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Test answers for Google Adsense 2020

(79) Last updated: January 23
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79 Answered Test Questions:

1. Which of these is not a Google Adsense ad format?


• Image

• Open GL

• Video

• Text

2. When a company competing with another company clicks their competitor's ads to drive up their competitor's costs, what is happening?


• Invalid clicks

• Embargo

• Illegal competition

• Antitrust

3. Which best describes the purpose of Adsense?


• Maximize profit of online content

• Depreciate content derived sales

• Maximize deficit of online content

• Monitor page views

4. When a regular search is performed, how much does AdSense pay a publisher?


• None, AdSense only pays for advertisements that are clicked

• $5.67 per search

• $18.42 per search

• 51% of the revenue based on visits alone

5. You can set up your time zone reporting preferences using which of these?


• Adsense+page

• Account information section of your Account settings page

• Adsense Forum

• Adsense Help Center

6. Ad CTR is best described as?


• Clicks / Ad impressions

• Clicks / Ad constrcutions

• Clicks / Ad repitition

• Clicks / Ad definitions

7. Which of these is not a Google Adsense product?


• Computing

• Content

• Video

• Search

8. What is an example of how a blog is used to abuse Google AdSense?


• A blog containing relevant news coverage for a geographic area

• A blog containing no actual content, but contains large amounts of high-paying keywords

• A blog with many high-paying keywords and relevant content

• A blog about horses which also aims to sell horse equipment

9. What type of targeting do content-based advertisements focus on?


• Subjective targeting

• Strategic targeting

• Context or interest based

• Comprehensive targeting

10. How are ad spaces made available?


• renaming all ad code on your site

• deleting all ad code from your site

• encrypting all ad code on your site

• pasting ad code on your site

11. What is an example of encoding that safely targets children in advertising?


• &cx=00255077836266642015:u-scht7a-8i

• google_tag_for_child_directed_treatment = 1;

• <CustomSearchEngine volunteers="false"

• repeated int32 d = 4 [packed=true];

12. CMS stands for?


• Content Management System

• Controller Management System

• Content Moving System

• Counting Messages and Statistics

13. Which best describes the Mobile Webpage options?


• Connect users to the right ads when they do not want them

• Connect users to the right ads when they want them

• Connect users to the wrong ads

• Disconnect users from the right ads they want

14. The group you wish to reach out to through ads is called?


• Target Audience

• Silent Audience

• Troll sites

• Great Crowd

15. CTR stands for?


• Count then repeat

• Click through rate

• Cost tracking routes

• Click then repeat

16. In order to use Google Adsense you must have a combination of which of the following?


• Only a postal address

• A Google Account, Content to Monetize, A Postal Address

• Only content to monetize

• Only a Google account

17. CPC stands for?


• cost per click

• click placement cost

• count per click

• categories per click

18. What is Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK?


• A method for advertising durable goods

• A method for advertising news content

• It is a method to advertise in media content such as videos and games

• A method for advertising food items

19. What is interest-based advertising?


• Advertisements aimed at a specific geographic location

• Advertising focusing on user demographics, interests, and previous interactions

• Advertisements distributed with no specific strategy

• Advertisement focusing on raising interest in a product via word of mouth

20. CSE stands for?


• Custom spam enactor

• Custom sales engine

• Custom search engine

• Cost sales entry

21. Which of these has been added for advanced control over ad format features?


• Favicons

• Clickable arrow icon

• Similar-sized display ads

• All of these

22. When a website has ad content being clicked by automated programs, what is the technique considered?


• Inflation

• Good business practices

• Influx

• Click fraud

23. Which of these is NOT an ad status?


• Idle

• Active

• Ghosting

• Hidden

24. What is the syntax for asynchronous


• async

• asinc

• asynk

• asynch

25. What is the function of expandable ads?


• Expand beyond the original size of an ad unit

• Enhance text ads

• Automize units

• Animation

26. Where would you place the best performing ad to increase your revenue?


• Nowhere on the page

• In the middle of the page

• As the first ad on the page

• At the bottom of the page

27. Where are payments and pin numbers sent?


• To your customers

• To the IRS

• Your mailing address

• Back to Google

28. A/B testing is best described as?


• Survey testing

• Double blind testing

• Testing situation A versus situation B

• None of these

29. Link units display which of these?


• a list of suggested submenus

• a list of irrelevant topics

• a list of suggested topics for your page content

• a list of topics relevant to your page content.

