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Test answers for Internet / Online Marketing 2020

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59 Answered Test Questions:

1. What is Facebook marketing useful for?


• Promoting your brand

• All of these

• Promoting your product or service

• Promoting other social media outlets

2. What is Google's character display limit  for the 'title tag' in search results?


• 70 characters

• 140 characters

• 15 words

• 10 words

3. In traditional marketing, companies focus on finding customers. What is the term for marketing focused on getting *found* by customers?


• Social Marketing

• Lead Marketing

• Inbound Marketing

• LeadGen Marketing

4. What is an interstitial ad?


• An ad that stays at the top of a web page

• An ad that floats on the side of a web page

• An ad that fills a user's screen when navigating between two pages

• An ad that follows the users cursor

5. What is the name of Facebook's new search feature?


• Scout

• Graph

• Leaf

• Compass

6. What is a pop-under window ad?


• An ad that appears in a lightbox over a page

• An ad that the user does not see until they close out of their current window

• An ad remains under the title of a web page

• An ad that pops under the cursor after a set amount of time

7. Which of the following is NOT allowed on LinkedIn advertising?


• In-banner surveys

• Javascript tags

• Floating ads

8. What is the name for the small graphic that appears in a browser's address bar?


• Avatar

• Favicon

• Gravatar

• Icon

9. What is the term for a blog or blogger's list of links to other blogs they read or support?



• Liner Notes

• Bloglist

• Blogroll

10. Which of the following is considered permission marketing?


• Opt-in email

• Content marketing

• Affiliate marketing

• Pop-up ads

11. means advertisers pay for every thousand displays of their message to potential customers



• Fixed cost


• Coverage

• Cost

12. Which term refers to content that remains topical and relevant over long stretches of time?


• Stalwart

• Evergreen

• Eternal

• Angel

13. The number of visitors to take action after reading your content is measured by:


• Conversion

• Reach

• Penetration

• Stickiness

14. What does MUV stand for?


• Monthly Unique Visitors

• Marketing Universe Version

• Maximum Unique Visits

• Mobile Unique Version

15. Which email marketing technique is proven to lower SPAM complaints?


• Purchasing an email list

• Requiring user opt-ins

• Mailing to a partner list

• Sending more than two emails to your list per day

16. Which of the following can be used to tag images on the web, for SEO optimization?


• Photext

• Alt Text

• Visual Text

• Image Text

17. What is a back/inbound link?


• The link to your offer in a call to action

• The link in your PPC ad

• When another website links to a page on your website

• The links used for navigation around your website

18. Bitly is a


• content curation tool

• URL shortener

• social media management tool

• social network

19. What is the first step for online marketing?


• Identify goals and objectives

• Test keywords with Google AdWords

• Focus on SEO

• Start blogging

20. What is the character limit for a single Tweet?


• 100

• 150

• 140

• 220

21. What does CPI stand for?


• Cost Per Impression

• Cost Per Image

• Cost Per Introduction

22. Which best describes affiliate marketing?


• Building internal links on your blog

• Creating a webinar series to build your brand as a thought leader

• Utilizing unconventional means like online flash mobs to promote a product

• Performance-based marketing that rewards a partner for clicks or conversions

23. Testing two different Calls to Action to see which perform better is called:


• Apples to Oranges testing

• A/B testing

• This or that testing

• Analytics balancing

24. What is niche marketing?


• A subset of guerrilla marketing where consumers do not realize they are being marketed to

• A type of marketing involving the cooperative efforts of a "for profit" business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit

• Marketing to a target group of users who share common characteristics and are likely to buy your products

• Marketing to a random sample of your audience and measuring the results for testing purposes

25. Among following which option is more likely to drive genuine traffic to your website?


• Bulk emailing to every possible email address you have in your contact book

• FFA Websites

• Optimizing PPC Campaigns on Google adwords

• Sharing too many website links on facebook and twitter

26. What do you need to add to an image for a search engine to "see" it"


• Breadcrumb links

• Beta tags

• Advertisements

• Alt tags

27. What type of marketing is blogging considered to be?


• Email marketing

• Referral marketing

• Affiliate marketing

• Content marketing

28. What is the process search engines use to find content and make it  available to users via search results?


• Sourcing

• Discovering

• Prospecting

• Indexing

29. Which of these is NOT a marketing call to action?


• Tweet @ us

• Love what you do

• Click to learn more

• Join today

30. Where can keywords be placed for search engine optimization?


• Page URL

• Meta Text

• Page Title

• All of these

31. Which of these describe geo-targeted marketing?


• Marketing ads that only appear to users in a specific region.

