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Test answers for Constant Contact 2020

(109) Last updated: January 22
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109 Answered Test Questions:

1. Your "Join My List" link should be posted in which of the following places:


• In your email signature

• On your social media channels

• All of these

• On your company website

2. True of False? A user must setup a Survey to track the results of an email blast


• False

• True

3. Unsolicited email includes sending an email to _______________


• A recipient who Opted in to your email list

• A person you met at a tradeshow and sold a product or service to

• A recipient who asked to be removed from your list

• A person's email obtained through a voluntary promotion that required email for entry

4. True of False?  Constant Contact's superior email platform can convert most incomplete links in your code to make them active


• False

• True

5. How do you create an online Survey?


• Use a Survey Template, edit it and add content

• Use a Standard Template, edit it and add color

• Use any of the 100+ Survey Examples, save them & add content

• Use an E-mail Template, save it and add news

6. How do you create member newsletters or e-mail coupons?


• By making use of the HTML e-mail templates

• By making use of the HTM event templates

• By making use of the HTML Tracking templates

• By making use of the HTM survey templates

7. How do you learn when a contact signs up?


• Through tracking opt-ins & opt-outs

• Through tracking the e-mails opened

• Through tracking the links opened

• Through tracking the click-through

8. How can you make sure your e-mail campaign is perfect before sending it?


• Check it first for errors

• Save it first

• Check it first with Spam Checker

• Preview it first

9. What options are there when you are ready to send your e-mails?


• You can send it immediately

• You can send it now or in 24 hours

• You can send it now or schedule it for later

• You can send it in 24 hours or schedule it for later

10. How do you set up a newsletter?


• Announce an invitation

• Build a news page

• Select a template

• Select an example

11. How do you create your own template layout from scratch?


• Just point & save, drag & drop with the Survey Editing feature

• Just point & click, drag & drop with the Template Editing feature

• Just point & store, drag & drop with the E-mail Editing feature

• Just point & click, copy & paste with the File Editing feature

12. When mailing a campaign for the first time, what must you verify first?


• Your pin code

• Your username

• Your registration number

• Your e-mail address

13. When Archiving an email campaign ______________


• All of these

• A user will not see a past email in the list of emails

• A user will not be able to resend that email in the future

• A user may delete a past email

14. How can you see who clicked your links & read your e-mails?


• Make use of the Tracking feature & see all the results

• Make use of the Recording feature & see all the results

• Make use of the Stats feature & see most of the results

• Make use of the Follow feature & see all the results

15. The CAN-SPAM Act states _______________


• Tell recipients where you're located

• Honor opt out requests immediately

• All of these

• Don't use false or misleading header information

16. A ___________ is a great way to gauge feedback from your clients regarding your products or services


• None of these

• Constant Contact clickthroughs

• Constant Contact Survey or Poll

• Constant Contact link tracking

17. True of False? Website owners can easily install a signup widget on their website with Constant Contact


• True

• False

18. What is the Social Stats feature designed for?


• It measures your social life, such as who replies to your e-mails

• It measures your media success, such as who sends you e-mails

• It measures your social media success, such as who tweets your e-mails

• It measures your private media, such as who tweets you the most

19. Constant Contact is good to upload lists to. It may also be used as a ______________


• Connector to update friends and family

• Contact database

• All of these

• Electronic greeting card

20. What file formats are accepted to upload new contacts?


• .csv

• .xls

• All of these

• .txt

21. In what ways may a user host images for an email in Constant Contact?


• All of these

• Upload to the user's server and link to the images in the HTML code

• Host up to 5 images for free in Constant Contact's Image Library

• Pay $5 more per month and host more images

22. True of False? SaveLocal is a Constant Contact brand for using coupons


• False

• True

23. Why would you add a Facebook like button to a newsletter?


• Increase sales conversions

• Increase open rate on your emails

• Create a point of difference between you and competitors

• Improve customer engagement with your brand

24. True or False? Constant Contact offers custom color options.



• True

25. How can you flag areas on your e-mail that could possibly be stopped by ISP's?


• By using the Grammar Checker

• By using the Anti-Spam Checker

• By using the Spell Checker

• By using the Anti-Error Checker

26. Which online survey invitations can you track?


• A few surveys & view them by date sent, opens, and more

• All surveys & view them by date & number sent, opens, and more

• One survey only & view it by date & number sent

• Only three surveys & view them by opens, and more

27. Which of the following does Constant Contact advise against including in your email subject line?


• Full words in all caps

• All of these

• Dollar signs ($)

• Exclamation points (!)