30. What is wide skyscraper format?


• Diagonal ads

• Horizontal ads, usually 160x12 in dimension

• Vertical ads, usually 160x600 in dimension

• Ads formatted to fit on the side of buildings

31. Are ads allowed on error pages?


• Yes

• Yes, but only 1

• Yes, but only a maximum of 3

• No

32. What is contextual targeting?


• The use of page content to match appropriate ads to each web page

• The use of page content to influence the flow of its web traffic

• The use of page content to influence a specific audience

• The use of page content to draw a targeted audience

33. If you wish to manually add the encoding for Google Adsense, where should it be pasted for it to operate correctly?


• Within the <CSS></CSS> tag

• Within the <JAVA></JAVA> tag

• Within the <BODY></BODY> tag

• Within the <DEV></DEV> tag

34. How many AdSense for content units are allowed per page?


• Four

• Three

• Ten

• Five

35. Attend this online training program to learn about Adsense:


• Adsense Collective

• Adsense College

• Adsense Academy

• Adsense University

36. Above the fold refers to what?


• Highest bidding advertisers

• The webpage header

• Profit margin

• Part of the page seen withouth scrolling down

37. Adsense allows users to do all but the following?


• Spam other websites

• earn money from your site search results

• earn money from your websites

• earn money from your mobile sites

38. If you are changing the destination URL, what are you changing?


• The address of the web page itself

• The address of the company using it

• The address of the companies advertising server

• The address of the landing page

39. Which best describes the billing process for sold ads?


• Bills to Networks must be handled by the user

• Networks and Advertiser billing is handled by Adsense

• Only Advertiser billing is handled by Adsense

• Networks and Advertiser billing is handled by a third party

40. What are link units used for?


• They are links to object items on your website

• They are adaptive links that change according to the interests of your readers

• They are used to measure optimization strategies

• They are dynamic links that don't change

41. What type of feeds will AdSense run on?


• Wordpress and RDF

• Wordpress and RSS

• RSS and Atom

• Wordpress and Atom

42. What is a payment threshold?


• The total you can lose before shutting down

• The array of payment forms

• The minimum amount that you can earn before being paid

• The maximum, amount that you can earn before being paid

43. What is a linear video ad?


• Ads that run like a stock ticker along the bottom of a video clip

• Ads that are played for the entire duration of the media clip

• Ads that are run in the background, but never seen during a media clip

• Ads that appear between, before, and after video content is played

44. What controversial tracking method does AdSense use to be more effective?


• Cookies

• Advertisements

• Media files

• Surveys

45. Which title describes those who can see a list of users having access to an account?


• Standard Users and Administrators

• Standard Users for 30 days

• Standard Users but not Administrators

• Administrators

46. Custom channels are best described as?


• Ad unit Performance enhancers

• Ad unit Performance blockers

• Ad unit performance backers

• Ad unit performance trackers

47. Which of these is the most useful means of anaylizing Adsense data?


• Graphical Reporting

• Blocking users

• Creating ads

• Displaying relevant ads

48. What is the standard size for a banner ad used in AdSense?


• 468x60

• 800x600

• 400x690

• 132x764

49. What does Adsense for search provide for a website owner?


• Google Custom Search boxes

• Revenue per visitor who merely shows up to their site

• Revenue per visitor who searches their site

• Revenue per visitor who buys heir products

50. Earnings thresholds depend on which of the following?


• Time of Sign in

• Account Renewal

• Reporting Currency

• Time of Sign Out

51. What is the formula for ad clickthrough rates displayed in performance reports?


• Ad impressions / clicks

• Clicks / ad impressions

• Total clicks divided by total ads

• Items sold / finances depleted for using ads

52. Which of these is not a provided Ad style?


• High contrast Black

• High contrast White

• High contrast Sienna

• Google Default

53. Adsense Direct allows users to do which of the following?


• Hide ad units

• Rename idle ad units

• Sell ad inventory

• Rename Responsive ad units

54. What is placement targeting?


• Advertisements chosen by advertisers to be displayed on a website

• Advertisements chosen by webmasters to be hosted on their website

• The placement of ads in certain areas of a website

