18. The best copywriting is:


• Clear and concise

• Disguised as information

• Emotionally misleading

• Complex and challenging

19. Which of these would be included in a copy brief?


• The goal of the project or campaign

• Insights into the target audience

• All of these

• Details on special offers, pricing, or incentives

20. Holding the prospect's attention is NOT an important aspect of copywriting. True or False?


• True

• False

21. A company describing itself as ???America's largest single source of space-age products??? is an example of what psychological trigger?


• Guilt

• Establishing authority

• Fear

• Desire to belong

22. This term is used to describe the powerful copy element when a person or an organization endorses a product in the advertisement.


• Price point

• Quality pronouncement

• Testimonial

• Product rant

23. In terms of copywriting, what does USP stand for?


• Uniform Sales Pamphlet

• Unique Selling Proposition

• Unclear Soft Proposition

• Universal Safe Payment

24. A style of advertising that looks like an independent article offering some kind of useful information but is ACTUALLY an ad is called an:


• Pay per click ad

• Blog

• Search ad

• Advertorial

25. Which of the following is an example of conversational copywriting?


• An indepent medical study shows that Product X???

• Product X contains 100% organic ingredients.

• Like you I struggled with dieting, but then I found Product X.

• If you're not completely satisfied with Product X, we will refund the purchase price.

26. The letters in the classic copywriting formula ???AIDA,??? stand for Attention, Interest, Desire and:


• Answer

• Attitude

• Awareness

• Action

27. When building a relationship and trust with a new social media campaign, it is recommended that you avoid:


• Selling

• Sharing a story

• Interacting in conversations

• Establishing your brand's voice

28. True or False? A good copywriter will focus on selling the features, not the benefits, of a product.


• False

• True

29. A document that provides a detailed overview of the copywriting project is the:


• Copy window

• Copy brief

• Focus sheet

• Project carton

30. The short saying or motto of your copy is the:


• Tagline

• Foldline

• Gutter

• Catchphrase

31. Copy that appears throughout a promotion that urges the prospect to do something, such as click a link or fill out a form, is commonly called:


• The exit form

• A funnel

• An action device

• The tagline

32. Imagined versions of your prospects, customers and the public that contain in-depth, lifelike character traits to help develop content and marketing are:


• Saps

• Titles

• Personas

• Characters

33. When using a bullet list of 5 or more points, where are the recommended spots to place your most important points?


• First, second, and last

• First, second to last, and last

• All three in the middle of the list

• Two in the middle and last

34. The section of a blog post that contains the author's name is the:


• Call to action

• Attribution section

• By-line

• Fold

35. What is an ellipsis?


• ~

• ^

• &

• ...

36. What is recommended as one of the best ways to edit your work?


• Read it from a hard copy

• Read it on a different device

• Read it aloud

• Read each word twice

37. The main goal of copy written for web elements is to:


• give the user extensive details

• make it easy for the user to navigate the site

• fill in white space

• make the user feel excited

38. A copywriter differs from a content writer in that a content writer???s work is generally not:


• Promotional

• Based on research

• Grammatically correct

• Funny

39. When optimizing content, a copywriter should avoid keyword __________.


• jumping

• juggling

• stuffing

• tapering

• bashing

40. Which of the following is more like content writing than copywriting?


• Product description

• Slogan

• A how-to article

• Sales letter

41. To make Adword ads stand out and seem "larger" in appearance, it is recommended that you:


• Put a few exclamation points at the end!!


• "Put quotes around the copy"

• Capitalize Each Word's First Letter

42. Which item is NOT a typical job for copywriters?


• Blog Posts

• SEO Articles

• Technical Writing

• Marketing Copy

• Product Descriptions

43. A guide or report, written by an authority on the subject that educates the reader on an issue and helps them make a decision, is called a:


• Carrot and stick technique

• Trial offer

• Focus guide

• Whitepaper

44. A general rule in copywriting is to focus on benefits. However, focusing on features can be appropriate in the following situation:


• When your target audience is newspaper readers

• When your target audience knows very little about your product or service

• When your target audience is teens

• When your target audience has a highly technical knowledge of a product

45. A desired, measured result such as a reader sharing your copy on social media, buying your product, or signing up to a mailing list is considered a:


• Call to action

• Desire function

• Open rate

• Conversion

46. The first, usually top-half of a website which is visible without scrolling is referred to as:


• Top placement

• First capture point

• Golden section

• Above the fold

47. The one characteristic that brings cohesion and a level of uniformity to an advertising campaign is commonly referred to as the:


• Wrapup

• Tagline

• Focus keeper

• Golden thread

48. Which of these is NOT a specific function of the headline?


• Draw the reader into the body copy

• Deliver a complete message

• Get attention

• Make the sale