28. Name a way(s) to add contacts to your mailing list?


• Add contacts on the go via QuickView iPhone application

• Import your e-mail list from Gmail, Outlook & more

• All of these

• Import or export mailing lists as .csv or .txt files

29. As part of Constant Contact's Social Campaigns, a user can ____________


• Include email campaigns on social media pages

• Track facebook Likes

• All of these

• Track coupons

30. What web-based communication components does Constant Contact Suport?


• Online Survey + Social Media

• E-mail marketing + Social Media

• Event Marketing + Social Media

• All of these

31. An email that had been in the process of being built in Constant Contact, but that has not been sent is referred to as ______________


• A quick iteration

• A draft

• A mockup

• Initial design

32. How do you create an E-mail marketing campagin?


• Choose a saved e-mail sample & incorporate relevant content

• Choose a survey templates & incorporate colors & images

• Choose e-mail templates & incorporate colors, images & logos

• Choose an e-mail sample & incorporate content

33. Constant Contact's pre-built themes are ________________


• for Religious organizations

• All of these

• for Business

• for Arts & Entertainment

34. How can you customize your events?


• By using the Standard Templates available

• By using the New Templates available

• By using the E-mail Templates available

• By using the Event Templates available

35. What different methods can be used to get feedback?


• All of these

• Send e-mail invitations

• Place the URL link in your website or blog

• Include the online survey URL in your newsletter

36. In an email, where is the best placement for a company logo?


• As a right-hand side bar on the email

• The bottom of the email

• Wrapped in the text of the email

• The top of the email

37. How can you measure the performance of your campaign?


• By using the Newsletter Marketing Tracking & Reporting

• By using the Message Marketing Tracking & Listing

• By using the E-mail Marketing Tracking & Reporting

• By using the E-mail Marketing Following & Listing

38. Explain how you can integrate with other business applications?


• By using the API's

• By using the APE's

• By using the CPI's

• By using the CTI's

39. What tactic can you use to target your messages?


• Segment your friends by interest or other criteria

• Segment your list by interest or other criteria

• Segment your blog by interest or other criteria

• Segment your survey by interest or other criteria

40. What makes the Constant Contact product so successful?


• Ongoing new features, demanded by the users

• The tested code base that works cross client

• All of these

• Affordabe and beautifully designed email templates for almost any small business

41. True of False? After sending an email, a user may only track stats beginning 24 hours after it's sent


• True

• False

42. What different survey question types can you choose from?


• Rate items on a scale

• All of these

• Open-ended text

• Single-select multiple choice

43. How do you know who said yes or no to your event invitations?


• Through use of the Reply by E-mail feature

• Through use of the Advanced Reply feature

• Through use of the Online answering feature

• Through use of the Online RSVP feature

44. How do you sign up for a Constant Contact account?


• Click "Open Account", fill in the fields & click "Start trial"

• Click "Open New", fill in the fields & click "Start a trial"

• Click "Open Account" & click "Start trial"

• Click "Sign up", fill in the custom fields & click "Start my trial"

