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Test answers for Salesforce CRM 2020

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77 Answered Test Questions:

1. What is word "app" short for?


• Application

• Apples

• Appearance

• Applied

2. What is a detailed description of a customer's feedback, complaint, or issue?


• Complaint Ticket

• Archive

• Case

• Work Order

3. What is the term for the number of days an opportunity has been open (since creation)?


• ROI Calculator

• Marketing Effort

• Age

• Hot Lead Opportunity

4. Page layouts can be assigned to a Record Type.


• True

• False

5. By which channels can an article be viewed?


• Personal Company Website

• Customer Portal

• All of these

• The Internal App

6. You can trasfer information from SalesForce to Excel?


• Yes, But only with 2007 MSO version

• A third party plug requiered

• Yes

• Yes, But only with 2010 MSO Version

• No

7. Which statement is TRUE about chatter?


• Chatter includes individuals

• Chatter can attach documents

• Chatter includes groups

• All of these

8. What is the model of software development and distribution that is completely hosted on the internet?


• Space Computing

• Universe Computing

• Cloud Computing

• No host computing

9. What type of files can be uploaded to the document library?


• .png

• All of these

• .pdf

• .xls

10. Salesforce can pull reports for which of the following information fields?


• Primary Contacts

• All of these

• Zip Codes

• Specific Campaigns

11. What statement is true about reports and campaigns?


• Contacts pulled in a report can be pushed directly into a campaign.

• An influence report can be pulled for a parent campaign.

• All are true statements

• Contact reports can be pulled for specific campaign.

12. You can do this on Chatter:


• Collaborate on business processes in context

• Discover resources and recommendations

• Connect quickly with people and content

• All of the above

13. What is the reporting tool called that allows a user to pull specific data/narrow the scope?


• Filter

• Plug

• Edit

• Tabs

14. What is one way to import existing company contacts and information?


• Manual Input

• Connect for Outlook

• All of these

• Excel Sheets and Data Loader

15. How do you create a recurring event?


• Manually add the event each occurrence

• Download a specific calendar not native to Salesforce

• Create a new event and select recurring series

• First create the event in Outlook then import the series into Salesforce

16. If a contact is associated with multiple organizations this information will appear in which areas of Salesforce?


• Contacts

• Organization

• Reports

• All of these

17. The main function of the document library is:


• To track completed projects and task lists.

• To beef up your articles and knowledge briefs

• A resource guide for your customers

• To store documents without attaching them to accounts, contacts, or other records

18. What is the definition of a product?


• Specific campaign item

• Pricebooks opportunity

• Anything your company sells

• An item available on the internet

19. How do you leave a note for another user about a specific organization?


• Attach a note or file under the organization

• Email the user about the information

• Log a call

• Write it on a post-it note

20. Where can you find additional applications for Salesforce?


• AppForce

• iTunes

• Application Updates

• Salesforce app exchange

21. What is AppExchange?


• A forum for users to discuss their own applications.

• The app that is located in the iTunes Store.

• An app that helps companies swap ideas about how they implement

• One of the many acquisitions made by

• A marketplace for cloud computing applications built for the community.

22. What field do you find the "log a call" feature under an organization?


• Activity History

• Opportunities

• It???s a custom object so wherever the administrator creates it to be.

• Pricebooks

23. What is the Salesforce term for duplicating an account/activity/contact etc?


• Copy

• Place

• Duplicate

• Clone

24. How do you disable an inactive Salesforce user?


• De-select the Active checkbox for this user under user management

• Take no action

• Delete user under user management

• Rename the user to a new active user under user management

25. Is mass edit available to all users?


• No

• Yes

26. Which statement is TRUE about the calendar function?


• You can only view your own calendar

• Calendars are static and cannot be customized.

• You can view multiple user calendars

• Other user calendars are encrypted for privacy

27. An account can be which of the following?


• Contacts

• Opportunity

• Organization/Company

• Affiliated Contact

28. This is a real time collaboration tool that can be used for projects, groups, individuals, or initiatives:


• Libraries

• Contacts

• Campaigns

• Chatter

29. What is the connecting account for multiple accounts with one common office/organization?


• Common Denominator Account

• Umbrella Account

• Parent Account

• King Account

30. A log of emails sent through can be found under:


• Debug Logs

• Email Log Files

• Email Settings

• Mass Emails

• Email Services

31. Which of the following statements is true about leads and contacts?


• Reports cannot be pulled for leads.

• Leads can be converted into contacts in one-click.

• Existing contacts can be converted to leads in one-click.

• Leads are deleted after the conclusion of a campaign effort.

32. How do you setup email notifications for specific chatter groups?


• Administrator must turn on chatter email notifications

• Must be changed on your email server

• Not possible through Salesforce

• Notifications are on by default, no action necessary

33. Which of the following is a Salesforce tool that allows companies to track marketing initiatives?


• Opportunities

• Organizations

• Reports

• Campaigns

34. True or False: There is a way to "Mass Delete" accounts from Salesforce.


• False

• True

35. How do you create a new campaign?


• Under user management click "create new campaign"

• Under contact click "add to campaign"

• Under campaigns tab click "new"

• Under organizations click "new"

