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Test answers for Social Media Marketing 2020

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73 Answered Test Questions:

1. True or False? You should use social media to invite your audience to talk back to you.


• False

• True

2. Click, comment, share, and like are all examples of a/an ________ you can include in Facebook posts.


• facebook command

• call to action

• command word

• outreach

3. What is Search Engine Optimization?


• Optimizing a webpage with paid advertisements so it generates more traffic.

• Optimizing a webpage so it generates traffic naturally.

• Optimizing your search for engines and engine parts online.

• Searching for a webpage optimized for your computer screen.

4. Which of these social media platforms is NOT image based, and therefore will NOT help sell products customers would want to see?



• Instagram

• Pinterest

• Tumblr

5. What is a hashtag?


• A tag embedded in a message, consisting of a # symbol followed by a word to tap into a trending buzzword or keyword

• A tag embedded in a message that leads to an external advertisement

• A tag embedded in a message that allows the user to send subliminal messages to readers

• A tag embedded in a message that tracks the analytics of that message

6. Hootsuite can be used to schedule a post


• Yes

• No

7. Which of the following is NOT a social media channel?


• Foursquare

• email

• Facebook

• Youtube

• Twitter

8. What is the name of Facebook's built-in analytics system?


• Infobook

• Insights

• Statbook

• Excites

• Recites

9. What is the best way to gain more followers on Twitter?


• (All of these)

• Tweet interesting things frequently

• Include your Twitter handle on your website, blog, and emails

• Participate in Twitter conversations using hashtags related to your brand's image

10. What is Google Analytics used for?


• All of these

• Mobile Analytics

• Conversion Analytics

• Advertising Analytics

11. Social Media Marketing directly engages the customer by:


• Allowing you to address support concerns

• All of these

• Enabling you to gather feedback

• Showing you're a thought leader in your industry through interesting discussions

12. Facebook makes money from:


• advertisements

• membership fees

13. You can share a page on Facebook the following ways:


• All of these

• In a group

• On your own timeline

• In a private message

• On a friend's timeline

14. How is site traffic useful in evaluating marketing?


• Ads can send receivers to a specific landing page, which can be tracked

• There is no correlation site traffic and marketing

15. How can you make your company LinkedIn profile stand out for customers/clients?


• Make sure to share at least 10 industry articles every day

• Complete your company page to 100% and get recommendations from current customers/clients

• Add 500+ company connections

16. True or False? Articles with images get more total views than articles that don't.


• False

• True

17. Which social network uses 'repins'?


• LinkedIn

• Twitter

• Pinterest

• Vine

18. What should you take into account when developing target keywords phrases for SEO?


• What your audience already says about your brand

• That it can take several months to see SEO begin to drive traffic to your site

• Whether people are already searching for the terms you are targeting

• All of these

19. What is a ???call to action????


• Number of new hires in marketing

• New technology to aid in blogging

• Traditional Marketing

• Giving an advertisement???s receiver a specific direction such as ???visit the site???.

• New customer acquisition

20. Social media is an effective tool to grow your mailing lists.


• False - You don't need email marketing when you have social media channels.

• True - Social channels offer many opportunities for newsletter and mailing list opt-in.

21. What is a "KPI"?


• Key Player Involved

• Key Performance Indicator

• Key Performance Instance

• Key Player Intuition

22. True or False? Wordpress blogs have a setting you can choose that automatically re-direct users to the mobile version of the site.


• False

• True

23. To tag someone in a Facebook post,


• enter "1" followed by their name.

• enter "@" followed by their name.

• enter "#" followed by their name.

• enter "^^^" followed by their name.

• enter "%" followed by their name.

24. What additional feature does LinkedIn offer for pay accounts?


• Ability to post in Groups and create a Group

• Increased abilities to connect directly and send messages to people

25. How do Facebook Ads target specific users?


• All of these

• They target demographics based on age, location, and gender

• They target keywords you include in your profile, such as your religion or relationship status.

