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Test answers for Google Webmaster Central 2020

(80) Last updated: January 23
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80 Answered Test Questions:

1. What does Google Video Sitemaps allow you to do?


• Listen to music.

• Publish audio files.

• Publish video content and its metadata.

• Download videos.

2. What does the Fetch as Google page do?


• It displays the number of links google fetches when it visits your homepage

• It displays Google's cached version of a page you specify on your website

• It displays how google displays your website in search results

• It requests google to crawl a specific page on your website

3. What symbol indicates a potential problem with your site's health?


• *

• !

• ?

• -

4. What does it mean when a site is not verified?


• You have not proven that you are the owner of this site to Google

• Your website is down

• Google has never been able to crawl your website

• Google has not approved your website for submission yet

5. What can you edit through Webmaster Tools Preferences page?


• Message Language

• The type of notifications your receive

• The email notifications are sent to

• All of these

6. If you were to optimize image-related information, how would it be done?


• Include text in the image.

• Make the image more interesting.

• Use the alt attribute to substitute text for the image if it cannot be displayed.

• Give the image an interesting name.

7. After completing your mobile website, how would you inform Google that it is now in operation?


• Use Google Webmaster Tools to submit a mobile site map.

• Email Google tech support.

• Just wait until Google takes care of it.

• Do nothing.

8. What is CTR?


• Crash Time Rate

• Click Time Rate

• Click Through Rate

• Change Time Rate

9. Why would you want to dissavow links to your website?


• You can remove spammy or low quality links from a website that may negatively affect your PageRank

• Less links can result in a higher level of performance for your website

• It prevents competitor's from searching your site

• It recommended to do if you change website domains

10. What specifies how search engines should crawl your website?


• search.txt

• google.txt

• keywords.txt

• robots.txt

11. What does the Remove URL page do?


• Requests that google removes a page on your site from its search results

• Requests that google remove internal links to your website

• Requests that google remove outside links to your website

• Removes sub domains from your website

12. Where is the robots.txt file stored on your website?


• The root directory.

• The robots folder.

• The settings folder.

• The dev folder.

13. What are two common errors that occur with a web crawler?


• Crawler corruption and errors.

• Crawling the wrong links and reading the wrong text.

• Site and URL errors.

• Google is full of viruses and trojans.

14. What does Index Status tell you about your website?


• It tells you the status of a link.

• It tells you the status of your website.

• It tells you the number of URLs indexed.

• It tells you the status of an index.

15. What part of your websites encoding is displayed in the first line of search results?


• The subject tag.

• The title tag.

• The dev tag.

• The HTML tag.

16. Why are internal links important


• Knowing all of your internal links can help increase your website performance

• You can see how many other sites link to your website

• They are not important

• The number of internal links pointing to a page is a signal to search engines about the relative importance of that page.

17. What is the most secure password to use for your email?


• A combination of all of these

• A password that has both upper case and lower case letters

• A password that contains symbols

• A password that contains numbers

18. How can you add users to access Google Webmaster for a single domain?


• Open Site | Access | Add new User

• Manage Site | Add or Remove Users | Add New User

• Click Gear Icon | Site Access | Add New User

• You cannot add users to a single domain

19. What is your Google Index Status?


• The status indicates whether google is able to or unable to crawl your websites

• The status indicates a percentage of how much of your website google has indexed

• The index status shows how your website ranks in google search

• The index status provides stats about how many of your URLs google was able to crawl and/or index.

20. What indexing result is expected from a properly configured website?


• An increase in page hits.

• An increase in crawled pages.

• A decrease in page crawls.

• A decrease in page hits.

21. What are sitelinks?


• They are links to your website from other sites

• They are links showed below google search results and are meant to help users navigate your site

• They are the links you specify in your site map

• They are the main links used on your site

22. Which of the following is not possible in Google Webmaster?


• Seeing which search queries result in the most clicks to your site

• Seeing how many active users are on your site in real time

• Seeing which page of your site is most visited from search queries

• Finding out how many other sites have links to your site

23. What are internal links?


• The number of links you reference on your site that are outside your website

• The internal links are links on your site that have incoming links from other internal pages on your site

• The total number of hyperlinks on your site

• Links that do not display publically on yoru site

24. What tag would cause a URL to be dismissed by the web crawler when accounting for the total indexed?


• The data tag.

• The meta noindex tag.

• The meta tag.

• The index tag.

25. What kind of search does Google use?


• Dynamic search

• Static search

• Algorithmic search

• Advanced search

26. How does Google determine CTR?


• CTR = Average Position / Clicks

• CTR = Impressions / Average Position

• CTR = Clicks / Impressions

• CTR = Page Views / Impressions

27. Restricted users can do the following:


• View Site Settings, View Site Links, Fetch as Google, View SiteMaps

• View Site Settings, View Traffic, Change Full and Restricted User Permissions, and Add Site Maps

• View Site Settings, View Traffic, Change User Permissions, View Site Maps

• View Site Settings, View Traffic, Change Restricted User Permissions, and Add Site Maps

28. What useful information does the Crawl Error page provide?


• Details of instances when people were unable to visit your site

• Details about URLs in your site that Google could not successfully crawl or returned a HTTP error code

• The number of errors google recommends fixing on your site and how

• When a user attempts to search your website and is unsuccessful

29. What type of error is the most prolific crawling error?


• 404 errors.

