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Test answers for MailChimp 2020

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70 Answered Test Questions:

1. Which of these are accepted list types?


• Chamber of commerce lists

• Prospects who have not yet signed up for email

• People who sign up with you for email

• 3rd party purchased lists

2. True or False? You must manually remove unsubscribes from your contact list.


• True

• False

3. Which type of automatic email campaign will only send when subscribers meet specific conditions?


• Autosender

• Autoresponder

• AutoCampaign

• AutoList

4. A/B Split Campaigns are


• Campaigns used to track two different emails sent to different users and to compare those emails to determine which will be more successful

• A feature used to compare two emails with the same sample population in order to determine which email is received better

• Campaigns that is a single email sent to two different lists and the list with more clicks is determind a winner of the campaign

• A feature that splits up your campaign to compare different statistics of the sample population, such as Location vs. Time of day

5. Which merge tag adds the email subject line in the body wherever the tag is placed?


• *|MC:SJ|*




6. Which of these is not a MailChimp template?


• Drag and Drop

• AutoImporter

• RSS-to-Email

• AutoConnect

7. Which of these are a type of MailChimp template?


• Autoconnect

• All are template types

• Drag and Drop

• RSS-to-Email

8. You would use Email Beamer to:


• Test how an email campaign will be displayed across a number of different browsers, email platforms and mobile devices

• Automatically scrub your contact list of unsubscribed or inactive users with one click

• Send an email to a small segment of your contact list

• Send an email from Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, or mobile device, and have MailChimp automatically forward it as an email campaign to your list.

9. Which of these emails will allow MailChimp to track an open?


• A plain text email

• An HTML email where the recipient turns on "View Images"

• An HTML email, regardless of whether or not the images are allowed

• None of these emails would have their opens tracked

10. What is one issue with Open Email Tracking?


• If an email service has stirct classification software, then sometimes emails may get sent to Spam inboxes.

• Tracking email only counts the email as an open if the graphic is displayed for greater than ten seconds.

• If you send two emails within 2 minutes of each other, MailChimp considers it a duplicate and will only count it as one open.

• Many email services block images from automatically opening and the MailChimp graphic must be displayed in order for it to count as "opened".

11. Chimp Chatter is a usful tool because


• it enables you to connect with other MailChimp users and discuss campaigns and campaign strategies

• it gives you updates about the industry you campaign is in as well as information on other campaigns in the same industry.

• it gives status updates about individual users activity on your campaign as well as other campaigns they have subscribed to.

• it tells you what individual users are doing (subscribing, unsubscribing, updating preferences)

12. The overview of your account displayed as status updates right in your account Dashboard is called:


• Email Beam

• Flag List

• Timeline

• Chimp Chatter

13. Which of the following are NOT a MailChimp A/B Split Testing option?


• Delivery dates/times

• From name

• Call to action button color

• Subject line

14. What is MailChimp's plugin to track individual visitors to your commerce website from your MailChimp campaigns, capture order information, and pass it all it back to MailChimp?


• MoneyChimp

• EcommerceNow

• Ecommerce360

• SalesChimp

15. What are the only two contact list file types MailChimp can upload?


• .csv and .txt

• .ppt and .txt

• .xml and .csv

• .txt and .doc

16. What is Chimp Chatter?


• Private group chat for business

• Feed of Google Analytics Status Report

• Email Chatroom

• Feed of Subscriber Updates

17. Which of the following options are available when selecting an email template?


• Picture Template Editor

• Drag & Drop Editor

• MailChimp Expert

• Our Templates

18. System tags MailChimp provides or tags that are automatically created when you add fields to your list are called:


• CSS tags

• HTML tags

• Merge tags

• Function tags

19. True or False? MailChimp blocks all affiliate links.


• True

• False

20. Which regulation was created to protect email recipients from SPAM?



• SPAM Compliance Act for Messengers



21. Which of the following are included in MailChimps Analytics360?


• ROI for your campaign

• ROE for your campaign

• Balance Sheet

• Clickstream

22. Which of these are absolutely required in each email sent with MailChimp?


• An unsubscribe link

• The first name of the recipient

• All are mandatory

• The URL of your company's website

23. Which of these are NOT types of campaigns you can create from the default "Create Campaign" button?


• Plain-Text Campaign

• A/B Split Campaign

• CSS Formatted Campaign

• Regular Ol' Campaign

24. Step 1 of creating an email marketing plan is ______?


• Make an Email Schedule

• Define Your Readers

• Determine Your Content

• Determine Sending Frequency

25. The little blurb in your email campaigns (usually in the footer) that helps your recipients remember how you got their email address is called:


• An unsubscribe link

• A call to action

• A permission reminder

• A signature

26. Until recipients give your email permission to load images, they will only see the_______ that you create for your image.


