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Test answers for Outbound Sales 2020

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45 Answered Test Questions:

1. What does CRM stand for?


• Core Rival Market

• Customer Relationship Management

• Cost Reduction Management

• Common Response Match

2. What is a common cause of a "sales trap"?


• Mismatched Marketing and Sales alignment

• Sales overload

• Overselling inventory

• Understaffed sales team

3. What is the definition of "the Recency Effect"?


• As time passes, people tend to rethink their purchase decision with doubts

• As time passes, people tend to become annoyed with your followups

• As time passes, people tend to have more questions about the product

• As time passes, people tend to recall the last thing they’ve seen/read

4. What is the definition of "Primacy Effect"?


• People tend to avoid sales pitches and advertisements

• People tend to remember the first things they hear/read

• People tend to make their purchase decisions on impulse

• People tend to ask many questions during sales pitches

5. Generally, you can think of _______ as the strategy and ______ as the execution.


• business development; sales

• sales; marketing

• email: phone

• marketing; sales

6. The process of helping a customer reach their strategic goals is what type of selling?


• Consultative

• Direct

• Cold

• Personal

7. When qualifying a prospect, what are the most effective types of questions to ask?


• Open-ended and probing

• Probing only

• Open-ended only

• Yes or No only

8. _____ a lead is the process of making sure a lead is a viable candidate.


• Examining

• Exploring

• Qualifying

• Prospecting

9. Which of the following is a soft bounce?


• A permanent delivery failure of an email because you have been marked as a spammer

• A slow and steady rise in subscribers

• The failed delivery of an email due to a temporary issue, like a full mailbox or an unavailable server

• The result of delivering to a honey-pot address

10. Which of the following communication skills is, in general, the most important for sales people to develop?


• Promoting

• Listening

• Presenting

• Persuading

11. When qualifying your prospect, how can you test to determine how engaged he/she is with you?


• Giving you the contact info of the decision maker

• Create a mutually agreed followup action plan

• Agreeing to a purchase or billable event

• (All of these)

12. _______ selling is a methodology that focuses on solving a customer's pains or needs.


• Direct

• Holistic

• Solution

• Simple

13. When first engaging with a prospect, it is best to use _______ questions.


• close-ended

• open-ended

• simple

• financial

14. True or false? You should never follow up a cold email with a phone call.


• False

• True

15. The percentage of emails that actually make it into a recipient's inbox is called _____.


• sent rate

• click-through rate

• bounce rate

• delivery rate

16. The process of calling potential clients without an introduction is called _________.


• blank calling

• cold calling

• guerilla calling

• ambush calling

17. True or false? When making a sales call you should always do most of the talking.


• False

• True

18. What is upselling?


• None of these

• Moving a qualified lead up the chain of command

• Emphasizing the quality of a product

• Selling a customer premium upgrades

19. Which of the following is a hard bounce?


• A sudden and sharp dip in open rate

• The failed delivery of an email due to a permanent reason like a non-existent, invalid, or blocked email address

• The temporary failed delivery of an email because the recipient has an auto-responder set up

• The failed delivery of an email because you went over your sent quota

20. Which of the following is MOST effective for a buyer with an analytical personality type?


• Detailed explanations

• Conflict Avoidance

• Recognition and Praise

• Quick deadlines

21. Telling a customer that prices will increase in the coming week is a __________.


• direct close

• deal close

• time-driven close

• qualifying close

22. What do you call the pre-sales activity of identifying potential customers and their willingness to pay?


• Project Review

• Pareto Analysis

• Margin Calculation

• Prospecting

23. What is the key point to emphasize when recommending a product to a prospect?


• How much the prospect will pay for the product

• How many in his/her network would be interested

• How the product solves his/her pain points

• How advanced the technology is behind the product

24. Providing the best possible customer service and building customer loyalty are traits of what type of selling?


• Relationship

• Solution

• Team

• Direct

25. The first step of sales is to __________.


• to negotiate prices with the customer

• understand customer needs

• to pitch the customer

• present the customer with the product

26. What is the best time to call the customer’s home?


• You can start calling at 6:00 AM the soonest and 11:00 PM the latest.

• Call them according to your time zone.

• You can call them anytime you want as you need to complete your job.

• Do not call a customer's home before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM, unless they've given you permission to do so.

27. When making phone calls you should:


• All of these

• Identify yourself.

• Identify the purpose of your call.

• Ask to speak with the department that can help you.

28. To build a sustainable business, which of the following should a salesperson invest the most efforts in?


• Establishing a long-term relationship with the customer

• Email Marketing

• Getting the customer to sign a contract

• Pitching customers the product's features

29. What does the 80-20 rule indicate?


• That a salesperson should convert 20% of their prospective sales

• That a salesperson should convert 80% of their prospective sales

• That salesperson should spend 80% of his time with 20% of the most qualified prospects

• That salesperson should spend 20% of his time with 80% of the most qualified prospects

30. The more often you call a client, eventually the incremental value is worth less than the costs of making the calls. This is an example of ________ .


• The Sales Trap

• Purchasing Power

• The Law of Diminishing Returns

• Down selling

31. ______ is the process of acquiring information to ensure that clients will benefit from a product.


• Prospecting

• None of these

• Correlating

• Pre-Purchase

32. In the customer problem identification process, what is the next best step once a pain point is revealed?


• Quantify the pain

• Immediately pitch your services

• None of these

• Find other customers with the same pain

33. True or false? There is no need for the marketing and the sales department to communicate.


• False

• True

34. When making phone calls you should:


• Identify the purpose of your call and plan what you have to say

• Read directly from a prepared script

• Just say whatever comes to mind

35. What is a commission?


• A percentage of a sale that goes to the sales representative

• A closed deal

• A sales representative that is hired on a contract basis

• An active marketing campaign

36. What is the main benefit of qualifying questions during the sales process?


• (none of these)

• Discover the customer's pain points

• Discover competing products in the market

• Discover how the customer plans to spend his budget

37. Which of the following is not an example of Outbound Selling?


• Blogging

• Trade Show Sponsorship

• Direct Mail

• Cold Calling

38. Who enforces the National Do Not Call Registry?


• Federal Trade Commission


• Individual States


39. Are oral agreements legally binding?


• Sometimes

• No

• Yes

40. True or false? A sale contract is only official when it is written in document form.


• False

• True

41. Telemarketing is a form of ______ sales.


• technical

• inside

• outside

• external

42. Solution selling is a form of _______ selling.


• adaptive

• reactive

• holistic

• direct

43. What is one reason open rates are often considered unreliable?


• Users may open your email on more than one device

• An email is only counted as open if a user receives the images in your email

• Users may read the subject line and never open the email

44. What are three phases of the product cycle?


• Call, sell, buy

• Growth, maturity, decline

• Prospect, call, sale

• Sell, sell, sell

45. A buyer that likes to focus on the big picture over details has what type of buyer personality?


• Decision-Maker

• Controller

• Expressive

• Analytical