• 1000 errors.

• Crawl errors.

• Index errors.

30. If you want your website to be crawled, what must be allowed for this to happen?


• User crawlers.

• Agent crawlers.

• Crawler agents.

• User-agents.

31. What is a site map?


• It shows you how all your pages are linked together

• It is's where your site's server is phisically located

• It is a list of the pages on your website

• It shows how much of your site google has crawled

32. Links to Your Site determines


• The top sites that drive traffic to your site

• The number of links google found to your site on other websites

• The number of times a link to your site appears on the internet from all search engines

• The number of times you link to other sites

33. In the case of the Search Queries tool, what are impressions?


• Individual Google Ranks for all the pages on yoru site

• How a user rated your site

• The number of times a page on your site is viewed

• The number of times your URL appeared in a search result

34. What tag is used to enlarge important text?


• Heading tags.

• SEO tags.

• Title tags.

• Text tags.

35. What can be submitted to Google to provide extra information about your images and videos?


• A sitemeta file.

• A meta file.

• A metamap.

• A sitemap.

36. What three properties are used to create a +snippet?


• Name, date and age.

• Image, name, and description.

• Image, file size, name.

• Name, date and phone number.

37. Which of the following can trigger a Site Health alert


• Google detects malware on your site

• Your site was reported

• Your site is no longer active

• Your site has too many crawl errors

38. Why would you create and submit a site map to Google?


• To tell google how often you update your site's pages

• To help make sure Google knows about all the pages on your site

• To provide metadata about specific types of content on your site

• All of these

39. What configurable text appears when your content is shared on Google+?


• A +box.

• A +dialogue.

• A +snippet.

• A text bubble.

40. What tool allows you to view a page like Google crawlers do?


• Fetch As Crawler

• Crawl As Fetcher

• Fetch As Google

• Crawl As Google

41. What is not a valid CTR Rate?


• 150%

• 100%

• 25%

• 0%

42. As you add more pages to your website, what should also show a direct correlation?


• The success of your landing page.

• The total URLs ever crawled.

• The total amount of page hits.

• The popularity of your website.

43. How will google react to a site that does not have a robots.txt file?


• It will search the entire website

• It will only crawl the homepage

• It will only crawl the homepage and links from the homepage

• It will not crawl the website

44. When a page is removed, how do you delete it from search results?


• It doesn't need to be deleted because it is automatically dropped from search results.

• Remove its meta tags.

• You use Google Toolkit.

• Remove the title tag.

45. What is the Content Keywords page?


• This page lists how many of your meta tag keywords match pages on your website

• This page displays which words are most displayed on each page of your website

• This page suggests which keywords would be best to increase the search rank of your site

• This page lists the most significant or widely used keywords google found when crawling your site.

46. After adding your website to Webmaster Tools, what is one way for it to be verified?


• Include meta tags in the sites encoding.

• Include verification code at the bottom.

• Submit it to Google.

• Verify it with a third-party verification company.

47. What kind of results never result in charges to the advertising agency?


• Successful results

• Incomplete results

• Organic results

• Failed results

48. Why would you use the Change of Address page in Google Webmaster?


• This is not an option in Google Webmaster

• You want to change the physical address associated with the webmaster account

• You want to tell google you have moved your site to a new domain

• If you are a store owner, you can update the address google displays on google maps for your site

49. Which of the following ways is NOT a valid way to verify ownership of a domain?


• Upload an HTML File

• Add a CNAME or TXT Record

• Click the confirmation link Google sends to the admin email listed on WHOIS/ICANN

• Use an existing Google Analytics Account that has the same domain

50. What tool would you use to calculate the level of non-English web traffic?


• The analytics toolkit.

• The analytics dashboard.

• The user dashboard.

• The traffic dashboard.

51. Full users can do the following to a domain except:


• Add / Remove User Access

• View Crawl Stats

• Submit Sitemaps

• Add Blocked URLs

52. When would it be ideal to omit the robots.txt file from your website?


• When you want your entire website indexed.

• When you want part of your website indexed.

• When you want your website hidden from Google.

• When you don't want your robots.txt file indexed.

53. What can be added to your website to allow it to be shared with others?


• The Like button.

• The +1 button.

• The Share button.

• The +Share button.

54. What kind of file can be used to give Googlebot added information about images?


• The image file itself.

• Image sitemap files.

• A descriptor file.

• Image meta files.

55. If a keyword, such as "Viagra", is on the top of Content Keywords page and this keyword has nothing to do with your site this could be what?


