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Test answers for Email Marketing 2020

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72 Answered Test Questions:

1. An email sent to someone who has not opted-in or given permission to email to the sender is called _____.


• email blocking

• spam

• inbound marketing

• lead nurturing

2. What should you always add to images in case they do not load properly in an email?


• Campaign codes

• Colorful borders

• Text descriptions of the image

• Alt tags

3. True or False? According to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, email marketers must not include an address and unsubscribe link


• False

• True

4. True or False? Abandoned email addresses can be converted to spam traps and report consistent incoming email as spam.


• True

• False

5. The percentage of emails that actually make it into a recipient's inbox is called _____.


• delivery rate

• bounce rate

• click-through rate

• sent rate

6. True or False? A dedicated email is also called a stand alone email.


• False

• True

7. Which of the following is a spammy word you should typically avoid in a subject line?


• free

• zero

• you

• more

8. What does CTR stand for?


• Click-through rate

• Creative thought response

• Conversion to receiver

• Commerce targeted reply

9. True or False? The unique click rate is calculated by dividing the number of unique clicks in your email by the total number of recipients.


• True

• False

10. Paying to have your content in another vendor's dedicated email is called _____.


• an email digest

• a sponsored email

• a sanitized email

• a handshake email

11. True of False? Frequency of emailing typically has an impact on subscriber retention.


• True

• False

12. What's the main way customers prefer to receive permission based marketing?


• Facebook

• LinkedIn

• Email

• Twitter

13. Subscribers may report email as spam based on?


• Subject Line

• based on the From name

• Based on email adress

• all of the above

14. What is A/B testing?


• Testing your web page to load quicker

• A/B testing is a simple way to test changes to your page against the current design and determine which ones produce positive results.

15. Which of these are possible list segmentation categories?


• All of these

• Interest

• Demographics

• Purchasing behavior

16. What is ROI?


• Root of investment

• Reach over influence

• Realm of influence

• Return on investment

17. Which of these are advantages to email newsletters?


• All of these

• Brand awareness

• Thought leadership

• Customer engagement

18. Which of these are tools for acquiring new subscribers?


• Social media outreach

• Extensive blogging

• Calls to action on your website

• All of these

19. True or False: Email marketing yields a high return on investment (ROI)


• False

• True

20. What is a shared IP?


• A cheaper alternative to a dedicated IP from which many people can send email

• A much more expensive alternative to a dedicated IP

• An email server that almost always sends spam email

• An outdated system for sending email campaigns and not a good option

21. Which of the following is a soft bounce?


• The failed delivery of an email due to a temporary issue, like a full mailbox or an unavailable server

• The result of delivering to a honey-pot address

• A slow and steady rise in subscribers

• A permanent delivery failure of an email because you have been marked as a spammer

22. Email List Hygiene refers to what practice?


• removing inactive and bad email addresses from your database.

• using a double opt-in

• warming up a new IP address for your emails

• using a single opt-in

23. Which of the following is a hard bounce?


• The failed delivery of an email because you went over your sent quota

• The temporary failed delivery of an email because the recipient has an auto-responder set up

• The failed delivery of an email due to a permanent reason like a non-existent, invalid, or blocked email address

• A sudden and sharp dip in open rate

24. What is an email preference center?


• the section of an IP where you choose most popular browser types

• the landing page where users can unsubscribe and modify their email settings

• the section of an esp where you choose your company's colors

25. What is warming up your IP address?


• A scam attempted by email marketers in the late 2000s

• Keeping your servers in a heated room so they will run more efficiently

• A term for auctioning off your mail server to the highest bidder

• Slowly building up to overall send amount to prevent getting IP blacklisted

26. Sending a commercial email without using a dedicated ESP is a violation of the CAN-SPAM act.


• False

• True

27. What is a signature file?


• Your trademarked footer design on your website

• A list of opt-ins or "signatures" to your email list

• A short block of text at the end of an email that provides information about the sender