45. True of False? Social Campaigns and Social Share are the same product


• False

• True

46. Selecting a theme in Constant Contact restricts _______________


• The use of customization of layouts

• None of these

• The use of columns

• The use of rows

47. What will the social media stats tell you?


• Who looked at your profile & tweets about other's

• Who dislikes you & tweets about new products

• Who dislikes you & tweets about other's

• Who likes and tweets about you

48. Constant Contact's suite of products include __________


• Website design & development

• Track registrations and RSVP's

• Graphic design

• Branding creation

49. What options are available to you when you create your Survey?


• Add custom greeting & closing pages

• You can edit your survey

• Select the right type of question for the right feedback

• All of these

50. What markup language is used to create custom email templates?




• FpML


51. The Online Event management offer(s) the following:


• Event invitations

• Online event promotion

• All of these

• Online RSVP

52. Name another way to ensure your e-mails get delivered?


• Only use bought e-mail lists

• Only use permission-based e-mail lists

• Only use new e-mail lists

• Only use approved e-mail lists

53. Where should a company logo be included?


• All of these

• "Forward Email to a Friend" form

• On a Printable Sign-up Form

• "Join My Mailing List" form

54. How do you select your e-mail list for recipients?


• Group your contacts by common interests

• Import your existing e-mail list from Excel

• All of these

• Send targeted newsletters to different groups

55. How you would promote your social media pages?


• All of these

• Insert links to your blog

• Insert links to YouTube

• Insert links to Facebook

56. In Constant Contact, an email blast is referred to as ____________


• A marketing scheme

• A campaign

• An e-marketing brochure

• An email blast

57. When preparing a template for use in Constant Contact ______________


• Be sure to use inline styles

• All of these

• Be sure to check all links

• Be sure to save images at 72 dpi

58. True or False? It is not possible to use The Spam Checker as you edit an email.


• False


59. How can you remove yourself from a Constant Contact email?


• Click SafeUnsubscribe

• Click SafeSubscription

• Click RemoveMe

• Click SafelyUndersubscribe

60. How can you grow your list?


• By using the Send-to-a-Contact feature

• By using the Send-to-a-Friend feature

• By using the Forward-to-a-Friend feature

• By using the Deliver-to-a-Friend feature

61. True or False? You must provide a verifiable physical address to use Constant Contact



• True

62. How can you ask a quick question?


• Through use of the Tracking feature

• Through use of the Survey feature

• Through use of the Poll feature

• Through use of the Stats feature

63. What happens if you delete an image from your library?


• Emails containing the image will now display a red X instead of the image.

• The image is added to Constant Contact's stock image gallery

• Nothing

• The image is compressed & stored into an archive folder

64. Bounces are ____________


• When a recipient quickly open and then closes an email campaign

• An undelivered email due to an inactive or inaccurate email address in the database

• A recipient who has provided the wrong email address

• All of these

65. Where can old emails be hosted and displayed in order to boost SEO juice?


• In your email sig

• On an archive homepage

• Within opt-in email lists

• In your email CTA

66. The Library in Constant Contact contains __________


• The matching images to the chosen Constant Contact template

• The various template designs offered by Constant Contact

• The user's images AND The matching images to the chosen Constant Contact template

• The user's images

67. Why would you monitor your list growth & attrition?


• To get future results from them

• To get more information from them

• To get real-time results from them

• To get real-time sales from them

68. How can you grow an audience & turn your e-mails into instant web pages?


• By using the Message Campaign Archive

• By using the Newsletter Campaign Archive

• By using the E-mail Campaign Archive

• By using the E-mail List Archive

69. True of False? In it's early stages, Constant Contact used a monkey as their mascot


• True

• False

70. Constant Contact is effective in assisting with CAN-SPAM rules by _______________


• All of these

• Immediately removing opted out email addresses

• Searching and finding new emails to send to

• Archiving past email campaigns

71. How can you incease delivery on your e-mails?


• By using the info from the last message & using it in later messages

• By using the feedback from previous surveys & using it in later e-mails

• By using stats from old invitations & using it in future events

• By using the feedback from old polls & using it in new websites

72. What metric tracking service is used by Constant Contact's email marketing and EventSpot branches?


• Google Analytics

• Constant Analytics

• Mixpanel

• HubSpot

73. Constant Contact is a free program used to send campaigns to as many as 5000 emails


• True

• False

74. What is the name of Constant Contact's event manager?


• EventBrite

• HubSpot

• Constant Events

• EventSpot

75. How can you customize your newsletter templates?


• Use the Easy Editing Tools

• Use the Quick Search Tools

• Use the Easy Editing Templates

• Use the Easy Fixing Tools

76. What is the standard template width for emails optimized for mobile?


• 720 px

• 200 px

• 600 px

• 1080 px

77. Using the Anti-Spam Checker will make sure that:


• Your e-mails are error-free

• All of these

• Your e-mails get delivered

• Your e-mails are sent

78. Most email providers will??truncate, or cut off,??subject lines at how may characters?


• 100

• 140

• 60

• There is no cut off line

79. Refer a friend to Constant Contact and earn ________


• $50 credit

• $40 bonus

• $30 credit

• $60 referral bonus

80. How must customers who are sent a Confirmed Opt-in email be confirmed?


• By clicking through the included CTA button

• By clicking through a linked Constant Contact logo

• By adding themselves to a specified email list

• By responding to the email

81. What does Constant Contact require a user to provide on an email signature to send an email?


• My name and phone number

• All of these

• Organization name and address including state and zip code

• Email and physical address

82. In the Manage My Settings tab, a user may ______________


• Create custom fields

• Delete certains HTML sections of an email

• Add a new credit card

• Create a second organization alias

83. How many Autoresponders can be set up in the Autoresponder section?


• 20

• 10

• 40

• unlimited number

• 30

84. True or False? Autoresponder are a great place to boost the penetration of your email campaign by referencing current trends and events.