• They gather precise information from pages you like, and people you follow

26. What is the name of Facebook page analytics?


• Details

• Insights

• Data

• Analytics

27. What is a double opt in process?


• Someone must email the firm twice to get on a list

• Someone has to send an email confirming an online purchase

• Someone must email the firm twice to get off an email list

• Someone must ask to be on your email list, and then verify by clicking a link they want to be on it

28. Before creating a viral social media campaign, what is is the first step you need to take?


• Carefully plan the campaign and consider different scenarios

• Tell all your contacts to watch out for your posts

• Write a press release.

• Alert the media that a social media campaign is happening

29. True or False? LinkedIn displays page metrics to the admins of a company profile.



• True

30. What is meant by A/B testing in marketing?


• Clinical testing of medical products before legally allowing them for sale

• Testing 2 versions of an advertisement to see which elicits the best response

• Testing of 2 different products

• Testing via 2 mediums, such as radio and television

31. Which social media platform, founded in 2010, offers businesses the option to create accounts where fans can select images, such as their merchandise, to put in collections and re-share with friends?


• Pinterest

• Twitter

• Facebook

• Tumblr

32. You are able to post private pictures that only select people see on Instagram.


• True

• False

33. The percentage of people who come to a website and leave instantly is measured by the:


• Bounce Rate

• Rejection Rate

• Redirect Rate

• CORSI Rating

34. It is proper Twitter etiquette to post links in your tweets as


• images

• shortened URL's.

• long tail keywords.

• highly descriptive anchor text.

• direct access URL's.

35. For which industry is Myspace a commonly utilized marketing channel?


• Writing and publishing

• Consumer electronics

• Mobile game development

• Music and entertainment

36. Effective social marketing emphasizes which of the following content types?


• Your company's twitter feed and Facebook page

• Mentions every press release issued by your company

• Content relevant to the intended audience, and not always about YOU or your company's products

• Your company's product brochures and landing pages

• Mostly videos of your CEO talking about your products and solutions

37. What tone should your company's blog have?


• Your CEO's voice

• One person writing everything in their own personal style

• One overall perspective, no matter if one person is writing it or several people are writing it

• A consistently professional voice critiquing competitor's blogs

38. Tweets have a limit of:


• 250 characters

• 140 characters

• 120 characters

• 75 characters

• 300 characters

39. Tumblr traffic peaks:


• in the late evening hours

• in the early morning hours

40. An important goal of marketing on social media channels is to


• promote products and advertise specials and deals.

• build engagement and promote brand loyalty.

• get your message to go viral.

• drive traffic to your website or landing pages.

• all the answers are correct.

41. What is a good way to secure your branding?


• Make sure you claim your company name on ALL social networks, even if you're not ready to launch

• Write on your website that no one else may use your company name for any purposes

• Claim several domain names related to your company

• Ask competitors directly not to use your company name on their material

42. What is Quora?


• A question-and-answer website curated by its community.

• A tool used to collect the top submissions on Yahoo! Answer questions.

• A replacement rolled out by LinkedIn after closing its Answers page.

• Reddit's highly trafficked 'Today I Learned" subreddit.

43. What is the process called where you keep track of your company's mention on the web


• social listening.

• sound hounding

• eavesdropping

• social stalking

44. What does API stand for?


• application program integration

• application product interior

• application programming interface

• application product infinity

45. In addition to publication on your company & personal profile pages, where is the best place to share content on LinkedIn?


• Answers

• Groups

• Careers Page

• Skills Page

46. What is a QR code?


• The Quick Response algorithm used to obtain a lost password on a social media website

• A code embedded directly into Twitter to show exactly how many people read each Tweet

• A scannable Quick Response barcode that redirects a phone to a linked website

• A scannable Quick Response barcode that allows customers in retail stores to comparison shop

47. What question should a mission statement answer?


• Who is your CEO?

• Where can I find more information about your company?

• When was your company founded?

• Why does your company exist?

48. What does the acronym AMA, most commonly used on Reddit and Tumblr, stand for?


• Aimed Marketing Approach

• Ask Me Anything

• Anti-Marketing Application

• Alternative Marketing Approach

49. What is #ff and on which social networking site it is popular?


• #FF hashtag stands for Follow Friday and is popular on Facebook.