• Advertisements placed on the web with no specific strategy

55. What is leaderboard format?


• A diagonal ad, usually placed at the bottom and typically 728x90 in dimension

• A vertical ad, usually placed at the top and typically 728x90 in dimension

• A horizontal ad, usually placed at the top and typically 728x90 in dimension

• A perfectly square ad

56. Which formula describes Coverage?


• (Ad requests that returned ads / total ad requests) * 100

• (Ad requests that returned ads / total ad requests) * 1000

• (Ad requests that returned no ads / total ad requests) * 100

• (Ad requests that returned ads / total ad requests) * 50

57. What are Quick reports?


• Reports that are timely in their nature

• Commonly used reports, or customized reports

• Abbreviated reports

• Reports used to demonstrate a companies short-term financial report

58. Which of these units are able to be used in experiments?


• Active ad units

• Ad units already being used in another experiment

• Responsive Ad units

• Idle Ad units

59. Where must the DIV tag be placed to inform the browser of the first ad in the source code?


• Below the BODY tag

• Above the BODY tag

• Outside the BODY tag

• Before the BODY tag

60. What does % Recent Ad Impressions mean?


• Percentage of ad impressions generated from recent online purchases

• Percentage of ad impressions generated in one minute

• Total ad impressions recently generated in a particular category

• Percentage of total ad impressions recently generated in a particular category

61. Where do you find and change your payment options?


• In the account maintenance section

• In the payment options section

• In the system settings tab

• In the account settings page

62. If you wish to change the status of an ad group, what are the options in the Change status drop-down menu?


• Enable, Pause, Delete

• Start, Stop, Continue

• Export, Import, Yes, No

• Enable, Disable, Export

63. Publishers receive a higher percentage for which Adsense product?


• Adsense for search

• Adsense for content

• Both of these, priced the same

• None of these

64. Which of these is not a pre-requisite of Adsense?


• Owning many websites

• 18 years of age or older

• Comply with program policies

• Own a website

65. What is the standard publisher revenue share on AdSense for Content?


• 68%

• 52%

• 58%

• 32%

• 50%

66. How do you change your ad text?


• Campaigns > Ads > Market.

• Ads > Edit > Pencil icon

• Campaigns > Ads > Pencil icon

• Edit > Ads > Campaigns

67. A Backup ad can be created by using all but which of these?


• Image


• Color

• Email address

68. What must you have before you can directly integrate AdSense into your video player?


• The video player's source code

• The video players make and model

• AdSense's source code

• The video players serial number

69. If your inventory needed to be managed, what tab would you use?


• My inventory

• My AdSense

• My ads

• My management

70. What kind of code does AdSense use to match advertisements with content on mobile sites?


• Cobal.



• Objective-C and Java

71. Which of these best describes an ad placement?


• A group of ad units on which an advertiser can choose to place their ads

• A single ad unit which an advertiser must choose to place their ad

• Any website that places your ad

• A single website that places your ad

72. How many ads are allowed to be placed on websites with dynamic content as the focus?


• Ads are not allowed on sites with dynamic content as the primary focus

• One

• Three

• Two

73. Where do crawler errors appear in the menu?


• Gear icon > Performance

• Gear icon > Status

• Gear icon > Crawlers

• Gear icon > Metrics

74. What is A/B testing when it comes to optimizing ads?


• Contrasting different advertising audiences

• Contrasting different ad performance

• Contrasting different ad designs

• Contrasting the different levels of retained earnings per advertisement

75. Where would you find information about your account performance?


• The Metrics tab

• The Performance tab

• The Statistics tab

• The Home tab

76. Your Report Manager will save up to how many reports?


• 30

• 15

• 100

• 20

77. What are ad dimensions used for?


• Sorting data about the size of the ad

• The performance of their competitors

• Sorting data regarding its audience

• Sorting performance data

78. In order to use Adsense for mobile you must have all but the following?


• A non mobile compliant webpage

• server side scripting, PHP or ASP

• a mobile markup language such as XHTML

79. What must be inserted into an RSS feed for Google to produce advertising content?


• Images

• Site maps

• Feeds

• Websites