• A sanitized and segmented list of your subscribers

28. True or False? Long, descriptive calls to action are better than short, pointed ones.


• True

• False

29. One suggested way you can solve deliverability problems is by _____.


• change the color of the call to action buttons on your website

• purchase a more expensive list of prospects

• setting up stricter opt-in measures

• increasing your publishing rate

30. Which of these measure your email campaign's success?


• Conversion rate

• Call to action

• Honey-pot rate

• Phishing response rate

31. Which of these are another name for lead nurturing?


• Marketing automation

• Auto-responders

• Drip marketing

• All of these

32. What is the first step in any successful email campaign?


• choosing the design layout

• defining your goal

• writing a subject line

• writing the body copy

33. Marking a message as "spam" in your inbox will automatically unsubscribe you from all lists of this sender


• False, you may still receive the future emails, but into a spam folder instead

• False, you will only notify the ISP and still receive future email into inbox

• True

• Partially true. You will be unsubscribed, but only from the current campaign list

34. What is CAN-SPAM?


• sending emails without using an ESP

• renting lists and mailing to people who might not want your content

• the practice of using subject lines to get people to open your emails

• a law that details rules and consequences for commerical email.

35. What is CAN-SPAM?


• A measure of how often your mail gets marked as spam

• Email software that allows you to get around spam filter

• Federal email anti-spam legislation passed in 2003

• A list of people who have opted in to receive email solicitation

36. In which category will most likely an email campaign or newsletter land in Gmail, given the recent redesign?


• Shopping

• Spam

• Promotions

• Updates

37. When warming a new IP address, you should:


• send an email to all of your contacts to let them know

• mail all of your contacts in one batch

• use the word free in your subject lines

• divide your list into several batches, mailing your most engaged users first

38. How is bounce rate calculated?


• viewers who opened your email without clicking divided by total emails sent

• viewers who clicked your email without purchasing divided by total emails sent

• undelivered emails divided by total emails sent

39. What is a common way to optimize an email with many images for viewing?


• Add H1 tags

• add ALT tags

• make the images animated GIFs

• include the images at the bottom of the email

40. True or False? Purchased email lists are typically just as engaged as opt in lists.


• False

• True

41. Which of the following tactics can potentially improve your list hygeine?


• use a double opt-in

• use affiliate marketing

• engage in co-marketing

• rent lists

42. The following impacts your Sender Score:


• number of characters you use in your subject lines

• volume and frequency of sends, spam reports, IP address usage

• IP address usage and hard bounces

• spam reports and click through rate

43. What is a double opt-in?


• A method used to determine whether or not a subscriber has been clicking on links in the emails

• A link subscribers can use to unsubscribe from the email list

• A series of buttons added to the bottom of your email to allow for social media sharing

• A method requiring subscribers to confirm their email address

44. The percentage of emails that were opened in a given campaign is the _____.


• success rate

• return on investment

• click rate

• open rate

45. What is the difference between a soft bounce and a hard bounce?


• there is no difference between hard and soft bounces

• a soft bounce is the result of a temporary problem

• a soft bounce is the same thing as a spam complaint

• a soft bounce occurs when someone gives you a bad email address

46. True of False? HTML is typically utilized to make sparse, plain emails.


• True

• False

47. How is list growth rate calculated?


• new monthly email subscribers minus opt outs and hard bounce divided by original list size

• new email subscribers this month divided by total email subscribers last month

• total subscribers this month divided by total subscribers last month

48. Which of these are NOT associated with regular list maintenance?


• Higher open rates

• Higher conversion rates

• Greater number of engaged users

• Greater risk of spam reports

49. Subtracting your opt-outs and hard bounces from the number of new email subscribers in a given month and dividing the whole thing by the total list size will yield your _____.