36. How do you easily/natively share a report with another user?


• Export report and send in an email

• Reports are private and cannot be shared

• Post report in a shared network drive

• Save report in public folder

37. What type of application is "ExactTarget" (used through AppExchange)?


• Research Tool focused on Fortune 1000 companies

• Call Tracking

• Data Repository for CEO information

• Address Database

• E-mail Marketing

38. Which of the following is a free license?


• Siteforce

• Chatter

• Partner Portal

• Knowledge

39. Which of these companies does Salesforce integrate as an email marketing tool?


• iContact

• Elite Email

• ExactTarget

• HyperMail

• Pinpointe On-Demand

40. There are four main certification paths available in Which of these is NOT one of them?


• Architects

• Coders

• Administrators

• Implementation Experts

• Developers

41. Which of the following is NOT a report format in Salesforce?


• Campaign

• Summary

• Tabular

• Matrix

42. A campaign that hosts/deploys multiple campaigns under it is called a:


• Campaign

• Parent Campaign

• Umbrella Campaign

• Hierarchy Campaign

43. What is the Salesforce reporting interface called?


• Uploader

• Drop and Carry

• Input and Carry

• Drag and Drop

44. As an administrator, how would you go about importing a large number of opportunities?


• Clone existing opportunities

• Setup -> Username -> Data Management -> Import

• Use the Apex Data Loader (separate download)

• Salesforce-to-Excel Integration

45. What is the cloud computing PaaS system from





• AppExchange

• Chatter

46. What is the customer support help desk offering from







47. A "contact role" is defined as:


• A role a specific contact plays for your company

• The type of Sales force user that person is

• A role a specific contact plays in an opportunity or account

48. What does Conga Composer do?


• Helps you send targeted, relevant email messages directly from

• Gathers Salesforce information and merges it into Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF-form templates.

• It directly embeds high-value business information into your Salesforce application.

• The Help Desk feature for

• Allows you to create apps for AppExchange.

49. What is Labs?


• Portal for customers to upload their own apps.

• The locations where all engineers work.

• An offshoot of, where engineers work on projects for other companies.

• Open-source apps developed by employees.

50. What field on a Lead denotes if the record is converted?


• Converted

• ConvertedId

• HasBeenConverted

• Converted__c

• IsConverted

51. An activity that has a scheduled time is referred to as a(n):


• Appointment

• Event

• Meeting

• Task

52. According to the Salesforce definition, an article:


• There is no such thing as an "article" in Salesforce, this is a trick question.

• Captures all media surrounding your companies products and services and is available for customer review.

• Captures information about your company's products and services that you want available in the knowledge base.

• Collects social media mentions and stores for customer review.

53. Native Salesforce tool that allows a user to search for new contacts and leads globally.


• Google search

• Jigsaw

• Several are available on appExchange but not natively in Salesforce

• Administrator dashboard

54. What is the maximum number of records that can be shown in the Recent Items menu (commonly on the left-side of the screen)?


• This section does not exist.

• 20

• 10

• 15

• 5

55. A place where documents, reports, and dashboards can be stored is a:


• Folder

• Document library

• Assignment

• Parent Campaign

56. What Sales force tool gives clear visibility of sales, pipelines, and profit?


• Predictor

• Parent Campaign

• Forecast

• Dashboard

57. What Salesforce tool allows for updates to multiple contacts at one time?


• Excel sheet uploader

• Outlook configuration

• Mass upload tool

• Apex data loader

58.'s CRM solution is broken down into several broad categories. Which of these is NOT one of them?


• Customer Cloud

• Service Cloud

• Sales Cloud

• Data Cloud

• Collaboration Cloud

59. You can send mass emails from a Developer Edition Org.


• False

• True

60. Campaigns can include which field(s)?


• Workflow Report

• Logged Calls

• Individual Emails

• Campaign Hierarchy

61. Time-Dependent Workflow Actions are prohibited when Evaluation Criteria is:


• Only when a record is created

• Every time a record is created or edited

• Blank

• When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria

62. Which of these is a platform that can be used with


• Facekandi


• Heroku

• AppsForce

63. Which of the following are portals available on the platform


• Help desk

• Employee

• Customer

• User

64. How many records can you mass update at once?


• 200

• As many as you'd like

• 1,000

• 50

65. A campaign influence report shows a Salesforce user what data?


• How campaigns influence company decisions

• The influence of multiple campaigns on a single opportunity

• How campaigns influence the bottom line and profit margin in a company

• How campaigns influence the creation of new opportunities and leads

66. A draft article that has been assigned to another for editing is called what?


• Dashboard Task

• Task

• Assignment

• To-Do List

67. What tab allows a user to view multiple Salesforce tabs in one location?


• Console

• Homepage

• Dashboard

• Document Library

68. What is the maximum number of records you merge at the same time?


• 5

• 10

• 3

• Unlimited

• 2

69. Self-service customers may use what type of Salesforce login?


• There is no option for customers

• Guest pass

• A Portal

• Customer login

70. A list of products sold by a company is found and created in what Salesforce feature?


• Salesforce Store

• Quickbooks

• Product List

• Pricebooks

71. Regarding Salesforce... What does DRO stand for?


• Department Repair Order

• Data Residency Option

• Dispute Resolution Officer

• Digital Readout

• Data Request Output

72. Which field is used for an individual that is associated with multiple organizations?


• Affiliated Contacts

• Parent Organization

• Parent Contacts

• Contacts

73. Which of the following is a free support offering from


• Customer Portal

• Self Service Portal

• Knowledge

• Public Case view

74. Which of the following is a standard salesforce user type


• Offline user

• Marketing User

• New hire

• Salesforce user

75. What setting has to be changed to allow mass editing in a list view


• You must own the records

• Enabling in user settings

• Filter by Record type

• Checking the "edit" checkbox in the view setup

76. What is a flexible collection of accounts and users where users have at least read access to accounts?


• Territory

• Project

• Shared Account

• Chatter Group

77. When a lead is first assigned to a Sales force user it is marked as:


• Unread

• Hot Lead

• New

• Pipeline Lead