• False


85. For more in-depth analysis, what would you have to do?


• Use the advanced list management tools

• Use the advanced e-mail management tools

• Use the standard list management feature

• Use the advanced survey management tools

86. What makes editing your newsletters easy to do?


• The one-click starter toolbar

• The one-click editing toolbar

• The one-click tracking toolbar

• The one-click formatting toolbar

87. Which is the newest Constant Contact feature?


• Pay with Paypal options

• Social media features

• Gmail features

• Improved event email features

88. How can you ensure that your e-mails get to people that want them?


• By managing the opt-in & opt-out information

• By managing the bounce & opt-in information

• By managing the subscribe & advanced information

• By managing the bounce & unsubscribe information

89. True or False? Custom code emails can be used as an Autoresponder.



• False

90. Under the CAN-SPAM act of 2008, what is the longest one can wait before acting on an unsubscribe request?


• 10 days

• 30 days

• 90 days

• 24 hours

91. True of False? Using Constant Contact, a user can only email to recipients who Opt into your email list


• False

• True

92. Logos that are more than ______ pixels tall typically take up all of the space in an email preview pane.


• 250

• 200

• 300

• 500

93. The following are stats recorded from each email sent:


• Replies

• Unread

• Closed

• None of these

94. How can your account be closed?


• If you do not follow proper list practices

• If you do not follow proper editing practices

• If you do not follow proper survey practices

• If you do not follow proper e-mail practices

95. With what feature can you create & send e-mails using your iPhone or iPod Touch?


• QuickView

• QuickStart

• RealView

• QuickLook

96. True of False? Multiple people may use the same username and password to access the same account.


• False

• True

97. By joining My List Tools, what will happen?


• You can grow your followers

• All of these

• You can grow your list

• You can grow your friends

98. Spam reports are most accurately ___________


• Created when a user reports that someone has used their account without permission

• Generated by recipients who did not want to receive the email

• Generated only when a recipient Opts Out of a campaign

• Generated by Constant Contact's servers due to redundant email blasts

99. What tool simplifies your newsletter creation process?


• Using the E-mail Wizard

• Using the Task Wizard

• Using the Survey Wizard

• Using the E-mail Templates

100. What are the benefits of using the "Advanced" link in Constant Contact?


• Copying and pasting your own HTML code into Constant Contact

• Using the advanced and intuitive templates provided by Constant Contact

• All of these

• Taking advantage of the advanced features of modern day email marketing

101. When editing an email theme in Constant Contact, where is HTML code accessed?


• Text

• Blocks

• Design tab

• Style Sheet

102. What feature allows for online payments?


• Professional Payment Processing

• Event Payment Processing

• Advanced Payment Processing

• Standard Payment Processing

103. Before sending an email, what is first offered as a way to proof your email?


• A browser window popup with a view of the email with sending options

• A precaution that all your data must be filled in, even if all is completed

• A popup with instructions

• A browser window to confirm the send-to list

104. Where do you compare the results from e-mail marketing campaigns?


• All of these

• With the line and bar graphs provided

• With the statistics provided

• With the stats formats provided

105. How can one remove the Constant Contact logo from the footer of an email?


• Check the appropriate box under "Footer Options"

• Replace the Constant Contact logo with your own logo via the social share bar

• Email Constant Contact as a paid customer

• It is not possible to remove the Constant Contact logo

106. Where is the "Social Sharing Links" function located?


• Social Media Options

• Mailing List Options

• Header Options

• Template Options

107. True of False? A user can easily copy and paste HTML code from Constant Contact templates to create and customize their own templates in a web editor


• True

• False

108. Where can you find instant advice & tips about Constant Contact?


• At the Support page

• At the Help Feature

• At the Help Blog

• At the Support Blog

109. True or False? The Social Share bar and Like button are available for event invitations.


• False