• HTML tags

• Alt-text

• Image background

• Image tags

27. Which of the following are part of MailChimps API integrations directory?


• Integration

• HootSuite Integration

• Rackspace Integration

• Swipely Integration

28. True or False? You can embed video into your email.


• False

• True

29. True or false? Inactive members are automatically removed from your contact list.


• False

• True

30. If a contact has either unsubscribed and resubscribed, or soft bounced in the past, what rating will they most likely have?


• One star

• 1/10

• One thumb up

• Three stars

31. What is the user interface for MailChimp editor


• Macros

• Pre-existing templates

• Click and Insert

• Drag and Drop

32. Which of the following are email messages returned to the sender because the recipient's address is no longer valid?


• Hard Bounce


• Sender Receive

• Soft Bounce

33. What security precautions can you take to protect your email marketing campaign?


• Update your systems once a month

• Use multiple machines for financial transactions

• Allow employees to use their home computers on your network

• Run anti-virus and malware scans daily

34. If you want to alert your blog followers to new posts, which campaign would be the best option?


• A designer campaign

• An RSS-driven campaign

• A social driven campaign

• A plain text campaign

35. What is an Autoresponder?


• a MailChimp job title

• a MailChimp campaign type

• a MailChimp account type

• a MailChimp list type

36. How would an email campaign use MailChimp's A/B split testing tool?


• Send multiple different test emails to all recipients the same day for testing

• Send 4 versions of a test email to 25% of recipients

• Send two different test emails to a small portion of recipients for testing

• Send one test email to all reciepients for testing

37. If you want to personalize each email with the first name of the recipient, what merge tag do you use?


• [NAME]

• *|FNAME|*



38. What is a double opt-in?


• A link subscribers can use to unsubscribe from the email list

• A method used to determine whether or not a subscriber has been clicking on links in the emails

• A method requiring subscribers to confirm their email address

• A series of buttons added to the bottom of your email to allow for social media sharing

39. True or False? MailChimp can translate your opt-in/opt-out process into multiple different languages for you.


• True

• False

40. One suggested way you can solve deliverability problems is by:


• Setting up stricter opt-in measures

• Purchase a more expensive list of prospects

• Dramatically increasing your publishing rate

• Change the color of the call to action buttons on your website

41. Which link protocol does MailChimp NOT support?


• http


• https

• mailto

42. To create tailored follow-up or welcome emails, send automatic birthday emails, and foster subscriber engagement in your MailChimp lists, you would set up a(n):


• Plain text template

• A/B test

• Autoresponder

• QuickCampaign

43. What is the difference between a template and a campaign?


• Templates are used when mailing to small lists, campaigns are used when mailing to large lists

• Campaign is the layout, template is the content

• They are functionally identical

• Template is the layout, campaign is the content

44. Directly sending or uploading a file created from another program is not possible when creating a campaign with MailChimp. You would first need to convert a file into:


• Clean Java

• A .ppt format

• Clean HTML

• A CSS format

45. Which common mistakes do you want to avoid when creating your newsletter?


• Using the word "Test" in the subject line


• Coloring fonts bright red or green

• All of the above

46. Which of the following is a hard bounce?


• A sudden and sharp dip in open rate

• The temporary failed delivery of an email because the recipient has an auto-responder set up

• The failed delivery of an email because you went over your sent quota

• The failed delivery of an email due to a permanent reason like a non-existent, invalid, or blocked email address

47. Which of the following is a soft bounce?


• The failed delivery of an email due to a temporary issue, like a full mailbox or an unavailable server