• #FF hashtag stands for First Follow and is popular on Tumblr.

• #FF hashtag stands for Follow Friday and is popular on Twitter.

• #FF hashtag stands for Follow First and is popular on Google+.

50. What is Newsjacking?


• Injecting your ideas and angles into breaking news in order to generate media coverage for yourself

• Speaking too much during a co-worker's interview with the press

• Stealing other people's newspapers

• Making a huge announcement of your own while another breaking news story is already happening

51. You CANNOT use Foursquare to:


• track friends

• receive restaurant recommendations

• buy movie tickets

52. What are the topic-specific subcategories that make up Reddit?


• Topic-specific subcategories

• Subreddits

• Groups

• Hang-Outs

53. What is the name of the mobile app that allows users to capture and share 6-second looping videos directly through Twitter?


• SnapChat

• Instagram

• Vine

• Vimeo

• YouTube

54. Which of the following Twitter tools will NOT allow you to schedule Tweets and track analytics?



• TweetDeck

• HootSuite

• SocialOmph

55. Once your website URL is tagged as SPAM on facebook, you can only add your link on which facebook communication?


• Status Update

• Friend's Profile Page

• Facebook Chat / Messages

• None

• Other Pages

56. When using a company LinkedIn page, who should you be targeting?


• Only potential partners with whom you could do business

• Only professionals seeking employment with your company in any department

• Specific audiences - targeted messages for different segments

57. What are Facebook Offers?


• They are the same as Facebook Ads.

• Ads for special promotions set up using Facebook Ads. They can only be used for offline businesses, and must be printed to bring to stores.

• Ads for special promotions set up using Facebook Ads. They can only be used for online businesses.

• Ads for special promotions set up directly on your Facebook Page rather than using Facebook Ads. They can be used for offline and online businesses.

58. If you block someone on Facebook, you can still see their posts on another friends timeline.


• True

• False

59. What can you measure to determine how influential you are on all your social media channels?


• InFlewence score

• Social Star Score

• TweetReach

• Klout score

60. In general, Facebook ads receive a higher ROI from:


• Android users

• iPhone users

61. Is it possible to track *who* unfollows you on Twitter?


• No, it is impossible

• Yes, with the help of an app

• Yes, as a built in function of Twitter

• Yes, if you pay for a premium Twitter account

62. What does the social media metric PTAT stand for?


• People Talking About This

• People Tracking & Analysis Tool

• Post, Track, Analyze, Treat

• Posts Through Another Theatre

63. What is a piece of content passed from person to person that changes and evolves along the way to fit the latest trending topics on social media?


• Upvote

• Blog Post

• Tweet

• Meme

64. In your Facebook Insights, the percentage of people who have created a story from your post, out of the total number of people who have seen it is called its:


• Stickiness

• Mention generation

• Share percent

• Virality

65. What is the self-styled ???The Front Page of the Internet????


• Bing

• Reddit

• Yahoo!

• Google

66. A "friend gate" is a social media marketing tool to


• get followers to post to your Facebook timeline to generate fresh content.

• drive Facebook followers to an off-site landing page to pitch your service or product.

• harvest likes on Facebook with the promise of an offer or coupon after the visitor likes the page.

• filter followers and friends on Facebook by market segment and organize them into Facebook Groups.

• funnel web site visitors to your branded Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds.

67. What signifies a modified retweet?



• MeRT

• DM

• MT

68. Which of the following social media websites doesn't verify its most popular users?


• Instagram

• Vine

• Facebook

• Twitter

69. Which program lets you follow or unfollow twitter users in bulk?


• Retweet

• TweetDeck

• ManageFlitter

• TweetCaster

• HootSuite

70. Which two scores are given by Kred?


• Influence & Outreach

• CTR & Klout

• Penetration & Perception

• Influence & Reach

71. Do LinkedIn apps show up on your public profile?


• Yes

• No

72. What's the name of the award given to the best people and organizations on Twitter by the Twitter community?


• The Birdies

• The Tweeties

• The Grammys

• The Shorties

73. The Facebook groups privacy options are


• open, closed and private

• open, closed and secret

• open, private and secret