• Deploying ads targeting individuals interested in taking a vacation

• Marketing ads that reach all over the world

• Deploying ads targeting fans of a best-selling book

32. What is SEM?


• Simple Email Marketing

• Search Engine Management

• Search Engine Mailing

• Search Engine Marketing

33. What is a CMS?


• Content Management System

• Content Mailing Supplier

• Content Mailing System

• Core Marketing Source

34. Often referred to simply as Blogger, which of the following is Google's blogging platform?


• Gspot

• Blogspot

• Wordpress

• Hubspot

35. CTA stands for...


• Calculated Test Administration

• Core Theme Authority

• Call To Action

• Current Thematic Approach

36. Which of these is a characteristic of drip marketing?


• All of these

• Emails are pre-written

• Emails are set to be sent on a schedule

• Communications are based on user actions

37. True or False? Setting up a Mobile Redirect and using Mobile CSS are effective ways at optimizing your site for mobile viewers.


• True

• False

38. What is B2B marketing?


• Buyer to buyer

• Blog to blog

• Business to buyer

• Business to business

39. Which metric can you track with Facebook Ads?


• Campaign reach

• Cost per Click

• All of these

• Number of times each person saw your ad

40. Which of the following provides a form of paid advertising?


• Google+

• Google Analytics

• Google AdWords

41. What is a floating ad?


• An ad that moves across the screen as the user scrolls

• Ad ad that opens in a separate window

• An ad that is fixed on the left-hand side of a website

• An ad that is fixed at the bottom of a page

42. What does SEO stand for?


• Superior E-marketing Optimization

• Special Entry Offer

• Search Engine Orientation

• Search Engine Optimization

43. What are the benefits of social media marketing?


• Niche marketing opportunities

• Amplified audience reach

• Low barriers to entry

• All of these

44. What is Google Analytics used for?


• All of these

• Advertising Analytics

• Conversion Analytics

• Mobile Analytics

45. Which of these is an advantage of email marketing?


• Easily measuring the results of a marketing campaign

• Delivering targeted content during each stage of the customer relationship lifecycle

• All of these

• Educating your customers

46. Blogging is best used for:


• Nurturing leads

• All of these

• Building thought leadership

• Creating a point of engagement with your customers

47. What does PPC stand for?


• Pay Per Click

• Pay Per Connection

• Pay Per Contact

• Pay Per Customer

48. Which of these is a type of online marketing?


• Content marketing

• Email marketing

• All of these

• Affiliate marketing

49. Which analytics does Twitter Ads specifically provide?


• Number of favorites

• Follower growth chart

• Retweets

50. Which of the following does NOT provide certified Twitter analytics?


• Google

• HootSuite

• Topsy

• Adobe Social

51. What is the maximum animation loop length when marketing on LinkedIn?


• 1 minute

• 30 seconds

• 10 seconds

• no limit

52. Google Analytics can be used to directly track performance of


• Mobile Apps & Websites

• Websites

• Mobile Apps

• Social Media

• Websites & Social Media

53. What is the top tool used in inbound marketing campaigns?


• Email Blasts

• Content

• Google Ad Words

• Affiliate Ads

54. What is the time limit for videos recorded on Instagram's video service?


• 10 seconds

• 30 seconds

• 15 seconds

• 6 seconds

55. Assisted Conversions Report in Google Analytics can be found under


• Multi-Channel Funnels

• Experiments

• Goals

• Attribution

• Ecommerce

56. ASO stands for


• App Store Optimization

• Aggregated Sales Optimization

• Automated Search Optimization

• Augmented Search Optimization

• Augmented Sales Optimization

57. What is the time limit for videos recorded on Twitter's Vine service?


• 6 seconds

• 15 seconds

• 10 seconds

• 30 seconds

58. What two halves make up the engagement metric?


• Inbound and outbound engagement

• Positive & negative engagement

• Organic and inorganic engagement

• Social and paid engagement

59. What two halves make up the engagement metric?


• Inbound and outbound engagement

• Positive & negative engagement

• Organic and inorganic engagement

• Social and paid engagement