• return on investment

• growth rate

• soft bounce rate

• spam list

50. What is a benefit of performing an A/B Test on your email?


• Increased delivery rate

• Increased list size

• Better sender reputation

• Increased conversion

51. What does the term Dedicated Email refer to?


• an email triggered by a user property

• an email triggered by a specific user action

• a sponsored email offered by a partner

• a stand alone email that promotes an individual offer

52. Which of the following is a tactic for increasing email deliverability?


• rent lists

• include a cta in your subject line

• ask your users to endorse your emails

• ask users to whitelist you

53. When A/B testing, how do you dispute a null hypothesis?


• Run the experiment long enough to rule out incidental outcomes

• Change the subject line of the email with every subsequent test

• Create a blog post on your website explaining your methods

• Change the number of subscribers with each subsequent test

54. Which of these are terms for subscription lists you built yourself?


• Honey-pot

• Friendly list

• Black hat list

• House list

55. What are transactional emails?


• an email triggered by a user property

• emails triggered by specific user actions

• a stand alone email that promotes an individual offer

• a sponsored email offered by a partner

56. Return Path's Sender Score measures:


• how your email conversion rates compare to ever other sender

• the likelihood that your emails will be delivered

• the reputation of every outgoing mail server IP address on a scale from 0-100

• the aggregate number of clicks you generate across all emails

57. How is unique click-through-rate calculated?


• total clicks divided by total emails opened

• total clicks divided by total emails delivered

• unique clicks divided by unique emails delivered

58. Are animated GIFs supported in HTML emails?


• Yes, most major email clients support animated GIFs.

• No, most major email clients do not support animated GIFs.

• Yes, but the animations will not loop.

• No, there is no support for animated GIFs in HTML emails.

59. What is the DNS record that says on whose behalf an IP or domain sends email?


• Sender Policy Framework


• Phishing list

• Soft-Bounce Certificate

60. Which of these are associated with having a dedicated IP?


• Lower cost

• Risk of red flags to the IP from other users

• Sharing reputation with other users

• Higher cost

61. Which of these are important for the reputation of your outgoing email server?


• Sender Score

• Spam Score

• Gmail Score

• Klout score

62. A system that allows you to send an automated series of emails to an early stage lead in order to pre-qualify them before sending them to your sales team is called:


• Lead capturing

• Lead funneling

• Lead nurturing

• Sales netting

63. In email marketing terms, what is CPM?


• The cost per 1000 addresses in a purchased email list

• The number emails returned in a given campaign

• The number of clicks per million impressions

• An expected cost of legitimate email marketing

64. True or False? It is typically better to place your opt-in calls to action near the bottom of your web page.


• False

• True

65. What is a common way to track engagement with email links?


• add cta parameters to the end

• add rca parameters to the end

• add utm parameters to the end

• add stb parameters to the end

66. Which of the following IS NOT an advantage to using a shared IP?


• cost is typically lower

• consistenly improved sender reputation

• less pressure to generate high email send volume independently

67. Which of these will put you at risk for getting blocked by your Internet service provider?


• Having a large number of segments in your email list

• Sending mail from a shared IP address

• Low deliverability rates

• Going over your mail quota

68. Which of these are email lists you purchase or rent instead of grow organically?


• Acquisition list

• House list

• Money list

• All of these

69. What is one reason open rates are often considered unreliable?


• users may open your email on more than one device

• an email is only counted as open if a user receives the images in your email

• users may read the subject line and never open the email

70. What does honeypot in email marketing refer to?


• A spamtrap set by ISP based on inactive email accounts

• A list with over 100,000 subcsribers

• A subscriber list with above the average open rates

• A popular technique in eCommerce that allows for purchase directly from email campaign

71. Legitimate permission-based email that is erroneously blocked due to the limitations of current email blocking and filtering techniques is also known as _____.


• honey-pot return

• false positive

• fake bounce

• canned spam

72. Which of these are an advantage of transactional emails?


• High click through rate

• All of these

• Resetting your spam counter

• Partnership opportunities with other vendors

1 NOT Answered Yet Test Questions:

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73. What service does email tool provide?


• tests your email design in different browsers

• is an email service provider

• tests your email subject lines

• monitors your email sender reputation