• Most people who visit your site also visit sites related to this keyword

• A suggestion from google to add this keyword to your site for a better search rank

• Most people who search on google for your site use this keyword

• A sign that your website has been hacked

56. The Crawl Stats Page shows you


• the number of pages crawled and when

• pages crawled per day, kilobytes downloaded per day, and time spent downloading a page

• pages crawled per day and the number of kilobytes downloaded per day

• the number of pages crawled

57. Which spoken languages require HTML code to be altered to accommodate them?


• English.

• French.

• Latin.

• None of these.

58. Does webmaster tools provide any security related tools?


• Yes, but only Content Keywords

• No, unless its linked with Google Analytics

• No

• Yes

59. If Googlebot is able to crawl your website yet is experiencing errors, what is happening?


• Googlebot is not communicating with the server.

• There are errors in the URL.

• There are errors in the crawler.

• Googlebot is not configured properly.

60. Why would you add HTML markup to your site's pages?


• To help google understand the content of unstructured data on your site

• To help google understand the content of Structured Data on your site

• To help google ignore unstructured data

• If you add HTML markup to your site's page it helps google crawl through your site much faster

61. What tool do you use to remove an entire page?


• None. Google automatically removes them.

• You remove it from your webspace and Google removes it from its search engine.

• Google pageremover+.

• The Google public URL removal tool.

62. What does the Search Queries tool show you?


• The number of times your website was searched by a search engine

• The top keywords on your site

• What users searched for on your site

• Queries on google that have returned URLs from your site

63. What do Crawl Stats show you?


• The number of links to your site

• How many times your website was crawled by a search engine

• Googlebot activity in the last 90 days

• How long users spent on your site

64. If content is password-protected from crawling, what happens to it?


• It is dropped from the index immediately.

• Google crawlers crack the password.

• It is dropped out of the index and will disappear after 90 days.

• Google ignores the password and indexes it anyway.

65. Why are Links to Your Site important?


• It can possibly increase or decrease your google search rank or PageRank

• They give you an indicator of how popular your site is with other websites in the same industry

• The Links to Your Site can help you understand your website's performance

• They are not important

66. What is an example of why you would use the Remove URL Page?


• You need to urgently remove a page on your site from google's search results because it contains confidential information

• You no longer use a sub domain that used to be heavily associated with your website

• You recently changed your index, and you want to remove several invalid links

• A spammy URL not associated to your site links to you which hurts your search rank

67. If you are experiencing substandard search results, what tool can be used to troubleshoot the issue?


• The fetch as Google tool.

• The fetch as Googlebot tool.

• The fetch as website tool.

• The GoogleTool.

68. Can Google accommodate right-to-left languages such as Arabic?


• Only partially.

• No.

• It can, but it must be specially encoded.

• Yes, but with some bidirectional content.

69. What trait would your indexing status reveal if your website has been hacked?


• Decreased volume of duplicate pages.

• Large volumes of duplicate pages.

• An increase in submitted content.

• A decrease in page hits.

70. When removing cached data from your website, are files such as .doc and .PDFs removed as well?


• Only HTML and .pdf files.

• None are removed.

• Only HTML and .doc files.

• No. Only HTML pages.

71. How do you find out how much of your website is being accessed by Google?


• Compare the volume of page crawls to the total pages blocked by robots.txt.

• Ask an administrator at Google.

• Check the configuration file.

• Check your indexing status file.

72. Can a Google Video Sitemap be replaced with a mRSS feed?


• They must work together.

• No.

• Yes.

• Google does not use a sitemap.

73. An increase in redirect traffic has been detected. Where should you look to solve the issue?


• The site status folder.

• The website itself.

• The log files.

• The root folder.

74. To look for problems in your website, what operator can be used?


• web: search

• site: search

• website: check

• site: web

75. If you wanted your website to be discovered faster by Googlebot, what is a good method?


• Name the files unique names.

• Consolidate its files in specialized directories.

• Spread the files throughout multiple directories to spread their influence.

• Give the directories unique names.

76. Why would you want to indicate the expiration date of a markup?


• To tell your users when your website is expired.

• To make it less problematic for the search engine.

• To tell Google when your websites certificate is expired.

• To tell Google when to stop crawling your website.

77. Which of the following is NOT correct?


• You can add invidivual sections or pages of your site as a new site (example:

• You can have multiple sites from multiple domains associated to your account

• You do not need to verify subdomains to your site

• You can view how many websites have links to your site

78. If Googlebot is not accessing your website, what kind of error is occurring?


• A bot error.

• A site error.

• A crawling error.

• A meta error.

79. Full users can do the following:


• Add / remove site owners

• Add or Remove Users

• Link domains to a Google Analytics Account

• None of these

80. What permissions can the owner give to other users on Google Webmaster?


• Restricted and Full

• Restricted, Full, and Site Owner

• Read Only, Full Access, and Site Owner

• Restricted, Full, and Admin