• A permanent delivery failure of an email because your IP is blacklisted

• A slow and steady rise in subscribers

• The result of delivering to a honey-pot address

48. Which of the following allow importing of subscribers into your list?


• (All of these choices)

• Copy/paste from Excel

• Upload a CSV file

• Import directly from Salesforce, Highrise, Google docs

49. Which of these platforms support MailChimp integration?


• Salesforce

• Eventbrite

• All of these

• Magento

50. Forever Free Pricing allows you to send ________ emails per month


• 12000

• 8000

• 18000

• 20000

51. What is Hairball?


• MailChimp's annual email marketing conference

• A desktop app that allows you to segment your MailChimp lists as much as you???d like, and store those segments on your own computer.

• A mobile app designed to help manage your MailChimp email campaigns on the go

• The nickname given to MailChimp's mascot

52. True or False? Uploading an image is only available to users with Author level or higher permissions.


• True

• False

53. What would you use "Aviary" to do?


• Upload batches of new contacts

• Edit images

• Send mail specifically to Hotmail addresses

• Create detailed list segmentation

54. What would be wrong when importing this group name from an Excel document: "Smarterer Employees, List 1"


• Group names cannot have numbers

• The comma hasn't been escaped with a "\"

• There is nothing wrong with this group name

• The group names must be less than 10 characters

55. If you'd like to copy content from websites, email programs, and sources other than a word processor when creating campaign content, which option should you use in the content editor toolbar?


• The retain formatting paste tool

• The HTML paste tool

• You cannot copy content from other sources

• The plain-text paste tool

56. When building a campaign layout, what content block is available when customizing your layout?


• Image

• Social Screen


• Paragraph

57. As an online seller, what does The Top Fives customer list show on your MailChimp dashboard?


• Customers Sorted By Visits

• Customers Sorted By Email Response

• Customers Sorted By Social Sharing

• Customers Sorted By Revenue

58. True or False? If you've entered campaign-specific content in the Campaign Builder, and then make a change to a template in the Templates section, MailChimp won't change your draft campaign.


• False

• True

59. Which of the following is one of the six primary forms of authentication?


• Secure Digital (SD)

• UniqueID (UID)

• Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

• Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

60. What are the two main tabs on the Reports dashboard?


• Advanced Reports and Overview

• Social Stats and Ecommerce Report

• Overview and Revenue

• Opened Percent and Trends

61. When formatting custom list information, which tag will properly display first names, "JOHN" and "sAlly" as "John" and "Sally", when you send an email?






62. A BARF report is


• a report that shows a comprehnsive list of active campaigns and their current statistics

• A report you barf onto

• A report that assess the success of your active campaigns compared to that of the indusrty average

• a report that displays statistics on every campaign you have ever sent

63. If you want to share an email report with someone without including any MailChimp branding, which report would you use?


• VIP Report

• It is not currently possible to share a report without including MailChimp branding

• SiteAnalytics

• CleanData report

64. Which of these is not a PAID service of MailChimp?


• Annual Subscription

• Monthly Plans

• High Volume CPM

• Pay as you Go

65. True or False? The Clear Styles tool doesn't work for content pasted in from Microsoft Word.


• False

• True

66. When editing your content, which keyboard shortcut pushes to MailChimp Mobile?


• CTRL + 3

• Alt+ Ctrl + P

• Alt + P

• CTRL + 1

67. What does the term "Bulking" mean?


• When an email is routed to the spam folder instead of the inbox

• When a large amount of emails are sent at once

• When multiple users are signed in to a MailChimp Account

• When a majority of email recipients respond an email

68. All of the following are notification options when creating a new list EXCEPT


• Daily Summaries

• One by One: Unsubscribe

• One by One: Subscribe

• Weekly Summaries

69. True or False? Once an autoresponder is set up, you can change the contact list it sends to whenever you want.


• False

• True

70. What do redirects mean for tracking email?


• When a recipient clicks on the email they are automatically subscibed to the list.

• The URL of your inserted link is altered to avoid phishing filters

• Recipients that click on the URL are redirected through a secure server and are first scanned by MailChimps virus software.

• Inserted URLs change to appear as plain text links such as "visit site here"